Callie's Soundtrack Strength Club

Callie’s Soundtrack Strength Series – More Fun Than You Ever Thought You Could Have in a Strength Class!

If you love cheesy movies and you want your strength workouts to fly by but be sneaky hard too, Callie’s Soundtrack Strength Series was made for you! 

Reminisce about your favorite movies! 

This collection takes you in the way back machine to your favorite movies and to high school (ugh)!  Callie incorporates the iconic music from the movies plus some special moves related to each movie into each workout.  (Don’t worry, you’ll enjoy the classes even if you haven’t seen the movies, thanks to Callie’s synopses of each film).  

Feel like a princess

Feel like a princess when  you take the 30 minute full body Princess Diaries class.  Grab your tiara and your dumbbells as you transform yourself into a princess with Callie’s signature moves.  You’ll learn to walk like a princess (farmer carries are really princess carries, after all).  Best of all, you’ll learn that although makeovers don’t change how you feel, strength training does!   

Channel your inner Elle Woods

Wear your pink and channel your inner Elle Woods in the 30 minute full body Legally Blonde class.  What’s the hardest thing about  attending Harvard Law School?  Carrying your purses, law books and dogs – and Callie helps us gain the strength to do all three!  You’ll bend and snap your way through this class, gaining confidence along the way.    

Punish those who did you wrong

Next, don’t miss out on exacting revenge on anyone who ever did you wrong in the John Tucker Must Die 20 minute glutes and legs class.  Enjoy some great pop punk music and some compound, but not confusing, moves, as you destroy your lower body (in a good way) like the girls in the movie destroyed the man who cheated on them all (not in a good way).

Don’t be a mean girl

Relive your high school angst when you take the 30 minute full body Mean Girls class.  Do a round of  “can’t sit with us squats” as you contemplate – would you repeat high school if you could?  Then do some push presses, in honor of those who pushed you to do your best  in high school, like your favorite teacher and the principal.  And don’t just do regular rows, do “cool mom rows,” all the way!  (Also: without this class, would we have ever known that Callie knows every single word of the Kevin G talent show rap?)

Live a double life 

Go to the isolation cabin, eat some oreos and peanut butter, and double everything ( like your alternating high pulls) at Callie’s Camp in her 20 minute arms and shoulders The Parent Trap class.  And –  spoiler alert – despite what you might have thought when you first watched this movie – Lindsey Lohan did not have a twin – she just played two people in the movie.   

Find yourself 

Fiinally, journey with Buddy the Elf  to find his dad, and a whole lot of strength,in the 30 minute Holiday Soundtrack Strength Club class.  Make some arm circle snow angels and travel through the candy cane forest and the Lincoln Tunnel with weights, but make sure to smile through your efforts, because as we all know, smiling is Buddy’s favorite!   

Let us know which class, and which movie, is your favorite!  We bet you can’t pick just one!  

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