Peloton: Gym Kit Stays! (For Now)

Earlier this week, Peloton Members likely saw that multiple outlets reported that Peloton had announced the discontinuation of its compatibility with Apple® GymKit and planned to migrate Apple® Watch users to Peloton’s One-Tap Tracking system starting February 27. However, we can confirm that, after careful consideration, Peloton has decided to reverse course and will continue to offer support of GymKit compatibility on Bike+ for the “foreseeable future.”

What This Means for Users

While some users may have received emails notifying them of this change, and others may have even seen a pop-up notification on the home screen of their Bike+ tablet, Ben Boyd, SVP of Global Communications for Peloton, tells us that it quickly became clear that the Members who utilize GymKit are a very passionate group.  Because of the feedback that they received when news of this decision initially broke, Boyd says, “we are going to reverse course in a member-centric and continue [GymKit support] for the foreseeable future.”  GymKit users should expect to receive a new email from Peloton with further clarification of the matter.

A Bike+ Exclusive Perk

When Bike+ hit the market in September of 2020, GymKit integration was marketed as an exclusive feature of its higher-end Bike. However, this feature has seen a decrease in use over the recent years. Two years later, in 2022, Peloton launched an Apple® Watch integration that brought Apple® Watch calorie and heart-rate tracking to any Peloton machine, in line with other fitness applications.  This One-Tap Tracking system was meant to help make working out more streamlined for Apple® Watch users.

One-Tap Tracking

While GymKit is exclusive to Bike+, Boyd pointed out that Peloton’s One-Tap Tracking is available across all modalities, including the Peloton Guide.  Additionally, he mentioned that there is a common misconception from users that One-Tap doesn’t help Apple® Watch users close rings, when, according to Peloton, it does. Peloton’s support website addresses the activity ring issue by saying that users will “continue to contribute to your activity rings with One-Tap tracking, as your app will still sync with the Apple Health app.”

We know this created a bit of a whiplash moment for GymKit users, and that you probably have some questions.  What made you go hmmmmmm this week with regards to the GymKit rollout/rollback?  Let us know in the comments, and let’s discuss!

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