Floor Bootcamp 2

Peloton’s Floor Bootcamp 2: Unleashing Power on the Mat with Jess Sims and Selena Samuela

Hey, fitness! Ever catch yourself thinking, “How can I shake up my workout routine without having to think about which classes to take or what order to take them in?”   Well, Jess Sims and Selena Samuela heard you loud and clear! They’re here to bring the heat right to your living room (or wherever you’ve got space for a mat) with Peloton’s latest and greatest program: Floor Bootcamp 2.  This Dynamic Duo are teaming up for an encore to the  Floor Bootcamp 1 program, which was released in April 2022 – you can find it under “Programs” on the Peloton platform.  

What’s in Store?

This series of classes is a heart-pumping, sweat-dripping party on your mat. Jess and Selena have concocted a split-style workout that’s one part bodyweight cardio chaos and one part weighted strength symphony.

Get ready to test your limits and then some. The program features a day dedicated to testing your progress, where both Jess and Selena come together to push you, motivate you, and inspire you through the burn.  Floor Bootcamp 2 will be a mix of cardio and strength, with no equipment required other than some free weights. 

Why You’ll Love It

But why jump into Floor Bootcamp 2? Here are a few slam-dunk reasons:

  • Double Trouble: Jess and Selena bring their unique energy, expert guidance, and motivational firepower to every session. It’s like having two workout besties who know just how to spur you on.
  • Cardio Meets Strength: This program will surely improve your endurance while building strength. You’ll be jumping, lifting, and maybe even wondering if your mat’s always been this size as you spread out to conquer each exercise.
  • Accessible and Challenging: Whether you’re in a cramped city apartment or have a spacious living room, this program fits right into your space—and your schedule. No extra equipment? No problem. Ready for a challenge? They’ve got you covered.

Ready, Set, Go!

Jess and Selena are ready to kickstart a new journey in your fitness routine.  Here’s to crushing goals with two of our favorite instructors! 

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