Peloton Introduces Energy Overdrive: New Dance Cardio!

Energy Overdrive: New Dance Cardio Classes Feature Camila!

Rebecca’s a Neon Dream

Yesterday, Peloton unveiled an exhilarating addition to its Dance Cardio repertoire with the launch of a new set of classes featuring Rebecca Kennedy, Cody Rigsby, and Camila Ramon! As enthusiasts eagerly logged on, they were met with a pulsating fusion of rhythm and movement, designed to ignite the spirit and elevate the heart rate. Peloton’s innovative approach to fitness shines brightly in these dynamic sessions, where experienced dancers lead the community through a mesmerizing blend of choreography and cardio, set to an infectious beat.

Cody Conquers the Floor

With each step, members are transported into a world of energy and expression, where every shimmy, twist, and leap becomes a celebration of vitality. There’s something for everyone, too- from simple beginner classes to this complete insanity. (And don’t miss these two All For One ’23 faves!) My favorite dance cardio classes (that don’t feature the collected works of Salt N Pepa), though, are the ones led by two or three instructors- there’s just something extra fun about seeing their interaction, teamwork, friendships, and delightfully coordinated outfits that makes these dance cardio classes a little bit special, even if you’re not (as I am not) any sort of a dancer.

Looking for another recommendation? This very first dance cardio class with Ally and Hannah is a classic- not too hard to follow, fun music, and adorably matching-but-not-too-matching outfits. (Also, dance Hannah Corbin is my favorite Hannah Corbin- you can just tell how happy it makes her.)

Camila Makes her Debut

So far, we’ve seen Emma, Ally, Hannah, Leeanne, Jess, and Callie shake it right alongside Cody and Rebecca, but did you know Camila’s among the dancers in the instructor lineup as well? I had to wait eight whole hours to take her first dance cardio class (How DARE they drop it on a Monday? How DARE I have a job to go to on Mondays?) but it was worth it, and I got to take both her classes!

First of all- the checkered shorts class, as it shall henceforth be known- I had no idea how tight I was through my whole torso until I started doing some hip circles. Did you know popping your booty stretches your lower back, just a bit? Thanks to a Total Strength 60 I took two days ago, I had tension all down my back, and honestly, this class was the medicine I didn’t know I needed. Body rolls force you to close and open your chest- almost like a cat/cow post, and reset your posture a bit. This class left me feeling just a bit unwound.

I was really waiting for the other class, though, after seeing Camila in what looked like super comfy purple sweatpants in the preview reel- and got even more psyched when she announced this would be the Miami Bass class. I happen to love Miami Bass, and the first two songs on the playlist bring back pretty vivid memories of high school and college, respectively. (Bonus math question: how old does this make me?) This class was unique in that it doesn’t call for a lot of travel- you can do it in one spot on the floor. That does not mean, however, that you don’t move, and this class contained still more booty pops and a whole lot of punching. Absolutely loved it, though I was left wondering if her sweatpants weren’t just a little bit of a warm choice for all the hip shaking.

Looking for a list of all the new dance cardio classes? You got it.

10 min Dance Cardio with Camila (checkered shorts edition)

10 min Dance Cardio with Camila (comfy looking sweatpants edition)

5 min Dance Cardio Warm Up with Rebecca

10 min Dance Cardio with Rebecca (amazing pants edition)

10 min Dance Cardio with Adrian (just kidding, but in case you need to mix it up)

10 min Dance Cardio with Cody (black on top, pink on bottom edition)

10 min Dance Cardio with Cody (pink on top, black on bottom edition)

So what are you waiting for? If you’re waiting for dance skills, this is the only way you’ll ever get them… so might as well dive in.

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