Kristen, Andy, and DJ John Michael in costume on spiderweb background

Best of Halloween Costumes

Last week at The Clip Out, writer Tina Fryling reminded us of some of our favorite past Halloween classes and costumes- including (and I fully agree with her), the “strangest costume of all- Matty Maggiacomo’s pumped-up rabbit”:

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Yes- Jim Bunny was here, Jim Bunny taught a 30 minute run, and Jim Bunny has haunted our nightmares ever since. (We’ll talk about Matty’s propensity for playing dress-up year round another time… not to mention Mara.)

However, let’s talk about what the instructors do- and wear- for Halloween OUTSIDE of class.

Starting off STRONG with the time our favorite Power Peloton Fashion Couple dressed as Dramatic Birds. (See, promised you!) Do NOT miss clicking through this 2021 post, both to see Andy posing and to see some other favorites in costume, including (but definitely not limited to) Hannah as a chili pepper, Tunde as an animal-print vampire, and Emma as… Garth Algar?


Major superhero vibes in 2022 with yet another instructor duo- Leeanne and Ben as a jester (or old-school Harley Quinn?) and Superman.

In our final news (for today) of well-coordinated couples, DJ John Michael was the Buzz Lightyear to now-husband Brian’s Rex in 2020.

Not just the instructors get into the holiday- Kendall Toole’s dog Bowie spent Halloween 2022 with a great dilemma- pirate or hot dog?

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Fully on-brand… Sam Yo loves some 80s movies and music! (And much like Matty, doesn’t need Halloween for dress-up!)

Far from Jim Bunny and the Tread, Matty celebrated “Gay Christmas” with his now-fiance Evan as fairies in metallic lamé skirts.

Girl power in 2022- Emma, Olivia, Tunde, and Robin dress for a Brooklyn Nets game in full camo gear. Olivia’s a bit more fashion, Robin’s a bit more Top Gun, and Emma and Tunde look like they planned their outfits together (definitely a good thing). My vote for best detail here? Tunde’s cross-body bag. Military, but make it fashion!

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You know what the world needs more of? Rogue, from old school X-Men… but also if she were a guy and wore extremely tight pants, and her secret identity was Cody Rigsby.

And while we’re on X-Men, how about Hannah as Storm? We’re unable to locate a class she taught in this… might not have been practical for exercise, despite the choice of footwear.

Ross Rayburn in terrifying contacts… that is all.

Yes, this one’s in-class, but it’s not a Halloween class, and the antics come from someone (well, two someones) not teaching the class at all. In a 2019 classic, the aforementioned dress-up addict Matty brought sidekick Becs along to “visit” a Pop run taught by his “Halloween hating sis miss” Jess Sims.

A surprise Queen of Halloween- Kristen McGee, accompanied by her sons! Just call her Khaleesi… or Barbie… or Princess Peach, Dorothy, Catwoman, and a firefighter!

Some of our favorite instructors load up on glitter at Halloween- some use their dog as an accessory and some their children. (Some even use DJ John Michael! Or…. is he using them?) Whatever the Halloween plan, though, stay safe, have a blast with one of the upcoming rides (or runs, or flows), and let us know your favorite costumes of 2023!

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