New Power Zone FTP and Warm Up Rides dropping 7/28

Peloton’s Power Zone classes have become increasingly popular among fitness enthusiasts and for good reason. These classes offer a personalized and effective workout experience that utilizes your own individual power zones. And now, Peloton is dropping a brand-new Power Zone FTP test.  

The Power Zone FTP Warm-Up Ride and FTP Test Ride, set to be released on Friday, July 28, will be led by none other than Matt Wilpers, Peloton’s first Power Zone instructor. Like all FTP tests, this class is designed to help you calculate your personal power zones – based on a 20-minute FTP test – which will be used in Power Zone classes going forward.

For those unfamiliar with FTP tests, an FTP test – or functional threshold power test – is a common type of fitness test used to help athletes determine their maximum power output during a sustained effort. The test is usually a 20-minute effort, and power output is measured in watts during that time.

Wilpers, who has been instrumental in the development and success of Power Zone classes at Peloton, is the perfect instructor to lead this new test. With his extensive background in endurance sports and fitness, he is well-equipped to guide riders through this challenging effort.

Peloton’s new Power Zone FTP test will be a welcome addition to the library. With a recommendation to take an updated FTP test every 6 to 8 weeks, the Peloton community masses get VERY excited for a fresh test to take. This new test will provide riders with an updated personalized measure of their power zones, allowing them to get the most out of their workouts and achieve their fitness goals more effectively.

Although these tests do not vary much from test to test in how they are built and taught, members appreciate the new class for a couple of reasons. 1) You never know when an older class might be purged and 2) updated music after the 10th time taking a class is a HUGE game changer for those members who are motivated by a great playlist. These tests are an all-out effort so even though they are short, they are hard.  We’ll take any motivation we can get!

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