Tips For Buying a Used Peloton Bike

Peloton Offers New Tips for Buying a Used Bike/+ Page on Website

Considering buying a new-to-you Bike or Bike+ from Marketplace, Craigslist, or even a friend of a friend, but aren’t sure how to make sure the deal is on the up and up?  Peloton has a new page on their website just for you.

Perhaps they are aware of the issues that Members have had when it comes to after-market purchases of Bike/+ models, or perhaps they are leaning into the reality that after-market hardware sales are here to stay.  Either way, Peloton has unveiled a new page on their website dedicated to helping would-be shoppers navigate the sometimes tricky territory when it comes to used Bike/+ purchases that are not made through their official refurbished program.

Making Sure You’re Getting The Best Deal

Tips on the new Buying a used Peloton Bike or Bike+ include everything from common sense advice such as seeing the Bike/+ in person and checking all of the hardware components for functionality* to requesting a Peloton History Summary straight from the company.  At your request, Peloton will provide you details like service history and warranty once you’ve provided your prospective Bike/+’s serial number and your email address. And, if you are selling your Bike/+, you can stay one step ahead of the game and request this info to provide to all potential buyers.

Certified Refurbished Program

Of course, Peloton you much (much!) rather you just buy your used Bike/+ from them via their Certified Refurbished Program, of which they provide details at the bottom of the new tips page.  However, we’re thrilled to see that they’re leaning into the notion that Bike and Bike+ peer-to-peer sales aren’t going anywhere anytime soon and have now created a pathway for new purchasers to feel empowered heading into a transaction.  However, we do wish there were a stronger warning about the perils of this type of purchase, given the widespread and numerous scams that flood the used market.

*The Clip Out Note: Do NOT buy a Bike/+ without seeing it in person and putting it through its paces!!  In addition to Peloton’s tips, we also strongly recommend taking it one step further and making sure the bike reliably connects to the internet and verify that someone is not trying to sell you a rental bike before agreeing to the purchase.

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