Best of Rebecca and Andy’s Couple Outfits

Rebanda? Andybecca? Randy? Not every couple has a convenient couple name, but tread and strength instructors Rebecca Kennedy and Andy Speer make up for it by being almost absurdly cute when they dress for the camera together. 

Rebecca began at Peloton in January 2018; Andy in May 2018 after being hired by Rebecca. Both are among the more social-media savvy instructors, both prone to motivational slogans, and both enthusiastic to the point of corny from time to time. Given all they had in common from the beginning and how well they got along, the Peloton community was perhaps not as surprised as it could have been when they came out as a couple in October 2021.

Almost immediately, it was evident that they encouraged one another to live their best lives, and for both of them, that included colorful and themed clothing choices- at the studio, on the street, and when socializing with their fellow instructors. Let’s take a look at a timeline of their relationship- and how their fashion choices fell more and more in sync.

Source: @rebeccakennedynyc Instagram, 12/10/2019

Even in 2019, a subtle match- prints, points, and Peloton Ps.

Source: @rebeccakennedynyc Instagram, 6/23/2021

Andy and Rebecca’s pre-couple days- or were they? Rebecca’s post here celebrates birthdays for two of her instructor friends, but which one does she match?

Source: @rebeccakennedynyc Instagram, 10/8/2021

Doesn’t every great couple begin with a simultaneously-dropped Instagram post? (Also, note here @darlinginmyway’s comment: “Real life workout Barbie and Ken”… whoever this is deserves a cookie for good predictions.)

Source: @rebeccakennedynyc Instagram, 5/29/2022

Andy again in sparkles, Rebecca in brights for a Broadway show.

Source: @rebeccakennedynyc Instagram, 5/29/2022

Worth a watch for Rebecca’s jeans and Andy’s hair being particularly floppy.

Source: @rebeccakennedynyc Instagram, 5/29/2022

Full steampunk elegance instructor Christine D’Ercole’s wedding to “Mr. Hicks.” (It’s crucially important that you know that this one is my personal favorite. The lace pantsuit! The goggles! Check the details on Rebecca’s top hat in the close-up, and the absolute fabulousness that is Andy’s shirt. His cane has a skull on it!)

Source: @rebeccakennedynyc Instagram, 8/6/2022

Disco 2022 with Rebecca, Andy, and Andy’s necklace.

Source: @andyspeer Instagram, 7/6/2023

Rebecca and Andy- Peloton Apparel’s most enthusiastic supporters?

Source: @rebeccakennedynyc Instagram, 7/11/2023

What else would you wear to a Shania Twain concert?

Source: @rebeccakennedynyc Instagram, 7/23/2023

Admit it- this is what we really were all waiting for since the couple announcement. While Callie and Olivia did Barbie workouts, this Barbie is the one who can claim her very own Ken. (And here’s where I note, again, that Peloton missed a huge opportunity for fun when they didn’t book Andy for a “Just Ken” workout.)

If I didn’t include your favorite Becandy couple outfits here…. Good! We’ll do this again in the future (I already have a few lined up, including the time they were Dramatic Birds). Tell me your favorite moment for these two in the comments, and keep an eye on what they wear next!

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