New on Peloton – Reset Your PR!!

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PR – Personal Records can now be reset on Peloton!!


Brand new on bikes and treads – the option to Reset your PR’s!  This is a HUGE deal.  People have been asking for it as long as I can remember.  First off, if you are new to the bike, Peloton, or exercise, you may be saying, what the heck is a PR?  It’s a personal record – it’s your best on any given effort.  We ALL strive for them, in some way.

History of Calibration and its effects on PRs.

A little history on the dreaded “c” word – calibration.  Since the beginning, Peloton has had a mechanical system of calibration. I can’t pretend to understand all of the specifics.  I really don’t need to  — the simple point is, anyone has been able to adjust the calibration on their bike on a whim.

While some people have done this when needed – there may have been a true change to the difficulty of their bike for some reason – others have made changes to their bikes to make them easier.  We all know someone who gets like 10k output on a 20-minute ride – the calibration just is broken.  No two ways about it.

This means that if you ride a bike while traveling, maybe to the Peloton studio or a friend’s bike, or even at your local store, your PR can easily be “messed up”.  For example, I rode my 400th ride in Chicago – it was an AWESOME experience.  But, the bike was WAY easier than my own and I completely blew away my usual 60 minute PR by over 100 without even trying.  Yet, the only way to “reset” my PR, was to delete that ride and I didn’t want to delete my 400th ride.  So… I’ve just always left it and I’ve never come close to beating it.  That was just the way it was… Until today!

What the new ability to reset your PR means for the future

Now, I can reset the value on my PR to be after the date of my 400th ride, and start all over.  This is really great for riders who have traveled and used other bikes, but it’s also great for people who have taken breaks from the bike or had an injury they are healing from -they can start from scratch and watch their PR’s build up again, rather than always comparing to the old value.  For me, that’s a game-changer, because knowing I could never beat that number was a bit of a de-motivator.

Another important thing, to me, is that this change signals the significance of the load cell sensor on the Bike+.  This changes the resistance from mechanical to digital and means that, in theory, all Bike+ will have the ability to auto-calibrate.  So, really, we should all have an even playing field.  AND – Peloton must be expecting some of those supercharged bike owners to be upgrading to Bike+ and …. well they are probably going to be needing the ability to reset that PR.  At least, that’s my take on it.  Whatever the outcome, I’m SO excited to get my Bike+ and try it out!

Thank you to Robert Gallup and Amber Marie for the discussion and alert in The Clip Out Group!

Watch this video for the super quick way to reset!

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