Peloton Issues Bike Recall in Conjunction with CPSC

Breaking: Peloton Issues Bike Recall in Conjunction with CPSC

In response to reported issues with the seat on their flagship Bike, Peloton has issued a product recall in conjunction with the Consumer Product Safety Commission.  This recall will affect owners across the spectrum of Bike products.  


Important points: 


  • Out of 2 million bikes in circulation, only 35 reports of injury have been received
  • Bike owners will likely be notified via email about the recall
  • If your equipment is affected, you will be directed to order a new seat post FREE OF CHARGE
  • Due to the volume of emails and time zone differences, emails will likely be sent throughout the day
  • This recall is confined to the US market only
  • NO equipment needs to be returned
  • This recall involves Bikes with product number PL01


As we reported a week ago, Peloton has acknowledged a defect with the seat posts that could cause injury and took steps to remedy the situation, including notifying the CPSC about the “potential product safety issue.”  Additionally, they filed a report with the US Securities and Exchange commission, noting that out of the more than 2M bikes on the market, they’ve only received 35 reports of incidence, with 12 of those being reports of injury, indicating that this is not a wide-spread issue.  


Starting today, May 11, 2023, Members who own Bikes will be notified of the recall.  If you own one of the defective Bike’s, you will be directed to order a new seat post at no charge.  If your equipment is not affected by the recall, then no action is necessary on your part.  Note:  No equipment needs to be returned.  The recall is for the part only.    You can order your replacement part here.    


Per the CPSC, this product recall affects bikes with product number PL01


Savvy Members were quick to notice that the option to purchase the base-model Bike was put on pause over the last couple of days, both through the Peloton website as well as via Amazon and Dick’s Sporting Goods, likely in anticipation of the CPSC’s official product recall announcement, although it appears that Peloton had a plan in place to remedy the defect and was ready to act immediately.  The base-model Bike will likely be available for purchase again soon, and will be added back into the Mother’s Day promotion.  Additionally, we believe all Bike purchases going forward will include the new seat post. 


For the most up-to-date information about the recall, please visit Peloton’s website.  This article will be updated with relevant links as they become available.  Tune into this week’s episode of The Clip Out as Tom & Crystal discuss the latest recall information. 


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