The Clip Out Book Club – November Meeting Recap

The November meeting of the Clip Out’s book club last night was full of fun, as we discussed bestselling author Sara Goodman Confino’s latest book, “Don’t Forget to Write,” and were able to ask the author herself, who kindly joined us in our virtual meeting, all of our questions about the book and her writing process.  Clip Out Patreon members of all levels got to meet virtually with Crystal, Tom, Sara, and all of the other members of the book club to discuss their thoughts on the book on November 14, 2023.      

“Don’t Forget to Write” is a work of romantic fiction that follows the life of Marilyn, a New Yorker who is sent by her parents to live with her eccentric Aunt Ada in Philadelphia for a summer.  Ada is a matchmaker by trade, but Marilyn is sent to her due to her father’s shame over a “faux pas” that involves some risky business with a rabbi’s son in a synagogue.  Marilyn makes mistakes, learns, and grows during her summer with Ada.  

Sara told us that this book “poured out of her”.  She was inspired to write this story while she watched her husband struggle to put up a beach umbrella, and she said that she wrote out the plot of the book on her phone right then and there.  She then wrote the rest of the book quickly, with her mom reading the chapter drafts and asking for her to write it more quickly so she could see how it ended!   

 discussed with Sara how the characters made us feel and which ones reminded us of characters from other books.  We also found out that a certain lipstick which plays a large role in the story is Red Hot Red by Besame, a vintage red 1959 lipstick.  (Disclaimer:  The Clip Out takes no responsibility for any shenanigans that result from wearing this lipstick).

Sara had so many fun stories about her writing process, her next book (look for it in spring/summer of 2024) and how some of her characters happen to find their way into more than one of her books.  Sara said that if she’s not having fun writing her books, people won’t have fun reading them.  We can attest that reading Sara’s books are indeed a joyful experience!  

Sara also shared a bit about her personal life.  She is a huge Bruce Springsteen fan and has even been called up on stage to dance with him.  An author she loves to read is Joe Hill, and of course, Sara can be found on the  Peloton  leaderboard (#saragood11).  Her family and teaching career keep her busy as well when she’s not writing.  

Crystal then spun our magical Book Club book selector and chose both our December and January books, so we can all get a head start on reading over the holidays.  On December 14, we’ll be meeting to discuss the bestselling romantic comedy “Evvie Drake Starts Over” by Peloton community member Linda Holmes.   Our January book will be “Book Lovers” by bestselling romance author Emily Henry.    As always, we’ll be posting a weekly schedule to keep you on track with your reading and thoughts to ponder as you read.  

Curl up with a cozy blanket and a cup of your favorite beverage and start reading!  Remember, the book club discussions are open to all levels of Patreon members, even the free level!  We can’t wait to see you there.    

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