Top 50 Music of 2023

Top 50 Music Classes Are Back- Which Song is Peloton’s Favorite?

Starting today, Peloton is rolling out its end of the year Top 50 music classes.  These classes are all Premiere classes (remember, instructors are off this week to enjoy the holidays.)  Celebrate a year of milestones with all of the best music from 2023 Peloton workouts.  These are the songs you loved the most during the year, and you’re sure to discover a few new tunes, along with the Peloton community’s  favorites from the last year.  

The series starts today and continues every day through Saturday, when the number one song will be revealed!    The classes premiere early in the day (9:00 a.m. e.t.)  and are then available as encore classes later the same day (5:00 p.m. e.t.)  All of the classes are 30 minutes long (yes, even the core class – the best way to start the year is with strong – and sore –  abs!)    

Take one or more of these classes each day this week to follow the countdown!

Songs 50 – 41 are available on demand now:

Ash Pryor 30 minute row 

Mariana Fernandez 30 minute power flow 

Kendall Toole 30 minute ride 

Rebecca Kennedy 30 minute walk + run

Becs Gentry 30 minute run 

Andy Speer 30 minute bodyweight strength

Songs 40 – 31 premiere on December 27th and include a walk + run with Robin, power flow with Kristin, row with Adrian, lower body strength with Jess, and ride with Ally.

Songs 30 – 21 premiere on December 28th and include a row with Matt, ride with Bradley, yoa flow with Chelsea, walk + run with Joslyn, and core with Jermaine.  

Songs 20 – 11 premiere on December 29th and include a ride with Hannah, walk + run with Matty, upper body with Rad, row with Katie, and yoga flow with Denis.  

Finally, songs 1 – 10 will be revealed on December 30th when you can ride with Mayla and run with Jeffrey (both in German) at 5:00 a.m. e.t., then continue with Olivia’s walk + run, Aditi’s yoga flow, Callie’s full body strength. Alex’s row, and Emma’s ride.

Let us know your favorite class and if the number one song is also your number one choice! 

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