Peloton celebrates Global Running Day Weds, June 7

Peloton celebrates Global Running Day Weds, June 7

Remember when Forest Gump “just ran?” He ran to clear his mind, feel free, find himself, and just be who he wanted to be. You can do the same (okay, maybe without the crowd of people following you) with Peloton Global Running Day on June 7th

What is Global Running Day? 

Global Running Day, originally coined “National Running Day,” was launched in the United States in 2009, and on that day, over 2.5 million runners from 177 countries ran in unity.  

Running is great for your mental and physical health, regardless of whether you do it competitively or on your own, inside on a tread or outside on a road, trail, or track. You need no equipment except some shoes (or not, if you prefer) and at least a bit of enthusiasm. 

Check out the Global Running Day website, where you can join a virtual Global Running Day 5k by running or walking 3.1 miles anywhere. 

What is Peloton offering?

Peloton is offering a 30-minute Global Running Day class on the Tread with Camila Ramón on June 7th at 5 p.m. ET (check out her IG account here!). Get inspired with Camila’s class, but then try one of Peloton’s outdoor running classes, a Strength for Runners class, or a Walk + Run class on the tread or even outside. Add a hiking class or a tread bootcamp and you’ve got a well rounded full-body workout!

Mix it up! 

Even if you are a seasoned runner, celebrate the day and mix up your training by trying a new trail or route. Invite a friend who has never run to join you! Challenge yourself by going faster or farther than you have gone before. Run to a friend’s house and spend some time with each other. Bring your pooch with you–canines like a good run too! Stop along the way and admire some new scenery. When you get to your destination, maybe spend some time meditating!   

Whatever you do, enjoy and appreciate the fact that you can move your body and do something for yourself. Who knows where you’ll find yourself going…. And as Jackson Browne sang over Forrest Gump’s cross-country running montage, “I don’t know where I’m running now, I’m just running on….” with Peloton!

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