Updates to Peloton Equipment Login and Home Page Screens

Did you notice anything different when you logged onto your Peloton equipment today? Peloton has started rolling out some changes to the login and home page screen. We’re currently seeing it on the Bike and Tread and expect the Row to follow suit shortly.

New Login Screen Appearance

The new login screen features a dynamic blue background instead of the traditional white one, with Peloton branding on the left and user names on the right. The first picture below shows the new screen on the Bike while the second one shows the Tread.

Additional UX Changes

The changes are extending to the equipment home page screen as well. First, a new icon allows you to easily see which classes are currently live when you look in the top right corner. 

Additionally, the font has changed on the home screen, and leaderboard names no longer appear on the top. 


Did you notice the updates? Let us know if there are any we missed!

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