This and That: Week of July 6

Hey, Peloton friends!  Are you up to date on all the Pelo-news that hit the airwaves this past week?  Maybe you are, but in case you missed a story or two (or five), we’ve wrapped up some things you may have missed from the Pelo-verse and are excited to share them in this week’s This and That!

Tobias Heinze’s Final Goodbye

Tobias fans, your favorite running partner may be leaving the Peloton platform, but he took to Instagram to thank his fans for all their support, and to announce one final way to run with him this weekend!  Sunday, July 7 at 11am German time, Tobias’ fans put together some of their favorite classes into a Goodbye Stack and are inviting you to run along with them!  Tobias himself will be on the leaderboard and the stack is outlined below.  Please join in to run with a great coach and wish him well in the future as he moves on from Peloton!

Emma is Staying on the Tread

Have you loved Emma’s Crush Your Climb series on the Tread?  This was Emma’s first venture onto the Tread, and it was received with rave reviews.  We’re thrilled to report that Emma took to Instagram this week to announce that she will be remaining on the Tread with more hikes and walks!  Can’t wait for her to return from maternity leave to walk again with Emma?  No worries – she will be dropping new Tread content while she is on leave as well as before so you can stay up-to-date!  Here’s your official welcome to the Tread team from the Clip Out, Emma, and we can’t wait to see all you bring to the platform!

DJ John Michael’s Upcoming Gig in Brooklyn

Name a time DJ John Michael has been involved in anything at all and it wasn’t absolutely fantastic – we’ll wait.  The energy is always electric whenever DJJM is involved, and we have a feeling the next installment of Lounge Sessions at SILO in Brooklyn on July 18 will be no exception.  Join DJJM, Anthony Romano, James Patterson, Left, and Rich Furniss for the 21+ experience and dance your heart our while discovering some new music.  Best of all, the event is completely free with RSVP, but hurry!  Space is limited.

Sweat Steady with Jess King on the Tread

Jess King announced this week that her Sweat Steady series, which has a cult following on the bike, is making its way over to the Tread!  The first Sweat Steady walk already took place on June 30, but is currently On Demand for those who simply cannot wait for the next live class.  We are thrilled to see the jump of this popular series over on the Tread and cannot wait for her next Sweat Steady Tread class!

SG Magazine Interviews Dr. Chelsea Jackson Roberts

Chelsea is known for her unique yoga practice which has gained her quite the following of Peloton members.  This is highlighted in her latest interview with SG magazine, in which she speaks about what first brought her into yoga, the charity she runs with her husband, how she brings in music and beats (like hip hop) not commonly associated with yoga practice, and much more.  The full interview can be found here and is absolutely worth a read to learn more about one of our favorite Peloton yoga instructors! 

That concludes this week’s This And That, but we’ll be back next week with more updates from the week!  Want even more Peloton news, stories, and unfiltered content?  Never miss a thing and sign up for The Clip Out’s weekly bonus episode here:!

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