Ally Love Boss October

Ally Love Announces “Boss October” Challenge on Today Show

Ally Love shared with us on “TODAY-3rd Hour” her “Boss October” plan.  

What is Boss October?

Ally developed “Boss October” seven years ago – she says it’s our “pre-set before the re-set.”  Since we’ll soon be going into the holidays (and we all know what that means – food, drink, and general busy-ness, plus shopping and planning things for others), we need to “fill our own cups” and set a foundation to staying healthy.  The plan has three pillars – Ally wears a loop on her wrist to remind herself of her commitment every day in October.

First Boss October Pillar – Discipline

The first pillar is discipline – amplify your workout goals and take them to the next level for 31 days.  Make a commitment to discipline to reach your fitness goals.  Ally chose running as her discipline pillar, and the Today Show hosts were able to choose how  many miles she should run in October, setting her goal at 100 miles.    

Second Boss October Pillar – Willpower

The second pillar is “willpower.”  Give something up that isn’t serving you.  Examples include swearing, eating sweets, and getting take-out food.  Practice having the willpower to say no to things that are extravagant.  The Today Show hosts chose for Ally to give up meat for October. 

Third Boss October Pillar – Kindness

The third pillar is kindness –  not towards other people but towards ourselves.  Accept the kind words other people say about you (yes, your hair really does look nice today, and you really did do a great job on that project at work), and remind yourself that you are doing your best. Ally suggested wearing a Little Words Project bracelet with your mantra on it as a physical reminder of your commitment.  Ally said kindness is the hardest part of this challenge and that she plans on focusing on being present and having fun!  

What are your Boss October goals?  Let’s share them and keep each other accountable!  

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