Happy PelROWversary!

PROWfessionals At Work: Happy Peloversary to the Row Team!

Has it really only been a year since we strapped into the Row? While the Row team was announced well in advance, it wasn’t until late January 2023 when Ash, Alex, and Katie first hit our screens and taught their Premiere Rows. Happy first Peloversary to this awesome squad!

Bad Row-mance

(Yeah, I can’t resist a good Row pun. I think I’m still trying to live up to this one.)

Alex started as a runner before deciding that rowing, perhaps, was like track on the water. So he hopped in a boat and started his journey in high school, then moving on to compete for Trinity College and Cornell University and eventually the US National Rowingteam! He’s also the only Olympian among the Peloton instructor roster- competing with the American team that placed fourth in Rio 2016 in the Men’s Eight! As recently as a few months ago, Alex was still strong competition on the water, placing second in the Head of the Charles Regatta.

Do Alex’s talents out-row the competition? He’s a smart guy, too- with an engineering degree and an MBA, who enjoys board games in his free time. He’s also always willing to learn something new from his fellow instructors.

Think we'll see Alex joining the dance cardio team?

Think we’ll see Alex joining the dance cardio team?

Row the Extra Mile

Katie came to Peloton from Barry’s Bootcamp and Pure Barre- and before that, from Silicon Valley and a tech career. Shes an athleisure style icon, proud mom to Ma’am the cat, and has the coolest grandmother on the internet. She loves a good music-themed class, and has definitely shown that she can participate in any sort of Peloton #squadgoals.

Who looks best in pink?

Who looks best in pink?

She also has the cutest BFF situation with Ash that we’ve ever seen. And speaking of Ash…

Crews Control

Like Alex, Ash started out in a different sport- in her case, basketball. She found rowing in high school as well and wound up being part of a Big Ten championship, and later a coach, for Ohio State University. Ash was a Peloton cyclist before she found her way to the studio as an instructor, and founded Relentless Rowing Academy, a nonprofit focused on bringing rowing to athletes from marginalized communities.

While rumor’s had bootcamp-teaching Katie as a future strength coach (or possibly barre?), I’m also rooting for Ash to make that transition, since her heavy lifting is one of my favorite Peloton things on the internet.

Another athleisure fashionista, Ash can rock a solidcolor outfit like no one else.

Fitness Crewsaders

So what’s next for Peloton Row? We’re one year in, and joined by Adrian, Matt, and Becs, our squad is rocking and rowing! (See? Really can’t resist… and now I’m making a metrics pun.) We’re looking forward to Katie’s big announcement, any commentary Alex might offer on the Summer Olympics, and especially seeing who Ash can squat next. The future is bright for our Peloton rowers, and the best is ahead!

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