Janet Jackson Artist Series

Peloton Goes Iconic with Janet Jackson Artist Series

It’s finally happening!  The artist series that Emma Lovewell has been manifesting for years finally comes to the Peloton platform this week.

Peloton has yet again teamed up with a legendary artist to bring an unforgettable music experience to its Members. This time around, Peloton is celebrating the music of Janet Jackson with an artist series, starting on September 28th. Members can choose from a whopping 15 classes across all disciplines, including Lanebreak. With adored songs such as Escapade, Black Cat, Miss You Much, and Rhythm Nation, get ready to groove and sweat it out…and maybe dance it out, too.

Groove to the Beats of Escapade, Black Cat, Miss You Much, Rhythm Nation, and More!

From warm-up sessions to full-body strength routines to yoga flows, the Janet Jackson Artist Series offers something for everyone. With on-demand and live classes, Members can choose from a variety of workout times and levels. Members will find rides with Emma Lovewell and Erik Jager, a Bike Bootcamp with Cody Rigsby (maybe he’ll incorporate a little bit of his Dancing with the Stars routine??), as well as intense treadmill workouts with Joslyn Thompson Rule and Becs Gentry. Additionally, the series will feature live yoga flows with Nico and Kirra, and an intermediate Pilates classes with Aditi.

Check out the full lineup here:

September 28:

10 minute Cool Down with Hannah Frankson, 7:30am ET (on demand)
30 minute Full Body Strength with Tunde, 10:00am ET (on demand)
10 minute Lanebreak Warm Up at 11:00am ET (on demand)
20 minute Row with Adrian at 11:00am ET (on demand)
30 minute Bike Bootcamp with Cody at 11:00am ET (on demand)
30 minute Run with Jeffrey McEachern at 11:00am ET (on demand, DE)
30 minute Run with Marcel M. at 11:30am ET (live, DE)
30 minute Ride with Erik 1:00pm ET (live, DE)
20 minute Yoga Flow with Nico at 1:30pm ET (live, DE)
30 minute Tread Bootcamp with Joslyn Thompson Rule at 3:00pm ET (live)
30 minute Yoga Conditioning with Kirra at 6:30pm ET (live)
30 minute Ride with Emma Lovewell at 7:00pm ET (live)
30 minute Run with Becs at 7:00pm ET (live)
30 minute Intermediate Pilates with Aditi at 7:30pm ET (Premiere)

September 29:
15 minute Lanebreak Janet Jackson Run at 11:00am ET (on demand)

Janet Jackson fans will finally get their chance to ride, run, or flow to some of her most beloved hits and, with a robust lineup of classes, there is a LOT to choose from!  What songs are you hoping to jam out to?

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