343. Peloton Teams Up With TikTok Plus Our Interview With Mandy Rose

The Clip Out | Mandy Rose | Peloton

  • Peloton’s latest collaboration: TikTok.
  • Wall Street likes TikTok.
  • NASDAQ is bullish on Peloton.
  • Peloton’s Corporate Wellness program adds rentals.
  • Peloton On Tour merch is now available online.
  • There’s a new apparel drop.Are we about to see a Peloton event at Mall of America?
  • Peloton’s first NCAA partner won the College Football National Championship.
  • Jenn Sherman vs. Christopher Nolan.
  • Cody Rigsby is taking his book tour to London.
  • Becs Gentry is your newest Row instructor.
  • Ally Love is or isn’t writing a book.
  • Jenn – Celebrating while Jewish with antisemitism on the rise.
  • The latest artist series features The Color Purple.
  • TCO Top 5.
  • New split training classes for beginners.
  • Peloton’s new challenge incorporates Lululemon.
  • Birthdays – Cliff Dwenger (1/19), Ben Alldis (1/22), Logan Aldridge (1/25)

All this plus our interview with Mandy Rose.

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Peloton Teams Up With TikTok Plus Our Interview With Mandy Rose

My day got off to a great start.

My day got off to also a great start. You go first.

I don’t even know how I did this because it’s such a part of my routine. I was halfway to work and I didn’t have my little cooler that I take every day with all my sodas, my snacks, and my lunch. I was halfway to work and I looked over my passenger seat and it was empty. I was like, “Where’s my food and drink?” I had to turn around and come all the way back. My first thought was I’ll I stop at the gas station and buy soda, but I was like, “What about my lunch?” Maybe I can muddle through with some beef jerky or something, and then it was like, “My snacks.” I had to turn around and go back.

It’s probably for the best because if you hadn’t, it would have been so easy to go off-plan for the whole day. Once you crack it open, it’s so hard to reel it back in. My day started crappy because people suck and there have been a lot of sucky things happening.

It’s nothing awful.

It’s all minor annoyances. My day did turn around very recently.

We’ll have more news on that later when we want to get out in front of things. We’re doing Bingo and we have all the instructors on a card. You can go to the places where the thing is at. You can get that and then you can mark them off as you do the bingo. We’re also selling Clip Out branded blotters in our online store.


We have smokeless ashtrays because they still let you smoke at Bingo. When I got taken to bingo when I was a kid, I don’t know if we ever won money but we did win emphysema.

That’s fair. There’s something about Bingo and stamping all the little things. I still enjoy the Bingo, but I have to take a moment and say that this card that Nikki created is gorgeous.

It’s a very nice design.

It’s beautiful. She has skills and I appreciate it. For our first instructor of the week, there will be three if you include the bonus episode. Our first one is Erik Jäger. For the German instructors, if you haven’t been taking classes with German instructors, what you want to do is you want to make sure that your filter includes all of the German instructors or you won’t be able to find any classes and you will be like, “Did you make this person up?” That is our first instructor.

We will have a second one later in the episode. It could pop up at any time like whack-a-mole. We should also say thank you to everyone who showed up for the book club.

Book Lovers was a fun book and we had a lot of fun discussing it. Thank you to everyone who showed up. Our next book club will be on February 13th, and we are going to be reading Turning Inward by Ross Rayburn. What a treat this book is. It is so good. For all type-A personalities, it is a required reading. I love it.

I’m not type-A. I guess I’m off the hook. We should also let people know what is in store for them this week.

We have our interview with Mandy Rose. She was at the New York City marathon where Tunde was struggling and she helped her cross the finish line. What an inspiration Mandy was, so we interviewed her. That was a fun conversation.

We had a first-hand account of that tale.

We also have a lot of Peloton in the news. We’re going to be talking about TikTok. We’re going to be talking about what’s going on in the stock market and all of those kinds of things. We have instructors in the news. We’re going to talk about Jenn Sherman. It’s going to happen. I have some things to say, and then lots of other instructor news. We have a visit from Dr. Jenn and we’re going to be talking about a very serious subject. It’s weighty. It needs to be said though. I didn’t realize how much it needed to be said until we had this conversation, but we’re going to be talking about celebrating while Jewish with anti-Semitism on the rise. It was a great conversation. We’re also going to hit our artist series and we have a lot of content, and birthdays galore. I think I got it all.

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That’s a whole other story. You have to listen to the bonus episode for all the things that have been going on.

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We shall.


Peloton has joined forces with TikTok.

It is happening. TikTok Fitness is apparently a hashtag you can follow. I say apparently because let’s face it, I’m going to be learning this with you if you’re not already on TikTok. They’re going to have live classes over there. You might remember that when Feid was in the studio, he got a custom green bike and, for the very first time, broadcast a class live there. They’re going to be doing that on a monthly basis. They were not sure exactly how many classes they were going to encompass. There will also be behind-the-scenes things. If they have artists in the studio, you might get behind the scenes with that and the instructors. The instructors are also separately over on TikTok. You will continue to get their content there as well.

It’s important to remember why Peloton would do this. Some people feel that Peloton is stretching itself too thin, that it’s silly, and keep it to the basics. I would say that if you want Peloton to have any chance of surviving and being profitable, we need to bring in new users of Peloton. They can’t just stagnate and be happy with the ones they have, although they should fix their customer service issue with the ones they have. Until that occurs, they’re going to keep trying to grow. TikTok is absolutely smart. It brings in the young people. That is what they should be doing.

You have to be where the people are.

You do if you want to appeal. The people that this is targeting are not going to know that reference

They might be because there was just a new one.

That’s true. They wouldn’t know it from the original, but it makes sense that for once, Wall Street had something positive to say.

That’s a surprise. Peloton shares surge 15% as it partners with TikTok to offer short-form fitness classes.

I’ll go back to what they said last year. They are going to continue to be in places you’ve never seen them before. Here we are.

Moving along, we should also point out an article from Barchart of Nasdaq.com. They’re saying that they think Peloton could be one of the surprise winners of 2024.

I have no idea if anybody on Wall Street will continue to feel this way or they’ll make somebody else mad and it’ll go right back down. I think that they’ve been down for a long time and they’ve been building a lot of momentum. It’s not crazy that finally something hits and that people are happy about it. This will grow Peloton.

They’ve been doing a lot of the fundamentals that they succeeded despite doing and they’re finally maybe rounding a corner to starting to see the payoff of doing the fundamentals. How long has it been since we’ve seen a major stock-focused publication say something positive about Peloton?

A long time.

It would probably be in the pandemic.

There were there have been articles here and there that have remained optimistic about Peloton. Even those went awry towards the end of last year. It’s the same old same old. I’m glad it’s positive.

These little changes that Barry has been making are finally starting to gain traction and pick up some momentum.

There’s a lot of the old school that feels like everything Barry does is wrong. It’s interesting to me.

Here’s a little thing I’ve noticed about the internet. People like the bitch. I know it’s a hot take.

I thought everybody was happy there all the time.

It’s nice to see someone finally being like, “Maybe they’re figuring this out,” which is what we’ve been saying for a while now. We were skeptical at first.

For sure. I’m well on record. Can I also touch on this whole Apple Deepwater thing for a moment? I don’t know why the internet thinks that it’s a new suggestion every year when someone says that Peloton is going to be acquired by Apple. Every year it spreads like wildfire. The real takeaway from that is people do that to get clicks. At some point, it’s going to be true. I’m not saying it won’t be true this time. What I will say is it’s been a headline every single year since I’ve had my Peloton.

The Clip Out | Mandy Rose | Peloton


It’s like every 8 to 9 months, somebody is like, “You know what? What if Apple bought them?”

The reason that people are so excited about it is they originally were like, “Apple is going to be the wave of the future.” That’s what they called it. A bunch of their predictions came through last year as well. They have a pretty good record. I think there are a lot of problems with this and it always has been. 1) It’s an Android tablet. 2) What about all their debt? 3) Do you think they’re going to take on all that risk? There have been some major lawsuits with this.

They don’t have a long and rich history of acquiring other equipment, except for Beats.

Also, Peloton is currently valued at $9 billion. That would be the price tag I’ve read. I have no idea where they came out of that. They were saying that’s three times the amount that Apple has ever spent on an acquisition before. I’m not saying it won’t happen. I’m just saying it happens every year. I don’t know why people are so excited about it.

Until our tarot card reader predicts it, I don’t buy it.

Our tarot card reader is hitting it hard this year. There’s been so much that she got right already.

The Peloton Corporate Wellness Program has added rentals.

This is cool because if your company is part of the corporate wellness program, then you have the ability to rent a bike or a Bike+. For the bike, you get $10 off the monthly rental fee. For the Bike+, you get $20 off the monthly fee.

Especially as this rolls out to more and more companies, there are a lot of people out there who have it and there’s probably a lot more who are going to get it but don’t realize yet.

This is a good area for them to grow in because there are a lot of people who probably weren’t comfortable trying it. When you add renting through your company or you add a discount, who’s not going to be in?

I know that there are still a lot of people out there who have that mentality of “It’s going to come closing.” I get it like let’s rent it for three months and if it does, you can send it back and we’re not locked in. If we love it and we’re using it like crazy, then we continue the rental or we buy one. The Peloton On Tour merchandise is now available in Peloton’s apparel store.

It’s funny. I’m a little not sure how I feel about it because the specialness of it was that you could only get it in one place. I get that it’s leftover stuff and they sell it. It makes sense. That’s the right call. I’m just not 100% like “Yay” about it.

When The Monkees came to town, they were selling T-shirts merch. When the tour is over, the leftover stuff goes up on rhino.com.

The was city-specific. When you go on a Monkees tour, they have all the cities listed. If these had all the cities listed, that’s a different story. This is like specifically, you get a water bottle with London on it. When I got it for people and sent it to them, that was special. Now I know that they could have gone on and got it themselves. It’s not so special.

It’s still special because you were thinking about them. When you sent it, they didn’t know they were going to be able to get it. Is everything okay? I didn’t know if they maybe have Los Angeles bracelets but not London bracelets.

By the time this airs, who knows? That’s up there for a few days. I don’t know how many they had left of each thing.

I also wonder how many people would want to pay full price because most of it doesn’t look like it’s marked down. It’s not clearance-level stuff yet. Would you want to pay full price if you didn’t go? If you didn’t go to Peloton On Tour Los Angeles, do you really want the water bottle or the T-shirt? It’s not a memory you possess.

I’m sure if you wait long enough, it’ll die down.

They might be putting these on clearance soon, so then for that price, why not?

We’ll see.

Speaking of apparel, there was a new apparel drop.

The coaching in the Peloton community is life-changing. Share on X

It was another Lululemon and Peloton collab. This one has more of the extended sizes. We’re seeing that again. Some items don’t have the extended sizes. As we told you, they are going to probably not have everything until next year.

You will see those quantities increasing as we progress.

That is exactly right. I wasn’t too excited about any of these. The colors do not speak to me, but the materials and everything are nice. If you like Lululemon especially, it’s nice to have a variety of things that have Peloton and Lululemon on it. It’s nice but it’s not just my thing right now.

We’re hearing rumblings of a Peloton event of some sort coming up at the Mall of America.

You might remember when Peloton On Tour was in Chicago, we talked about the fact that there are two locations where Lululemon has these exponential stores. They’re ginormous. The Chicago event where everybody met the kickoff run or something like that was held at the Lululemon store. That particular place has rooms to have live classes. It’s it’s huge. It’s ginormous. The sister store is in the Mall of America.

Our theory is that they are going to do a similar event with those Lululemon ambassadors who are Peloton instructors at the store. Potentially, maybe there will be some live classes in that space. Even if there’s not, I’m sure there will be meet and greets. I don’t know yet anything about it, but I tell you this so you can make sure and keep your eye out because the second these tickets go on sale, they’re going to go fast. Be on the lookout.

We should talk about sports here ever so briefly because people know how much we love sports.

Thank you, Helper Bee Nikki.

Peloton’s first NCAA partner, the University of Michigan, won the big football game thing.

It was the national championship. They won by a lot. My understanding is like 15 to 0 or something like that. It was a total shutout. Nikki goes on to say in real sports terms that the University of Michigan won the college football national championship on Monday night. Their NIL – name, image, likeness- player Blake Korum rushed 135 yards with two touchdowns. Thank you, Nikki. That means he ran a total of 134 yards in the game, and he was named co- MVP of the game. I’m so glad she had those terms I could not read and understand.

We’re like, “Football. Are they still doing that?”

“Is that a thing?” I have a MetPro client who listens to the show. I am not going to call her out, but she went to the game in the Rose Bowl, and then if they won that game, she was going to the big Michigan game. She did and she had a great time. That’s all I’ll say about that.

Coming up after this, we’re going to talk about instructors in the news. We’re going to give you the breakdown of Jenn Sherman versus Christopher Nolan.


The big story last week was Christopher Nolan versus Jenn Sherman.

Christopher Nolan was interviewed by Variety Magazine and he had this whole big spiel about how not everybody should tell their opinion about things.

I don’t think that’s exactly how he framed it.

That is how people are hearing it.

I think it was more the surprise element for him. He was like, “If I’m reading a movie review from Rex Reed or Reel Spoilers.” Christopher Nolan is a huge Reel Spoiler fan.

He’s watching every week.

He was like, “I can still myself. I know that they’re about to critique what I’ve done.”

The Clip Out | Mandy Rose | Peloton


I didn’t get that takeaway at all.

He was like, “When I’m on the bike and all of a sudden, my Peloton instructor is like, ‘Your last movie was a big giant ball of crap,’ I was not expecting that.”

She did not say that.

I was paraphrasing.

If I paraphrase what he was saying, you’re like, “That’s not how he framed it.”

I don’t feel like I changed the tone of what she said.

No, I don’t think she said anything.

“That’s two hours of my life that I’ll never get back.”

She also was careful to say it because she didn’t understand it. The thing is we watched Tenet and it was so hard to follow.

For people who haven’t seen Tenet, it’s about time travel. It’s not like a silly Back to the Future time travel. It’s more like, “What if it was real?” It treated it in a very serious sciency way like, “Here are the ripple effects.” It’s telling three stories at once and they’re all at different points in time but happening simultaneously. I like the movie.

I’m not even saying I didn’t like it but it was confusing.

I get why she had that reaction because it is a very densely packed movie. One of the things I like about Christopher Nolan is he doesn’t spoon-feed you things. The information is there but it’s designed for you to digest and pick up on clues that are happening rather than having a character say, “Remember that time we met four years ago?” People don’t talk like that. I get it that it’s very hard to unpack film.

You and I have talked about this extensively and this was a cool movie to watch as far as all the visual effects. You cannot take that away, but I have to agree with Jenn Sherman. Not to the point of like. “That’s two and a half hours I’ll never get back.” There are other movies we have watched that I felt that way about, but this was not one of them. It was a lot and it’s also one of those movies for me that had I watched it again, I probably would have enjoyed it more the second time. At any rate, she said this four years ago. Let’s put this in context.

That’s also the funny thing. That’s so long ago.

She said this on a ride that was four years ago. She took him to task and had no idea that someday, Christopher Nolan would be taking her ride and hear this reveal. He was making his point in Variety Magazine using that as an example. He didn’t say the instructor and the movie but Peloton would have figured it out. That’s what we do. We found out what class it was. We went through that. That night, Jenn Sherman put together what I thought was a wonderful response which was something to the effect of, “Even though I didn’t understand anything about that movie, I also loved Oppenheimer.” She watched it twice and she said, “That’s six hours that I never went back,” which I honestly disagree with.

She went on to invite him to class. It would be insult-free and they will have a great time, and then Christopher Nolan was interviewed again after the Golden Globes the other night. Somebody said something like, “Are you on your Peloton?” He was like, “I love to Peloton but no, I’m not on my Peloton.”

He said, “I did not get on the bike today.”

That’s not what people heard because that’s not what drives clicks. It started the whole thing up all over again. It’s been a media frenzy. Poor Jenn Sherman.

Nothing is great for her.

It is great for her image, but to think that you upset somebody that you genuinely care about.

She even said that when she’s talking about Tenet, she’s like Christopher Nolan. It’s just this one didn’t work for her.

Peloton is so much more than a treadmill and a bike. Share on X

That would get to you and Jenn is a nice person, then because nothing ever goes away, it was on Stephen Colbert.

He has a couple of jokes about it on The Late Night. Ultimately, it was a good thing for her. It raises her profile. My guess is Christopher Nolan loves the classic rock. He’s 53. He’s the same age as me.

I love that they use the same segments that I did in their little recap.

I think he gravitates toward Jenn Sherman because of the music. Not that he doesn’t like her personality too, but people dig her tunes. She is very much a classic rock bent in her music selections, which is also interesting because Christopher Nolan doesn’t use a lot of music.

When you’re a person who makes all these choices like he does, do you get that involved? I thought they had people for that too.

It depends on the movie. If you’re making a standard rom-com, there’s probably a music supervisor who goes through and says, “Let’s drop in this song here and this song there.” When you’re Christopher Nolan you are a couture. You are picking everything. If he wants a certain song, it’s going to be in it. If he can’t get it, then he will probably completely retool the whole scene. He will never turn over a film and be like, “Drop in a classic rock song from ‘70 to ‘73.” He will never do that. Cody Rigsby is heading to London with his book in hand.

He gets two classes. Two chances for classes in London. One is an XOXO Cody class and the other one is a pop class. There’s your chance. Take your classes while you can.

If you’re over there in the UK.

Who knows when you’ll get another shot?

Fly all the way to New York. Becs Gentry is your latest rowing instructor

I am excited about this. She started doing boxing a while back. I’m not that excited about shadowboxing, in general. I hardly ever take those classes, but I love Becs in general as an instructor. I think she’s amazing and I am so excited that she is our newest row instructor. Her premiere class is tomorrow. It’s going to be happening before this airs. I hope to be on to show my support. She’s a nice person and I appreciate her.

Ally Love is or is not writing a book, depending on who you ask. By who, I mean Ally Love.

What a freaking cluster this has turned into this week. I don’t even care at this point who hears it. We all saw this segment where Ally Loves said she was writing a book. She said she was writing a book on National Television. Apparently, we all simultaneously misinterpreted it and I was told to take it all down. I was like, “Is Today Show taking it down?” “No.” I stand by what I wrote then.

That’s what she said.

Now she has pivoted on her Instagram live. She was saying she has outlines but she never said she was writing a book. You take that for what you will. My guess is at some point, we’re getting a book from Ally Love. Go with that and do what you will.

My first thought was maybe she writes books the way I read books. I get 10 to 15 pages in and then I stop.

People were shitty about this. We have reached the tipping point where people were like, “Not another book. I don’t care.” Maybe she read that and she was like, “Nope.”

I had another theory, which is that she has a book deal in place and she accidentally got out in front of the announcement. The publisher was like, “We’re not there yet. Settle down.”

That could be. Watch this space. We’ll let you know as it happens.

Coming up after this, we’re going to talk to Dr. Jenn. She fields a question from someone asking about celebrating while Jewish with anti-Semitism on the rise. Stick around.


Joining us once again is Dr. Jenn Mann, a licensed marriage, family, and child therapist, and sports psychology consultant. You may know her from VH1’s Couples Therapy with Dr. Jenn, VH1’s Family Therapy with Dr. Jenn, or her long-running radio show, The Dr. Jenn Show. She has written four bestselling books including The Relationship Fix: Dr. Jenn’s 6-Step Guide to Improving Communication, Connection and Intimacy. It’s Dr. Jenn.

The Clip Out | Mandy Rose | Peloton



I missed you.

Right back at you.

I was thinking about you the other day because I was telling Sydney about your kitty and me. We were talking about how when we would run together and how I had a whole conversation with Emmy while you were out of the room one day.

Emmy is a Pelo cat. She’s made many appearances on Pelo cat and is one of the absolute best workout cats ever. She will stay on the mat through an entire cardio workout, which says a lot because there’s a lot of jumping up and down. I’m very proud of her and her Pelo contribution.

She’s a good Peloton supporter. We have lots of questions for you that we will be getting to over the next few weeks. One of them comes from Julie Benson. I thought that this would resonate with you. She is Jewish and she said, “Being Jewish has been hard this year.” I can’t even imagine. She said that they only celebrate Hanukkah in her home. While they celebrate it with much love with family and friends, it also felt isolating this year and upsetting with the rise in anti-Semitism. Many of her Jewish friends and family did not want to display menorahs or draw any attention to the holiday. It was heartbreaking for her. I feel that. I can’t experience it in the same way, but it is heartbreaking to hear.

I appreciate your compassion for it. As a Jew, I can say it’s a very hard time to be a Jew right now and to experience the anti-Semitism that has come out of the woodwork is very demoralizing. I understand what Julie is saying about Hanukkah and about the conflict that a lot of Jews are feeling. Do you wear your Star of David? Do you put your Hanukkah or your menorah in the window like we are told to traditionally or even your Shabbat candles? Her feelings are normal and understandable. It is an important time to embrace traditions.

The running joke in our family is I’m the badger. One of my daughters is always teaching me about the prayers, things to do, traditions, and stuff. I did not grow up in a very religious home. With all of this, I have embraced the traditions more than ever. I now like Shabbat candles. I’m now learning the prayers. It is a time for those of us who are Jewish and who are friends of Jews to embrace Judaism, and for us to stand strong. A lot of people who are not Jewish would be surprised to know how much it means to your Jewish friends to have you reach out and say, “How are you doing? I want you to know I support you. I love you.”

I had a close friend who was not Jewish text me and says, “I want you to know I’m thinking of you. I love you. I’ve donated to this Jewish charity. I’m here for you if you want to talk.” Other non-Jewish friends of mine posted things that mean so much to us. What Julie is experiencing is normal. It’s understandable. Many of us feel that it is time to reach out to the community. As someone who is not very religious, I’m someone who has reached out to Jewish friends.

I formed a support group of other Jewish moms that I love and adore because I don’t want to be isolated right now. I need the support of other people who are going through that. I encourage other people who are going through that to do that as well. Reach out to your community. Reach out to friends of yours who you see posting things that are supporting Jews and fighting anti-Semitism. It’s a time to create community if you don’t already.

I don’t want to speak for other people and I don’t even speak for you, Tom. As a non-Jew, I don’t know the right things to say and the right things to do. I don’t know what stepping on toes is. I don’t even understand what the whole world is all that upset about. I get that all the attacks are bad. I understand that. I remain firm on that, but I don’t understand all the ins and outs of it. I don’t even feel comfortable speaking about it because I can’t speak about it intelligently. Do you know what I mean?

I do and there are a lot of people who think they’re speaking out intelligently who are not. They are getting their information from TikTok, who are getting their information from posts, who are getting a lot of misinformation. It’s important to educate yourself especially if we’re going to speak about the history of the Middle East. It is incredibly complex. I don’t think I’m a specialist in the Middle East. There’s still so much I am learning, but it is important to speak about humanity. It’s important to not be hateful.

That seems pretty basic to not hate someone because of their religion. That seems pretty basic stuff. Jews today are seeing things that are incredibly reminiscent of the Holocaust, and to understand that we are a group that has seen 6 to 7 million of us be killed, we have a collective trauma that is being reignited and a collective PTSD that is being ignited, and to understand that you care about anyone who is a Jew. That is something to understand on a deep and profound level that millions of us were murdered. When people are in the streets saying they want to kill us, this is going to be trickery for us.

It’s not just hyperbole. It has happened in the not-too-distant past. It’s a baked-in generational trauma. There are still people alive who went through but there are certainly people whose parents went through it and who are still with us, or whose grandparents went through it. It’s not that long ago.

It’s also not contextual. It is in front of us. It is happening on the streets of New York. It’s happening in the streets of LA. It’s happening everywhere in between. It’s happening all over the world. I appreciate that you guys are even addressing it on your podcast. That’s very meaningful to me. I came in today not knowing that you would. It means a lot to me that you guys are talking about it because it is something that a lot of us are going through. To bring it back to Peloton, I know that there are a lot of people whom I’ve spoken with who are feeling some frustration about who’s speaking up, who’s not speaking up, who is saying what, and all of that.

I get that it is a complicated issue. I get that nobody wants stock prices to go down. I get the complication of it. I also think it’s important to understand this also comes back to what Julie was saying about feeling alone on Hanukkah. We’ve seen Peloton speak out against Asian hate. We’ve seen them talk about Black Lives Matter. We’ve seen them talk about the importance of the LGBTQ community. There hasn’t been a lot that has been said about this. I know that it’s a complicated issue. Some of the basics of this humanity like don’t hate Jews because they’re Jewish are pretty basic stuff.

I agree with that. I will also point out that when Peloton did speak out against any other of those issues, it was a different leadership. I don’t mean that they should not say things but at the same time, I get that there is probably a different philosophy based on the fact that they’ve changed pretty much everything from the original.

Before was much more individual and what inspired people. Now it’s more of a corporate focus and stock price focus, which I get.

I don’t know if you know the answer to this. I don’t know the answer to this so I’m not trying to put you on the spot. I remember at some point that somebody pointed out that there are people who work for Peloton who are also Palestinian. I don’t understand how you would dress that in a way that feels inclusive of everybody. That feels like a tough place to be.

I almost feel like it needs to be acknowledged on different days. For a lot of Jews, after October 7th, to see the slaughter, rape, kidnapping, and torture of people and hostages who still have not come home and who are probably being raped and tortured in tunnels in Gaza right now. To address that in and of itself without having to put a disclaimer, nobody wants to see innocent civilians killed. It is a travesty. It is incredibly heartbreaking especially to see children in the midst of all of this and at the same time, these are two separate horrible issues to acknowledge. It feels for a lot of Jewish people that when you put them together in one statement, there isn’t a full acknowledgment. I think that addressing Islamophobia is important. That deserves its own statement as well.

You just get your miles and you travel along. You may be pushed it once in a while. Share on X

That’s fair. I get that.

It comes off like not all men are like that.

That’s a good analogy.

It’s a very difficult line to walk even when people’s hearts are in the right place.

I don’t know the right thing to say, but let me say this. I don’t want anybody to die and I support Jewish people. Many people have supported the podcasts who are Jewish and they are some of the funniest, most loving, and supporting people that I’ve ever met. I applaud you, Mann.

Thank you. I appreciate that. I never thought that I would be in a position where I go on social media and I have to unfollow people who are saying very hateful things about my people.

I don’t even know how people have time or energy for that. Life is so short. Why is anybody spending energy on that hate? There’s so much going on and everyone has individual lives. Why would you do that?

Why would you support terrorists? We’re all on the same page. Nobody wants innocent civilians to die, but it’s very confusing when people are supporting Hamas or a terrorist organization that is kidnapping, torturing, and raping children, teens, women, men, and babies. It’s quite stunning.

On that note, thank you for all of that. Until next time, where can people find you?

You can find me @DrJennMann on social media, especially Instagram and Instagram stories.

Thank you.


The latest artist series features the new musical version of The Color Purple.

This is going to be cool to see. I want to see the show too.

I saw the stage production. I didn’t like the songs. The songs didn’t work for me. It’s very popular and people love it, and the movie is doing great, which is also wonderful. I love right now at the box office. I know we turn this into an episode of Reel Spoilers, but there are so many movies doing well.

It is a good thing.

Color Purple is doing well. Wonka is doing well. I’m blanking, but there are so many movies that are on their own tracks.

It’s like one is good and everything else is crap.

The box office has been working coming out of COVID. Pre-COVID, if you didn’t make $100 billion the first weekend, you were screwed. Nobody cares about your movie and it’s dead, That’s not what’s happening at the box office currently. Wonka came out and that first week, they were like, “That wasn’t what we’re hoping for,” but then it capped making money. Color Purple is doing the same thing. It’s cool to see. I’m glad.

It’s also nice that January is not the cesspool of releases that it used to be.

That’s for sure. Although we did get to see Night Swim last week. If you want your January to be full of shitty movies, I recommend Night Swim. It’s about a haunted swimming pool. I look forward to their sequel when it’s about a haunted gazebo. A haunted swimming pool? That’s the whole movie.

The Clip Out | Mandy Rose | Peloton


How is that any different from a haunted car like Stephen King’s Christine?

Stephen King is a genius. He could make it work.

I agree with that. I’m saying the premise isn’t necessarily the problem here. That’s all I’m saying.

A good filmmaker can make a dumb premise work, but we did not have that at play here. It was like, “Don’t go in the pool. Do you remember the time that pool killed somebody? What if we didn’t use the pool again?” “Okay, cool. That makes sense.”

I hope you take these classes in the future, The Color Purple.


It is time for the TCO Top Five where you get to chime in and let us know what your favorite classes of the week were, and then Crystal reads them back for all the people who need suggestions.

Since there were not a lot of new classes that hit in the last couple of weeks unless it was holiday classes. We had a lot of stuff that’s from the archives. Make sure that if you have any interest in these, you look at the date and get out there right away because this first one comes from January 2020 with Christine. It’s probably not long for this world. It’s a 10-minute FTP warm-up ride. Because it’s Power Zone, you might be better but we’ll see.

Dallas Bauer took this and said, “Odd, but it was a FTP warm-up with Christine. I was a Peloton newbee since the very end of November and I was looking for a short ride to go to with the rest of my stack. I was intrigued when I saw the offering because my January goal is to be ready to complete a FTP test and it scares me. I took the warm-up after reading the description and I’m so glad I did. Christine was great and now I know what to expect and will likely take it this week instead of putting it off.” That’s great.

We should let you know, Dallas, you should be scared.

It’s tough but doable. Speaking of Ally Love, from November 2023, a 30-minute Sunday with love. Naomi Winn said that this was her favorite class. She shared that she was getting back onto the bike after a very long time off. The class that she loved was this class from November 26. It was the first class back where she felt like she was getting stronger and not hurting through most of the class. That’s special. That takes you to a new place.

That is special. I think I’ll take that class.

You’re such a liar.

What did I lie about?

Taking that class.

You misinterpreted me.

I see what you did there.

I didn’t say that.

Next, the favorite Peloton core strength. This is from December 2023. This was a 10-minute core with Rebecca. At The Clip Out, we are always looking for a good go-to core class. Katie Bromley said that this class had four minutes of forearm planks and made her ABS burn. Katie said that she’s not a big retaker of classes, but she has done this one several times, and has it bookmarked to repeat. This one is a favorite Choose Your Adventure ride. I love this class. Becs does these fairly often over on the runs. This came from Trishv Lalond, a 30-minute Feel Good ride with Ally from January 7th. She did an option to pick which part of the class you wanted to be the hardest. She then called out two sets of instructions to the entire class. Becs does that and I love them. I haven’t taken this class, but that sounds like a lot of fun.

Our favorite unstackable ride came in for many people this week, January 6, 2024. This was with Robin, a 45-minute HIIT and HILLS and she was wearing all yellow. Michael Davern said, “Four sections, speed work, speed climbing. Lots of one-to-one work and recovery, two Tabata sessions. The last with 20 on, 10 off, repeated 10 times. I think we only did 7 of the 10 as time ran out. Thank God. Lots of Robinisms, but not too much. Good luck.”

Just jump in and listen to your body. Take a little step at a time. Share on X

We have new split training classes for beginners.

I thought that the artwork and Assal, like how she did this was great. She came out with her first split training program in German and it’s all about strength, but then they took this photo together and I thought that was great. Actual spit splits are not included and this week, there are a lot of new classes coming out that are all for beginners. If you haven’t gotten a chance to check this class or this set of classes out, you should definitely do that. Lots of new stuff are coming out.

Finally, we have a new Peloton challenge available that incorporates Lululemon.

Peloton and Lulu are starting the year by giving you a chance to get a special badge that’s called Move for You. You earn it by taking five or more moves for your classes. You have to do it somewhere between January 10th and January 19th. They have special classes for that and I’m curious to see how people like it.

We’ll keep an eye out for that.


Finally, we have three birthdays this week. First up is Cliff Dwenger on January 19th.

Happy birthday, Cliff.

Ben Alldis on January 22nd, and Logan Aldridge on January 25th. Happy birthday, guys.

It’s all guys this week, Cliff, Ben, and Logan. Happy birthday. That’s interesting. We have German, American, and British all there. Several different countries.

Very evenly distributed.

Very nice. We’ve seen Australia and a little Austria. We have everything.

Coming up after this, we’re going to talk to Mandy Rose. She was the person who famously helped Tunde complete the New York City Marathon. She’s going to tell us that story first hand so stick around.


Joining us now is Mandy Rose. Mandy, how is it going?

Good. How are you guys? Thanks for having me.

We’re so excited to have you here. I wanted to start with a little bit of your Peloton background. When did you get your first piece of Peloton equipment or start doing Peloton workouts? Whichever came first.

November 9th or something. It’s been three years since I got the bike. I started with the bike.

That’s crazy. We’re in 2023 and now that people have started getting the bike during the pandemic and it’s three years later, my brain is still having trouble with the fact that that’s been three years.

When she said that, I was like, “So pre-pandemic.” I looked down at the date in the corner of my computer and I was like, “That’s not true at all.”

The Clip Out | Mandy Rose | Peloton


Was the pandemic your impetus to get it, or had your eye on it for a while, a little of both?

I had my eye on it, but I was a longtime triathlete. I was training actually for an Ironman when everything shut down. I regrouped, gave myself some time, and then took the plunge.

The plunge and the pedal and the run.

I see a Peloton treadmill next to you. When did you get your tread?

I got that a little over two years ago.

You were all in pretty quickly.

Once I make a decision, I go in.

If they had a pool, would you buy that too?

I’ll think about it.

I would too. I would pretend to think about it. Are you still doing triathlons now?

No, I decided to retire from that. I’m just running mostly nowadays.

It’s a big commitment. Especially the Ironman you were training for. That is a lot of hours of training. I’m always impressed by people who do that. I say that with a sense of jealousy to people who can commit that many hours to training. I wish that I could, but it’s also exhausting.

It’s a lot.

Did you get to finish that Ironman? I know things got weird.

No, I did three previously and that was my fourth. We never made it happen. I went out with three and I’m cool with that.

No shame in that.

One time or half, anything you do. I have to know if you got the Ironman tattoo though. I always see those.

I do.

I don’t blame you. I would too. If I finished that bad boy, I’d be like, “Let’s do it.”

Do they make you show any receipts or does that tattoo artist just put that on anybody?

Maybe they should, but no.

The Clip Out | Mandy Rose | Peloton


Most recently, you came on our radar for being in the New York City marathon. You had a big moment with Tunde, which has been everywhere, including Access Hollywood. I have so many questions, but my first question is, what did you think or what went through your head when you saw Tunde struggling at the end? I’m curious.

Should we retell the story for people who are not aware of it?

I forget, not everybody is in my head. Maybe Mandy, you tell the story.

How about the person who lived it?

I went into the New York City Marathon with the attitude of taking it as a tour, just soaking it all in. I’m a small-town person. New York City is very much out of my comfort zone and my norm. I didn’t have any time goals. I just wanted to experience it. I ran the race and had a great time. Towards the last mile or a half mile or so I was approaching Tunde and her hair was very distinctive. I thought she was walking. I’ve been in that spot many times. This is my 18th marathon. It’s a lonely hard spot to be in. I encouraged her and we finished together, and it was amazing.

You’re downplaying what you did for her. I get it because you’re like, “What else are you going to do?” Honestly, my first thought when I saw Tunde’s post was you saw her standing there and you went up to her. It is a very lonely moment, but it’s also a very vulnerable moment. I am so impressed that you went up to her because I would have been scared too. I wouldn’t know where she sat in her head. That’s why I am like, “What made you decide or what went through your head to be like, ‘I’m going to say something?’”

I’ve thought of that many times. At that moment, she was Tunde from Peloton, who I admire greatly, but she was also a runner who needed a little help. When you’ve done a few, you know the look they give you. She gave me the look like she just needed a little boost. I decided to stick with her. I didn’t know at the time if it was the right decision. I was like, “I hope I’m not being annoying.” When we finished, that was incredible. The best hug I’ve ever had.

It looked like a super intense you-saved-my-life hug. It looked like that.

It was awesome. Right after we separated at the end, I got my phone out and I called my husband. I’m like, “I just finished the race with Tunde.” He is like, “Are you hallucinating?” “No.” I was very happy with some cool pictures and videos that came out. He saw that II was not hallucinating.

How did somebody capture that? It looked like it was drone footage that Tunde had shown on her phone.

It’s like the continuous feed of the finish line. One of my friends had got it too. The one she posted was from Kendall. Kendall had sent me an extremely sweet message and had captured it and sent it to her.

That’s fascinating.

It’s a great reminder for people. Everybody who struggles feels like they’re the only one who struggles. To see a Peloton instructor who is in great shape having a moment like that is very humanizing. Just because you’re good in one area doesn’t mean that you’re going to excel in another. I don’t mean like she didn’t do a good job.

It wasn’t easy for her.

It’s a different skillset than riding the bike. It’s a different skillset than strength. We all have areas where we’re good or better than other areas even mythical Peloton instructors.

Can you put in perspective for those of us who don’t use the metric system, how far is 800 meters? She said it was 800 meters, but I was having trouble picturing it. Could you see the finish line?

When I first came upon her, I didn’t think we could quite finish it. I have done the Central Park shakeout run with Becs. I knew where we were. Otherwise, I would’ve had no idea. I knew it was just over the hill and it’s a hill. It’s extra punishment because you’re running up a hill. It’s about a half mile or something like that.

Thank you for that visual.

That would be once you had recuperated, it’s maddening to think you got that close and stopped.

She would’ve been mad at herself.

She got it done and what a huge accomplishment for her to get her first marathon done on such an insane level at New York too.

The Clip Out | Mandy Rose | Peloton


It wasn’t like that was a slouch of a time. It was 4 hours and 20 minutes. That’s crazy for the very first time doing it, never having run that distance before, etc. You said this is your 18th marathon. You had not done New York before. You said you’re from a small town. Have you done any of the other world majors? Have you done any other marathons we might’ve heard of?

I’ve done Twin Cities several times and then Boston. Other than that, mostly smaller ones.

Did you qualify for Boston? That’s fast.


You’re fast. That’s hard.

I was hoping to run New York much faster, but I ended up with a hamstringing injury in August. That’s where I had a whole different plan going into this race and it worked out very well.

You finished next to Tunde.

My guess is you can probably get off the waitlist for studio classes if you want to go.

I have no idea.

“Remember me?”

Mandy seems like she would be uncomfortable pulling that card. I don’t blame you, Mandy.

She was uncomfortable just at me making that joke.

Have you been to the studio before to take any classes?

Marathon week, I did a ride with Camilla. That was super fun. My daughter is sixteen. We did a run with Andy the day before the marathon. That was our first studio experience and it was so fun. It couldn’t have been better. Ever since, it worked out perfectly.

For all the people who struggled to get into classes, it’s worth it. Keep trying is what you’re saying.

It’s super fun.

I think so, but I think everybody knows I’m biased.

As someone who was already an avid runner and then got a Peloton tread, was there a culture shock or shift in terms of how you train? I would think that you probably had a system where you had your playlist, an audiobook, or a podcast, and now you have an instructor. I’m just curious what that was like making that shift.

I went into it not expecting to enjoy the instructors. I’ve been doing this forever attitude. Becs has completely changed how I run. I had taken a lot of time off when I got the tread. There was a gap. I went from basically not running for a while to then running a race and qualifying for Boston and almost PR-ing with four months of training with Becs. The coaching in the community is life-changing.

What about what Becs did that’s different than what you were doing before? I’m super curious.

On my own at home, I was comfortable. You just get your miles in, you tread along, and you maybe push it once in a while. When you’re sitting in front of the metrics and having someone tell you like, “You need to push yourself,” you do. I found legs I didn’t know I had. I had a bit of speed before, but it’s much more enjoyable now. I love the community that comes with it. It’s much more than a treadmill and a bike.

The Clip Out | Mandy Rose | Peloton


That’s fascinating because I do think that there are a lot of people who have been running for years who think, “I know how to do this. What are you yapping at me?”

Especially hip workouts, I never would’ve done a hip workout before. I never did a hill on a treadmill before. Now it’s like, “Bring it on. I look forward to it.”

Now it’s just a challenge.

I feel like that’s something that Peloton should probably focus on more in a niche way. Not in their big commercials, but when they’re going to these marathons, they need to convince the avid runners who are already at an elite level that they have an offering for them. A lot of them are like, “I’m an elite athlete. You are for housewives.”

That was my take immediately and it was not the case. Something for that for sure.

What made you open to taking the class? Was it because you’d already taken bike classes and you knew that was fun? I’m curious if you felt like, “I’ve been doing this, I don’t need it.”

I’m also a big Ally Love fan and I was doing her Boss October. She was doing a live HIIT and Hills with Becs. That’s what turned me on to Becs. I was hooked. Getting the bike and then turning it into the run.

It gave you a sense of security that like, “If a bike ride is this fun and I already like running, then this should level that up.”

That’s fabulous. Do you think you will go after the Tread+ or are you going to stick with your tread?

I love the Plus. I had tried it originally in the store. When I got the bike and then it got recalled, I like the Tread, I have no complaints. It works perfectly, but I think the Plus is where it’s at.

It is. I always say the Tread is fine, it’s a good product, but the Tread+ is amazing.

I always say if she got me a Christmas gift and she asked what I thought of it, I said, “It’s fine.”

I want to circle back. How did the Access Hollywood thing come up? Did they contact you and they were like, “We want a surprise Tunde?”

They had emailed me within minutes of Tunde’s post because she works with them now, so it makes perfect sense. I wasn’t in New York anymore because I came home right away. We set up a Zoom meeting and I’m like, “If you guys want to talk to me, I’ll sit in a patient room and talk to you.” It’s so fun. It’s very unreal. I keep using the word surreal because it’s funny when people care so much.

I get that.

It’s a shame that Zoom exists because pre-Zoom, you probably would’ve got a free trip to New York.

It probably would’ve been like, “Come on back.” Do you have plans to try to get back into New York in 2024? Are you like, “I did that, I’m onto other marathons?” What are you thinking?

I don’t want to do New York every year. I’d like to go back and do some studio stuff maybe next summer or something like that. I have a 16 and 15-year-old daughters. In 2024, the 15-year-old will be 16, so she can do studio stuff too. I’ll probably do a small marathon here in the spring for a time. Susie Chan is another inspiration. I got into Ultras because of hers. They’ll probably do another one of those.

Susie is amazing.

You’ve done an Ultra?

The Clip Out | Mandy Rose | Peloton


It was a 50K so like Baby Ultra.

I thought you did something difficult. My apologies.

Not on a Susie Chan level Ultra. That’s all. It was awesome though. I’m super glad I did that and I never would have without her little inspiration.

She’s incredible. 50K is no joke. That’s a lot of miles. How does it compare in your mind to a marathon versus a half marathon? How are they different?

Half marathon or full marathon?

Versus the 50K.

The trail community is different. It’s not as focused on time. There are lots of snacks the whole way. Food, not just goos and grossness. More about soaking in nature. It’s very different and more relaxed. I liked the one I did. It was awesome. It’s a different vibe. We’re all runners, but trail running is a little different.

Which one did you do?

One in Minnesota. It’s at Afton. It’s like a ski area.

I was going to say that sounds like a good thing you were doing the hills. Those hills aren’t hidden. They’re right there where everybody can see it.

Not hidden hills, Tom. He keeps saying that HIIT in Hills is hidden hills.

I just realized that a month ago after seven years of the show people hadn’t been saying Hidden Hills.

We’d been saying HIIT and Hills.

Better late than never.

I was like, “That’s what they’ve been talking about.” What is your leaderboard name?

Mandy Rose.

That’s easy. I’m curious, as an avid runner, do you have any advice for people who are just getting the Peloton?

Just jump in and listen to your body take a few steps at a time. There’s something for everyone. That’s a big piece of it too. There are so many instructors. Many styles of music and styles of classes. Try something new. If you’re feeling stagnant or stuck, there’s always something different. The main thing is easing in and listening to your body. It’s never too late. Everyone can do this stuff.

Is there an instructor that you would like to rescue in the future?


Is there an instructor you would like to rescue you?

No. If anyone’s out there, I gladly will help again. It’s something I’ve done before. It’s how it works out. You have to put yourself out there and help out once in a while. I hope that when you’re in that spot, someone else can lift you too.

I remember one time I was running and this guy was like, “Stop looking down, look up.” It didn’t help me, it just made me mad.

The Clip Out | Mandy Rose | Peloton


That was one of my concerns when I approached her. I’m like, “Hopefully this isn’t too much.” It worked out.

What you did is a little different. I know that the person who said that to me was trying to be helpful too. That was all I had at that moment.

I completely get that.

I thought it was running the equivalent of, “You’d be a lot prettier if you smiled.”

It’s the worst.

Mandy, thank you so much for your time. We appreciate it.

Thank you so much for having me. I love following you guys on social. It’s fun to know what’s going on all the time.

It was fun to watch your moment. It was super exciting and sweet to see when Tunde posted it. It brought tears to my eyes. You could see the emotion in that hug that she gave you. I was glad that she shared it. We appreciate you sharing your part of the story here.

My pleasure.

Thank you so much.


I guess that brings this episode to a close. Until next time, where can people find you?

People can find me on Facebook at Facebook.com/crystaldokeefe. You can find me on all the socials and the Peloton leaderboard at @ClipOutCrystal.

You can find me on Facebook at Facebook.com/tomokeefe. You can find the show online at Facebook.com/TheClipOut. While you’re there, like the page and join the group. Don’t forget our Patreon where for $5 a month, you get all sorts of bonus content. You get ad-free episodes with a little extra. That’s it for this one. Thanks for tuning in and until next time, keep pedaling and running and rowing.


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