ICYMI! Emma Lovewell and Denis Morton Celebrate 6 Years at Peloton!

Throwback to 2017! Peloton superstars Emma Lovewell and Denis Morton are celebrating their 6-year anniversary with the company! Let’s take a trip down memory lane to 2017 when they joined the Peloton instructor team.

Emma, a former dancer and fitness model, made her debut ride on July 18th, while Denis, a cycle and yoga instructor, had his premiere ride on July 20th. Since then, they have become beloved instructors for their unique qualities.

Emma, Denis, and their love of music

Emma, a former DJ, will transport you to the dance floor with her amazing music, while Denis will take you on a rhythmic journey with his mantra “put your feet on the beat!”

Back in July 2017, Peloton published an interview with Emma and Denis on their blog, The Output. It’s a great read if you want to see what they had to say about their cycling classes. 

According to Emma, “I love playing music that makes me want to dance and that motivates me! If I’m asking for a big push, I’ll provide intense music. I want my class to be a sensory experience through the music, lights, and energy.”

Denis, on the other hand, wants riders “to be physically challenged, and I like to think that they’re going to have themselves pushed to that focal point where everything else has to fall away.”

Hear them in The Clip Out vault!

Want a deeper dive into the world of Emma and Denis? Check out their interviews with Crystal and Tom during their early days at Peloton. Emma’s interview from October 6, 2017 can be found here, and Denis’ interview from December 15, 2017 can be found here.


Join us in celebrating Emma Lovewell and Denis Morton for their incredible 6-year journey with Peloton!

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