Peloton Groove Rides

Dance Along to the Hottest Beats and Move Your Body with Peloton’s Groove Rides!  

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If you love a nice sweaty ride and you also love to dance and move, try one of Peloton’s groove rides  Groove rides are a unique blend of music, movement, cycling, and FUN that give riders a full-body cardiovascular workout, with a whole lot of movement  in your upper body as well.  Peloton’s  interview with Cody Rigsby about groove rides pointed out that groove rides are a way to honor the fact that “it’s not that deep.”  

Groove classes are set to the beat of the music (for those of you who can’t stand riding off the beat), and you’ll also move your upper body, along with some pretty great arm movements.  Don’t worry, the movements are very basic and easy to follow, and you really feel like you’re dancing on the bike!  

Groove rides also have great, high energy dance music, which makes you push yourself harder.  Because you’re focusing on pedaling and dancing, you won’t have time to think about the worries of your day – these rides completely immerse you in the moment.  

New groove rides drop about once a week, and instructors who have recently offered groove rides include Emma Lovewell, Mila Lazar (in German), Leanne Hainsby, and Cody Rigsby.  

Try  a groove ride and see what you think.  With their combination of music, movement and cycling, these classes will leave you feeling energized, empowered and ready to take on the day. So turn up the music, clip into your bike, and let’s groove!

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