Becs Gentry Celebrates 5 Years at Peloton

Peloton is buzzing with excitement this week as one of their celebrated instructors, Becs Gentry, has just reached the impressive milestone of 5 years with the company. Becs was introduced officially to the Peloton community on 8/10/18.

Becs Gentry, a former professional runner from the United Kingdom, is a true leader in the fitness world. Her impeccable credentials, which include representing Great Britain in the European Championships and running as a Nike-sponsored athlete in the UK, speak for themselves. But it’s her infectious enthusiasm and pure talent that have garnered her heaps of acclaim and adoration from the Peloton community and beyond.

As one of the very first Peloton Tread instructors, Becs has been instrumental in spreading the Peloton experience throughout the country and beyond. Through her work, she has inspired countless runners, athletes, and fitness enthusiasts alike to push beyond their limits, break their own personal records and run into the unknown.  

But it’s not just Becs’ talent as a runner that has made her so popular. The way she is able to connect with the riders through her warm, engaging personality is truly remarkable. Her signature classes are not only incredibly challenging but also incredibly rewarding.  My personal favorite thing about Becs is her ability to just chat nonchalantly while running about anything. I tend to completely forget I am even running when she talks and I sure appreciate that! 

Some highlights from Bec’s journey at Peloton:

Becs Gentry’s 5-year anniversary is a significant event for both her and Peloton, and the achievements she has accomplished over the past half-decade are nothing short of spectacular. Her hard work, talent, and communication skills have made her a beloved instructor who has inspired countless Peloton runners. Peloton is lucky to have her and those who have taken her classes have certainly benefitted from her unwavering commitment to excellence. Congratulations, Becs, on your milestone, and here’s to many more years of exceptional work at Peloton!

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