Becs Gentry and Jess Sims From Peloton Host Reddit AMA

Becs Gentry and Jess Sims Host Reddit AMAs

Recently (and separately) both Becs Gentry and Jess Sims hosted Reddit AMAs (ask-me-anythings) in the social media platform’s r/pelotoncycle community.  We combed through each Q&A and pulled the topics that caught our eye.

Becs’ AMA

Becs joined the r/pelotoncycle community for an AMA on January 3, 2024.  She fielded numerous questions, but these were the ones that grabbed our attention.

Any Power Zone fans in the audience? Becs STRONGLY hinted at the possibility of PZ coming to the Tread.

It’s cold outside right now, but that doesn’t mean Outdoor Content isn’t a consideration and Becs appears to have some Outdoor Content in the pipeline.

Runners looking for long-run content, Becs teased that something was coming your way. In her words, “stay tuned…..”

And, finally, a question that was asked multiple times and received the same emoji as a response. Interpret as you will.

Jess’s AMA

Two weeks after Becs’ AMA, Jess Sims sat down and hosted her own AMA on Tuesday, January 16, 2024.  Here are the topics that gave us an eyebrow raise.

Looks like Floor Bootcamp is making it’s way back to the platform, either by way of classes or another Program. Who’s excited?

More 45- and 60-minute Bike Bootcamps are on the way!

Speaking of Bike Bootcamps, Jess pulled the curtain back a little bit and gave some insight into the recording schedule. It’s not as haphazard as many may think AND, she’s game for more!

And finally…….how does a 2 for 1 Jess + Adrian Bootcamp sound?

To read Becs’ full AMA, click here.  To read Jess’s full AMA, click here.

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