Christine D'Ercole to speak at Manchester event

Christine Brings Her Powerful Wordshop to Manchester

Christine D’Ercole, Peloton instructor and expert in self-talk, is bringing her highly acclaimed Wordshop to Manchester, UK on Sunday, October 8, 2023.

In-Person and Virtual Attendees Welcome

Whether you’re able to attend in-person or prefer to join virtually, Christine’s Wordshop is open to all who are ready to take a deeper look at what it really means to win. If you’re in the UK or able to travel to Manchester, you can join Christine live at the DoubleTree by Hilton Manchester Piccadilly. For those who cannot attend in person, the virtual webinar will allow you to stream the Wordshop from anywhere in the world!

Redefining What Winning Really Means

As Christine likes to remind her audience, winning isn’t always about crossing the finish line first. Sometimes, just showing up is GOLD. Her Wordshop is designed to challenge the traditional notions of winning and help individuals redefine what success really means. By exploring the power of self-talk, Christine empowers her attendees to change their thought patterns and believe in their own abilities to win on their own terms.  This is an especially poignant message, given Christine’s openness about the anxiety she always experiences for a major race and this talk will happen just after the 7-day World Championship in Great Britain.  She certainly practices the messages she provides to us.

An Empowering Self-Talk Workshop Like No Other

Christine’s Wordshop is not your typical self-help seminar. As a certified self-talk coach, she helps individuals develop the skills they need to manage and redirect their self-talk. This Wordshop is not intended to serve as therapy, but rather as a workshop to teach practical skills that attendees can apply to their daily lives.

In addition to the 60-minute workshop, virtual attendees will receive a link to join live and a recording link within 48 hours of the Wordshop’s completion. Those attending in-person will be treated to a truly immersive experience that includes a chance to connect with like-minded individuals.

Sign up

Christine’s Wordshop is an opportunity to redefine what winning really means and learn valuable skills to help you manage and redirect your self-talk. You can sign up here. The cost is $50.00 for in-person and virtual access.

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