New Peloton Benchmark Strength Classes

This week, Peloton is dropping a series of Benchmark Strength Classes designed to help Members kick off their summer fitness journey with a focus on tracking and improving their strength. Starting today, May 28, Peloton is offering a variety of benchmark classes tailored for different muscle groups, ensuring that everyone can find something to suit their needs.

What Are Benchmark Strength Classes?

Benchmark Strength Classes are special workouts designed to help Peloton Members consistently track their progress in strength training. By taking a benchmark class before starting a strength training program, and then retaking the same class six weeks later, Members can clearly see how far they’ve come in their fitness journey. These classes are an excellent way for Members to measure improvements, stay motivated, and achieve their strength goals.

This Week’s Schedule

Peloton has a solid lineup of Benchmark Strength Classes scheduled for this week. Here are the details:

  • 20-Minute Full Body Strength Benchmark Class with Robin Arzon
  • Date: Tuesday, May 28
  • Time: 9:30am (ET)
  • Class Type: Full Body
  • Format: Live
  • 20-Minute Bodyweight Strength Benchmark Class with Andy Speer
  • Date: Tuesday, May 28
  • Availability: On Demand from 9:30am (ET)
  • Class Type: Bodyweight
  • Format: On Demand
  • 20-Minute Core Strength Benchmark Class with Rebecca Kennedy
  • Date: Wednesday, May 29
  • Availability: On Demand from 10:00am (ET)
  • Class Type: Core
  • Format: On Demand
  • 20-Minute Upper Body Strength Benchmark Class with Ben Alldis
  • Date: Thursday, May 30
  • Availability: On Demand from 10:00am (ET)
  • Class Type: Upper Body
  • Format: On Demand
  • 20-Minute Lower Body Strength Benchmark Class with Adrian Williams
  • Date: Friday, May 31
  • Availability: On Demand from 10:00am (ET)
  • Class Type: Lower Body
  • Format: On Demand

Additional Benchmark Classes Available

In addition to this week’s new classes, Peloton has three other Benchmark Strength classes available in the On Demand library:

Benefits of a Benchmark Class

Benchmark classes are an essential tool for anyone serious about strength training. They provide tangible evidence of progress, which can be incredibly motivating. Seeing improvement in performance over time can boost confidence and help Members stay committed to their fitness goals. Plus, these classes allow Members to identify areas that need more focus, enabling them to tailor their workouts more effectively.

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