Peloton Changes Live Schedule at PSNY and PSL

Peloton Cuts Live Wednesday Classes at PSNY and Live Wednesday/Thursday Classes at PSL

Peloton Changes Live Production Schedule

Peloton announced today, July 2, that the schedule for PSNY and PSL will be changing: there will be no more live classes on Wednesdays at PSNY, and no more live classes on Wednesdays and Thursdays at PSL.  Instead, new On Demand classes will drop on these days.

Shifts Focus to Expanding Content

Other forthcoming changes will be more a focus on strength programs, audio-guided cardio workouts, scenic classes, and cross-training options.  Peloton assures members that it will not be losing sight of its biggest and most popular classes and encourages members to check out their newest collection, Greatest Hits of All Time.

No Changes to Live Class Sign Ups

The process to sign up for a class at either studio remains the same, but these schedule changes will undoubtedly mean Peloton is taking a turn for the new and exciting, and we cannot wait to see the changes they have in store for us!  I personally am looking forward to more scenic classes to see what gorgeous and historic places they send the instructors next; what are you most looking forward to?  Whatever it is, we know that putting Peloton’s touch on the new content will bring more great ways to get your workout on. 

Side Note

Not only did this press release catch our eye today, but so did the photo that Peloton chose to use.  Not a Bike.  Not a Tread. Not a Row.  A barbell and a bench, with Rad and a curious looking screen to the right.

Of course, we’ll have to wait to see if the new content that Peloton is focusing on has anything to do with what we see in this photo, but we do know that many of the instructors had similar photo shoots in the recent months.

What do you think?  Will we see the bench, and it’s friend the barbell, popping up in more classes, Collections or Programs? Only time will tell.  But, until then, we’ll see you on the Leaderboard!

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