TSS 41 | Tonal Community

All The Details On The Tonal Strength Institute Summit Plus Our Interview With Alon Nager

TSS 41 | Tonal Community


  • The first-ever Tonal Strength Institute Summit has been announced.
  • Tips from Brendon Ayanbedejo has tips for improving your strength score.
  • The Tonal blog has some new transformation stories.
  • Tons of new content including “Coree Off The Floor,” “Back For More,” “Connect And Breath,” and more!
  • The Tonal Moms group had a special event with Liz Lechford about Sex and Pelvic Floor Health.

All this plus our interview with Alon Nager!

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All The Details On The Tonal Strength Institute Summit Plus Our Interview With Alon Nager

Before we get too into things, we should probably point out if you are reading this on or before March 24th, 2022, and if you live in the Miami area, we are going to be in the Miami area. If none of those things apply to you, I am completely wasting your time but if those things do apply to you and you would like to have one or both of us waste your time in real life, this is your time to shine. We are going to be meeting up at Monty’s Coconut Grove at 6:00 PM Miami time on the 24th, which is Thursday. If you live in the Miami area, we would love to see you and say, “Hey.”

Come on out. Let’s talk Tonal and probably some Peloton.

There are probably a lot of people in that Venn diagram who are in both circles. We just thought we would throw that out there that we are going to be in Miami. We are going on a cruise, and we are getting a day early, so we don’t miss the boat. Anyway, what pre-tell do you have in store for people?

We are going to talk about Tonal’s first Strength Institute Summit, which I am so excited about. We have tips from Coach Brendon, new features, new content. There are all kinds of things to talk about.

Before we get to all that shameless plugs, don’t forget we are available on Apple Podcast, Spotify, and Google Podcast. Wherever you find a podcast, you can find us. While you are there, be sure and follow us, so you never miss an episode. Maybe if you would be so kind, you could leave us a review so people who come along after you, know that we are worth checking out. We have a new review. This says, “Couldn’t be better,” which I don’t know about all that, and it probably could be better.

It says, “I have listened to Crystal and Tom in The Clip Out Peloton show for several years now. When I decided to get a Tonal and knew when they started this one, I had to jump in, and they didn’t disappoint. From coach interviews to new feature releases to Tonal in the news, if it’s happening in the Tonal world, you are likely to learn about it first here. Listening to them is like hanging out with your good friends, chatting about a favorite topic. They are pros at this, and their banter is funny, too. Enthusiastic, thumbs up,” Mojo Mike Rockwell.

Thank you very much, Mike. That was very kind of you. Don’t forget, we have a Facebook page, Facebook.com/supersetpodcast, while you are there, like the page, join the group. Don’t forget, we have a YouTube channel, YouTube.com/theclipout, which is the name of our app or mentioned podcasts but everything lives there under one umbrella. Come on in, the water is fine. Can you tell I have a cruise in my mind? There’s all that. Let’s dig in. Shall we?

The first-ever Tonal Strength Institute Summit will be on March 30th, 2022. How exciting? What does it mean?

I don’t know but I’m really excited about it.

Also, I’m very pumped. We were invited to attend but we just couldn’t make that date work on such short notice. We had kids, and we are traveling for this other stuff, and PTO is limited. Hopefully, this is the first of many, and we can go to the many.

We are hoping that’s going to be the case because if it is, we will be there. I also hope that they always plan on the same time of year.

To be getting a little rhythm.

A lot of people are comparing this to Peloton’s Homecoming, but that’s an unfair comparison. The reason I think that is because this feels so much deeper. What I mean by that is this seems to be about several things like digging into the science behind what makes Tonal work and why it’s so cool. The peloton came from an awesome, great place, too. That was from the community, “We all want to celebrate together.” That’s where that came from but this seems to be coming from a, “Let’s look at how awesome this machine is. Let’s look at the community, all the instructors, and highlight what they do.” It’s a totally different feel, which I appreciate and admire that they didn’t take the easy route and copy. That’s easy to do.

It absolutely is easy to do. People do it often.

Tonal never does that. They always take the high road, and I really appreciate that. At any rate, this is going to be a virtual event, obviously, with COVID still being all wonky. It’s hard to get everybody in one place. They are going to have it on March 30th, 2022. It’s going to be in the morning live. There’s going to be all kinds of things happening during the day. It will be guest speakers, and they will be from the Advisory Board that consists of the Tonal Strength Institute.

For example, I have been going on and on about Stacy Sims. Tom, you are probably really tired of hearing me talk about her. I will talk about her book later but at any rate, Tom has heard a lot about Stacy Sims, and she is going to be one of the speakers. There’s going to be other members of the Advisory Board talking about things they are working on, all this behind the scenes. Plus, there are going to be breakout rooms and virtual avatars of the instructors, which is going to be amazing.

It’s like a Saturday morning cartoon on a Wednesday morning.

I want to see how they draw, go to Jackson, and will his biceps each say, “Taylor and Swift?” As a side note, though, one of the things I’m most excited about is that Tonal knows how competitive we are. There’s also going to be a Leaderboard for those of us attending. Now don’t sweat it. If you can’t attend, go ahead and sign up because the recordings live out there for 30 days on demand. You are going to be able to check it out. I’m really excited about this. Can you tell about it?

Yes, I can.

Coach Brendon Ayanbedejo had an interesting post about your strength score and how to make it even higher.

First of all, he’s working on getting his strength score over 2,000. Some of us would like to hit 1,000 but here’s the cool thing about Tonal, and honestly, it doesn’t matter because it meets you wherever you are, whether you are 200 or 2,000, and all of us deal with the same challenges as we try to increase our string score. He was talking about the last few months some tips that he learned.

He said, “This is the most important one, reps. If the weight isn’t challenging enough, do additional reps, so Tonal increases your weight. Don’t do it all in the first set. If there are 10 reps and you can do 15, and you are not burning yourself out, do them. That means that in the following set, your weight is going to increase, and that’s how you are going to get a volume PR. Also, look for opportunities to go heavier and all the variations of the deadlift and a lot of the core movements, you are stronger than you think. You’ve got to hit all your reps and then do some AMCRAP, not an AMRAP, which I love as many clean reps as possible.” That’s really important because you want to make sure that you are still able to do your form. Who cares if you are getting more reps if the form sucks because that’s not a thing? That’s very important, AMCRAP.

“Also, when doing a program set your volume increases every time you repeat the same workout that way, even if you are only adding 1 to 2 reps on every set, you are automatically increasing.” He also talked about power and volume at the bottom, your left-hand corner, right-hand corner. It shows you the two different graphs every time. If you can keep your power above that 80% and also try to hit, you can also try to get power in volume PRs within sets.

You were talking about AMCRABS, and I do a lot of something that I call UMCRAPs.

Tell me about that.

That’s when you are like, “Tom, did you remember to empty the dishwasher?” I’m like, UMCRAP.

You do a lot of those.

That’s why I’m in such good shape. My relationship strength score is seven. Also, there were a couple of interesting Tonal blog posts.

You might have missed this. This was from earlier in March, and this is about a Tonal transformation, Melissa Ritter. She was able to share her inspiring story with the Tonal team. She posted in 2021 on the Official Tonal Community page. She talked about all of her results and stuff, but now, it has been a few months, and she has dropped 90 pounds. How incredible is that?

That’s awesome.

Congrats to Melissa.

While we are looking at the Tonal blog.

Lindsey Horan, the US Soccer Female Player of the Year. She talks about how she took her dream and turned it into reality, also a Tonal user. When you are out there on the leaderboard, and you are checking yourself out, it’s pretty cool to think of all the amazing athletes that you are sharing that leaderboard with.

More and more every day.

Once again, there’s even more new content for people to check out.

There sure is. We’ve got some new quick fits a core off the floor with Coach Nikki, thirteen minutes of a standing ab workout. Back for more, advanced upper body only eleven minutes but you are going to feel every minute of it with coach Paul.

You skipped one. You did core off the floor but you didn’t do core on the floor.

I combined them together.

The floor needs equal time.

Core on the floor is with Coach Trace. That’s fifteen minutes, and it’s going to be a rapid-fire core session. This one is going to use all floor exercises, and it’s going to keep the transition short. There’s yoga, just flow with Coach Jake, seventeen minutes, all levels full body. Anybody can join in. There’s connect and breathe with Coach Francis again, all levels but check this out, 63 minutes. That’s an amazing opportunity to try out some yoga. That was all for that particular week. I’m sure more have posted now because they posted every Monday. She probably is posting now.

Not technically a Tonal Talk but it’s Tonal Talk adjacent.

Over in the Tonal Moms, it’s going to be a Coach Amy and Coach Liz. They are going to be talking about all things, sex and pelvic floor health for your strength, function, and pleasure. I understand not everybody feels comfortable talking about that. That’s okay. The other thing is they are going to be taking questions, and they have a link that they have included that you can submit your questions anonymously. I believe that it takes place now.

It’s supposed to be the same day we are doing this, so it will probably be living.

It will be living by the time you read this. This feels like one of those you can’t miss. People have questions about this. I know it’s not always the most comfortable to talk about but it’s a thing.

Don’t go make it weird, boys.


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Don’t do that. Nobody wants that.

Did you want to talk a little bit more about the book of the month ROAR?

Yes, I did. Stacy Sims. I have been reading this book, and I’m having a hard time putting it down because there is so much. I feel like people might not always read the Book Club books. I have read some, I have skipped some. I read a lot of books, I feel like I can fit it in but I have to say, to me, this book is a cannot miss book for women. It talks so much in-depth about the differences between men and women, things that I thought I knew that I didn’t know. If I can learn that much, I cannot be the only person that’s learning this brand new information.

What sort of fun, cool stuff had you learned or maybe it’s not fun? Sometimes you learn things, and they are not fun but still good to know.

The part that I’m in now talks a lot about the administration cycle. I’m not going to get graphic, detailed or anything but during the part where you are having your monthly cycle, like the part that people talk about the most. That is fascinatingly enough when a woman is most like a man from a hormonal standpoint. I find that fascinating from a fitness standpoint because that’s when we have the most testosterone in our system. Little things like that, that’s fascinating, and things that can help with cramps, PMs, bloating, and all of the things. There are so many helpful hints in this thing.

What I’m learning, for the men who have women in their lives, if you are frustrated with your woman at that time, it’s because she’s acting like you. She has to deal with you acting like that all the time.

To be fair, you are more talking about the PMs, and that’s when our estrogen, apparently is the highest testosterone happens when things happen.

It’s when you get the visit.

Yes. When the visitor occurs.

Obviously, what we are doing now, isn’t that part of the problem?

It is part of the problem.

It’s when everybody talks around it and won’t actually address it.

To this day. I hide tampons in my hand like shove them up to my sleeve, tuck them into a pocket or do some crazy maneuver to get from point A to the bathroom so that nobody can see, even in my own house, I do that. That’s ridiculous.

I remember the first time when I was going to the grocery store and you are like, “Would you maybe mind picking the.” I’m like, “It’s okay if you don’t. It’s fine.”

My ex-husband did not think it was fine.

Here’s how I have always looked at it ever since I was nineteen. Every guy wants to brag about having sex. What says you are having sex, more buying feminine hygiene products because you don’t buy that for a woman you are not having sex with. In fact, I bet you, it’s a better indicator than buying condoms but lots of condoms they never got used.

Wouldn’t there ever be a case where you might need to buy it for your sister or your mom?

I can’t imagine my sister or my mother ever asking me to do that. I’m not saying that it’s wrong if they did.

Your sister, your mother, would not.

I would think most people would probably not feel comfortable asking their brother to go buy that. Again, I’m not saying it’s right.

As you said, that’s part of the problem. We all are uncomfortable with it.

Look at it now with the Pixar movie Turning Red. They referenced the fact that, “Fifty one percent of the population has this thing happened to them,” and people lost their minds or some people have lost their minds because it gets referenced like in a movie about a girl going through puberty. It’s not even the topic of the film but it’s referenced in passing that the mom thinks this is what’s going on. People are like, “You can’t put that in a kid’s movie.” I’m like, “Your kid needs to know at some point.”

It’s up to everybody how they want to handle their own kids.

Anyway, you like ROAR and Stacey Sims.

I love it, and I love her wish I could be in the thing to see her in person and meet her. I would love that, maybe someday.

Joining us is Alon Nager. Alon, how is it going?

I’m great. How are you guys?

We are good. For the people reading, they may not know, but we’ve known you for a long time through the Peloton community. We had a chance to meet in person. You have joined the Tonal community. I am curious how you originally first found out about Tonal and decided, “This is something I want to do.”

A lot of my friends were posting in the different groups about how they got a Tonal. You started seeing their stats pop up and how they were reaching these amazing milestones. I started talking to some of my friends. We had a big bare spot on the wall in the house, and we were looking for something to put there. The Tonal was a sexy machine.

Because of the pandemic, I shifted to working from home. We had decided to finish our basement and build a proper home office for me. We decided that we wanted a gym as well. All my friends were talking about Tonal. I started talking to my wife about the Tonal and she wasn’t on board with it. We had paid off another very expensive machine, the tread. Because there was a burning hole in my pocket and this empty space in the new gym, I started talking to her about it. I was like, “We will chat with Tonal and see what happens from there.” Sure enough, I ended up ordering.

Does your wife use the Tonal at all or is she anti-Tonal?

No, she has been using it more than anything in the gym.

Did she come around?

She did. I do not think either of us understood what was coming. We were like, “This is cool. It looks like it does all this cool stuff. We can do it at home.” The big thing for me was we are building this gym and this is going to sound crazy, but I didn’t want the cord dangling down to some outlet. I’m like, “This is the perfect time,” because they were doing the electrical and they put the box right where the Tonal specs sheet said to put it. I was like, “This is awesome.” What else are you going to do with a plug that is two feet off the ground?

I’m glad she came around. It is a pretty amazing machine. This is important for people who are thinking about a Tonal and haven’t made the jump. I’m curious how you pictured it.

I spent a lot of time with the Peloton Bike and Tread. I tried to make the jump into their strength programs. They are fantastic, but I’m data-driven and milestone-driven. What was lacking for me, at least at that time, was being able to see progress and having structure. The big thing for me with the Tonal is you have these programs where you are told what to do and you see how you are growing.

That is a big deal for me because I came into this with very little knowledge of strength training. It had always been the last thing on the menu in my entire life. I was a track runner and cross country runner in high school. We had one day in the gym and we sat around and said, “This is a waste of time. Let’s go run.” The coach would always say, “It is important to do strength training even for your upper body because it helps with your running.”

Fast forward, I ran a marathon in 2020. It is my first one. I ran a half before that. I was never a distance runner. I tackled those things. Those were big milestones for me. I wanted to focus on strength training to try to get better at my running game because I had heard so many great things. I struggled to do it on the Peloton, but with the Tonal, I’m impressed with the progress that we have both made on the machine.

When you talk about gym class, if you were in the weight room, where I went to high school, it pretty much meant it was raining.


TSS 41 | Tonal Community


That was the only time guys were in there.

It had this huge weight. They were like, “That is where the football players are.” If it is raining, you can dick around on this for 45 minutes.

They had even less time for females in my high school. We live in the Midwest. That means football is uber-important. You had the guys who worked out all the time on the gym equipment, but they were doing that for football. Pretty much the rest of the school didn’t get to use it because it was for the football team. Every great once in a while, I did that twice in high school. We got to use some gym equipment and they had a video to show us, girls, how to use the weight machines.

Did they have a pink weight machine for you?

No, because why would they have two?

They did for me.

They did for you.

That is what they had me using. At my school, the football team was so bad. It feels like a Johnny Carson joke. How bad was it? They once aggressively tried to recruit me. That is how bad it was.

If they knew about your tee-ball days, they would not have even tried.

I’m like, “Is there someone standing behind me that I’m not aware of? Clearly, you can’t be directing this question to me.”

You mentioned in one of your posts, Alon, that you had been uncomfortable with weight. What made you decide this is going to be different for Tonal?

When we moved into our current house, there was a 24-hour gym. We could walk there. We joined that and we were going pretty religiously. I was going there, running on the treadmill and watching guys lifting weights. They had some machines. Every now and again, I would get on a machine and probably do everything wrong possible and hope that no one was looking, reading the instructions about how do you use this thing.

There was no consistency. How do you know the weight to start at? What are you pushing for? There was no real motivation. There was no repetition. I would find myself on the treadmill all the time. We had kids and stopped going. We started going in the direction of having things at home. The difference with Tonal for me is that there is that structure to it. The programs make you repeat exercises. You can see the data on yourself. You could see workout one, I was here. By workout four, you are up here.

You get the Pavlovian things when you get a PR and you start salivating. It helps. You also have this awesome community and instructors. I came into it thinking it was going to be a lot like Peloton and it is not. That is not a bad thing for me. I talked to you at one point about Tonal or maybe you posted about it. You and other people were saying, “Do not expect us to be like Peloton.” I’m like, “It looks like it is going to be like that. I didn’t get it.”

It is a different dynamic. I do not think it is Tonal versus Peloton. It is cardio versus strength. Cardio lends itself to the playlist. It needs to be in sync and everyone can be doing the same thing at the same time, whereas in strength training, you might be lifting something a lot heavier than I am, and maybe you are lifting a lot slower than I am because it is so much heavier.

It is more customized where Peloton or cardio, in general, can be more uniform.

It is a very different feel and needs a very different type of instruction. Plus, there is a much higher learning curve to weightlifting. There is a lot of people like myself, like you, Alon, that are like, “I do not know what I should be lifting.” Even if you have the right weight, you are like, “Should I do ten reps? Should I do twelve? Should I do twenty? I do not know.” You are guessing. You have no idea.

There is that learning curve where if you are riding a bike or even running, you are good. You can improve during certain things. Do not get me wrong. If you are moving on the bike or the treadmill, you are making progress. It doesn’t take a lot of instruction to do that. There are some big differences in those two things. That is why it comes across so differently.

They complement each other wonderfully, in my opinion. I use the tread more than the bike. I’m using the Tonal as much, if not more than the tread. That is with me training for race.

That is great because you are getting that support of your muscles to be ready for race day. You joked about it at the beginning, but so many runners do not spend enough time weightlifting. It is so important if you want to improve your speed. It is not just going faster. Doing strength training can have a huge impact on your speeds.

The other thing is I can’t think of a race that I did where I wasn’t injured at some point in the training process. It varied from aches and pains to being out for some time. This time, I haven’t had any injuries and that is probably at least partly attributable to the Tonal and being in shape that way.

What marathon are you training for? We should have started with that.

I’m training for the New York City Half.

You are down to the end.

Down to the Y.

Are you getting nervous?

I ran one live half marathon before in Vegas. This is the second time, but it seems it has been many years because of the pandemic. Every race that I have done since then has been virtual which means that I was running myself.

How has the process of training been for you as compared to what that process looked like before? You said you are integrating both of them, but what is a typical week look with the workout?

I’m doing Divide and Conquer with Coach Jared. I’m about halfway through that. I sprinkle in some of the live classes to throw some mystery into the mix. You do those live classes and I try not to look ahead. When I do that, I’ll be like, “Maybe the 9:00 one sounds better because there are Bulgarian split squats in the beginning. I do not know if it is a Bulgarian split squats type of day.”

It never is.

That is the answer. It is never going to be a Bulgarian split squat day. Both of those are so tough. They are so good for you. You are right. If you know ahead of time, you can talk yourself out of it. It is better to jump in and not know and go for it. Do your best.

I have leg day with Divide and Conquer. I know what’s coming and I’m like, “Eh,” but I do it.

I did that one.

It does help to have the live sprinkled in there for some different days, but I try to run, probably not running as much as I should be, but I get the long run in on the weekend, and I do 1 or 2 tread classes. That is how I’ve been doing it. Before, it was just all running 4 or 5 times a week with bike. I was doing that stuff. If I did any strength, it would be arms on the bike thing for toning but nothing like this ever.

Have you seen any results performance-wise or even aesthetic-wise, things that are changing?

My wife started looking at me a little differently. I was on a Zoom call. I have a group of friends that we do happy hour every week. I happened to be on it and there was a friend that hadn’t been on for a while. She came on and she’s like, “Look at those biceps.” I’m like, “That is all good.”

Did you start flexing on the Zoom call?

No. I’m shy about that stuff. It may not seem that way, but when I go to pool, I’m not walking around with my chest up high. I’m a pale guy, too. I look like I flew in the middle of winter to Florida and haven’t seen the sun in ten months.

You are talking to two Irish people that live in the Midwest. We get it.

I do not go around flexing my muscles, but I’ve seen a lot of changes in the body. I’ve gained weight, but I’ve learned to stop looking at that. It doesn’t matter as much to me anymore. It did before Tonal, but I understand that with the strength training, that is going to be fluctuating. I do not pay much attention to that. I do like the Milestones. I’m close to a million pounds. I’m going to hit that in the next week or two.

Congrats. It is a huge milestone. The second million goes way faster.


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It does.

Does it?

You live more. You have a million pounds of getting stronger. That second goes fast.

I haven’t hit mine. I only know that because of Tom’s.

It took me a year and a half to hit my first million. Four months later, it was two million. I’m closing it on halfway to three.

That is fun. That is exciting.

He’s over there like, “If he’s getting there that fast, I’ll be there in no time. I need to go look at my Tonal. I might have hit it during this conversation.”

One thing I noticed is when you hit a milestone on Tonal, I do not know if this was when I did, but when I hit 500,000 pounds, that whole entire week was one of the first weeks they did live classes. I happened to go on a lot of them and every class, they were like, “Peletor milestone, 500,000 pounds.” I was like, “I got shouted out the last class.”

It is in the early days of Peloton. It used to not be that difficult to get a shout-out. It is like winning tickets to Foghat in the 80s.

I love that about Tonal. I love going on the live classes and getting a shout-out. It makes me so happy.

A big difference is there are random shout-outs on Peloton, but then on Tonal, there are still random shout outs but most of the time, it is because you’ve hit a PR in a class, which is a lot different. You can’t do that, at least not on Peloton. On Tonal, if you have a volume PR, power PR, or strength PR, they could shout you out for that. I thought that it was cool that they incorporated that, too.

I totally agree. That makes it a lot of fun. I like hearing whenever people get all three at the same time. I’m always like, “Dang.” I’m always high-fiving in between that I run back over, get back in where I’m supposed to be.

It is like crawling off the floor in your legs. You are like, “I got you.”

It happens more frequently at the beginning of class. What is your favorite aspect of the Tonal?

That is a tough one. I like shout-outs. That is always fun. I like the fact that you can choose your own music. I like the fact that they added Amazon Music. I do not use it, but there are some different options. If I want to listen to metal, I can do that without tuning out the instructor completely. The big thing for me was being told what to do because there was no way that I would ever pick to do some of those things. By the way, Lateral Bridge with Row is a worthy contender for worse.

I haven’t done that one. Is that one of the new moves they added?

It is. Coach Woody seems to love that one.

That sounds like something I would replace. Lateral Bridge with Row for me sounds like on your face, and Crystal yells at me.

I hear the Tonal make noise.

She hears the handle snapback because I lost control of it.

I’m like, “What are you doing in my Tonal?”

That sounds like me getting yelled at.

You can’t replace moves on live classes yet, Tom.

I haven’t done any of the live classes.

He’s never home during the day because they only have Pacific times. They have times late at night, but that is not usually when we work out. It is late at night for us. He never gets to do the live classes. I do them though in the middle of the day.

Your job allows for it.

I love it. You told us that you are doing program and you sprinkle in the lives. Is that your go-to most often or do you do one-off workouts sometimes? Do you go through periods where you switch?

I have not done that yet. I have gone from program to program.

I could tell. I knew that was going to be the answer because you are like, “I want to go down and be told what to do and I do not want to think about it.” Picking a workout every time is too much. I want to go down and hit yes, next class, go.

I chose a couple of off-Tonal classes. I haven’t stuck with that yet. I’m still trying to figure out how to do that. I took one of Woody’s kickboxing classes which were good. I took a yoga class and decided that I wasn’t very good at yoga, so I haven’t been back yet.

If you are not good at it, that means you need it.

I made that mistake with dance cardio. I’m like, “Never again.” I am like John Lithgow in Footloose. There will be no dancing in this house.

They cannot program classes slow enough for me or Tom to do anything coordinated.

Unless waltzing can be dance cardio, I do not think I stand a chance.

Imagine doing that in a gym.

Funny enough, way back in the day, I used to take Zumba classes, but I always stood in the back. It was not that bad, but we did have one of those fishbowl things. My back was to the room of the rest of the gym, but I didn’t have to see them staring at me. I didn’t have to see it so I could pretend it wasn’t there. I have no coordination. I once took a step aerobics class. The teacher stopped the class to tell me how bad I was and sent me to the back. That is how uncoordinated I am.

When I was in college, I needed a gym credit because I had to switch classes. By the time I went to register, there was one gym class left which was advanced yoga. I was like, “How hard could this be?” I went to my first class. I went through the whole thing. I didn’t do great, but I do not think it was terrible. The teacher came up and was like, “You can’t be in this class. You do not know anything about yoga. You are awful. You are getting kicked out.”

Do you have any advice for people who are getting their Tonal besides choosing where your outlet goes?

I would say to start out with a beginner class. I liked Coach Jackson’s Beginner Strength. It was pretty tough, but he took the time to go through some of the forms and the basics there. I didn’t take any other intro courses, but I liked that one. Try everything and see what you like. It has so much to offer. One of the things I would like to do is, as much as I love the programs and the live classes, I should probably get away from that and try some other things on their menu as well. Get involved with the community.

It seems like they are more on Facebook than anything else. I would do that. The instructors are very much involved. Kate is everywhere and some of the other moderators and admins they have. They’ll be getting involved in answering questions. Some people have questions of, “What is this exercise good for? Why are we doing this?”

You’ll have the instructor come on and answer it. That is fabulous. I do not think I’ve seen that before. It is nice to be able to chart your progress but also share it, get motivation from other people and see them progress as well. Even though it is nice to have your own setup at home and not have to be nervous to work out in this way around other people, it is nice to feel you are a part of a community or team while you are doing it.


Tonal allows you to chart your progress and share it with others. You also get motivation from other people by seeing their progress as well. Click To Tweet


Thank you so much for taking time out of your day to join us. Before we let you go, let everybody know where they can find you if you would like to be found.

I am Peletor on most things, but on Instagram, I am @Peletor78 because someone else took Pelotor. On Facebook, I’m Alon Nager. I do not have any code name or anything.

Thank you so much for joining us. We appreciate it.

We do.

Thank you guys so much.

That brings this episode to a close, until next time, where can people find you?

People can find me on Facebook at Facebook.com/CrystalDOKeefe. They can find me on Instagram, Twitter, and the Tonal leaderboard, @ClipOutCrystal.

You can find me on Twitter, @RogerQBert or on Facebook at Facebook.com/TomOKeefe. You can find the show online at Facebook.com/supersetpodcast. Also, don’t forget, we’ve got a YouTube page. If you want to check that out, YouTube.com/theclipout. That’s it for this one. Thanks for tuning in. Until next time, keep lifting.


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