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241: Is The Peloton Guide Getting Delayed? Plus our interview with Shawn Woodbridge

TCO 241 | Health and Fitness


Peloton gets ranked as one of the best places in NYC to work.

  • John Mills joins us to discuss Apple Fitness+ latest additions.
  • Dr. Jenn – Overcoming a case of the “Idontwannas.”
  • Alex Toussaint was on the Steam Room podcast.
  • Robin Arzon was on WNYC’s Death, Sex, & Money podcast.
  • Robin’s new children’s book “Strong Mama” has been released.
  • talks to Cody Rigsby about Dry January.
  • Tunde makes InStyle’s Badass 50 list.
  • spotlights Chelsea Jackson Roberts & Ally Love.
  • Jess Simms is featured in InStyle and Insider.
  • Glory.Media sits down with Adrian Williams.
  • Jayvee Nava celebrates 8-years at Peloton.
  • Angelo joins us to discuss if menopause affects cyclical keto.
  • has some insight on the Lulu Lemon/Peloton lawsuit(s).
  • Shape Magazine has tips for buying a used Peloton.
  • The Peloton Prophet has a prediction about The Guide.
  • Peloton has a new competitor…Wondercise.
  • The latest Artist Series features Amy Winehouse.
  • Peloton teases their next Artist Series.
  • We have a past guest update about Jessica Menardy.
  • Crystal spotlights some of the new Peloton content.
  • There are new shoes for the bike available.
  • Peloton Apparel has a new drop with Adidas.
  • There’s a special Peloton Yoga playlist.
  • Birthdays – Cliff Dwenger (1/19)

All this plus our interview with Shawn Woodbridge.

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Is The Peloton Guide Getting Delayed? Plus our interview with Shawn Woodbridge

Good times at the O’Keeffe household, Casa de Clip Out. We’ve joined the COVID world. We’re good so far. We’re clean but my son got it. He is so mad at himself. He didn’t do anything. He’s been very vigilant. He even wears a KN95 mask everywhere he goes, and he is not happy. We’ve tested and we’re negative, for the moment.

I don’t know if he could hear Tom but that was him knocking on wood.

Now, we all wait.

It could be an interesting couple of weeks.

This is where we get the test the efficacy of what we purchased at the beginning of COVID. It’s one of those UV light air filters that go on our air conditioning or furnace and filtration system. We’ll see if that helps and we’ll keep him at a distance.

It’s a pretty open floor plan.

If the solution is like, “Hey, 17-year-old boy, stay in this other room and play video games,” that’s not a hard sell.

It’s what he does all the time.

I don’t even know if we’ll notice.

He’s crabby as F.

He’s very mad at the world right now.

I’ve been home with him all day.

Do you remember how excited you were to have a work from home job?

Now there are going to be kids here.

There you go. That’s what you get. I’ve got to go to work. What pray tell do you have in store for people this episode?

We’re going to have a visit with John Mills. He’s going to join us and we’re talking about some Peloton news that they were on LinkedIn, and some interesting Apple Fitness+ news. We have a visit from Dr. Jenn. She joins us to talk about overcoming a case of “I don’t wanna.” I know everyone can identify with that. Tom, that’s practically your entire mantra. We have a visit from MetPro. Does menopause affect cyclical keto? There is so much going on with the instructors. We’re going to hit all of the things and places that they are seen. We have an interesting discussion about Lululemon and Peloton. We have a visit from the Peloton Prophets. There are lots and lots of stuff to come.

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Before we get to all that, shameless plugs, don’t forget we’re available on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts. Wherever you find a podcast, you can find us. If you’re a Spotify user, you can now rate podcasts. If you want to scroll on up and give us a rating, that would be helpful. Hopefully, a good one. You can also leave us a review in lots of places, but we normally focus on Apple Podcasts, and we have a new review. This is from Barbie Girl Fish. It says, “Way to represent the Midwest. I wish you’d been on the air earlier. I purchased my bike in 2014. I was completely lost in the beginning. I tried to get Peloton information from everywhere. Your podcast would have been the best source of all things Peloton. I love listening to your show on my long commute home from Kansas to Kansas City. Crystal, Tom, John Mills, Dr. Jenn and Angelo, I cannot live without my weekly fix. You both do a great job of keeping it real. Keep making it great.” Thank you very much.

Thank you. That’s such a kind review.

It’s very nice of you. You can also find us on Facebook, While you’re there, like the page and join the group. If you were so inclined, you can watch these on YouTube, You can also sign up for our weekly newsletter at, where all the stories, links, pictures, and all that stuff will get sent directly to your inbox in a weekly digestible digest. There’s all that, let’s dig in. Shall we?

We shall.

Joining us is John Mills. How’s it going, John?

What’s happening? I’m ready to go.

I love that grandpa shark energy you bring. Thank you for being you.

I’ve got to come with that energy. That’s right.

Let’s jump right in. You’ve discovered that LinkedIn had a survey of the best places to work, and Peloton made the list.

I don’t know much about this site, but it’s Built In NYC. It’s a tech collaborative site where you go to post a job or look for a job. They talk about the tech industry or tech companies that were built out of New York. I was learning about the site as I found this posting from Peloton about their ranking. They’re ranked in there as one of the best places to work in NYC. The site based the ranking on some of the benefits that you get from working at Peloton like group workouts, 401(k) match, or things like that. They look for those employee benefits, and then they use those to rank them. Peloton was high up on the list.

It’s number 20, I believe. That’s pretty high in a city like New York.

In St. Louis, I don’t even know if we have twenty tech companies.

They said on the website that there are 1,300 people employed by Peloton locally. I thought that was an interesting number.

We should also point out that the picture that accompanies this article, you’re in it.

It’s funny. I remember the picture but I don’t remember some of the people that were in the picture.

I remember this picture being taken when Tom and I were talking to Ben and Leanne. I do remember this because I was jealous. I was watching everybody get assembled and I was like, “I want to be in the picture.”

Also, the Peloton Instagram account shared the photo of you talking to Ben and Leanne. I think that all’s well that ends well.

Ross Rayburn is in this picture. Tom Cortese is in this picture. There’s a gentleman right in the center, next to a lady that has her yellow hoodie on, to the left of Ross Rayburn. There’s a gentleman that has on a Peloton shirt and it’s black. He’s standing there holding a water bottle. I met him at the apparel sale. I got my picture taken with him too. He’s a Peloton employee as well. I don’t remember his name but I remember that he always listened to The Clip Out. He recognized me when I walked into the apparel store. He’s super nice. It’s funny because there’s a whole bunch of Peloton members in there, but there’s also a whole bunch of Peloton employees in that picture. I love that picture so much.

TCO 241 | Health and Fitness


I see the people I know like Jayvee, Denise, and other people in there, but then there are other people who I know their faces but I don’t know their names. It’s cool. That was fun.

That was a fun day. I don’t know if we’ll ever get to have those days again.

We’re racing towards herd immunity.

With 1.5 million cases, I don’t know when we’re going to get back to it.

I don’t either. We’re doing our part, John. We’ve got the COVID in our house. What do you get going on?

I’m not doing anything because I haven’t got COVID here yet. I need to get to it.

You are slacking. It’s nice to see a nice little positive story about Peloton.

That was cool, and then to see the imagery of the community was nice to see.

It’s funny that nobody caught this because it’s on LinkedIn and nobody pays attention to LinkedIn.

It’s weird because Peloton didn’t post it on their socials. They usually do. It’s fascinating. Everything about how they handled it is weird. I don’t even know what to say.

I was trying to ask that question like, “How come it’s only on LinkedIn?”

My theory is that Peloton is so sunburned from all the bad news. They see the story and they’re like, “What’s the catch? There’s a trick here.”

I saw somebody posting there like, “I think these things are all staged.” I feel like that’s where everybody is on everything that Peloton does. There’s always something negative. It doesn’t matter what they do.

When people post the bad articles about Peloton, I never see anybody say that they think it’s staged. There’s so much staging of all the things that back up the thing you already believe. Maybe you should think about the way you view the world. COVID isn’t the only pandemic, so is confirmation bias. Moving along, we’re talking about new Apple Fitness+ features that came out.

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I find this stuff fascinating because I look at the different capabilities that Apple Fitness+ is dropping. Not just them, also other players in the space. A lot of them are starting to overlap. They’re the same type of capabilities to some extent. It dropped and Apple Fitness+ now has this Time to Run. They already had what they call Time to Walk. It’s audio classes like Peloton outdoor where you’re walking but it’s a celebrity talking to you while you walk.

It’s not like they’re leading a class, they’re just chatting.

Apple Fitness+ announced Time to Run. Now they have the same content but now it’s for running. I suppose those are going to be a more structured class.

It’s the same conversation. They just played it at 1.5 speed. That’s all it is. They’re out of breath.

What’s interesting about that is they said that the Time to Run is going to be in locations around the world. If you’re just listening, what does it matter where that person is? I found that fascinating. Are they going to be telling you how nice things look in the surroundings?

That’s odd because without listening to one, and we all know I’m not going to, not just because I don’t have an iPhone, but what’s the difference from getting a brisk walk while listening to a podcast?

It’s because it’s connected to iFIT and they get downloads and they can count it as a class.

It was throwing me a little bit. That was something new. Maybe it’s their similar offering to actual Peloton scenic runs because you’re actually seeing something scenic.

That makes way more sense. I’m confused. I also see sugar Ray Leonard on here. I don’t know about 40 minutes of listening to an aging boxer talk to me. He’s taken a lot of blows to the head. I don’t know how he’s doing. Does anybody know?

I have no idea. When I first saw it, I thought it’s going to be these celebrities and they’re training you, but then I learned that the Time to Walk is they’re talking through stuff. I don’t know what stuff they’re talking about. Is it like a podcast?

This is how I picture it. Do you know when you go to see a celebrity and they start telling stories about whatever they were a celebrity about? It’s like when we saw Stevie Nicks and she told stories about how she wrote some of the songs and recorded with Tom Petty. I don’t know if that’s what it is but that’s what I’m picturing.

Maybe that’s it. I’ll probably never listen to one. Someone else will have to tell me.

Somebody out there, can you do the research because we’re not interested enough to go do it ourselves, but we’re a little curious.

We’re a little curious but not enough to listen. This is interesting to me. They have these artists spotlights for all of their classes, which are like the Peloton Artists Series. Different from how Peloton does it, they went, “We got artists series coming up for Ed Sheeran, Pharrell Williams, Shakira, and The Beatles.” They threw it all out there at one time, “Just get a look, they’re all coming.”

I do find that interesting. Do they think it’s not such a big deal? Peloton puts a lot of emphasis on it because if you go back in time in this timeline, Peloton got a lot of crap for their music issues. Apple walked into all of these, way after Peloton had already dealt with all of that and resolved it. Peloton elevates it as an experience like, “This is exciting for members. We’re going to make it a big deal. Apple has a different viewpoint. I don’t know which is right or wrong but I think they come at it from a completely different angle because they already have access to all these artists. It’s not that big of a deal to them.

That’s exactly how it felt to me. It’s not as if they’ve released those artists series on the 10th. They were just saying, “That’s coming. Here are all the artists.” It’s not going to be a shock to anybody. No surprise. It’s a completely different way of doing it.

Maybe they’re picking up on the fact that some people are tired of the way that Peloton hypes the artist series. Just a thought.

I was wondering about that too.

Do you think that Apple pays a different and better rate for music because of iTunes? They already have their own streaming service that they’re like, “You already have access to this on your phone. We don’t have to pay for it in the same way that Peloton does.”

It’s still a different way to stream it. We found out that whenever Peloton was going through this, part of the issue was how they were streaming it and how they were doing it. I am curious about that. Is Apple doing this in such a way it’s considered to be a performance in the way that Peloton was? Maybe that’s why they’re not making a big deal about it. Maybe it’s like, “We can’t make it into a performance the way Peloton does or we got to pay all this extra money.” There are lots of questions.

TCO 241 | Health and Fitness


There are so many gray areas in streaming licensing. It’s so hard to say but I’m certainly fascinated by if they get better rates because they have their own music streaming service and they can get away with it. Quite frankly, they have better leverage with the bands and the labels because of iTunes and Apple Music.

I never knew how complex and how intricate this licensing was. I started learning a little more about it as Peloton was going through its battles with the music industry. It could be anything.

We added more questions. We have zero answers.

Thanks for tuning in. We know nothing.

They got these twenty-minute core classes they’re dropping. That’s new. That sounded like a Peloton thing.

It’s a Peloton thing, so is Pilates and dance. They’re following right along.

They had this thing called Collections, which sounded like programs.

It’s when you don’t pay your bills.

The word sounds like programs but it also could be curated classes like, “We did all these five-minute barres.” To me, it sounds like they’re just grouping them in a different way than what Peloton does, but they’re slapping the same label. That’s what I hear. The longer I talk, the more I think that maybe I’m in a negative place now.

In fairness, you did test negative.

It’s true. I set up my whole day. I should’ve waited until after we recorded to dust.

A lot of that stuff seems to be lining up. A lot of that stuff, iFIT also provides.

All the big players are starting to do that. Tonal has all these different kinds of content. They’ve got barre, Pilates, yoga, and dance. They have all those things and I know iFIT does and doesn’t. Isn’t there another one that does? I hate to include Echelon because I don’t feel like they’re a serious competitor but they have tons of modalities as well. That’s the new thing, which is why they’re going to start buying each other. I still don’t think that Peloton is going to get bought but I do think that there’s going to be consolidation in the fitness industry because they’re all the same.

If Peloton has done it, it’s a given that Echelon will do it. We haven’t talked about this but Echelon’s CEO, his name is Fohn Joley. I don’t know if you know that. It’s crazy.

Did he go and change it legally?

They just found a guy named that. They were like, “You’re the CEO of Echelon now. Here’s your hat.” For some reason, they give him a hat with CEO on it, except it’s spelt wrong.

Does anyone take the dancing classes? It sounds like a lot of fun in theory.

There are people that do but I don’t think they do enough of them to make it a regular thing. It’s like an event, not part of your workout. Does that make sense? It’s not something where you’re like, “I plan to do a dance workout every week for the next 52 weeks of my workout.” You’re like, “New dance stuff dropped. I’ll throw it in here and there.” That’s how people seem to approach it. Also, they haven’t dropped anything for a while. The last time they did it was with Usher. There haven’t been any new ones for a while. If there has, it’s been very low key and I haven’t even noticed. I don’t think there’s enough of them to make it on a regular basis. You know there’s going to be so many bike classes every day. You know there’s going to be so many run classes, but you don’t know when those dance classes are going to drop. That’s my thought.

When I see people post after taking the dance classes, I’m always like, “That looked like fun.” When I see the small ads that Peloton puts out with them trying to learn to move, I’m like, “That looked like fun.” When I’m done working at the end of the day and I go into the workout space, what comes to my mind is like, “Let me take one of these dance classes.” I just never do.

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I’ve tried the dance classes and through no fault of the Peloton instructors, I can’t learn them very well. I can do them but I don’t find them as fun as I do other classes because I’m not good at it. It’s impossible for them to go slow enough for me to learn it. We’re going to have to do this about 50 more times before I have it. It’s not fun to do that many times.

You’re always four steps behind. I took a dance cardio thing on Tonal one time by accident. I didn’t know that’s what it was and I’ve never felt stupider. I was like, “Never again.”

I’m one of those people that I don’t want to stop until I figure out whatever it is I’m trying to figure out. That was the frustrating part. Cody was doing these moves when it first dropped a year ago and I couldn’t figure it out, then they were moving on to the next thing. I was all set.

It’s the simplest thing that I cannot do. A body roll, I cannot do it. It’s uncomfortable how bad I am at it. It shouldn’t be that hard. I look at them and I’m like, “I got it.” I try to do it and my body is like, “We don’t do that.”

You’ve seen how the Irish dance. It’s from the knees down.

That is how I am built to dance. It’s not good. I see these people making these TikToks and I’m like, “That’s what they meant to do.” I don’t have that talent. It’s not here.

The one dance class that I thought was not worth taking, just watching, wasn’t even a Peloton one. I saw an ad once on Instagram. I can’t remember if it was Apple Fitness+ or Echelon. It was months ago. I saw it as competitive stuff. They saw Peloton dropping their stuff, so they wanted to drop something. They were doing a breakdance.

I remember that. It was Echelon. I was like, “Somebody’s going to die.” The treadmill has been recalled for safety, and they’re releasing breakdancing classes. The world has lost its mind.

Whoever can do that class is like Ozone or somebody. I can’t do any of that.

Something would get broken, and most likely it would be my head if I even tried.

John, thank you so much for joining us. Until next time, where can people find you?

They can find me on my Facebook page or group, Run, Lift and Live. They can find me on Instagram @RunLiftAndLive. They can find me on TikTok Run, Lift and Live, or they can find me at

Thank you.

We’ve been having lots of fun with the new Sonos Roam.

It’s so cool.

TCO 241 | Health and Fitness


It’s portable and nice. You use it on the bike all the time and it drowns out my headphones. It was nice when we had people over on Christmas Eve. We had family over and we brought it upstairs and played Christmas music on it.

What’s cool about it is it’s super simple. It’s around 6 inches long cylindrical. I could easily carry it up the stairs, plop it down, and it’s already connected to my phone. I could just play our playlist, and it immediately got added to our wonderful speaker system. You can add it to existing speakers.

Since it’s voice-activated, I could make it skip whenever all of a sudden my fancy Christmas playlist would pull up a Reel Big Fish Christmas song and I’m like, “My sister doesn’t want to hear that.”

It also has Sonos Radio. I love that because if you didn’t have a fancy playlist attached to it, you can listen to their existing ones. You don’t have to think and sometimes I need to not think. It’s great.

Especially at Christmas time and holidays or even not at the holidays, not thinking can actually be fun. If you want to check it out for yourself, go to to learn more.

Joining us once again is Dr. Jenn Mann, licensed marriage, family and child therapist, and sports psychology consultant. You may know her from VH1’s Couples Therapy with Dr. Jenn or VH1’s Family Therapy with Dr. Jenn, or her long-running radio show, The Dr. Jenn Show. She’s written four bestselling books including The Relationship Fix: Dr. Jenn’s 6-Step Guide to Improving Communication, Connection, and Intimacy. It’s Dr. Jenn.


I miss those shows. Those are so good. This question comes from Christina Riviero. She starts off by letting us know that she is embarrassed about this question. She says, “I can’t swim. I’ve always had a phobia and a strong fear of water. I’ve been trying to deal with that because whether I like swimming or not, I actually think it’s important. I see it as a survival skill rather than a workout. We have a pool in my house and we live by a lake. I’ve been taking swimming lessons privately and in groups but I still struggle to set a positive mindset. In class, I’m constantly looking at the clock. How do you accomplish something you don’t like or enjoy but know it’s necessary and that you’ll benefit from it?”

This is a fascinating question to me. The first thing that I would want to know is what happened that made swimming so scary for her. It’s important whether it is a trauma that she experienced or maybe a TV show she watched as a kid that left an imprint or something that someone said to her when she was younger. Clearly, there’s a connection for her about danger in swimming. I would say that one important thing for her to do is to explore that, ideally in some therapy or some short-term therapy meeting with someone who specializes in phobias. This does sound more like a phobia than just someone who doesn’t like swimming. It sounds like there’s enormous anxiety associated with this. Working through anything where she got these negative messages and then working on changing whatever it is, the self-talk that she has about swimming, whether it is, “I’m going to drown or something bad is going to happen.”

I also do believe that sometimes we need to listen to our instincts and that this is an important thing. She doesn’t have to love swimming. She doesn’t have to become a triathlete where she actually partakes in swimming competitions and stuff. I do think that she’s right on that this is a skill. If God forbid she falls into a pool, she wants to be able to at least swim out. She doesn’t have to love it. She doesn’t have to enjoy it. I do think that working past the anxiety will help her be safer when it comes to water. I don’t think you got to swim in a lake. I think that you swim in a pool and you master the skill enough so if you were to fall out of a boat or fall into a pool, you can handle it. That’s good enough. Working through the emotional trauma that’s connected to this is key.

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That makes a lot of sense. When I was growing up, my mom was always scared of water and she tried hard not to pass that on to us kids. She would say that she had a bad experience when she was younger and that’s what triggered it for her. To this day, she still does not like water at all. She can swim but she doesn’t like to.

We get these incredible imprints in our psyche when we have a traumatic experience like that. It’s important to work through it so that trauma doesn’t own us.

I know how to swim and I would go swimming all the time as a kid, then I went decades without swimming. When we were on vacation and I tried to snorkel, I can’t do it. I had a full-fledged panic attack when I try to put my face in the water. Nothing happened to me. It didn’t use to be a thing but it’s a thing now.

Also, sometimes it’s about control. Sometimes we become more claustrophobic as we get older. As we get older in general, we feel our mortality more than ever. In the past years, especially with COVID that a lot of people have lost people, we all feel more vulnerable. We’re all a lot more in touch with our mortality in a different way.

That’s sad but true.

Thank you so much for joining us. Until next time, where can people find you?

You can find my weekly column in InStyle magazine. It’s called Hump Day with Dr. Jenn. It’s all about sex and relationship where I give advice. You can also find me on all social media @DrJennMann. I do post all of my Peloton workouts on my Insta Story.

Thank you.

Alex Toussaint was on The Steam Room podcast.

I don’t know much about it because it has to do with sports.

I guess it’s basketball because there’s Charles Barkley. I only know because he once played basketball against Godzilla. That’s why that’s in my head.

It’s pretty cool that he is on this podcast. Congrats to Alex for being on that. I’ve heard good things from the people that have had a chance to listen.

While we’re figuring out who was on what podcast, Robin Arzon was on an NPR podcast, Death, Sex & Money. Two of those things I enjoy.

She’s giving a pep talk for the new year. If you need a neat Robin inspiration, you definitely want to check this out.

TCO 241 | Health and Fitness


While we’re talking about Robin, try to segue this.

I got to say this was a big deal because this was the official release of Strong Mama, her book. It was a very big deal. Peloton even posted something about how proud they were of her and tons and tons of well-wishes. That’s her second book, her first children’s book. It’s pretty cool. spoke with Cody Rigsby about Dry January.

I liked how they did this because it’s an advertisement for Pure Leaf. What they did is they turned it into an interview. They talked about mocktails and why it’s important and why it’s important to have Dry January for Cody. He talked about how it’s an act of self-care in his opinion. He gave a recipe for one of his mocktails using Pure Leaf tea. It is for sure a commercial but they did so much more with it. I appreciate that.

InStyle magazine had their Badass 50.

Tunde is down at number 20. They do this list twice a year and Tunde made the list. She is of course a badass. There’s no doubt. If you’ve heard Tunde talk even for two seconds, you know she’s a badass. If you just see her and how she exudes energy and happiness, you know she’s a badass. She specifically is highlighted because she went from a person as a child who did not make sports teams that she tried out for in her teenage years. Now she is partnered with Nike and she’s releasing her book called Speak. She is working to create a more inclusive community for sport and invite women and young girls into the space. It’s amazing what she has done in her lifetime. She is absolutely badass and deserving to be on this list.

Black Girl Nerds has an article, 5 Black Female Fitness Divas You Need to Get to Know in 2022, and Peloton has two on that.

Chelsea Jackson Roberts is on there and she does a little thing about yoga. Ally Love is also on there. That’s amazing that they both got highlighted for what they do. Chelsea talked about her love of yoga and how it’s so important for people to move, and how she likes being inclusive for people, and inviting people who don’t think of themselves as yogis. She’s really accessible. If you haven’t tried a class with her, please do.

My only quibble with that is I don’t know that I would consider either of them to be nerds.

I think that that’s the name of the outlet, not the name of the group.

It’s on a nerd website. I would think that they’re like, “These are people from our nerd world.” They don’t seem nerdy. I can say that I’m a nerd.

That’s fair.

You agreed pretty readily with me being a nerd.

You are certainly a nerd. It’s okay. I’ve always gone for nerds. I’m very comfortable with my nerd status.

InStyle magazine has a piece from Michelle K. They are over there talking up to Jess Sims.

She was talking about the fitness phrases that she hates. There’s one that actually motivates her. It’s funny because if you go through here, she hears these and sometimes there are lots of things out there that you hear that are not good. Sometimes I hear the ones and some of our instructors say that how you do anything is how you do everything. Not all days are like that. Dr. Jenn has talked about that. Sometimes you got to take it easy. Sometimes you got to do that. Sometimes you got to challenge yourself. One of the ones that she doesn’t like is “Never miss a Monday.” She says that it implies Monday as a magical day. The quote is like, “No, it’s not.” I can so hear her saying that.

TCO 241 | Health and Fitness


This is a good point. Not everybody starts to work on a Monday. Not everybody’s Monday is a Monday. I say that all the time at work. They’d be like, “Have a good weekend.” I’m like, “I’ve got two concerts this week. I don’t have a weekend.”

I agree with that because our weekends are so jam-packed that a lot of times on Mondays, I’m like, “I need to chill.” I think it’s great.

While we’re in the world of Jess Sims, she was featured on

She talked about her favorite exercises being single deadlifts and push-ups to build strength and prevent injury. This makes perfect sense to me because they build large muscle groups and they’re also moving lots of muscle groups. You’re working a lot of things at the same time and it’s good mobility. It’s going to help you get stronger and decrease the opportunity to get injured.

A website called talked to Adrian Williams.

He gave some tips for new year’s fitness goals. It’s the usual things that we hear, but he talked about how we’re doing less. We’re connecting with people less. It’s super important to have fun and maybe take 30 minutes to yourself a day and try to move. It’s just getting into that habit, but if you’re starting from scratch, it’s super important. I also think that we should take a moment and recognize that Jayvee Nava has been working for Peloton for many years. She had her eighth anniversary. She posted a little montage video on Instagram. That was amazing. some of the highlights. There’s been so many, but we wanted to say, congratulations to Jayvee.

We had to struggle with where to put this because it could also be a past guest update.

I know. There are so many places.

Joining us once again is Angelo for MetPro here to answer your nutrition questions.

Hi, guys.

I have a very challenging question. I feel like it’s more of a set of questions. I’m going to ask you to boil it down. This comes from Mia. She wants to know if you can say a little bit about cyclical keto. She’s finding that she needs some carbs to maintain her cardio on the bicycle. Otherwise, the rides have been tough. She said, “I also did not lose much weight on keto now that I’ve hit menopause. I’m trying to be comfortable with my current weight as long as I’m feeling strong and healthy. I’m wanting to stay on the low carb as much as possible through the holidays though because I can get into trouble.” Is there a way to tell her this is why she needs MetPro?

There are five questions in there and they’re all excellent questions. This is why things have to be individualized. Here’s the short answer that I can give it. You have played a number of cards. You’ve taken some sciences and you’ve implemented multiple sciences at once, but you mentioned that it’s not getting you quite where you want to be. We have to take you out of the carb sensitivity temporarily. That way we can once again manipulate your intake, your diet, your carbs, and your calories to create enough contrast to force your body to progress again. When is the time to do it? It sounds like you’re worried about the time of year, the time to make a whole bunch of changes is right now. Maybe not. That way you don’t go in left field in the coming weeks.

The first thing you mentioned is cyclical keto. What that means is you’re having fewer carbs on certain days and more carbs on other days. That is a science that is effective, but there’s a huge caveat. It is only effective if you are one of those people that are hyper dedicated to it. If you’re the type of person that’s good for 3, 4 days, and then you have an off day because you’re social and busy, it completely undermines the science at play with cyclical keto. You end up with a diet plan that has a little bit of an identity crisis. We’d better off implementing a different strategy.

What’s happened with keto or let’s call it low carb is that is a potent tool but remember it’s just a too. Once your body acclimates to it, you have to re-adjust. If you’re used to cutting carbs, cutting a little more isn’t going to produce a large change. What we have to do is we have to get your body acclimated to more gradually so we can cut the largest swath at once. That’s the type of thing I’d be looking into ways of helping you with if I had a little more background.

Finally, you do need carbs for cardio, which is why any sort of cyclical keto is tougher for endurance athletes. In general, I like more routine and consistent things, adjusting things on a macro instead of microcycle, because you will need to have those carbs if your intention is to increase your performance. Before your activities, you’re going to want to put at least the bulk of whatever carbs you have scheduled for that day because calories or carbs that you haven’t yet eaten can’t help you. Take some out of other parts of the day and put it before your physical activity, your runs, your rides, etc. That will help a little bit.

Overall, I would nudge you towards stabilizing to a medium intake of consistent carbs, and then picking a modality from there to push your advantage to create enough contrast in your routine, to either get a little bit more body fat composition changes, weight loss, or performance, whatever your primary goals are. Mia, give us a call. I’ll personally hop on the phone with you because you do have a lot going on. I’d be happy to visit with a little bit more in-depth if you’d like.

That’s a special offer, Mia.

Where can they go if other people would like to have these sorts of things tailored for them? Maybe not by you personally, but the other people in your stable of helpers which Crystal is now one., go there and our consultants will actually talk to you. It’s not a call center. We’ll actually talk to you and hear what your scenario is. That way we can give you pertinent advice. had a fascinating article about Lululemon and the Peloton lawsuit.

I know everybody knows Lululemon is suing Peloton, and Peloton is suing Lululemon. We all know that. The interesting thing in this article is it’s about more than whose clothes look like whose. It’s also about where do they file the lawsuit? Do you remember when Lululemon sent a cease and desist to Peloton? Peloton’s response was, “Give us some time. We need a little more time.” They then went and filed a lawsuit. That was their response instead of ceasing. Lululemon is saying that Peloton did that on purpose and specifically so that they could file a lawsuit in New York as opposed to where Lululemon would want it, which is in California.

TCO 241 | Health and Fitness


That’s more favorable to them.

The fascinating part is why they say they have a reason for this. They say that Peloton actually has more stores in California than any other state. I think they said thirteen. Because of that, all of their decisions on fashion and everything is actually decisions made in California. Therefore, it is not applicable to be filing a lawsuit in New York. I think that is a huge stretch because if there is not a corporate office in California making these decisions and they are made in New York, I don’t think that it’s fair for Lululemon to say that. Why do they care so much? I was reading through this and it seemed to me that there’s a little bit of reading between the lines that because of where it gets filed, there’s a little bit more latitude towards who’s going to get favored. I don’t know if that’s actually true.

Sometimes there are caps on damages in one state but not another. It could be that as well. I’m just spitballing but that could also be driving.

The other interesting thing is Peloton has filed in New York. They filed basically saying, “Dismiss Lululemon’s claims outright before they can sue us.” That was their filing. If that does get dismissed or if the courts come back and say, “Peloton, you can’t do this,” then the lawsuit that Lululemon has put out on Peloton would still be out there. Peloton would have to answer that one still. Even if this gets moved, it doesn’t matter. There’s still a lawsuit on top of a lawsuit. It’s so complex. This is going to take a while unless they settle. That’s the only way this is going away.

The aforementioned Michelle K is back at Shape. She has an interesting article about what to consider before buying a used Peloton, which I’m sure is something a lot of people kick around.

It’s fascinating to see stuff like this because when you’ve been in the Peloton community as long as we have, we’ve talked about this ad nauseam. There are so many new people in the community that have not talked about it at all.

Here’s the thing. If you’re not buying a Peloton, you’re not part of the community yet. It seems obvious sometimes to us because we’re in it, but by virtue of definition, they’re not in it.

This is a very well written article. It talks about what you need to consider. Do you get to keep your warranty? Spoiler alert, no. It does not transfer. She also talks about if you’re buying it, here are some good places to buy it from. Here are some places to think about. Here are some considerations you should take, like step-by-step what you should look for when you’re buying used equipment. She talks about how to set it up when you’re done. It’s very easy to do that. If you ever bought Peloton equipment, you know how easy that is. This is a very well written article. Michelle delivers once again.

A visit from the Peloton Prophet is always exciting. What does he or she have to say?

The Peloton Prophet has some sad news. The Peloton Guide was supposed to come out at the end of January 2022. We are hearing from the Peloton Prophet that it’s been delayed. The newest date that we’re likely to see this is in April. The positive is maybe we’re going to see some new features. I know people have been field testing and that’s why they’re not releasing it. I don’t think that’s all there is to it. Some of the features they wanted to originally put in there, they’ve been testing this whole time.


There’s going to be iterations of this because the Peloton Guide was never meant to be a one and done thing. We drop it and we’re done. It was always meant to be something that gets added onto. I’ve alluded to that. If you have specific questions, go back to old episodes or reach out to me. It’s not going to be a one and done. You’re going to see iterations of this be tested over time. I also think that because of the feedback that came in, maybe they were like, “Let’s make sure we get the pieces that we are putting out really good and crisp.” I think that it’s going to be a good thing that they’re waiting. That’s my hope. Thank you to the prophet.

A company called Wondercise has a cheap Peloton rival like an exercise Transformer.

I am fascinated by this thing. Do I think this is a good thing to purchase? No, not really.

It’s cheap. I don’t know if that means low-cost or a piece of junk.

I don’t know either. That will remain to be seen. The interesting thing about it is that it is positive. They did something unique. This is not a Peloton knockoff. Whether you like it or you don’t, it’s not exactly the same. Thank God for that. I’m so tired of that. I’m so bored by that. The interesting thing about this is it has four different positions. You can ride this thing.

You had my curiosity, but now you have my attention.

You can ride this thing almost like a chair or a recumbent bike. You can do that in two different ways. You flip it over and ride it like a sit-up bike.

You can ride like you’re pooping.

That’s the recumbent bike part. You flip it over and you are riding like you ride a Peloton but at the weirdest angle.

If you could take one of those things up the stairs and poop, that would be the best. Talk about efficiency.

It’s also interesting that this doesn’t have any tablets. It only works if you’re casting to a TV, which I don’t think is a bad thing. I think this is actually smart. Will it go anywhere? I don’t know because you have to have all these trackers. It looks so uncomfortable.

It looks like something from 30 years ago that’s like, “This is what they will exercise on the future,” and then we don’t.

There have been some comments that have come my way that perhaps you might make some connections and you might have some jokes about what that looks like. Some women feel like they would never be able to workout in that position because their significant others may not leave them alone. Let’s leave it like that.

TCO 241 | Health and Fitness


That’s a good situation to have with your significant other. If you want to be on a display like that, your significant other doesn’t look twice.

No, but if you want to get a workout in and you have a limited amount of time.

You’ll still get a workout in if you’re doing it right. Not to toot my own horn.

It will be interesting to see if this goes anywhere. This was at CES and it caught my eye.

If you want your significant other to leave you alone, then just flip it around and do the one where you’re pooping. Chances are they’ll leave you alone. It’s not foolproof. There are a few out there, but most people will probably leave you alone at that point. If not, let us know and we’ll have Dan Savage back on.

You guys can talk it out.

The latest Artists Series will feature Amy Winehouse.

It starts now. I’m sure people are taking classes as we speak.

I just know the one song. Does she have more than one album? I honestly don’t know.

I don’t know how many albums she had. She definitely had more than one hit. I know that she had several songs I liked but it’s been so long. Can you believe she’s been gone so long already? She was so young, so talented, so sad.

Peloton dropped a teaser for a new Artist Series.

It says, “He finally lands on January 19th.”

I think it’s David Bowie.

It’s got to be David Bowie with those shoes.

I was thinking because it was a star man thing and the platform boots. I was thinking like, “It could also be Elton John, Rocket Man. He wore shoes like that but they’ve already done Elton John.

Doesn’t David Bowie sing the Ground Control to Major Tom? I feel that it’s going to be that album.

Also, this teaser was dropped on his birthday.

That’s the other thing. I think they were following what they did with Taylor Swift there.

This is the new game they like to play with little clues. Not that that’s a super difficult clue to figure out but that’s a way to make it fun with their hints and try to piece things together.

We will see on January 19th. has an article about how the rise of the celebrity instructor transformed our relationship with fitness. Why is this a past guest update?

It’s because Jessica Menardy is featured front and center in the first sentence.

She gets mentioned before Jess Sims.

Look at that, a star.

You’re damn right. My guess is that she was like, “If you would like to interview me, I have to get mentioned in the article before Jess Sims.”

I bet you she had a writer that she sent over. That makes sense.

I know what we had to go through to get her on the show. It was a lot.

We had jumped through hoops.

TCO 241 | Health and Fitness


I can’t imagine it was any easier for The Ringer.

In all sincerity, all jokes aside, congrats, Jess. This is cool. I love that she gives so much love to Jess Sims in this article. It’s a lot of fun.

She could have mentioned it in The Clip Out, but maybe in her next appearance.

Congrats. It’s cool.

There are lots of new classes.

It’s like new programs. They just added a lot in general. They added a whole new You Can Ride program, and then that Crush Your Core 2, which has been asked from us for so long. It finally dropped. They also had this whole running program, and it’s got fifteen-minute intervals, endurance and HIIT. If you’ve never taken any of those classes and you’re just getting started, this is the perfect way to start. There are lots of great new content.

You can also now buy brand new shoes. They have new shoes.

This has created controversy. It’s a pair of shoes. I had no idea it was going to create such a buzz. I thought people would be happy that they had another option but I was wrong. I don’t know. Maybe they all tested negative for COVID too. Honestly, people have points. I’m teasing but they have points. It’s pretty expensive for a cycling shoe. It’s $145. Road bikes shoes can go all the way up to $400 and $500 but for a spin shoe, this is on the high side. For example, Shimano’s that these shoes look almost exactly alike, they are half the price.

Do they say Peloton?

No, they do not. These are called the Altos or something like that. People are saying that they’re not sure about the price. I’ve been hearing that they are narrow. This is from people who tested it. This is not the final product that shipped. From people who tested it, I’m hearing that they were very narrow and the strap had trouble keeping their heel down. However, I’ve also heard from people who went to the store to try these on that they were incredibly comfortable, especially compared to the old-school white ones, the ones I still have. You can’t buy those white ones. You only could buy those white ones for two seconds after I was on Peloton and they switched to the black.

TCO 241 | Health and Fitness


You looked like Cousin Eddie in Christmas Vacation when you wear your white shoes.

I will never get rid of them because they are a piece of Peloton history. You cannot get them anywhere else but I’m going in and buying these shoes. I bought them and they are on the way because I think they look a lot nicer with the bike than those white ones. I want to try them out in my basement where no one can see me.

I should say because I know some people, a few, a sliver of our audience like when I throw in random pieces of pop culture information. When I was talking about Christmas Vacation, I thought I would share with people how Christmas Vacation is connected to The Clip Out.

The opening song in Christmas Vacation was sung by Mavis Staples. It sounds like an old-school Phil Spector Christmas song. It was written by Dr. Jenn’s parents.

Dr. Jenn’s parents have written a whole lot of songs.

They wrote You’ve Lost That Loving Feeling. They wrote two Monkees songs. They wrote Love Is Only Sleeping and Shades of Gray.

They are some talented folks.

While we’re talking about apparel, shoes are counted as apparel, right?

They’re not sold in the apparel store, so you’d think they’re on the accessories place but I get it.

There is a new Adidas Peloton stuff.

I don’t know what Peloton or Adidas is calling it. I know that everyone in the community is calling it the Minecraft edition. As a parent, I’m going to go with that. I’m in a Beyond Yoga place and I’m going to stay there. I did try the Adidas clothing, the very first one that came out. That just did not work for me because the gender-neutral stuff, it’s stiff and uncomfortable. It’s big and shapeless. It does not work for my body at all, but I have not heard anything on this one. I did hear on the last one that was green, there were mixed results. I am curious to see how this goes.


If you like your yoga music, you can now get yourself a yoga Spotify playlist.

I am totally going to do this because there is so much good music in the yoga classes. I always find songs I love in there and they’re great. They’re not something that I want to ride a bike to but they’re awesome for good relaxing music. I will definitely be going to check out the yoga by Peloton list.

Finally, there’s only one birthday on January 19th. It’s Cliff Dwenger’s.

He’s one of our German instructors. Because of that, I now have to take a class with him. I’ve tried taking some of the German classes, not necessarily with Cliff but in general. It’s just that I can’t do it because I can’t understand what they’re saying and I’m having issues with it. I do follow Cliff over on Instagram and I adore him. He is so much fun to follow. He has a little girl and a partner that he features on Instagram heavily, especially his little girl. She’s so cute. Happy birthday to Cliff. I hope you get to do something amazing with your adorable family.

Joining us is Shawn Woodbridge. How’s it going, Shawn?

It’s going well. I’m down here in Calabash, North Carolina. It’s on the border of North Carolina and South Carolina. It’s a lot warmer than where you are.

It was 64 here now.

The other day, it was a high of 40 because that’s how we roll in Missouri.

It was about ten days a year where you would use your heat and your air conditioning on the same day.

I don’t miss that coming from Kansas City. I have lived that life.


You said it’s warmer there. What temperature is it?

It’s going to be 72 on Saturday. That’s great. It was 30 and it reached a high of 60, but it’s not landlocked here. That’s what makes it a little more special. I live about four miles from the beach and I had been here for a few weeks.

I know this is a long journey for you but how did you originally find Peloton?

I had been looking at the bike in 2015 and I was like, “I would like to get this bike but I don’t have any place to put it.” I live in a small home. I was donating my kidney and I didn’t know how my health would be impacted after. In late 2015, I was tested to donate my kidney to my sister. As luck would have it, I was 100% matched, which is very unusual.

The surgery happened on January 16th, 2018. I had my bike ordered on March 7th, 2016. I had been an athlete my entire life as a cyclist and runner. I also spent 30 years in the Military, so if you’re not physically fit, you’re kicked out. I hopped on the Peloton in March and it’s been a huge part of my life since.

I feel like you’re a pillar of the community. You’ve been around in the Peloton world since the beginning. You’re OG to me.

I feel incredibly blessed to have some truly great friends through subgroups with the Peloton Road Riders. Tom, I don’t have a Tonal, but I am doing the hardcore calendar daily. I don’t know if I have caught up to you yet, but hardcore is great and multiple rides with my Road Rider friends up and down the East Coast. We have a great time.

We also have Matt and Christine join us occasionally. Back in the old days, you would have smaller group get-togethers in New York. Instructors would come and crash those parties. When you have the same mindset, you’re surrounded by people that love to do the same things you do. I feel utterly blessed and thankful that I found the Peloton because it is truly more than a bike.

You said that since you were in the Military, you were obviously fit because you needed to be. Do you feel that since you’ve had the Peloton, your fitness level has changed?

My fitness level, in terms of having to pivot, has changed. I had an injury in 2013 that kept me from running. I was initially a runner. My AOL account was ShawnRun but I have always been a multi in terms of sports like volleyball, softball and basketball. I have always loved the spin class. At the Pentagon, I would sneak away, go down and do the spin class in the Pentagon Athletic Center. I got to the point of spending the money to become an instructor, but I never closed the loop on that. Spinning has been a love of mine for a very long time.


Can you tell people what your leaderboard name is and how you came up with it?

I donated my kidney in January, and a fellow Army friend, Ramona, introduced me to a woman that I knew of because the Public Affairs community is a very small community. Kelly had donated her kidney two weeks prior. We’re sitting around a fire pit and drinking wine. Kelly and I came up with ArmyOfOneKidney.

I got that leaderboard name and Kelly has become a Peloton user. I don’t know what her leaderboard name is, but I have the one that we should be sharing. It was induced by wine, our love of the Army and generosity through organ donation. It’s one that people don’t forget, so I’ll never ever change it. Not like, “I got to change. Someone stole it.” I don’t want to ever get in that situation.

I don’t know that Peloton would be as helpful in this world as they were back then.

Those days are gone.

It’s ArmyOfOneKidney. If you see me out there, high five.

Do you have to prep before you donate? Do they have you do anything special or do you just roll in one day?

You roll in one day and say, “It’s me.” There was a psychological evaluation, which I was shocked that I passed. She knows that there was that.

Are you joking or were you shocked that you passed it?

I’m just joking. If you knew my family, they would probably say that I’m not joking. I don’t have a top-secret clearance anymore either, so I can be totally genuine and transparent. They do check your psychological and physical health. I was on the treadmill with the mask and all that. I was determined to make it to the end of that test the whole ten minutes.

I made it to eight minutes and they were amazed. They’re like, “No one does that.” Most of the people that they test are not healthy. There I am on that treadmill but I wanted to do the complete time, but eight minutes was great. They take a lot of blood. They took nine vials the first time and I came back the second time. It was fourteen. I thought, “They’re going to be done.” In January, they took 23 vials of blood.

It’s funny because my sister had Type 1 diabetes and had a kidney-pancreas transplant back in 2002. She was hit with the H1N1 flu in 2013 and almost died. It was tough because she had more surgeries than the years she’s been alive. She passed away sadly in 2018, but I gave her three additional years. I would never ever be sad that she didn’t live longer because she led a full life as much as possible during those three years. I say all that to say that I thought that if you put yourself as a donor on the driver’s license, that meant that you could be a living donor and they would call you. I didn’t realize that was for when you were in an accident and they wanted your eyes, heart, liver and lungs.

TCO 241 | Health and Fitness


I’m happy that I was a match because this was her second go around with that. She had a daughter and she’s now 25. She’s pretty much the love of my life and my child because I don’t have any. She is stuck with me. I didn’t think twice about it because I know not everyone has a positive experience with kidney or organ donation, but for the most part, it’s been smooth sailing. I haven’t had to adjust my lifestyle at all because exercise and health are important.

All of those things have always been a pillar in my life in terms of how I choose to live it because I want to do these things forever. In terms of the Peloton, working out, travel, and all those physical events, I thrive in that environment. It’s been a blessing to have the Peloton because you don’t have to leave your home. Now, we haven’t been able to leave our home in two years, so it’s been good. Being at home, you have the yoga, street training and all of these other things that I ignored. I rode the bike and ignored everything else.

Are you still ignoring those things or do you do them now?

No. I had a date with Dennis doing yoga. It was awesome. I couldn’t find my roller, so I didn’t have my date. I did the roller, but I’m like, “I need to do more of this.” For that small monthly fee and the initial expense of the bike, it’s a no-brainer.

It is a great value compared to what spin classes cost.

Shawn, when you mentioned the psychological impact that it has on people, is there something specific? I’ve never had been involved with organ transplants on either end, so I’m not sure what they’re looking for there.

I haven’t experienced this personally, but there were questions such as, “What if your recipient takes your kidney and you have no relationship with them? Would you be okay with that?” That does happen. Your best friend’s dad needs a kidney, you donate the kidney and for whatever reason, they feel guilty. Even my sister felt guilty a little bit because, towards the end, she said, “I can’t do this anymore. I can’t go back on dialysis.”

I would fly from LA back in the late ’90s to sit with her through dialysis. She had already gone through two rounds of that. She was doing it at night toward the end. It’s not a lifestyle. It’s not a great way to live. I said, “Christy, I gave this to you. This was a gift from me. I can certainly understand why you’re going to let your life and let God take its course.” That’s one of the questions. Another is, “What if you were to get ill in the future? How would you feel about that if you needed a kidney?” Those are some very hard and serious questions.

TCO 241 | Health and Fitness


If you need a kidney, don’t they bump you to the top of the donor list having done it? I thought that was one of the things that they do.

It’s like a food pyramid and I’m in the second layer. We are somewhat of a priority. The majority of donations go off without a hitch, but there are some that don’t. I’m thankful that I’m on the other side, at least at this point. One of the other things, too, is that you only have one kidney. In terms of processing protein, the kidney has to work harder. I can only take Tylenol. I can’t take Advil because Tylenol is processed through the liver and the others are processed through the kidneys.

That’s something that I don’t want to do on a regular basis because of the damage that it could cause to the kidney. They have a meeting of the minds to see based upon my situation with the psychological and health review. They sit around a table, the whole transplant team and they discuss whether or not you are a good candidate based upon all the factors.

That happened to George Lopez. His wife donated a kidney to him, and they ended up divorced.

I have to thank modern medicine for it to come along as it has. One thing that I did look up is that in 2019, there were 23,000 kidney organ donations. In 2019, there has been an increase, and it was seven years in a row that there had been a transplant increase like heart, liver, and stuff. I’m hoping that trend is continuing. Being able to talk about this with you on the show is amazing. I know that some people are scared.

I’ve been in the Military. I know what it’s like to be in a battle. My sister is battling for her life. If there was an opportunity to change a stranger’s life, I would have done the same thing. I feel fortunate that I’m the ArmyOfOneKidney. Jackie said, “Here we are. We’re out here cycling. You’re amazing. You only have one kidney.” It’s like, “She’s right.” I get back to life and keep on trucking. After the donation, you had phantom pain to where the kidney was. You won’t understand this Tom because you’re not a woman, but it was that monthly cramp. That’s what I would have. I’m like, “It’s not even there.”

TCO 241 | Health and Fitness


When you weigh yourself, do you add a pound like, “I weigh one pound more?”

I was hoping I would drop a lot of weight with that but that was one thing that I did struggle with afterward that Peloton helped me with was some weight gain. I don’t know if it was the adrenal gland and how that works. We’ve talked about Stronger You, Weight Watchers or any of those things to have that triad of health going again that I could drop the weight that I gained post-donation. I don’t know if that’s a standard thing, but for me, I did gain a bit afterward. I also got a lot of mileage out of it too. My orthodontist said that I have free entry into heaven because I donated my kidney. I used that with Chris, my husband. He’s like, “You’re going to have to do more than that.”

He’s a little tougher on you.

Imagine all you could get away with if it actually worked.

Whenever it comes to things like COVID, are you on a list of having to be more careful than the average person who has all their organs or not?

I should talk about my experience with the medical qualifications for getting the vaccine because I do have my booster. When South Carolina dropped the age to 55 and I retired. I had nothing better to do, I drove down to South Carolina, got my shot, and drove back to DC for seven and a half hours. I’m like, “I’ll come back.” I did that and got my second.

My general practitioner said that “You are in that category even though they don’t say you are.” I treat myself as if I am. I was very cautious in the beginning. I wear a mask when I should. Now that I’m living down in North Carolina, there are more lax circumstances, but I haven’t been out doing much.

My mom was pregnant with me and she lost one of her kidneys. Something else happened whenever she was giving birth. It was a very traumatic thing. She’s a little bit anxious besides the regular. Everybody’s anxious about COVID and she was also anxious. For the people in Missouri that had happened to be anxious, she’s one of them a little bit. I’m glad that she takes it seriously. We were having a conversation. She’s always been concerned about me donating a kidney ever needing to be in that circumstance because we have kidney disease in our family. She’s always been very anxious about that.

TCO 241 | Health and Fitness


The screening process would probably kick you out. They would be like, “If you have a family history of this, go ahead and keep both of yours just in case.”

Keep them both. It’s good to have two when you need them.

Before you moved and you used to do all the get-togethers in New York, do you have a favorite moment from getting to go to the studio?

Anytime you’re in the studio, it’s special. The first special time was when the Road Riders did the first event and there were 40 or 50 of us there. It was a whirlwind to meet these people in sweat in the studio with Matt. Matt had started the Power Zone Training. Christine came on, Dennis, Olivia and others. It was special because it was such a small posse of people. Even the first home riders’ invasions were much different than the last one that was there. It’s great that they tried to do it when we grew so big, but it lost that essence of intimacy.

It’s great that everyone knows Peloton now and who knows how many references I had given. I’ve gotten a lot of free clothes out of it. I can’t complain there. I miss those intimate moments, especially in the lounge area where you had one-on-one conversations with the instructors and then the photos. As a Road Rider, I had been out on the roads with Christine and Matt.

It’s so fun to get messages from riders saying, “I heard your shout out with Christine or Matt,” or they will see pictures of us out riding in Pennsylvania or down in South Carolina. We did Greenville the first weekend in October. It was the Hincapie. Even then, it’s so kind that Matt spends time with people. He holds a special place in our hearts and I know that we do his. Being an OG has its benefits, for sure.

Does that mean that Matt is your favorite instructor or is there another instructor?

I didn’t think I was the creature of habit. We had a plethora of options, but you see that Matt and Christine are my favorites but I also loved Jenn and Dennis, so those four. Out of the new crew, Hannah Frankson is awesome. I like to mix it up a little bit and expand to the yoga and the strength. I’m introduced to Becs. I love Rebecca and all of those folks. It’s great that when we have one-on-one coaching in our own homes. Tom, that’s where Tonal comes in. That’s where you feel your love.

TCO 241 | Health and Fitness


What do you mean? I don’t feel love. I’m dead on the inside.

With Tonal, do you have a leaderboard name?

It’s very creative. It’s Tom O’Keefe.

I thought it would be like Tonal Tom or something like that.

I did name him Tonal Tom. I put him on the leaderboard and he immediately went and changed it.

I thought it made it sound like I worked there. I’m like, “I’m not an employee.” It didn’t feel right. Alliteration is great, but I don’t work for Tonal. There’s probably a guy named Tom at Tonal. There’s got to be somewhere. He’s probably like, “I’m Tonal Tom.”

He should have gotten on the leaderboard. Shouldn’t he have?

He probably deserves it more because I don’t pay attention. I never picked that stuff.

That brings up a point. You have to find something that you love because I know that you’re not a Peloton lover.

Honestly, I don’t like cardio. The Tonal and Peloton, what they’ve created is great. Even though I don’t utilize it, I’m a fan. I can recognize the quality of it. I hate the cardio stuff.

Even though he sees results with Tonal, he feels the same way. He will do the Tonal, but he doesn’t enjoy it.

I can’t wait to do this the way you guys are about Peloton. I’m like, “I’m going to go do this now.”

We’ll be sitting there working out and I’ll be running on the tread or whatever. I’ll be like, “PR.” He gets a PR all the time and he’s like, “Did I?”

I don’t know what that meant. I was like, “Is that what that means?”

We need a Tom Tonal emoji.

I’m thoroughly unimpressed by the PR before Tonal because the whole point of Tonal is at a certain point, it increases your weight by a pound. Of course, you got a PR because it was time for another pound.

If you hadn’t been doing the work, it wouldn’t go up in weight. It is something to celebrate. We cannot come to an agreement on this.

I’m on the bike or running. You push yourself extra hard. We’re here a second. I’m lifting what they tell me to lift and one day, they’re like, “Why don’t you lift something that’s slightly heavier?” After that, they’re like, “Hooray.” I lifted something that was slightly heavier. It’s not like, “Put all your focus and put all your attention on this.”

His string score has gone up 200 points. Since he started doing MetPro and Tonal together and he started focusing on Tonal, he has gone up 150 points in his string score. He does not give himself enough credit.

In MetPro, you have to be more consistent about when you work out. I started working out with greater consistency. That’s going to do that.

There is a reaction to every action. It’s still worth celebrating.

I am Team Crystal on this one.

Do you have any advice for people who are starting off their fitness journey?

There are so many options out there. Start with what you love because there is a vast variety of trainers, classes and types of classes now. With boxing coming into play, that’s a huge thing for a lot of people and you saw that coming but just take it slow. Look at the pre-programmed Peloton programs for boxing, core and all of that. Take it one ride or one run at a time. Don’t overwhelm yourself. Start out small, but if you’re working out already, go for our power endurance ride with Matt on Saturdays.

TCO 241 | Health and Fitness


Thank you so much for joining us. Before we let you go, where can people find you if you would like to be found?

They can’t find me on Instagram because my account was stolen. I’m still trying to get that straightened out. When I was backpacking in the Grand Canyon, some decided to steal my Instagram account. I put Shawn Marie because people sometimes think I think I’m a guy. It’s Shawn Marie Woodbridge on Facebook and ArmyOfOneKidney as my handle on Peloton.

Thank you so much for taking time out of your day to join us. Thank you for your service and for your kidney donation.

You’re an amazing lady. Thank you for everything you do.

Thanks, Crystal and Tom. It’s been my pleasure sincerely.

I guess that brings this episode to a close. What pray tell do you have in store for people next episode?

A wonderful interview with Jim McCaffrey. You might remember, Tom, in 2021, we interviewed Andrea from the Infinite Love for Children and she rode for 24 hours straight. Jim is her VP of that organization and he is going to be riding in 2022. He shares his story and you got to listen.

Until next time, where can people find you?

People can find me on Facebook at They can find me on Instagram, Twitter, the Bike, and the Tread @ClipOutCrystal.

You can find me on Twitter @RogerQBert or on Facebook at You can find the show online at While you’re there, like the page and join the group. Don’t forget our YouTube channel at That’s it for this one. Thanks for tuning in. Until next time, keep pedaling and running.

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About Shawn Woodbridge

I donated my kidney to my sister-niece. Complicated, but my mom died in 1972 and I had the choice of adoption or guardianship – I choose adoption by my 2nd oldest roster, so my niece, 9 years my junior, became my sister, along with her 2 older brothers. Her name was Christy. She was diagnosed with T1D in her teens, by the time we discovered it, a lot of damage had been done.

I am a retired US Army Reserve Colonel. While I was deployed to Kosovo in 2002, Christy had a pancreas/kidney transplant. Her donated kidney began to fail after she contracted H1N1, it nearly killed her in 2013. I was tested in 2015 and I was 100% match! DNA is crazy! Christy was technically my half niece! I did not hesitate! I would have donated my kidney to anyone – known or unknown. I donated my kidney on 1/16/2016.

I had been eyeing the Peloton in 2015 and finally purchased the bike early March 2016. The Peloton is MAGICAL! It & more importantly, the OG community gave me life. Sadly, Christy lost her battle on Thanksgiving in 2018. The bike kept me strong during a very tumultuous times.