How to Calculate Functional Threshold Power

Calculating Functional Threshold Power

Understanding How Peloton Calculates Your Functional Threshold Power (FTP)

If you’re a Peloton rider, you’ve likely heard about Functional Threshold Power (FTP). Knowing your FTP can help you gauge your performance on the bike, set realistic goals, and train in the correct Power Zones.

What is Functional Threshold Power (FTP)?

In simple terms, FTP is the highest power output YOU(!) can maintain during an hour-long time trial. This metric is highly useful as it helps to determine individual training zones, which are necessary for customizing your workouts to meet your goals. Peloton provides users with a means to calculate their FTP with a 20-minute maximum effort test.

How Peloton Calculates FTP

As Peloton offers a range of cycling classes designed to match the different power zones, it is essential to determine your own personal FTP before engaging in any ride focused on maintaining a certain Power Zone. Here is how Peloton calculates your FTP:

  1. Filter cycling classes for a 10 minute Power Zone focused FTP Warm-up Ride
  2. Filter classes for a 20 minute Power Zone FTP Test Ride
    1. this step is required to obtain the Power Zone meter, if you do not already have it
    2. begin the 20-minute maximum effort test, aiming to maintain a consistent pace THROUGHOUT the ride
  3. After completing the ride, Peloton will take the average output of the 20 minutes and reduce it by 5%. The result is your FTP metric and the key to unlocking your personalized power zones

Peloton’s Power Zones system is based on 7 zones ranging from Very Easy / Active Recovery to Max Effort. Each zone is tailored to match your personal FTP and enables you to work at intensity levels that help you reach your fitness goals safely and effectively. The system is intuitive and straightforward, and Peloton even provides users with 3 training programs designed to help you Discover Your Power Zones, Build Your Power Zones and to Peak Your Power Zones, all while using your own personalized FTP.

Why is FTP important?

Knowing your FTP is important for several reasons. Firstly, it allows you to train more effectively. By dividing your power zones into specific training zones that are tailored to your FTP, you are able to improve your fitness levels more efficiently. Additionally, knowing your FTP also helps you structure your workouts better, making sure that you stay within the correct training zone to achieve your desired results. Remember to periodically retake the FTP Test, as your fitness level improves or changes over time. This will ensure that your FTP score and power zones remain accurate and relevant to your current ability.


FTP is not only important for cyclists but for anyone looking to improve overall fitness levels.

Optimizing Your Workouts

Your FTP is a crucial performance marker when it comes to cycling and optimizing your workouts. Peloton has made it easy for members to calculate Functional Threshold Power by offering several 20 minute FTP tests. With this information, Peloton is able to create a personalized training profile, ensuring that you are training within the right Power Zones to achieve your desired results. By understanding how Peloton calculates your FTP, you will be better equipped to take your training to the next level. Which instructor will you choose to get your Power Zone journey started?

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