344. Power Zone Coming To The Tread? Plus Our Interview With Nick And Chris Cafero!

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  • Becs Gentry and Jess Sims hosted a Reddit AMA.
  • Changes to Peloton’s accessibility feature Talkback face pushback.
  • “Dumb” treadmills can still sync with Peloton app.
  • Peloton introduces “Quiet Hours” for the studio waitlist.
  • How to get your Turkey Burn World Record Certificate.
  • New apparel drop.
  • Mayla Wedekind had her baby!
  • Ross Rayburn talks with Dana Perino about his new book.
  • Ross was the Alumni Spotlight for SMU.
  • Susie Chan will speak at The National Running Show.
  • Angelo has tips for setting goals in 2024.
  • The latest artist series features Earth, Wind & Fire.
  • Fitbit and Soul Cycle teaming up?
  • Pat McFee has a Peloton Tweet (or whatever we’re supposed to call Tweets now).
  • TCO Top 5.
  • German Split Training classes are available on demand.
  • Ben Alldis releases The Stronger You 2.
  • There were three new classes for MLK Day.
  • Move For You Challenge, New Yoga Conditioning, and a new Power Zone FTP class.

All this plus our interview with Nick and Chris Cafero!

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Power Zone Coming To The Tread? Plus Our Interview With Nick And Chris Cafero!

If we sound crabby, it’s because we had an awful night’s sleep and it’s my son’s fault. I won’t bore you with the details. Instead, I will bore Patreon listeners with the details.

I am constantly amazed at what teenagers can manage to do or not do.

It was quite a dipshit moment and we will share that with you on Patreon. We should start with some house cleaning by reminding people that the book club is coming up and it will feature Ross Rayburn’s Turning Inward.

This book is so good. I’ve been enjoying it so much. Just a reminder. We were going to discuss this on February 13th at 7 PM Central, 8 PM Eastern.

I will not have read it because I’m a slow reader. To show people how slow of a reader I am, I feel like we need to illustrate this. Crystal and I happened to read at the same time. It’s a complete fluke. It’s by a guy who wrote a book called The Passage, which is a great book. If you like Stephen King’s The Stand, it’s that level good. We’re reading it on her Kindle. It shows you how much time it will take you to complete the book. I realized I had been reading the book for a week and a half or so.

Crystal was reading it because, on our lock screen, it shows the same book. I was like, “What percentage are you at?” She’s at 7% and then she says, “I don’t look at percentages. I look at how much time I have left. She’s at 7% and it tells her she has 10 hours and 15 minutes left to read this book. I was like, “I’m at 43%. Let’s see how much time I have left to read this book.” To recap, 7%, 10 hours and 15 minutes left of read time. Me. it’s 43%, 9 hours and 45 minutes of read time.

After our fun night last night, I’m now at 20%.

Whereas I’m at 51%. She will finish this book before me. That’s why I don’t do the book club because the only books that I would read would be book club books. I would never read my own stuff. That’s what’s next on items up for bid. We should also remind people about Bingo. We forgot to call it on our last episode.

We forgot the second one and we forgot one in the bonus episode, but I added both to the list this week. Hopefully, you kept it in there. You deleted it.

Let’s do one right now. One is out and I can’t call them because I don’t understand your system and you keep trying to explain, “You go to this column and then over here.”

It’s not that hard, guys. This episode’s number one Bingo call-out is Jess King. That is the first one. Listen for later. We’ll see if it comes up. If you missed it last week, you can go to the group. It’s one of the pinned notifications that we missed in the group. If you are a Patreon member and you miss that one, it is over on the Patreon page, not the group. Let me know if you have questions about that and I will help you out.

Now that we’ve done all that, what pray tell do you have in store for people?

There is a lot of Peloton news. We have a lot of things we need to get caught up on. We also have some fun little tidbits of things that instructors are dropping hints about. We’re going to talk about those. I know this will shock you. There were some things on the OPP that people were upset about, and there’s an update on the Guinness Book of World Records. We also have a bunch of instructor news. We have a visit from Angelo and we are going to be talking about goal setting for 2024. It’s a must listen. We have a little bit of competitor news, celebrity news, and a bunch of content updates

We also should say this week’s interview, the Cafero Brothers. Our interview went a little bit longer than they’ve been going. We’re having such a blast.

They were so fun.

There were two of them.

It makes it a little harder to keep those short when you have four people talking instead of three, but what a delight Nick and Chris Cafero were.

They have a hit podcast of their own that we will talk about and they were a delight. We’re going to hear that. Before we get to all that, shameless plugs. Crystal always says that I’m not listening. What I’m going to do right now is test her listing prowess. You do the shameless plugs.

We’re on Facebook, Facebook.com/TheClipOut. There’s a Patreon, Patreon.com/TheClipOut, where you get all the things for $5, plus you get bonus episodes. Everything that we cut out of the main episode, you’re also going to get in the bonus episode. If we get it early, you get it early. The last couple of weeks have sucked, by the way. We’re going to be back this week. We got it all ironed out now. It’s what we’re hoping. Don’t forget to rate and review. It’s greatly appreciated. I think that’s it.

There’s YouTube.

You can see all these things on YouTube and you can find that over at YouTube.com/TheClipOut. I think that’s all.

Nothing about the newsletter that I send out?

There’s a newsletter that sometimes Tom sends out. Mostly it comes out on Sundays, and you don’t have all the links, so you can get all the things delivered right to your inbox. It’s super easy for you.

It’s not as easy as I make it look.

Now that we’ve done all of that, let’s dig in. Shall we?

We shall.


Reddit did an AMA for the over-43 crowd. That means Ask Me Anything, not American Medical Association.

I like getting being able to get this information, but I hate Reddit. I hate it more than I hate the OPP. That is seeing a lot.

It’s the least intuitive platform, and then when you don’t intuit the platform, the platform mocks you for not intuiting it.

God forbid, if you say something wrong, they all start downvoting you. By wrong, I mean not their little inside rules that are completely not intuitive compared to every other form of social media.

They did an AMA with Becs Gentry and Jess Sims.

These were two separate AMAs. Just a note, Peloton seems to be leaning into these all of a sudden for some reason. They did this a while back and then it stopped. I guess we’re back to that again.

I guess someone else is typing for them. If they say something they don’t like, that person will just type it. It’s easier to filter them.

Marketing could be doing it and calling it Becs Gentry and Jess Sims.

That’s always that possible. I doubt it.

I don’t really think that. I was just kidding.

My guess is that Becs Gentry isn’t actually sitting there typing. There’s someone from Peloton marketing doing the typing. If she’s like, “Here’s where the new Tread+ comes out,“ they’re like, “Delete, no one is typing that for you, Becs Gentry.”

Also, you can’t see when they make faces at some of the questions that people ask.

What new information did we glean from this AMA?

There were a few things of note, especially with Becs, that I thought were pretty exciting. We know that Power Zone on the tread has been rumored for a long time. This is the first time that I have seen Becs mention it. Somebody asked. “Are you going to be doing Power Zone type structures on the tread?” She replied, “I foresee some happy vibes in your future.” The fact that they’re saying it, to me, that means it’s coming soon. They wouldn’t be saying it. They wouldn’t let Becs say it.

She probably was like, “It’s coming on February 17th,” and then the person typing said vibes and stuff. That’s why it’s AMA.

That’s probably right. Another person also asked about outdoor classes. She said that she has been cooking up a lot in the outdoor kitchen. There will be more coming soon. Another person specifically asked about 60-minute, plus content coming out in the future. They love the long classes. Is there any chance at all of a 120-minute class? Becs replied, “Thank you for the support… Stay tuned…” Some other people said that they had heard that Becs wanted to do some 90-minute classes and they asked, “What do you think?” She put a little interesting emoji that appears to me to be an eye roll.

It’s like an eye roll and a sideways smile.

As the person who wrote this article, Helper Bee Nikki said, “Interpret it as you will.”

If you don’t know what that means reach out to Peloton marketing and see what their opinion of emojis are.

We had Jess Sims and some people asking her questions. One said specifically that they were looking for another floor bootcamp program for members who don’t have equipment but want to have that strength cardio balance in one class. Jess responded, “Your wish will be granted soon.” Smiley face.

It’s like a magic 8 ball.

Another person said they were looking for some more 45 to 60-minute bootcamp classes. She said on the tread, she does a 60-minute Saturday 60 every week. Where has this person been? She said that they recorded Mondays live with members and dropped on demand on Saturdays. I think that we can also expect to see bike bootcamps coming up.

I found that the questions were variations on hyperspecific class times. “I have been looking for a 63.5-minute bootcamp. When will those be coming out?” It’s all anybody wants.

It is a longer format.

Somebody’s 45, somebody’s 60, and somebody’s 90.

They’re basically saying, “Can we stop with a 30 and 20?” Somebody asked the same question about the 45-minute and the 60-minute bike bootcamps, and she said that Kelly and her each record a bike bootcamp every week, and Tunde does it twice a month. There’s always a live one at noon on Tuesdays. Jess said she’d also love more and keep in mind that it’s a heavier lift because it requires the room to be arranged but she promises. They are always talking about how to incorporate more especially because she had 1,600 people live on Tuesday at noon Eastern for her 45-minute one. Somebody talked about, “Will we ever see a two-for-one bootcamp with you and Adrian?” She said, “We’re working on it.”

There you go. There are the hits from AMA.

That’s definitely the highlight. We saved you some reading. You’re welcome.

There was a post on the OPP about Talk Back, which is the accessibility feature that blind people use when they’re using the equipment.

For full transparency, I am sharing this without asking the person who wrote it because I figure if you post it in the OPP, that’s fair game on a Peloton podcast.

We specifically ask people to help spread the news to Peloton about some issues that some people in the blind community are having.

That was a long way to go, and this was from Adam Lawrence. If you know, let him know that we are helping. He was saying that they made some changes and didn’t tell anybody. He said that these changes created a lot of annoying issues for him. The audio docking is too short to hear the Talk Back announcement. If an instructor says the cadence output or resistance numbers, then the docking stops before it’s finished announcing the resistance number. Two, there is a lag between flicking to navigate in the audio feedback. Regardless of how slowly or fast he changes it, there’s always a silence before the audio feedback comes back.

Another one is the cadence output and resistant announcements are too frequent. They used to happen about every 90 seconds and now it’s happening every minute. The thing that’s frustrating about all of these things is there’s no way to customize the settings for the audio docking, the voice speed, and the verbosity. I love that verbosity. You don’t hear a lot of verbose comments these days. You’re there, never mind. I thought that we would try to amplify this for Adam and anyone else experiencing these issues. I also wanted to make sure that we, as always, try to be inclusive. I don’t have to use this so it’s not something I ever would have noticed. I appreciate when somebody takes the time to put some genuine concern out there. That was well thought out and it’s not just, “I didn’t get what I wanted.”

I should also say that just because you don’t use it doesn’t mean that you won’t ever use it. Sometimes people age and their sights are not as good as they used to be. How many shows do we watch with the closed captioning now? That’s hearing not sight but the point remains. There are a lot of accessibility features that become super beneficial for more than their originally intended target.

Adam specifically asks that if you have an interest in doing so, reach out to accessibility and support at OnePeloton.com and tell them you want to see this stuff fixed. We want to make sure we are taking care of all of the members of our community. Good luck to Adam and anybody else out there who is experiencing these issues.

There’s another post we came across.

We talked a little while back that there were some treadmills and bikes especially made by Horizon. Horizon came out with a specific document that said, “Guess what? You can use our stuff on Peloton now.” This woman named Nikki Sutton posted in the digital app user group that her treadmill is not a smart treadmill. It has nothing on it that is smart. She said zero Bluetooth capabilities. She found that by using a stride foot pod and yes, there are much cheaper options out there, plus the QZ app and the Peloton app together, she was able to get the distance, pace, output, and speed all broadcasted over to the Peloton app automatically. She has the option to manually adjust the incline in the QZ app, which also then gets broadcasted. This is a big deal for people who want to be able to see all these things and they aren’t able to do it on their app. I hope that there are several of you who are hearing this and are interested in trying it. The foot pod plus the app is going to broadcast the metrics. It’s going to allow you to get all of your treadmill metrics to the Peloton app.

Look at that. We should say in the interest of full disclosure that Nikki Sutton is not Helper Bee Nikki, but she is our honorary Helper Bee of the week.

This was very helpful. Nice find.

There have been numerous tweaks and changes to the waitlist procedure and we have yet another one quiet hours.

When they flipped over to this new system, one of the things that they added, which I’ve seen so many complaints about, is a two-hour window. They’ll be like, “You made the waitlist. You now have two hours to claim your spot.” If you do not respond to that email within two hours, it expires and they kick you off the waitlist. Now they have added this quiet period. The studio that you’re going to, PSL and PSNY, each of them locally will have a timeout period at their time from 10 PM to 6:00 AM. Let’s say you receive this email and you’re trying to go to the New York Studio, that would be Eastern time zone. Let’s say you get this email at 5:30 PM, 30 minutes go by but now the rest of your two-hour period doesn’t start until 6:00 AM Eastern Time. I want to make it very clear. This is based on where the studio is, not where you live.

If you were taking a trip to London and you live on the East Coast, you have to do the math for London time, not for where you’re at.

Add five hours. That’s exactly right.

How do we feel about this? I glazed over it.

The whole thing is much more complicated than it needs to be. I don’t like the two-hour thing because there are so many people who work and can’t check their email. I can check my email because of my job, but how many doctors, lawyers, and people who don’t have a computer in front of them all day? There are a lot of people who are in situations where they cannot just get to check their email anytime they want to. To only have two hours to be able to respond or you get kicked off the list, that sucks.

Getting on the waitlist is by far your best option to get into class. Some people seem to think that you only have the moment that the classes drop on Thursday to get on the waitlist. No, they can open up at any time. Let’s say that classes drop on Thursday and you want to go to the studio in six weeks. You may not see those waitlist items open up until Tuesday the week before you go, or maybe even Friday the week before you go. It’s hard to do when you’re planning a plane ride, but if you live locally, that is not that difficult to do.

Also, if you’re going to be there anyway.

You just plan on a trip and you can always cancel it last minute. That’s a lot easier to do when you live within a train ride distance than it is a plane ride. For those of you with plane rides, you want to lock that in before you go if that’s the only reason you’re going.

We should also say that there was a new apparel drop.

This is a specific collection that was created with Aditi. It’s called the Strength Starts Within. Three different pieces appear to be all the lure, like a jogging suit and tracksuit. Super cozy looking. One of the things that we thought was interesting is that you cannot use your apparel credits. I think we’ve even talked about it in the show. I don’t know because I didn’t think it doesn’t affect me that much. I guess I didn’t put it out there but I haven’t bought any Lululemon. You can’t use referral credits on Lululemon.

Anything that’s sold as a collaboration between the two on the Peloton website, you can’t use it. I can understand that but this one is branded as Peloton apparel. It’s not branded. I don’t know if that’s because it’s a collaboration with Aditi or if there’s something else going on. Was it an accident? I don’t know. I reached out to Peloton they didn’t respond. I mean they didn’t respond before this. Maybe they still will respond, but I thought that was interesting.

It makes me wonder if they’re going to start having a window to where they’re going to get full price on this stuff in the initial rush, and then once the dust settles and they have enough inventory left over, sure use a referral credit.

That could be, but I’ve also noticed a lot of people complaining about that if you wait till something is on sale, which is after the initial rush. they don’t seem to have a good control system on their inventory since they moved to the new warehouse. They run out. They’ll let you buy something and then, “Oops, we ran out.” I’ve had this happen twice and I’ve only made two orders since they changed. What the hell?

100% of the time, it fails, anecdotally.

It was stuff that was on sale. I haven’t had this issue with new things. It’s weird. There you go.

Coming up after this, we’re going to have instructors in the news. We’re going to tell you which instructor just had a baby, so sit tight.


We have a new baby in the world of Peloton.

Mayla Wedekind had her baby. Unlike other instructors, she chose not to show what the baby looked like. It is interesting. I get it. There are a lot of weirdos on the internet. They have welcomed their baby and we’re not exactly sure of all the details. She just had a baby. We are very happy for them. I hope everybody is doing well.

Ross Rayburn is making the round promoting his book and he sat down with Dana Perino.

He was on Fox News. I feel all sorts of ways. Most of which I am very happy for Ross. He deserves a lot of credit and he deserves a lot of visibility for this book. The people that I have talked to who have read all the instructors’ books, I have heard on numerous occasions that this is the best book that has come out by an instructor. That’s not to discredit any of the other instructors. It’s just that this one hits differently and I have enjoyed what I have read thus far.

If you’re reading the book or getting ready to read the book and you want to talk it out about what makes it better or worse, if that’s where you land, you can join us in our book club.

February 13th, and that will be 7:00 PM Central and 8:00 PM Eastern.

All the details are over at Patreon.com/TheClipOut. Anyone can participate at the free level. You don’t have to pay to participate in the book club. While we are speaking of Ross, he was the alumni spotlight at SMU which I believe is Southern Methodist University.

I wasn’t sure because, up there at the top, it says The Meadows School of Art. I didn’t know if that meant that they had a school inside the school.

It’s an arts program within the university.

I think it’s Southern Methodist University, but that’s great for him to get highlighted like that. I believe he deserves all of the goodness.

Susie Chan will be speaking at the national running show Birmingham.

This is a yearly thing that they do. It is taking place from the 20th through the 21st of January. If you have an opportunity to go, I highly recommend you do. A lot of great speakers at this. That would be so cool to go to.

The home of the runners. Not to be confused with home of runs. That’s the national running show Taco Bell. Very different. Although honestly, they run faster. They have the motivation.


Joining us from MetPro, it’s Angelo here to answer your fitness and nutrition questions.

Thanks for having me back.

Thanks for being here. We talked a lot about different things over the years. As we start off 2024, how can people set the right health goals? How do they know how to follow through?

That’s a great question. It’s the appropriate time of the year for it because we know lots of people start the year with lofty ambitions. This is one of the things at MetPro that our coaches refine. I have probably experienced one of the greatest evolutions over the years of coaching hundreds of thousands of clients in different scenarios. It’s an interesting question about what type of goal setting works and what doesn’t. Here are a few common things that we see that cause people problems, and ways to solve those issues. The first is a lot of times people will reach out to us with goals that are too broad and lack small progressive steps. We’ll help them see if they lack those small progressive steps.

Does that mean it’s not good to have a big audacious goal? No, that is good. In fact, I want to hear the big-picture goal. I want to put that motivation up in front of us and have that why out in front of us at all times. After we talk about we have 50 pounds to lose, we have this mountain to climb, or we have these things to do, now I want to put that on the shelf. We’ll bring that out from time to time and talk about that, but what we find as coaches that’s most effective is after talking about the big goal, I want to discuss the specific action steps that we can accomplish within 2 or 3 weeks at the most along the way to that bigger goal. Breaking it up and having your big goal and then your small steps along the way makes the difference because it makes it actionable, tangible, and real. That’s what our coaches do.

Probably tied in with that is the second tip that I would give the audience and that is don’t overlook a performance component. That may sound odd. Why would he say that? Aren’t you a fitness company and people exercise? Yes, we’re sports nutrition and we work with the elite athletes, Olympians, NFLers, and the whole nine yards. Eighty-three of every email or call we get, it’s helped me lose X amount of pounds. When we do the strategy session, people say, “Here’s my goal. I want to be able to lose weight.” Not everybody but 83%. That’s our statistic. There’s nothing wrong with that, but if you fall into that 83%, make sure you don’t ignore a performance goal.

Crystal, you and I have talked a lot about it. You’ve seen the difference. As you were reaching for your goals, you made sure that performance goals were folded into that. It makes such a big difference because that’s something linear that you can grab on to tangibly, see your body improving, hitting goals, and being more athletic. Having those performance goals along with, if your goal is weight loss, is critical.

The next recommendation that our top coaches help their clients to see is the need for specificity. This is hard for anyone and that’s where having a coach or an expert does help. Even just doing this on your own at home, your strategy and your goal should not have an identity crisis. You should be able to clearly articulate what your goal is and in a few brief sentences, explain what you’re doing to move toward that goal. If you’re struggling to do that, you’re probably wandering. We don’t want to wander. We want to walk a tight path to those goals.

When you’re walking that tight path, you get results, and results turn into motivation, which turns into more results, so it is a positive feedback loop. Whereas this wandering and this meandering, what happens is the first period of 1 or 2 weeks where we’re not making that progress, I’m out. That’s where the motivation stops. You’ve heard me share this before. I get these calls all the time, especially from my type-A executive personality. They’ll say, “Angelo. I heard you on a podcast. I know who you are. I know who you work with. Here’s what I want. I want to lose 50 pounds. I want to bench press 300. I want to run a sub-six-minute mile and want to squat twice my body weight. Are you the guy that can help me get there?” I always say, “Yes, I am. This is what you have to do. You have to pick which one of those things you want to accomplish first.”

By the way, I would tell my elite athletes the same thing. You can do all this stuff but you need to pick which one is your priority. It doesn’t mean we’re going to ignore the others. It means that we’re going to have enough specificity built into your diet, your training, and your time allocation in your health and wellness program each week that we can move the dial towards one of these items, maybe two. Check the boxes, maintain them, and move on to the next goal, the next goal, and the next goal.

The usual life cycle of Peloton is only a couple of months. After that, it would probably be up for sale online. Share on X

That’s an efficient goal-setting session. In fact, I joke with clients and my coaches that an effective goal-setting session is not about picking the goals. That’s the easy part. It’s about deciding what you’re not going to do. I’m a big you know slash and burner in these goal-setting sessions with, “What are you doing?” “We’re not doing that anymore.” Why? Because this is what we need to spend our time and energy doing since your stated goal is that.

That’s why MetPro has been so effective for me. It is because I’m naturally gifted at knowing what I’m not going to do. You don’t have to do any of that. You have never crossed a goal off my list.

That’s Tom’s magic power. You are very focused on what you will do also. The whole shtick. This is the deal and why you’ve gotten phenomenal results.

Whereas I’m like, “I want to run a marathon, I want to lose weight, and I want to get faster.”

People tell me this all the time like, “How did you know I wanted to do that?” Because the last 300 people I talked to want to lean out, improve their energy, and perform better. I know that.  Let’s get more granular. Let’s put numbers, figures, specifics, and priorities. Which one do you want first? I have to laugh and I’m going to joke about this, but back in the old days when we had the brick-and-mortar gym, I remember this one scenario where I had a gal in the office. We were discussing goals and she was talking about this performance, that performance, losing weight, this and that.

I asked a very innocent question because I needed the answer. I said, “You want to run faster. You want to hit this PR with this weight that you’re trying to do, and you want to lose 10 pounds by this event that you have. Which is the priority?” She goes, “I want to focus on all of them.” I said, “You can do a hybrid but know this. If you said to me that the 10 pounds were the most important part, your diet and training program or going to look vastly different than if you said hitting that pull-up PR.” She quickly said, “The 10 pounds.” I had to laugh.

Don’t get me wrong. I had it the other way where it’s like, “I’ll lose weight gradually and that’s fine but I want to hit this PR in my runs or my cycling or my lifts.” Recognize that whatever your priority is, it absolutely should influence what you’re doing with your diets and what you’re doing with your training. One last to wrap it all up. If you want to hit goals, you need to have a baseline. That’s probably the biggest number one missing component when we evaluate people and what’s working and what’s not. It is they don’t have a baseline. In other words, let’s call it a nutritional baseline.

If you don’t know what is maintaining you right now, it will be nearly impossible to guess or estimate what changes you’re going to have to make to elicit results like weight loss, muscle development, or whatever that may be. You’re throwing darts blindfolded if you’re googling online, “What should I do to lose weight?” You’re going to hear what somebody else might need to do that has very little bearing on your reality until you have a baseline. That is why at MetPro, that’s the first thing we do with our clients. It’s establishing a baseline because it takes the guesswork out. These are all things you can do on your own.

If people want help with sorting out their goals, or maybe they don’t even know what their goals are. They just know they want to have some.

We get that too.

If they would like that tailor-made for them, where can they find you?


Thank you so much.


The latest artists series features Earth Wind and Fire, which I can’t believe they’re doing in January and not September.

That’s fair. Is that their biggest hit?

I think so.

Who doesn’t know that song? Even the kids know that song.

They certainly have lots of hits.

I don’t mean that to take away from all their other amazing hits.

Probably, that’s the biggest hit that they have.

That’s such a great band and so many hits. That’s dropping this week. By the time you hear this, it will already be out there. All the classes will be up, so enjoy.

Coming up after this, we’re going to have all sorts of stuff. We’re going to talk about the latest competitor news who are combining their powers to try to take a notch out of Peloton’s business. We’ll also spotlight some classes that you shouldn’t miss, so stick around.


If social media is to be believed, of course, you can believe everything you read on the internet. Fitbit and Soul Cycle appear to be Wonder Twin Power activating.

I’m not exactly sure of the steps you need to take. I did see a brief article on this and it said something to the effect of you could get two free passes for Soul Cycle if you did XYZ steps with Fitbit. It sounds like they’re doing a low entry bar that you’re going to be able to get. If that’s your jam, check it out.

I guess it seems like a natural collaboration. If you’re going to Soul Cycle, there’s a high degree of likelihood that you have a Fitbit.

Also, some other tracking devices.


I’m taking your word for it that Pat McAfee is a celebrity.

I don’t know. The helper bees thought this was hilarious. I’ll be honest. I didn’t even watch it.

It’s sports, which we know nothing about it.

They were giggling over it. They sounded like Peloton instructors in all kinds of talk. I don’t know.

I did not get a chance to listen to it because it was a crazy busy day at work for me. His tweets was, “I feel like I did a Peloton class,” but I guess they’re talking about Peloton in sports.

I do know that they are doing bits. They’re using phrases that the Peloton instructors say. There were several of them and they do it with these straight faces.

See if you can find it over on Pat McAfee’s Twitter or whatever Twitter is calling itself this week. I don’t get paid by Twitter so I still call it Twitter. If they want to send me a check, I’ll call it something else, but it seems unlikely.

I don’t think where the demo.


Now it’s time to call out the next Bingo call out.

Instructor number two for this week is Tobias Heinze. Remember when we have the German instructors, be sure to change the filters to include all German classes.

There you go.


It is time for the TCO Top Five where you chime in and tell us what your favorite classes of the week were. We share them with everyone out there so they can maybe find a new class for themselves to take.

There were a lot of fun ones. The favorite Peloton bike bootcamp, which is funny because we talked about this. a 60-minute EDM bike bootcamp with Jess Sims from January 2nd. Chelsea Schroeder loves this class not just for the workout, but for the heart that Jess put into it. She said, “If you know what Jess has been dealing with over the last month, this will give you all the feels. Her dad passed away. She gives several knots to her dad and her grieving. I was happy to see her back on the bike. it’s not her hardest class by any means, but I’m happy there’s a new 60-minute bike bootcamp out.” That’s nice.

There was the favorite Peloton ride. This was on January 6th, a 30-minute classic rock ride with Denis Morton. Jerry Miller found that this was a rock music lovers treat of a class. He said that he especially liked that the ride used the full album versions of the song and it’s a good workout with classic tunes. Because the songs are longer, there were only five. LA Woman, Can’t You Hear Me Knocking by The Rolling Stones, Life in the Fast Lane by The Eagles, Free Bird by Lynyrd Skynyrd, and Can’t You See by The Marshall Tucker Band. That is a good playlist.

Free Bird is the whole class by itself.

That’s eight minutes of class right there.

The format used to be called AOR, which stands for album-oriented rocks. You play the album version.

Especially these. I agree with that. Thank God there was no Grateful Dead on there.

It would have to be one of those 90-minute classes.

Favorite Peloton yoga. This is from January 10th. It was a 20-minute Focus Fow that was glutes with Kristin McGee. Becky Gomez said that this class was so good. It combines glute activation and stretching, which is great for runners and riders. Also very good music by Mumford & Sons, Aloe Blacc, and Maren Morris. What an interesting trio there.

The favorite Peloton row. Of course, it’s going to be the 20-minute Premiere Row with Becs Gentry. This was from January 11th. Vanessa took the class and loved it. The energy and support from Becs’ Beast were amazing. Her energy and enthusiasm for the row were great, plus the class was good. She’s a good teacher and helped with her form. We have our favorite Peloton unstackable ride. It was a 30-minute House Ride with Jess King from November 3rd of ‘23. Stephanie Latto said that it’s unstackable and so fun. Lots of hills with a killer playlist and vibes.

We have new German split training programs for people. We don’t, but Peloton does.

I thought we had posted this. I apologize that we missed it. This dropped back on December 5th. There was a new one with Assal and then a new one with Cliff. Five days with Assal and three days with Cliff. Make sure you check those out.

Ben Aldis has released The Stronger You 2, which is great.

What a wonderful way to start off the new year. If you enjoyed The Stronger You 1, based on all the comments I have seen, most people did, then you will enjoy The Stronger You 2.

We also have three classes celebrating Martin Luther King Jr. Day.

One was a cycling class with Tunde. All of these aired on the 15th, Martin Luther King Day. This was a 30-minute class with Tunde. Both of them with Chelsea Jackson Roberts. The first one was a 30-minute yoga flow and there was also a 10-minute meditation.

It makes total sense that there would be a meditation class around Martin Luther King because he inspired people to meditate on serious topics. There are also three other classes things out there. You got the Move For You challenge.

That’s happening this week and you have ten days in total to take all of the ten classes and you get a special badge if you do all ten.

You have new yoga conditioning.

There are two new classes. One is a 30-minute yoga conditioning core with Mariana. That is going to take place on January 20th at 10:30 AM Eastern, and then there’s also a 10-minute upper body with Kristen and that did take place on the 17th at noon, Eastern.

Finally, you have Power Zone FTP classes.

Olivia is dropping not only a 10-minute FTP warm-up but a 20-minute FTP test. Another thing that’s great to start the new year off with. Both of those did drop in on-demand on Tuesday, January 16th. They’re out there if you are looking to redo your FTP test. Good luck.


We have two birthdays this week which we said last week because I screwed up. They are on January 22nd. I got the dates. I shouldn’t have included them in the episode from a timing standpoint.

You were just early.

I was so excited for Ben and Logan. Ben Alldis has a birthday coming up on January 22nd.

Also Logan Aldridge on January 25th. Happy birthday.

Coming up after this, we’re going to talk to the Cafero brothers. We had a great time talking to them, so stick around.


Joining us are Nicholas and Chris Cafero. They are brothers. Since gay marriage is legal, you have to specify stuff like that. It doesn’t mean anything. I don’t know, but I want to let people know that they’re brothers. If their names sound familiar, they are from the hit fiction podcast, The Royals of Malibu. They have a companion series, The Royal Boys. They’re also Peloton users.

Thank you so much for having us.

We’re excited that you’re here. I have to say for the people who are tuning in, we had tried to give you a little background on Tom that he never does any Peloton whatsoever. You guys were a little shocked by that. You were like, “You’ve never even tried it.”

I did touch it because we had to move it upstairs once.

That’s true. You helped me carry it once.

Are you actively avoiding it? At this point, it feels like you are.

It must be a protest at this point because if you’re running this show and talking about it every day, you have to actively not try.

Pump the brakes. I need to clarify. I am in no way, shape, or form running this show. Credit where credit is due. I sit down and talk. Crystal does the running of the show. I have another podcast that I do with friends. She doesn’t run that podcast and you can tell based on downloads.

He did stand on my Peloton tread once.

It was because you were like, “Feel how fluffy this is.”

The Clip Out | Nick Cafero | Fiction Podcast



I have the Tread+ and it has the slats. There’s a lot of bounds to it. I was like, “You have to try this.” He stood on it and was like, “Cool.”

Tom, you’re in phenomenal shape for someone who doesn’t do any physical exercise.

He Tonals though.

A few years back, I caved and started doing Tonal. I don’t know if you’re familiar with that or not.

We are.

I finally caved and started doing Tonal. I have lost a lot of weight. I look much different than when the show began.

Good for you. May I ask you a question about Tonal?

Yeah, absolutely.

Who is your favorite instructor on Tonal, or do you choose your own weight? A very good friend of ours is an instructor on Tonal. That’s my favorite one. His name is Tony Horton. He was the P90X guy. He does Tonal. He does. That’s how Chris and I are familiar with Tonal. He has one at his house so we use it all the time.

Is he a good friend of yours?

He is. We’re from Connecticut. I moved out to LA nine years ago. I was the only person in my family here at that point. I waited for Tony and his wife at a restaurant I was working at. They were so kind to me. We hit it off and they invited me over to do a group workout that they do all the time. He’s a Tonal guy. That machine is unbelievable. It doesn’t hold a candle to Peloton.

They’re very different. Tonal is all about strength training and Peloton is all about cardio. It’s okay. They can exist in the same world. We have a show about Tonal too. We love Tonal as well.

Nice. What’s that one called?

That one is called The Superset.

We’re good at naming shows.

I was wondering if you were going to do something about tone and audio. I’m glad you did The Superset.

We did consider that. Do you know the little beeps? If you don’t use it, you may not know. At the end of every workout when you’re getting down to the last three, there are beeps. They let us have their sound files to use in our opening song and our sweepers.

That’s very cool. I’m glad you said that because The Clip Out’s opening song is incredible.

Did you listen to our song?

Yeah. Who did that?

A guy named Geoff Smith. I have to say that every once in a while because people think I did it and I cannot sing. I am legally forbidden from singing. I stumbled on his site one day. He had written a song and I was like, “That’s a catchy song.” He had all these things like, “I’ll write songs for you.” I was like, “That could come in handy one day,” and I bookmarked it. Three years later when we were starting this show, I was like, “We should get a theme song.” I reached out, and much to my amazement, I could afford him. I was even more surprised I could afford him when I heard how good the song was.

That was his first take.

We made almost no changes to that song. He was like, “Send me a list of words associated with Peloton and give me the vibe that you want.” I was like, “Okay,” and then I was like, “It’s like this I guess.” I wasn’t even sure what I wanted. He sent that back and I was like, “I didn’t know what I wanted, but it is that. You killed it.”

That’s amazing. That’s my dream, creating jingles.

We’re supposed to be asking you questions about you. This always happens when we have podcasters on. They start asking us questions. They’re like, “You do what every week about Peloton? How is that possible” We are supposed to ask you things.

What I always like to start with is how you guys first found Peloton. How did you become involved in the Peloton world?

Chris, I’ll start if that’s all right. It’s the same answer for you. Our sister and brother-in-law have a Peloton in their house. That was my introduction to Peloton. I heard about it through that infamous Christmas ad, I believe. They had one in their house. We were there for an extended period of time once. Luckily, all the shoe sizes fit.

You’re blood relatives. That makes sense.

Exactly. We all have the same feet. I did it and it was great. My mom loved it so much and she kept talking about it. My dad, who’s an impulsive shopper, was like, “We have to get one.” She didn’t want to, but he got one anyway, so they had one in their house. During the pandemic, I moved back home for about three months and that was my main source of exercise. That’s how I got into it.

Eventually, I came back to LA. One of Chris’ friends was selling one online. There’s this fun life cycle of the Peloton where you see someone post about it like, “I got a Peloton.” Three months later, it’s on Facebook Marketplace like, “If you have a car big enough, you can have it for free. Take it out of my house.” I got one of those. I’ve been using it here pretty much nonstop. My sister and brother-in-law are full-on Peloton. They bought the treadmill. They’re all about it.

I started dabbling when my parents had it. I was living in New York during the pandemic and would bounce back and forth to check in on them and spend time with them. I would use it when I was home. I moved to Los Angeles not long ago. I coincidentally got an apartment right next to Nick’s apartment, which is 100 feet away. He has the Peloton. Every now and then, I’ll text him and be like, “Can I come flip in?” We have to check with his roommate and make sure I’m not displacing anybody. I’m able to use Nick’s.

You both have done Peloton since or around the pandemic-ish. Have you stuck mostly with the bike or have you done any of the classes outside of that? They have so much.

I do mostly the bike. The vast majority is the bike, but I also do yoga. I like Denis Morton’s yoga. I did a few of the cardio and the core workouts, but then I gave up as I do most of the time with cardio and core workouts. I stuck to the bike.

The bike is cardio.

It’s a different cardio.

I understand hating cardio. No one gets that more than me.

There’s something about being clipped into the bike that you’re like, “I have to do it.” When you’re doing cardio standing on your feet, it’s like, “I could stop.” There’s an extra layer to having to stop when you’re on the bike. You have to rotate your ankle. It’s a whole thing.

I thought it was more like, “I can sit down.”

That too.

I’m like, “I’m sitting so it’s easier.”

Although not the most comfortable seat. It’s comfortable for a bike seat, but as far as seats go, you’re not going to relax with something parked up your crack.

I don’t think anybody’s like, “I’m going to chill out on this Peloton bike for a couple of hours.” Unless it’s for a Power Zone ride that lasts a couple of hours. That’s the only time anybody would ever do that.

Have you ever done one of those?

Yeah. I have not done the two-hour ride. We had the first one about a month ago.

I saw that.

The longest time I ever spent on the bike was when I did 70 miles in one day. I was trying to do 100. I didn’t make it to 100, but that was a long day.

How long did that take?

It might have been closer to six. That was three years ago. That was before the pandemic. That’s how long ago that was that I did that, and I have not tried that again since. During the pandemic, I did do a full marathon on my treadmill, but I walked it.

A marathon is a marathon.

It’s a marathon, not a sprint. That’s what I always say.

That’s true.

Our sister has a Peloton. Our parents have one and Nick has one. Our parents’ is not properly calibrated so it’s a little easier. Their 40 isn’t a regular 40.

You guys are at the top of the leaderboard when you’re at your parent’s house.

When my parents go to visit my sister or us, they’re like, “That bike is too hard.” We’re like, “That’s the way it’s supposed to be. You guys are pedaling along all happy.” My dad’s like, “I did my 1,000th ride.” It’s like, “? You’ve gained 20 pounds so someone is not working here.”

It’s all thigh muscle.

Exactly. Very trunky.

When they came out with the Bike+, those auto-calibrate. The original bike can vary widely from bike to bike. The Bike+ that came out, in theory, auto-calibrates. Those should all be very similar whenever you use them.

Everything has a plus now.

It’s like in the ‘90s when everything became extreme. If a Peloton existed in the ‘90s, it would’ve been Bike Xtreme.

That’s so true. I was visiting the London studio. I was on 2 different bikes over 2 different days. Both of the bikes were so dramatically different in the studio. One day, I was taking a class with Sam Yo and was trying to follow along with what he was saying. I could not keep what he was calling out at all. Later that week, I was doing one with Emma. The instructors were there for the Peloton on Tour event. Emma was calling out stuff and I was like, “This is no big deal. I can do this all day.” That’s how different they can be. That’s crazy. I have the Bike+. My Bike+ is as hard as my original bike. I always had a hard bike, my original one.

I hope this isn’t controversial. I wonder if the calibration on the teacher’s bike is less. I love her to death, but I cannot believe that Olivia is able to do what she’s telling me to do. It feels impossible.

I feel like when this airs, we’re going to have to bleep out the name of the instructor.

I’m so sorry. I hope you don’t because if she knows I’m talking about her, then we have done something right. I love her.

Also, this is a compliment. If her bike is properly calibrated, then you’re pumping her up. She would love it.

In my opinion, her classes, I find to be the hardest. I’m like, “How do you do that? You are not sweating. You look like a model. We’re 30 miles in and my legs are on fire.”

It’s true. She is one of the hardest instructors. She always bounces around a lot. You’ll be standing and sitting. It’s like, “We’re going to 70 for 20 seconds, but then we’re going to back it down to 25 for 10 seconds.” It’s craziness.

I’m hyperventilating. She’s singing.

She’s like, “This is great.”

Is she the one that always does the classes where they’re like, “Every time the artist sings this?”

No. That’s Jess Sims.

It’s always like, “It’s the Ramones.”

Jess Sims is mostly a tread instructor. I don’t know if you guys have taken any classes with her, but she does what they call listening games. She was the first instructor to do that. She would have a song and she’d be like, “Every time they say this, add.” You would be on the tread, so in that case, it would be to add incline or add speed.

They were playing a class. Were you in one of her classes?


They were playing it in the studio. She was playing Jolene.

Emma did it.

She was like, “Every time they say Jolene.” I was like, “What are you doing to these people?”

It was a remix of Jolene, so we had to always add. I lied. That was Becss on the tread. We added four full points by the end. It was insanely fast. Becs Gentry is insanely fast running.

Back in college, we used to do that while drinking with Roxanne. Every time it said Roxanne, you had to take another swig of your beer. By the end of that song, you were blasted.

Who is your favorite bike instructor then?

The secret of getting into fewer sibling arguments is becoming huge fans of one another. Share on X

I have a great answer for this. I was in an acting class back in 2018 with a young man named Bradley Rose. He was this handsome British posh man who was a very serious actor. He was a great actor and a cool dude. I was always like, “I like that guy.” We lost touch because of the pandemic. I was on the bike and I was like, “That’s Bradley Rose.” I took one of his classes to support him, and then I found that his classes catered to a more moderate middle-aged female crowd. I was like, “This is my speed.” He is my favorite instructor not only because I know him personally, but because he isn’t too hard.

He’s dreamy.

I didn’t know this, but he is a survivor of a stroke, which is incredibly inspiring.

It wasn’t that long ago that they told him he couldn’t exercise at all anymore. He is doing these amazing classes and, and teaching. He did a whole thing on Instagram about that. It was interesting to hear his story.

He’s a better man than I am. If a doctor told me to never exercise again, there would be no second opinion. I’d be like, “Doctor.”

Was that weird, like a surreal moment seeing somebody that you know up there? We know them in parasocial relationships. That’s very different.

It was cool. Nick and I are both actors and we’ve been acting for a long time. You’re accustomed to seeing your friends on TV or pop up in a commercial, or do this or that. It was a surprise because I didn’t know that he was a fitness mogul guy. It is an experience I have a lot where it’s like, “Good for him.” Usually, when you see someone who’s a similar type to you as an actor on TV, you’re like, “Why didn’t I get that audition?” For this, it’s like there’s a 0% chance that I was going to be a Peloton instructor so this is cool for him.

You’re like, “I can truly celebrate your success because I don’t want it.”

I’m like, “I don’t want it. You can have it. It’s okay for me.”

I’m curious. What was your fitness level like pre-Peloton? Were you doing anything at all?

Nick, go for it.

I workout quite a bit. I don’t do Peloton every single day. I do it about three times a week. I mix it in. I mostly work out with Tony still and Chris does as well. I don’t have a gym membership. I do everything at home, so I have all my weights, pull-up bar, and everything here in my little apartment. Although I’ve probably ruined my doorframe with my pull-up bar. I try to work out six times a week and mix cardio with lifting and resistance. I made a little progress. The Peloton has certainly helped quite a bit. I like the mindlessness of strapping in and doing what they tell you to do. Especially when you’re working out at home and alone, it’s hard to get that motivation.

I would agree. What about you, Chris?

I’m similar. I do belong to a gym because I need that. I need to remove myself from my home because I do a lot of my work from home as an actor, writer, and podcaster. For me, I like having somewhere to go to be like, “I’m here.” It’s similar to Peloton where you have a task. You’re clipped in for 30 minutes and finish it. Going to the gym helps me do that. I try to work out 4 to 5 days a week. I’m sure in 2024, I’m going to be like, “My resolution is to do it more and be more efficient about it.” It’s also easy to get into a routine where you’re like, “I’ll do arms today,” and your biceps are massive and your legs are little chicken feet. You look like Gru from Despicable Me.

What if they do a live-action adaptation?

I would love that. However, I got into an argument with my girlfriend. How tall do you think Gru is? I looked it up. There’s an answer.

That’s a good point.

I can honestly say I’ve never thought about it.

I would guess 5’2”.

I was thinking 5’5”. That was my guess.


He’s 7 to 8 feet tall.

That would mean those little girls are 4 and a half to 5 feet tall for their ages.

They say it’s because the minions are 2,5 feet tall and he’s 3.5 minions high. That’s the math they use.

Who are they?

The people at Dreamworks Animation or whoever is responsible for illumination.

I hate minions so much.

He’s such an anti-minion guy. I think the minions are cute.

I hate them so much.

He gets mad at them.

There are so few things in this world that you’re allowed to hate anymore, so it’s nice to have one that nobody can get mad at you about.

Since you guys at different times lived in New York, have you ever thought about going to the Peloton studio to take a class live? Would you do that?

I would do that. I have thought about it. I didn’t know it was a realistic thing. I thought it was invite-only. I didn’t know you could do that. I would do it. I’ve never even been called out in a class. I’ve never taken a live class. I’m very specific about the classes I take. I only do Power Zone with Matt Wilpers pretty much.

You never got to answer who your favorite instructor is. It’s Matt Wilpers.

By far. We talk about this in our podcast. In one of the scenes in this Royals Malibu, she’s on a bike. The whole episode is called Don’t Dim My Sparkle because her instructor is like, “Don’t let anybody dim your sparkle.” I’m not that workout person. I don’t like that motivation or weird cliches that don’t quite work.

I like Matt Wilpers. He is like, “This is the science. This is what we’re doing. This is what we’re working on.” He’s not able to pedal to the rhythm or anything. That’s what I want. I want somebody to tell me what is happening. What is VO2 max? I don’t know what the hell that is, but it makes me feel like freaking Neil deGrasse Tyson.

I get that. It makes you feel like a real “athlete.” You’re an athlete if you do anything. If you’re working out, you’re an athlete. When you’re doing the science behind it and you understand it, and you’re like, “I’m making a choice to do this, and here’s why,” and he explains it, that’s training. You’re training. You’re not riding a bike. I feel like there are stages of Peloton from that vantage point too because when I first got my bike, I was like, “I’m going to be a real bike athlete. I’m going to do all the things.” I did heart rate training. I got my VO2 max tested. I did all the things.

She bought a bib.

Was it for all the drooling?

It’s the bike shorts that you wear. It’s a little outfit that you have to wear whenever you’re on the bike for hours on end so that nothing hurts. Matt Wilpers was the very first instructor who brought those to Peloton. He was the first one to wear them, and he still wears them. He’s a serious outside rider. I got an outside bike and I was going to do all those things.

I stopped having fun and was like, “I need to go back and do things that make me have fun for a while,” because I got too serious. It stopped being like, “This is something fun I do.” I had to do this class and I had to do it three times a week because I had to up my FTP for the next time I did my test. It started being stressful. I was like, “This takes all the fun out of it.”

That’s what’s great about Peloton. There are so many different ways you can interact with it. It’s not one teaching style rammed down your throat. For a lot of people, they need the fun. That’s what brings them back. For other people, they want to know, “I’m not wasting my time.” They want the science. I get it. You said you only take Matt Wilpers’ classes. Here’s the problem with that. You need to take at least one class with a different instructor because while Matt Wilpers is your favorite instructor and he’s the only instructor you take, he’s also your least favorite instructor.

That’s true.

Also, if he ever leaves, you will be so sad. I don’t know if you guys watch what goes on on the internet about these instructors. I see a lot of the stuff that people get upset when an instructor leaves. It’s a thing.

It is always ugly.

Is there lots of drama behind it? Are they poached by other companies?

No. Peloton is probably the gold standard of being a cycling instructor.

They’re the pinnacle. It’s like leaving Sticks to join damn Yankees. Why would you do that?

It’s not drama. People are upset that they can no longer take classes with their favorite instructor. There is no other instructor like Matt Wilpers for some people.

Do they remove their content from there?

Eventually, they will. It takes years unless there is drama like one instructor who allegedly sent some pictures that were not asked for via social media to several ladies. His stuff got removed the same day. I’ve never seen Peloton do that.

It was like how Soviet Russia would delete you from existence.

He did not exist.

It was like you never existed.

He was stricken from the record.

There was the instructor who said he wasn’t happy with Peloton when he left. That caused lots of drama. He tried to sue him. It got ugly. They came to some settlement. Who knows what it looks like? Part of that settlement was that they were taking all of his content down. That was part of the settlement. Other than that, it stays up for 2 to 3 years and then it goes away.

It slowly phases out. Attrition goes away. You should tell us about your guys’ podcasts.

Nick and I both play brothers on a fiction podcast called The Royals of Malibu, which is a teenage drama. It is a new-age Cinderella story about a young woman whose parents passed away and she has to move to Malibu with this family, the Royals. The Royals are led by their father, Callum. He has two boys, Easton and Reed played by Nick and myself. This young woman lives with them and is incorporated into their lives. There is drama, sex, drugs, and rock and roll. It is very different than our high school experiences, for sure.

It has been this great podcast led by a young woman named Alyssa McKay who is very popular on TikTok and Instagram. She plays Ella who’s the lead. We’ve done two seasons. It was extremely popular. It peaked at number one on the fiction podcast charts. The fans have been amazing. Nick and I are in an effort to dive in even further.

Take advantage of the momentum.

Exactly. Ride the wave. We were like, “What if we did a re-listen companion podcast?” We launched this podcast where we review each episode. We do the behind-the-scenes. We dive into the meat and the themes of the episode and we have special guests to talk about it. It’s been fun.

How long has the companion podcast been going?

We started a couple of months ago. Our first episode was released a few weeks ago. We’re almost done recapping the whole second season. We started with the second season because that was what was released. It’s still relatively new, but we have been pleasantly surprised with the reaction to it, the downloads, the interactions, and all of that. It’s been great. The fans are amazing. What’s better than two aging Millennials talking about a Gen Z soap opera? People seem to like it.

I bet people enjoy hearing your take on it though. Since you’re in it, they have that parasocial relationship with you as the actors, and then you are talking about it. People are excited about that because that gives them an inside look at how it all works.

It is very reminiscent of the DVD commentary that we used to have. It doesn’t even exist anymore because nobody has DVDs or commentary.

Unfortunately, everybody has commentaries.

It is interesting because we do have to toe this line between honoring and not destroying the illusion of the characters in the podcast but also being ourselves, which are inherently very different. I play an eighteen-year-old teenage hunk and brooding heartthrob with six-pack abs. It’s not exactly who I am. We want to talk about it and not take it so seriously, but also, we don’t want to come across as if we’re mocking it or taking it for granted because it’s been so good to us. It’s fun and the fans love it. We want to enhance it without denigrating it in any way.

The fan engagement has honestly been the icing on top of it all. The truth is we poke fun at each other, but being able to work with Chris and play Brothers with my actual brothers is like a dream come true. It’s been a lot of fun.

You guys don’t fight all day or anything? You live not that far from each other. You work together all day, and then you have another podcast outside of it. This feels like a recipe for some fights, I feel like.

Luckily, our parents did a good job. We are all big fans of each other. We have an older sister as well. We don’t fight too much.

That’s awesome. A lot of times, that’s the luck of the draw. As a parent, there’s only so much you have control over. You think you do, but you don’t. Is your next podcast going to be a re-listen of your re-listen podcast? Is this going to go on forever like putting a mirror in front of a mirror?

It only makes sense. As you get deeper, you will only uncover more until you have some great emotional breakthroughs and discover the true meaning of life.

Thank you so much for taking time out of your day to join us. This has been a lot of fun. We appreciate it.

Thank you for having us.

This is amazing. You’re wonderful. You’re so great with each other. It’s awesome. This is so fun.

You too. That comes through to your fans being actors and brothers as actors. That’s very meta. Does your sister ever feel left out? I have to ask that.

She does. She’s not in the arts, so she’s not in the business. She is such an important part of our lives and is so influential in both of our careers. There are times, especially since I live in LA and she is still on the East Coast, where she’s like, “What about me? How come you never talk about me?” Our sister, Jacqueline, is a wonderful woman.

She’s a therapist. She is very important to the acting and writing world.

Let everybody know where they can find you guys on social media.

First of all, you can follow The Royals of Malibu, both the original fiction podcast and The Royal Boys, on The Royals of Malibu feed anywhere you get your podcasts, whether it be Spotify, Apple Podcasts, YouTube, etc. If you want to follow me, I am @CCafero across all platforms.

The Clip Out | Nick Cafero | Fiction Podcast


I am @NCafero across all platforms.

Even their co-branding is consistent. I was going to let you go, but I’ve got to ask. What was the conversation like deciding which one of you went first? Who signs off first?

We don’t. We do it.

We bumble our way through and then fix it in post.

Thank you very much for hanging out with us. It’s been a lot of fun.

It has been a great time. Thank you so much.


I guess that brings this episode to a close. Until next time, where can people find you?

You can find me on Facebook at Facebook.com/crystaldokeefe. You can find me on all the socials and the Peloton leaderboard @ClipOutCrystal.

You can find me on Twitter @RogerQBert or on Facebook.com/tomokeefe. You can find the show online at Facebook.com/TheClipOut. While you’re there, like the page and join a group. Don’t forget our Patreon where for $5 a month, you get all sorts of bonus content, like a little extra. That’s it for this one. Thanks for tuning in. Until next time, keep pedaling and rowing and running.


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