Susie Chan Celebrates New Book with PSL Launch Party: A Re-Cap of Her Day!

Zebra lady vs Alligator…. Susie Chan’s book launch event

Susie Chan started her day running in a forest of cows yesterday… yes, it’s a new sentence for us all to say out loud! Still, it beats “tripping over an alligator,” something which Doctor Doolittle Susie does indeed have life experience of. Running lovers got to hear more stories like this, which didn’t make the cut of her new book “Trails and Tribulations The Running Adventures  Of Susie Chan”, last night at the launch party at Peloton Studios London.

Mooo-ve Over Cowboy!

The start of the day was an exciting one for Susie, as you can imagine.  She had tried on her outfit that was selected in preparation for the night ahead but it “wasn’t working,” so she was heading home after the daily morning run before work to have another “rummage” for something else… 

Wardrobe Rummage Time!

Fizzy with excitement for the day ahead, our epic author made her way to the studio to teach classes only to be hit with the sense of dread that, although she had made time and effort to pick out a fetching outfit, she had left it hanging on the back of the door at home ….doh! Now, I have not taken the class, but she has mentioned that she only realised during teaching the class the error she had made.  If you took the class, did you catch the moment when the penny dropped? Let’s face it, we’ve all been there, but maybe not had the same bouncy reaction as our lady. She took her upbeat personality out on the high streets of London to snoop another outfit in “a rush.” To be honest we think she just loves an excuse to go running! 

Prep, Prep and Forget!

I am personally amazed that, with all that is going on in Susie’s world, she still has time to engage with answering her messages.  I reached out to recommend a boutique when she had already scooped something up with 45mins to “panic buy”  If you, too, want the same zebra suit that she wore you’ll be pleased to hear that you can purchase it from Zara.  Oh, and sports bra from the Peloton x Lululemon collection! 

Host, Host Hooray!

“Great mate” and athletic world champion Iwan Thomas was also caught up in the dizzy challenge of making it to the event to host, This time it was because of cancelled trains to London that got in the way. But, fear not…he found a way! He arrived with only a slight glimmer of a doughnut glaze glow upon his brow with 13 minutes to spare before kick-off.

This event really was turning into a workout for those involved!

Susie Chan finally pinned down in the make-up chair gets a fuss made of her from hype buddy Joslyn Thompson Rule sharing a giggle over the day so far.

Turn Up, Turn Out and Shake it All About.

The turnout was happy and bubbly. And, although we weren’t there, you can feel the energy through the instructor and attendees’ photos and stories shared via socials. It is such a treat to see such a close squad in the event space sharing the love and happiness of such an incredible human and her story on paper.

The day after the night before, Susie celebrates with a dog walk/run and is high on life with the reality of being a bad ass writer. You rule, lady!

If you haven’t done so already, run, walk, skip and trip over alligators to pick up your copy now of Susie Chan’s book!

If you are in the US, it is now available to pre-order ….ooooor you can ask your UK buddies to ship one over ;)

We look forward to reading and reviewing the book with you soon!

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