Rumors of Power Zone on the Peloton Tread

Is Power Zone for Tread Closer to Becoming a Reality?


3/16/2024 Update:  The video CDE posted, and then removed, of her husband (aka Mr. Hicks) taking FTP test on the Tread was back in her Instagram stories this morning, coupled with the “Friends & Family” Tread/+ promo code for the sale running (no pun intended) through March 19, which tells us that Peloton gave the thumbs up to the release of this teaser info.  Additionally, an anonymous source has relayed to us that the beta test has now been pulled from participants and they have been given the final survey for the test.  Is the release of Power Zone for Tread imminent?  The signs sure seem to support it! 

What We Know

As we’ve previously reported on episode 344 of The Clip Out, we know that Peloton is in the process of bringing Power Zone training to the Tread, thanks to a hint that Becs Gentry dropped during an AMA on Reddit earlier this year.  We also know that it is currently in beta testing. What we don’t know is when it will be released on a wide-scale.

A New Clue

Recently, our eagle-eyed TCO Tipsters saw Christine D’Ercole post, and then VERY quickly delete, an Instagram Story video of her husband taking an FTP test on their Tread at home. While we don’t have access to the video (because, again, it was deleted at lightning speed) we promise you it definitely happened.

Build Your Dream Team

So, what say you, dear listeners? Do you think this means that Power Zone for Tread is closer to being released? And, since we’re just over here making wild guesses, let’s go ahead and put a Tread PZ dream team together. Who is on your Power Zone Instructor wish list?

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