Peloton Germany Celebrates Pride Month

Some like it HOTTTT

Get ready to sweat just by watching the German Pride Ball class announcement video!

This morning we woke up to find the most smoking hot class drop video announcement from our German instructors, really it’s truly fire! As if the summer months weren’t hot enough already …you are definitely gonna need a sweat towel for this one, we recommend you take full advantage of the buy two items and get 40% off at the moment from the Peloton apparel site on towels and water bottles !!

The video starts with our team of German instructors seductively prowling and stretching like untamed tigers across the front desk of PSL. No, this is not the usual in-house greeting we receive, but it’s a good one! 

We then cut to a collage of paparazzi video bursts of a Blue Steel pouting Benny emerging from the elevator dressed in punchy pink, twisting and turning, flirting his way towards the camera, clutching the pearls around his neck and a freeze frame with the graphic CAMP.

Benny Adami 30min Camp Ride 19th June 

Next up to vogue things out is Mila Lazar in a sharp-shaped silhouette outfit, including thigh-high boots and Alexander McQueen-inspired bondage belt! She elegantly strides down an industrial metal staircase with ponytail whips and swirls that put Jess King’s to competition as well as a burlesque dancer’s tassels! Mila’s moves are rounded up with the freeze frame and the words PUMP THE BEAT.

Mila Lazar 30min Pump The Beat Ride 25th June

Number Three in the mix is Eric Jäger taking the “pump it” slogan to full advantage and bop rocking his moves in the house of mirror ally enroute to the studio in Covent Garden. Eric is dressed in a sheer shirt with pinstriped glitter unbuttoned a little, as if we can’t all see enough …teehee! Sunglasses look to be a must under the brightly bulbed lit tunnel and he does so with grace and charm. 

I think we should all give dancing in this space a go when we attend a live class…it’s a perfect music video location!  We land on the word QUEER CODED with a big back flex freeze frame.

Eik Jäger 30min Queer Coded Ride 11th June

Bookending this magical ride, we have Jeffrey  McEachern, with the most marvelous dance shapes, dressed in 90’s boy band drip in S-club “pure and simple” white (sorry guys but he wins)… you just know he’s a beast on the dance floor! The opening image shows Jeffrey upside down like a break-dancer, inside the white and gold-tiled spiral staircase of Covent Garden underground train station. If you are not familiar with this location, it’s one of London’s many challenges with 193 steps ….if you know you know! 

Our hero is casting spells with hands, twirling and lands in a back bend with the words PUMP UP THE BEAT across our screens.

Jeffrey McEachern 30min Pump The Beat Run 29th June

As the dark, base-y synth music drums its beat to the closing moment we return to the desk scene of Bob Fosse poses, swagger and the camera zooming into the crew bursting with almost too much smoldering expression for us all to take!

These upcoming classes really will be a Pride Ball to behold with this sexy bunch of camp coaches ….aren’t we lucky?!!!  Check out their hotttttt Reel below.

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