Peloton’s New Adaptive Seated Transfer Program with Logan Aldridge

Peloton has launched a new program called the Adaptive Seated Transfer Program. This program is designed to teach individuals to build the strength to properly transfer in and out of a wheelchair. Peloton understands how difficult it can be for seated athletes to transfer in and out of a wheelchair, and this program is aimed at helping them improve their strength, mobility, coordination, and technique.

About the Program

The Adaptive Seated Transfer Program is a one-week program that consists of 12 classes over a five-day period. These classes range in time from 5-20 minutes, and focus on teaching individuals how to build the strength required to safely transfer in and out of their wheelchair. The program is designed to develop the strength, mobility, coordination, and technique necessary for a smooth transfer.

Equipment Needed

For this program, Peloton recommends using light weights, medium weights, and a workout mat. These will be used in the various classes to help individuals build the strength and coordination needed for a proper transfer.


Tom Miazga, a decorated swimmer who competed in the 2008 Paralympics in Beijing and a 6x CrossFit Fittest Seated on Earth, brings his expertise as a guest instructor in the program. Alongside Tom is Logan Aldridge, a Peloton Instructor who has been instrumental in bringing this program to fruition.

How to Transfer: A 20-Minute Class in the On-Demand Library

Prior to trying the program, Peloton has also introduced a 20-minute class called “How to Transfer,” which is available under the Strength tab in the On Demand library. The class features Logan and Tom demonstrating safe and effective transfer techniques for seated athletes of varying levels.

Why This Program Matters

Peloton’s Adaptive Seated Transfer Program is a groundbreaking step in inclusive fitness. It is designed to help individuals with mobility challenges build the strength and coordination they need to transfer in and out of a wheelchair safely and effectively. This can be a game-changer for many people who have felt excluded from fitness programs in the past.

Logan, who has been leading the way for Adaptive Strength since joining Peloton as a consultant in 2021, is excited about the impact this program can have. “When I first joined Peloton, this was a special program/project that I knew we had to create,” he says. “Thank you to Tom Miazga and ALL of the folks involved. This step by step guide teaching the floor-to-chair transfer focuses on developing the strength, mobility, coordination and technique to safely transfer and the workouts necessary to help get you there – all in a 7 day program!”

The Adaptive Seated Transfer Program with Logan Aldridge and Tom Miazga is an exciting step forward in inclusive fitness. It provides an opportunity for people with mobility challenges to build strength and confidence in their fitness journeys. The program is designed to be accessible to people of all skill levels, and we can’t wait to see the impact it has on the fitness world.  Congratulations to both Logan and Tom (and Peloton) on bringing this program to fruition!

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