Dr. Jenn Mann: Proving that Prioritizing Sleep is Key to Improved Health

If there is one thing we could do for our overall wellness, it’s to prioritize sleep. In that regard, Dr. Jenn Mann, who is a licensed marriage and family therapist, sports psychology consultant, and author, stands out as a trusted figure. She has been praised for her extensive knowledge of the benefits of good sleep hygiene and how it can help us reach our health goals.

Sleep hygiene is more than just a good habit – it’s critical in maintaining good health. Most of us know how we feel when we haven’t slept well, as we can’t focus, have little energy, and find it hard to complete tasks. While it can be tempting to put in extra work hours or stay up to binge-watch our favorite show, cutting down on sleep can eventually lead to numerous health problems such as diabetes, a weakened immune system, and heart disease.

Dr. Jenn suggests that having a cutoff time for tasks and saying “goodnight” to household members is the first step towards prioritizing sleep. This practice ensures that all work is completed at a designated time and sets aside a separate time for winding down and transitioning to sleep. By establishing boundaries, we tell ourselves and others that sleep is essential.

Dr. Jenn also advises that having comfortable sleepwear, pillows, and sleep aids helps improve sleep quality. Avoiding white light can help prepare our bodies for sleep so that we can fall asleep quickly.  Turning off our electronic devices, including TVs and mobile phones, an hour before bedtime reduces the strain on our eyes and stops the mind from racing before sleep.

Dr. Jenn recommends that we should try getting into a relaxed state before bedtime. Listening to meditation can bring about a wave of tranquility which will help us keep a healthy bedtime routine. If you love reading, you can explore some great books before bed.

Procrastination has become an obstacle for many parents, who tend to stay up late after the rest of the household has fallen asleep – it can be the only quiet time a parent has. Dr. Jenn emphasizes the importance of self-care and making sleep a non-negotiable priority. It will ensure that we can keep a healthy balance between our personal and professional obligations and responsibilities.

Good sleep hygiene is essential for all of us, no matter our profession or age. Dr. Jenn Mann, with her extensive knowledge and experience, provides useful tips to improve our sleep quality. Sleep has various health benefits that should not be ignored, as they help us feel better and more energetic. With Dr. Jenn Mann’s advice in mind, we can become one step closer to fitting in that well-rested and happy place. Visit Dr. Jenn Mann on social media @DrJennMann and join the conversation on how to prioritize your sleep hygiene.

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