Rebecca New Four-Day Split

Rebecca Announces New Four-Day Split Strength

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It’s not a program, it’s not a collection, it can leap tall buildings in a single bound… it’s Peloton’s first four-day split, brought to you by Rebecca Kennedy and her super-cute blue glasses!

Four-day split brought to you by Rebecca's amazing hair day

Four-day split brought to you by Rebecca’s amazing hair day


The Details

Rebecca’s latest offering isn’t just another workout—this is a four-day split strength training extravaganza guaranteed to pump up your muscles and your playlist. We’re looking at a four-day (because she didn’t want to take up your whole week) plan that includes one lower body day, two upper body days, and a full-body day- all 30 minutes with the exception of the 45 min full body session. Rebecca tells us that it’s meant as a follow-up to her five day split, but not without a week or two of deload in between.

The Perks

We’re talking about a quartet of the most intense, yet revitalizing, 30-minute sessions that you can squeeze into any part of your day. And that’s not all, fitness warriors, because Rebecca’s dropping a special-extended, 45-minute full-body blast that promises to be the main event of your training routine. The opening act’s already live, with the others dropping between now and Valentine’s Day. We’re promised similar, but new exercises (with “higher reps, higher load, or shorter rest times”) and new playlists.

How to Find the Classes

In her Instagram story announcing the new split, Rebecca said that all four classes will be dropping on-demand between now and 2/14 and, by Valentine’s Day, they will all be available. These classes will not be marked as a split, and may be hard to find.  So, as they drop, check back here and we’ll link each one for you.  Once you have all four, Rebecca recommends bookmarking them so they don’t get lost in the on-demand ocean (and we recommend filling out the Peloton Feature Request form and ask them to put them in a Collection!).

Links to the Four-Day Split Classes

  1. 30 min Upper Body Strength from 1/24/24
  2. 30 min Glutes and Legs Strength from 1/31/24
  3. 30 min Upper Body Strength from 2/14/24
  4. 45 min Full Body Strength from 2/9/24

So what are you waiting for? (I mean, I’m personally waiting for all four classes to be live, because I’m a bit of a completionist and will want to do them in a week.) Break out the dumbbells and get ready to rock with Rebecca!

(Oh, and speaking of rocks… here’s a close-up of what I assume to be the engagement ring! Well done, safari dancer Andy!)

Somehow it doesn't surprise me that Andy has great taste in jewelry

Somehow it doesn’t surprise me that Andy has great taste in jewelry

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