Peloton on Tour London Day 1 Recap

Peloton on Tour: Live from London Day 1 Recap

The final stop of Peloton on Tour, the globetrotting event that brought Peloton instructors to locations across the United States and in Germany, kicked off at the Peloton Studios London location yesterday, November 30.  With both Crystal and one of our TCO Tipsters attending the events, The Clip Out has the opportunity to bring you the best insider tea (we just can’t stop using tea references!) from the events all weekend long.  Keep reading for a serious dose of FOMO and to see what you missed!

Day One: Instructor Experience

Just as with all of the other Tour stops, Live from London opened with the Instructor Experience.  Our lucky Tipster, Trish, had not one, but two sessions booked!  And, while the official rules allowed for only one entrance, Trish was able to keep both bookings and visit twice (she did have to pay for both sessions, however). Trish tells us, “The noon sessions started right on time. We walked in the studio in groups of 7. On the way in they had us write our leaderboard name on a name tag and gave us a little card to write a goal for 2024.”

Once attendees were inside the studio, Peloton staff was on-hand at each station to take photos with each attendee’s phone as they interacted with the experience and with the Instructors.  Trish walks us through the experience, saying “At the first table they had strips of paper where we were asked to write something we are proud of from 2023. Robin was the first one at the noon session / Sam and Becs at  the 2pm session.”

Future Goals and Swag to Match

All of those goals came into focus a little bit more at the second station where attendees handed over their 2024 “goals card” and, in return, were gifted with a swag bag themed to that goal.  The bag featured motivational sayings, included a journal and came with personalized class recommendations to help attendees stay on track in the new year. Trish tells us that Hannah Frankson and Olivia manned this table during the noon session, with Alex T. and Leanne taking over for the 2pm session.  

Say Cheese!

The final table/station was dedicated to photo ops and more swag!  Emma and Joslyn manned the table for the noon session, with Ally and Bradley stepping in for the 2pm slot.  At this station, attendees were allowed to have 3 photos taken, which were printed right on the spot, and were gifted even more items–a Little Words Project bracelet, a water bottle and a t-shirt, which could then be screen printed with the Peloton on Tour: Live From London logo on it for a personalized touch.  

Retail Therapy

And, what would a celebration be without a little shopping?  Before wrapping up their Instructor Experience, attendees were given the opportunity to engage in a little retail therapy in the Peloton Boutique, where they hit some sweet 40% off sales on apparel (except Lulu co-branded items).  

Our Tipster noted a couple of things about the day,”Only negative would be the second session started late. We were supposed to get in at 2 and did not get in till 2:30.   But overall a great event with lots of photo ops.”  And, interestingly enough, “they were allowing people to buy entrance right there. Said they had lots of room.” Which tells us that this event was not sold out.

Studio Lighting Event

Later that evening, Peloton hosted a holiday themed event that was new to the Tour lineup: the Studio Lighting Event.  This festive event, hosted by Leanne and Bradley, celebrated the beginning of the holiday season, and treated attendees to a hot chocolate cart and carolers.

Bradley and Leanne surprised attendees by seeming to appear right out of the blue and singing Christmas carols, before turning their attention to the lighting ceremony.  After a countdown with the crowd, Bradley and Leanne pressed the button and illuminated the studio lobby, lighting up the giant Peloton logo on the wall.  

Sweet Competition

Once the studio had been appropriately lit for the holiday season, Bradley and Leanne turned their attention to a gingerbread house decorating competition, which pitted Instructors against one another: Team Candy Cane (Emma, Sam, Hannah and Joslyn) vs Team Sugar Plum Fairy (Olivia, Ben, Susie and Becs).  Each Instructor was given 3 minutes to decorate the team gingerbread house, and the winner (Team Sugar Plum) was ultimately chosen by the audience.  

As the event was wrapping up, Alex and Ally popped in for a visit and attendees were able to mingle with Instructors during the party, taking pictures and talking freely with them without the typical time-limits you would find at post-class meet and greets.

Sounds like an amazing time!  Check back tomorrow for our Day 2 recap!   Tune into next week’s episode of The Clip Out for even MORE behind the scenes tea from Crystal!!  

Special thank you to TCO listener Kimberley (holla_yoga) for providing additional photos of the Lighting Celebration. 

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