Sam Yo Video Store Sweating

Video Store Sweating with Sam Yo

Sam Yo crossed my radar early on in my Peloton journey, and I’m not going to lie- I took my first Sam class because I dig big arms and shoulders, and I approve of his haircut.

When You Find That Instructor…

You know what it’s like when an instructor walks (rides) into your life, charms you, plays your favorite song unexpectedly, says just the right words to motivate you, and the next thing you know you want to take ALL their classes, including whatever signature series they offer?

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While I might have come for the arms and the haircut, though, I stayed for the smile, and for the fact that sometimes you DON’T need someone yelling at you to push. Sam Yo was recently featured in Men’s Health magazine, where he said, “I’m not here to kick your butt, I’m here to make you realise that your butt is capable of going further.” He goes on to note that the high-intensity attitude of other instructors isn’t really his style, seeing his instruction as stemming from his past as a monk: “When you’re exercising on a treadmill or bike, repetitive movement patterns put you into a flow state… When you’re intentionally aware of being in the present moment and have a neutral perspective, that’s meditation, and that’s what exercising is.”

I love meditation (when will we get some Sam meditations, Peloton?), so maybe that’s why I love Sam’s classes. While I’m not knocking the last (and most famous) class of Floor Bootcamp (in which Jess Sims and Selena Samuela take turns getting ALL UP IN YOUR FACE), sometimes, I don’t work out to die in a pile of sweat- I work out for fun (and dying in a pile of sweat is just a bonus). And Sam’s fun! His voice is gentle, his sense of humor is wholesome, and he makes you feel like he’s proud of you even if it wasn’t your very best day on the bike.

I feel like he’s a friend, and we have lots in common- musicals, ice cream, colorful clothing, and spending our childhoods in the glorious 80s.

What Was it Really Like in the 80s, Mom?

I’ve actually been asked this, more than once, so let’s address it: it was kind of like this:


I had awkward glasses and a LOT of bangs, and Batman-printed boxer shorts were having a moment.

I was a kid- but yes, I remember the Berlin Wall coming down, and the Challenger exploding, and Saturday morning cartoons… and the first workout I remember was this one (my mom owned the video, because of course she did!) I had a Cabbage Patch doll, made mix tapes off the radio, and played the original Super Mario Bros and Zelda. It’s all real, young folks… it’s all real. And I’m not the only one- scroll down to see a few other Clip Out writers in the decade of neon and perms!

And yes, I’ve been to a few video stores, because where else would you go to rent Girls Just Wanna Have Fun? (For the millionth time?)

Sam’s Video Store

Sam Yo, who just celebrated his 45th birthday, is right there in my age group- an 80s kid. And since we already know he loves movies, is it any surprise that for the past several years, he’s been developing Sam’s Video Store, a collection of rides (one of those collections-that’s-not-a-collection) that takes you right inside an 80s video store? Here’s the list:

7/31/2021 45 min 80s Ride

11/13/2021 30 min 80s Ride

6/21/2022 45 min 80s Ride

11/12/2023 30 min 80s Ride

3/6/2024 45 min Power Zone Endurance 80s Ride

I’ve stumbled across one or two of these before, but revisiting this music and these movies makes me happy- especially alongside our friend with the calm voice and huge arms who shares my little-kid enjoyment. I’ve been told to do more of what makes me happy, so off I go on a quest to complete all of Sam’s video store rides! (I still think there could be more- weigh in if you can pinpoint any? In the meantime, I’ll just be loading up on more Sam 80s rides to see what I can find.)

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And yes… I know what he does with “Ghostbusters.” If you don’t, go find out.

Since I Promised

Yes, this article does have a bonus. Meet a few of The Clip Out’s writers back in their 80s days!

Kelli #KayBeeSparkles (along with Mr. Kelli at their wedding!)

Kelli #KayBeeSparkles (along with Mr. Kelli at their wedding reception!)

By the way… Sam Yo has shared a shot of himself in the 80s as well!

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Where We’re Going, There Are No Roads

And I’m off- on my quest to finish Sam’s Video Store rides! I don’t know- or remember- exactly what movies are involved, but I can guess a few, and I’m hoping for some surprises as well. If you lived through the 80s- OR if you didn’t, but sort of wish you had- feel free to join me and let me know what your favorites are!

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