Ben Alldis and Leanne Hainsby Peloton Wedding Update

Ben and Leanne Share Wedding Updates

Do you hear that?  Wedding bells are in the air!  UK Peloton instructors Ben Alldis and Leanne Hainsby are just weeks away from walking down the aisle and, today, in the most adorable Ben-and-Leanne way ever, they shared a few updates via Instagram.

Since Ben’s romantic proposal in Ibiza back in the summer of 2021, fans have eagerly followed their love story. However, their road to matrimony has been a challenging one, marked by unimaginable personal trials and a testament to their unshakeable bond.

Triumph Over Tragedy

The period following their engagement brought both joy and profound sorrow. The sudden loss of Leanne’s best friend in 2022 was a shattering blow and one that deeply affected the pair. Then, within the same year, Leanne faced her battle with breast cancer. The strength and courage she displayed throughout her treatment resonated with many who found a beacon of hope in her resilience. Now, with Leanne in remission, there is a renewed sense of celebration and an eagerness to freely plan for their future together.

Wedding Bells on the Horizon

After what has been a pause in planning due to the circumstances, in a cheeky Instagram update, Ben and Leanne have divulged details on their upcoming nuptials. Come May 2024, the couple will be saying “I do” not once, but in two ceremonies. On social media, they’ve shared this joyous update with light-hearted candor, acknowledging the anticipation around their wedding planning amidst a bustling schedule.

London Awaits

According to Ben and Leanne, the long-awaited event is set to take place in London. It’s confirmed that Leanne will be adding a dash of Alldis to her name, choosing to go by Leanne Hainsby-Alldis post-marriage—a perfect blend symbolic of their partnership.

A Touch of Humor Amidst the Hustle

Between juggling wedding arrangements, home renovations, preparing for the London Marathon, and their busy roles as Peloton instructors, the couple maintains an admirable sense of humor about their chaotic lives. Their fans can rest assured that while they may be “totally fine” and “not overwhelmed or stressed at all,” there’s a wink implied in their words, reassuring us all of their groundedness amidst the whirlwind.

Happily Ever After

Ben and Leanne did not know one another prior to Peloton.  Ben worked in the finance sector and Leanne was a professional dancer when both took a leap of faith to become cycling instructors for the at-home fitness company’s UK location.  They first formed a friendship, and then sparks soon followed.  However, they kept their romance under the radar until Covid lockdowns forced Peloton instructors to film from home.  It was then that savvy and keen-eyed Members noticed that Ben’s filming space and Leanne’s filming space looked suspiciously similar.  Knowing they couldn’t hide it any longer, they publicly acknowledged their relationship and Ben and Leanne fans have followed their adorable journey to the alter every since.

We can’t wait to see these two say “I Do” next month.  Ben and Leanne are certainly deserving of their happily ever after!

Check out their super-cute Reel below:

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