Video Store Sweating With Sam

Back to the 80s in Sam’s Video Store

This review’s been a long time coming- I’ve loved Sam since the beginning and I’m absolutely an 80s kid. You can read the preview here!

I hadn’t done either a 45-minute ride or a ride with weights in a hot minute, and this one took it out of me. Sam stays cool, as usual- the most intense he really gets is his fondness for the word “sizzle.” And in this ride, we sizzled (specifically like bacon, or perhaps Bacon.) The rules of Sam’s Video Store so far? No late fees, and free popcorn. I had popcorn tonight to celebrate!

A few great Sam moments:
  • Telling us to check in on our bodies. You know, this is what a mental health professional I know says a lot- the idea is that it brings you into the present.
  • “If Karate Kid taught us one thing, it’s that all you need is a little Asian coach.” (Little?)
  • “I have the grit and focus to catch the little chicken!”
  • Bringing out what he calls his wild card song: “Cool Rider”
  • Throwing in (mercifully simple) dance moves right at the end when I’m about to hit my limit. I needed those claps!

30 min 80s ride– April 23

Favorite movie on the playlist: The Goonies

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