José González Artist Series

Find Your Flow with Peloton’s José González Artist Series

This week’s Artist Series is short and sweet, with only a single class on the schedule.  But, music that makes you move is a powerful force, and this week, Peloton is featuring (and maybe introducing you to) the music of singer-songwriter and guitarist José González .

Finding Stillness With Sound

Isn’t it wonderful when the mundane moments of our life are painted with a touch of artistry? Peloton’s Artist Series knows this more than anyone, pairing visual beauty with melodic intricacy, and in this case, swathing yoga practice with the emotive voice of José González. The man behind the ‘Crosses’, ‘Heartbeats’, and ‘Stay Alive’, González’s music has a way of tugging at the soul, evoking a sense of desire, longing, and peace, all at once.

This week, you can immerse yourself in stillness when you meet Nico on the mat for a 30 minute Yoga flow on Thursday, April 4, 2024, at 6:30pm (ET).

Who is José González?

But who is the maestro behind the music, you ask? José González’s musical odyssey is as enthralling as the stories he sings. Born in Gothenburg, Sweden, to Argentine parents, the multi-talented González is not just a musician but a polyglot, as well—speaking Swedish, English, and Spanish. Although Swedish and Spanish are close to his heart, it’s English that gave him the wings to share his compositions with a wider, international audience.

His upbringing, a tapestry woven with the threads of Latin folk and pop music, laid the foundation for his rich musical sensibilities. His early punk influences from a stint in the band “Back Against the Wall” contrast starkly with the serene and meditative aura of his music. González’s debut solo release in 2003 marked the beginning of a new wave of musical storytelling that has gained adoration worldwide.

A Harmonious Union

The combination of José González’s music and Peloton’s Yoga platform is a harmonious union that promises to be an experience in mindfulness and unity. Here, at the crossing of music and movement, where storytelling meets the stillness of the soul, you will find this exclusive session to be a unique event that you wouldn’t want to miss.  Plus, who couldn’t use a little extra Zen and mindfulness?

If you find that you could use that right now, take a minute to get familiar with José González’s with this Spotify playlist.  You never know when you’ll discover your new favorite artist!

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