Outdoor Running Classes and Programs Available on Tread and Tread+

Outdoor Running Classes and Programs Now Available on Tread and Tread+

Hey Peloton Tread and Tread+ fans, hold onto your running shoes because we’ve got some exciting news! We caught wind that you can now tap into Peloton’s treasure trove of audio-only outdoor running classes directly on your machine. That’s right – no more fiddling with the app when you’re itching to hit the ground running.

A Whole New Way To Train!

Got a marathon dream? Lace up for Peloton’s “Road to Your 26.2” or sprint with the speed of lightning in “Train Like Usain Bolt“. These gems and more are now just a tap away on your Tread or Tread+. Picture this – you’re breezing through your run, the wind in your hair, minus the annoyance of dodging traffic or those pesky puddles. Pure bliss, isn’t it?

Outdoor content on Tread

Run Smarter on your Tread or Tread+

And get this – running on your Tread or Tread+ means you’ve got the power of real-time metrics at your fingertips, a feature that’s not available on the app.  We’re talking pace, distance, and heart rate, and power all tracked meticulously. It’s like having a coach right there with you, cheering you on!

We’d love to know if you’ve seen this shiny new feature on your Tread or Tread+ and if you’re planning on doing any of the outdoor classes on your device.

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