Peloton app options. the free tier membership is no more

Changes to Peloton’s App Options: What’s Next Now that the Free Tier App is Gone?

Peloton Paces Ahead: What’s Next Now that the Free Tier App Membership is Gone?

Hoist up in your saddles, folks, as Peloton steers ahead without the Free Tier of the Membership App.  As The Clip Out previously shared in May 2023, Peloton split the app into three separate tiers: App+, App One and Free. However, it now appears that Peloton has scrapped the Free option, or so it would seem based on their website, moving now to only a $12.99/month or $24.99/month option.  So, you now might be wondering what this means for the lineup of App options. But worry not, we’re here to pedal through the updates and keep you on track! 🚴💨

Reimagined Membership Tiers

Peloton has switched up its strategy, doing away with the free tier of the Peloton App. Instead, they’ve dialed up the resistance and are sprinting ahead with the membership tiers, as follows.

Five Peloton Membership Options

Yes, hitting the fitness road with Peloton just got an upgrade. Whether you’re a pedal-pushing newbie or a treadmill running old-timer, there’s a spot for everyone. No more free rides, but plenty of choices to find your perfect pace.

  • Peloton App One – Think of this as your trusty cruiser bike, equipped with all the necessities and then some. With it, you’ll have all the benefits previously enjoyed by Free App members, plus a limitless route to thousands of classes across 9 different fitness tracks. And guess what? You get a little taste of equipment-based glory with up to three cycling, tread, or rower classes a month. Ain’t that neat?
  • Peloton App+ – Now, if you’re wanting to go full-throttle, this tier is like swapping to a high-end racing bike. You’ll not only get all the goods from the App One, but you’ll also unlock a treasure trove of heart-pumping, equipment-based classes. Want specialty content that keeps your fitness regime as performant as a well-oiled machine? This is the tier for you!
  • Peloton Rental – Inclusive of App+, rental Bike or Bike+ and cycling shoes
  • Peloton All Access – Inclusive of App+ and content exclusive to Peloton equipment
  • Peloton Guide – Inclusive of App+ and content exclusively for the Guide (note: The Guide is still the best deal going on the Peloton platform. Click here to find out why.)

The Cycle Continues…

Sure, the option of the Free Peloton App may have ridden into the sunset, but the paths to a fitter, healthier you are more vibrant than ever. Whether you’ll miss that free ride or not, the newly paved roads promise adventures that cater to every type of fitness explorer…

Now with a 7-day Free Trial for new members. 

What’s the Deal with the 7-day Free Trial?

Picture this: you’re amped up, ready to turn your fitness game right around, and you hear Peloton is offering a snippet of their much-raved-about classes—for free. Only now, you’ve got a swift seven days to take those virtual spin classes for a whirl.

The website’s got all the nitty-gritty details, spelling out that as a fresh-off-the-bike new Peloton App customer, you get to pick between the App One Membership or the App+ Membership for your trial. But watch the clock! Once your seven days zoom by, they’ll whisk the monthly membership fee right out of your account, unless you hit that cancel button during your trial.

No worries though, they won’t ding your wallet upfront for this test drive, but you’ll need to drop a payment method on file—just in case you decide to stay on for the long ride.

Peloton App One VS Peloton App+: Which Lane Should You Take?

Okay, so you’re only dipping your toes in for a week, but you’ve still gotta make a choice. Which membership track should you test out?

That’s where it gets interesting. On one path, you have the Peloton App One. It’s like your standard bike lane—solid, reliable, and packed with high-energy classes you can stream without the need for Peloton equipment.

Switch lanes to the Peloton App+, and now you’re riding on a superhighway of fitness options. This membership isn’t just about cycling; it’s your all-access pass to tread classes, strength workouts, yoga, and more.

Whichever Tier You Pick…

It’s like choosing the right bike for the road ahead. Peloton promises that even with these changes, their mission remains unaltered—to move you, to challenge you, and to welcome you to a community where everyone’s sweating, smiling, and striving together.

Ready to gear up and select your Peloton membership? It’s time to race forward with confidence and a sense of purpose. Go you! 

For the specifics of each membership tier, be sure to sprint over to Peloton’s website—your all-in-one spot for the full details, terms, and conditions. After all, it’s about finding your rhythm, your routine, and your ride. Here’s to your health—and happiness!

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