TCO 221 | Running

221: Peloton Rolls Out its First Tread Fix plus our interview with Ali Feller

TCO 221 | Running


A Tread fix is being rolled out.

John Mills joins us to discuss Peloton ending their Century shirts for digital members.

Dr. Jenn – Remembering to celebrate fitness milestones.

Peloton sued for improperly charging sales tax.

Peloton sued for trademark infringement by Peloton Cold Brew.

Business Insider writes about how quickly Peloton can change your life.

Fitnessista gives her favorite gym-free cardio options.

Mirage News reports on Peloton Australia

Angelo joins us to discuss calories. Is it really as simple as calories in vs. calories out?

Christine D’Ercole gets engaged.

Cody Rigsby celebrates 7-years at Peloton.

Ross Rayburn gets a new house and Bike+ to go with it.

Tunde talks to Emmanuel Acho on Facebook.

People covers Ally Love’s wedding.

Bustle has fitness tips and mental health motivation from Kendall Toole.

The Kit talks to Jess Sims about chasing your dreams.

A past guest update from Kristin Fleschner.

The latest artist collaboration features Disney.

Birthdays – Jilly Foley (8/20), Clip Out Crystal (8/20), Aditi Shah (8/24_

All this plus our interview with Ali Feller!

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Peloton Rolls Out its First Tread Fix plus our interview with Ali Feller

We had someone posted that we hadn’t done a Zoom in a while. We thought, “Let’s do a Zoom.” We’ll plug that right here. It’s the shameless plug before the shameless plugs. We’re going to, a week from Saturday. 

That’s two Saturdays. We’re thinking 6:00 PM Central, 7:00 PM Eastern, 4:00 PM Pacific. We don’t get a lot of mountain joiners, so 5:00 PM.

If you’ve never done one of our Zooms, you should swing by. It’s fine. It’s just hanging out.

There’s no pressure. It’s not like you have to know something or interact if you don’t want to.

If you don’t want to talk. You don’t have to, you could just hang out.

We don’t just talk Peloton. Although I will say it’s 90% Peloton. We do get on some random conversations, which I love hearing people’s information or their thoughts about things.

If you want the link for that, you should join the group. If you join the Facebook group for The Clip Out, we’ll post it there. You can come on when it’s time. What pray tell do you have in store for people this episode?

We are going to talk about these treads. There’s a fix ready. We’re going to talk to Dr. Jenn about how to celebrate fitness milestones. We’re going to talk about another Peloton lawsuit. MetPro’s dropping by, is it as simple as calories in versus calories out? We’ve got tons of instructor news. We’ve got all kinds of things.

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Let me know how that is going.

“Besides being entertaining and funny, The Clip Out simply helps me keep up with everything Peloton. I feel part of the community just listening. Thank you very much.” The leaderboard name is Vegan Mom Three Girls. You can go find her there. She said more but I don’t want to bog it down too much. Thank you so much for that nice review. If you’ve already left a review because a lot of people have and you’re like, “What more can I do?” You could maybe share an episode on Instagram, Facebook or wherever you do your social media in. That’s always super helpful as well. You can also find us on Facebook. If you want to interact, While you’re there, like the page and join the group. Sign up for our newsletter at You can watch these on There’s all that. Let’s dig in. Shall we?

We shall.

Joining us once again is John Mills. How’s it going?

How’s it going? What’s happening?

He’s binging that energy. I love it.

Jumping in, Peloton announced that they have a fix for the tread, not the Tread+ but the tread.

The smaller tread. For anybody out there who may still be confused because I get this all the time. The smaller tread is the one that had an issue with the screen falling off randomly as you were using it. It should have been a much quicker repair than the Tread+.

Oddly enough, I thought we waited all the time. It turned out it was duct tape. I thought that was on.

It’s interesting. They actually don’t say what the fix is. First of all, it was an email. They didn’t announce it in their press release. I thought that was interesting how they chose to go about this because they had to know that the second they started sending these emails out, we are going to get wind of it. Also, John, why do you get this email when you don’t have the tread, you have a Tread+? I’m a little curious about that.

When I first read it, I assumed it was for the Tread+. As you said, why would I be getting it for the tread? I don’t know why. I’m like, “Wait a minute. This is for the tread.” Towards the bottom of the email, it does give you information on, “We don’t have anything for the Tread+ yet but we’re still working on it.”

I have a Tread+. I never got the email.

They’re trying to keep this information off The Clip Out.

They failed. I know what the fix is. They’re going to send people to your house, an engineer apparently because now we don’t call them a technician. The engineer is going to probably put some new screws in and maybe some Loctite, and then they’re going to call and it’s good to go. The interesting thing is they didn’t say that, but you can go in and schedule it. They also didn’t say when you can start buying the treadmill.

Erica still hasn’t gotten it also.

It’s just you.

We entertain the notion that they’re only fixing John’s treadmill.

I got the email though. What’s interesting is that when they announced that they were going to do the recall, if I remember right, that was a day or two before the last earnings call.

They are following that same model because I heard that we’re supposed to start seeing the treadmills in the stores on the 24th.

I saw you said that. That’s interesting. I didn’t know that. The first thing that came to mind for me was they had this three-month period to do something. You would think they wouldn’t want to be entertaining questions about the tread repair, which supposedly is just a loose screen, again on the next earnings call. My original thought was they have to say something. They have to say that they worked with CPSC and they’ve got an approved fixed. I was questioning whether or not we would see that fixed. Did they realize the fix or was it, “We’ve come up with a fix but we haven’t manufactured it yet?” That was my original thought. It’s like, “We’ve come up with a fixed but we haven’t manufactured it yet, but we’re going to talk to it before the earnings call,” until you mentioned that they’re talking about putting them back in the showrooms on the 24th and potentially selling them again immediately after that.

My understanding is they’re thinking that the sale date will show up. We’re going to hear the sale date on the earnings call. I don’t have an indication of when that sale dates going to be. Are we talking months from now? is it right around the corner? I still think it’s possible whether their manufacturing is not ready. If it’s Locktite, I wouldn’t think this is that big of a deal. Just squeeze some extra glue on it as it goes out the door and we’re good to go. It can’t be that simple.

Now that we’re talking about it, I think my original thought is probably right that it’s not quite ready. It makes for a good update in the earnings call. We got our concept and design approved for the CPSC.

They thought it was going to be mid to late July and now it’s mid to late August. That does not bode well for the Tread+. I’m just saying.

The fact that the government is only running four weeks behind schedule sounds pretty on track. That’s not too bad.

That’s a fair point.

The tread will affect some 6,000-plus machines, whereas the Tread+ affected 125,000 machines and they were more severe. I know they said that there were some injuries with the screen but it was more severe. I would assume that they got to be thinking through that thing and there’s going to be a lot more design and conversation and work with the CPSC. I expected it to take time but I hear you. It doesn’t bode well. We’re not likely going to get another email tomorrow about the Tread+.

I’d say it’s going to be several months.

If it was going to be that quick, they would have waited to do them both at once rather than piecemeal if they thought they were within shouting distance of being ready to announce.

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They won’t say it on the earnings call because they’ve already said it a million times. They’re not going to tell us anything until the CPSC actually gives their okay. Unless that happened, they’re not going to give us any indication because they’re tired of hearing about it. You know it’s bad when on the OPP, they close off the comments every time somebody asks a question. They don’t close off the comments for anything.

I’m still questioning whether or not it’s coming back. I don’t know.

I thought so from the beginning, but Tom was instantly like, “You’re never seeing another Tread+ ever again.” He said that to me. It’s at least possible that that’s the case. It may not look the way it looks now. Let’s put it that way.

That would not surprise me.

If I could carry it down into my basement, cover it up with a tarp and keep it pristine, 30 years from now, will there be ten left in existence?

It could be. You see that with what’s considered the first Apple computer. It was called Lisa. That goes for $20,000 or $30,000 because it was the precursor to Apple. They didn’t make that many of them. Who keeps old technology?

We’re definitely just making conjectures.

Speaking of conjectures, do we read anything into the fact that Peloton is ending the t-shirt program for digital members?

It’s weird because for years, they didn’t give it to digital members, and then they started giving it to digital members. Now they’re taking it back from digital members.

Do you think people were abusing it somehow?

Maybe, I don’t know.

I’m not trying to take away from any digital members because I know there are lots of people that that’s their preferred method. Do not misunderstand, but I will say it would be easy to abuse the system because since it’s digital, it’s not calculating your mileage. You could be sitting on the couch while it’s running on your phone or whatever and it’s racking up a class. At the end of the day, does it matter though?

The real abuse would be if people were creating multiple accounts to get more than one shirt. Whether or not you actually did the class, ultimately, the only person you’re robbing is yourself. The bigger issue would be if there were people with digital memberships that were abusing it and figuring out an end run to get multiple shirts.

Even then, why would you do that? It doesn’t mean anything unless you put in the work.

People are weird. They want free things. Do you want me to tell you my radio stories of the price pigs? I still remember some of their names. To this day, if I do a ticket giveaway at the arena, I see the same names. They go from place to place. They want to win stuff.

There have always been people that have taken advantage of things that Peloton has done. Do you think they care about a $7 t-shirt or whatever it costs? It’s odd to me.

I had won one thing on the radio once in my life and it was in 1987. I won tickets to an Eddie Murphy tour.

That’s a price.

I was a huge Eddie Murphy fan in ‘87. I was like, “Who do I take?” My uncle was a huge fan, but I wanted to take my best friend. I took my best friend and it turns out he didn’t like Eddie Murphy at all. I’m sitting there cracking up and he wasn’t laughing at any of the jokes. I’m like, “This is the worst ever.”

Who doesn’t like Eddie Murphy? That’s insane. I can’t even process not liking Eddie Murphy circa 1987.

Are you still friends with this person? Family first, John.

Relative to this thing with the t-shirts with Peloton, I saw this aligning to what they’ve been talking generally about their funnel. Isn’t this another thing to say, “If you want a shirt, drop $2,500 on that bike?”

Do you think that would move the needle? I can’t imagine a shirt would motivate somebody to pull the trigger on a bike? That might be the tipping point, “I don’t get the metrics. I don’t get this. Now, I don’t get the shirt.”

I thought they did get some of the metrics now. They get some kind of feedback or something.

That’s how I saw this. I saw it as pulling pieces away from what you might get from digital versus what you might get from the connected license.

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Maybe it’s that because they did promise four million memberships over to United Healthcare and they were like, “That’s a lot of t-shirts.”

That’s a good point. Now that we’ve talked this out, I think that’s the answer. They’re like, “If we’re giving away this many free digital memberships, we can’t be throwing all these t-shirts to people.”

To add to the point that that makes sense, it ends August 31st and the United Healthcare thing starts on September 2nd.

There was an accountant and he was like, “Four million times $19.99. Hell, no. Cancel that.”

We figured it out. It took the three of us but we figured it out. Good to know. I’m still insanely jealous that you saw Eddie Murphy. On that weird note, thanks for joining us. Until next time, where can people find you?

They can find me on my Run, Lift & Live group or page on Facebook. They can find me on Instagram @RunLiftAndLive or at

Joining us once again is Dr. Jenn Mann, licensed marriage, family and child therapist, and sports psychology consultant. You may know her from VH1’s Couples Therapy with Dr. Jenn or VH1’s Family Therapy with Dr. Jenn. She also has a long-running radio show, The Dr. Jenn Show. She’s written four best-selling books including The Relationship Fix: Dr. Jenn’s 6-Step Guide to Improving Communication, Connection and Intimacy. Most importantly, she loves her Peloton. Ladies and gentlemen, and all points in between, it’s Dr. Jenn.


It’s good to have you back again. We have another question for you from The Clip Out community. This one is from Ashley Gallowena. She says that her biggest problem is motivating or being happy after she completed a big goal. For example, running a marathon and then the aftermath. She trained all that time and then it’s time to take it easy for a week or two. In her mind, she’s fighting a lack of motivation to continue to the next goal. That is a real thing. Did you feel that after your marathon when you did them?

I did a marathon in 1999. It was such a huge accomplishment for me. I was able to celebrate it. I felt so good about having completed that. I did it in 5 hours and 20 minutes. I’m no Usain Bolt or Becs Gentry but I was so happy to complete it. My goal was to complete it without needing to crawl. I’m fine walking. I’m fine running. As long as I don’t have to crawl, I’m pleased. I think that this person needs to examine what is holding her back from experiencing the joy of these monumental occasions. Running a marathon is a big deal. Not everybody does that in a lifetime. It’s a huge accomplishment.

Part of the questions for her to ask herself are, “Where else am I holding back in my life from feeling joy? Is this isolated that I’m not letting myself enjoy goal accomplishments? Are there other areas in my life where I’m not allowing myself to enjoy a precious moment with my family or someone I love, or a promotion at work, or a project I completed at the office, or a great moment with my child?” What’s holding her back. What is her resistance to recognizing her own greatness? Did she get a message as a child? Did she get a message growing up? Sometimes there are families where people say like, “Don’t get too big for your britches.” You think you’re all that, which is so unhealthy.

It’s important to look at where did you get the idea that you should not be celebrated? Where did you get the idea that this is not a fantastic accomplishment? Where did you get the idea that you should be smaller than you are? I mean that metaphorically. When you do something like this, it is worth internally celebrating but also with the people you love.

I remember after I ran the LA Marathon in ‘99, it was a huge accomplishment for me. It’s still something that is a cool thing in my life that I feel proud of. My mom gave me a bracelet with a note saying, “Congratulations, this is amazing. Please don’t do it again.” She saw how much it took out of me to train all year long. She celebrated it with me. We went out to dinner.

I think that’s also letting people in your life who are closest to you know how important something is, and encouraging them to celebrate it with you. That goal was so huge and important to me. I let everyone close to me know that this is monumental. This is a bucket list thing. This is something I always dreamed of doing. I didn’t know if I could accomplish it. We’re going to celebrate when I’m done with this. This is a big deal. I don’t need to do it more than once. This is something I want to do.

I think that she also needs to surround herself with people who are ready to celebrate with her. Interestingly enough, and I talked about this in my book, The Relationship Fix, there are studies that show that couples who celebrate milestone events and important moments like that have more successful relationships. They tend to stay together longer and have a better quality of relationship.

This has an air maybe of imposter syndrome. I do it sometimes. I know you do it sometimes, Crystal. You create these goals you want to achieve, and then once you achieve them, you’re like, “If I did it, it couldn’t be that hard.” You instantly downgrade it.

That’s a great point and that’s a great reveal from you. It’s something that other people will relate to. Instead of that mindset of, “If I did, it must not be that hard,” it needs to be, “I did it. I’m so cool. It’s amazing. I underestimated myself. I’m so amazing.” I look back on that marathon. I don’t care that I did it 5 hours and 20 minutes and Becs did it in 5 minutes. I looked at who I am, how I felt about running, where I was in terms of running when I started, and what my goals were. I made appropriate goals and I let myself celebrate. We all need to celebrate ourselves more. We need to give ourselves the room to do that. She should look at what is going on that she’s resistant to celebrating herself. She’s so hard on herself. Where did she learn that? Whose voice has she internalized that that’s where she’s going?

I was like, “What part of the Midwest are you from?”

I’m thinking she is. This is a Midwest thing.

I’m sure it happens everywhere, but it feels like it’s in the water.

When you were saying, “Too big for your britches,” I was raised on that.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard that as a kid.

For the record, I know people on both Coasts who have gotten that message as well. I totally get where you’re coming from.

Thank you so much for all of that. Until next time, where can people find you?

People can find me on all social media @DrJennMann and InStyle Magazine online, Hump Day With Dr. Jenn. I have a weekly column where I talk about relationships and sex.

TCO 221 | Running


Thank you.

Peloton is getting sued. We’ve got two Peloton lawsuits. They’re being sued first off for improperly charging sales tax.

I’ve had some attorneys weigh in on this. They said that this isn’t a big deal because what they’re talking about is not being able to charge sales tax on digital goods. Because Peloton does theirs a little bit differently, that Peloton should be okay. However, I also had lawyers weigh in that say, “Absolutely, not. This qualifies as digital. It’s very black and white. It’s very clear, especially in Massachusetts so they are going to lose.” I have no idea who is right.

They are certainly not attorneys in the three states where this is affected.

New York, Virginia and Massachusetts, for anyone wondering.

Applying logic, which you can always do when it comes to the law because they’re saying that they profited inappropriately or something like that. It seems to me like if it’s a tax and it’s a pass-through and they handed it over to the respective states, they aren’t profiting.

Having worked at companies that do corporate tax, I can verify that it is one of the most confounding and confusing things I’ve ever seen in my life. If you’re taxing for a service versus a digital good versus an item, and where that item originated from can change whether or not you charge tax. If the item was made in Nevada and then shipped to Missouri, but was then used in Illinois, that’s a completely different rate than being made in Nevada and staying in Missouri. I’m making up states but that’s a completely different thing. Who wouldn’t get confused, but people are like, “They’re a big enough company. They should have this figured out.” I don’t know how it’s going to go. This is another class-action lawsuit so we will see.

I thought it was odd at first. We didn’t hear any rumblings of this because normally they’re on Facebook trying to drum up people, but then I thought they probably geo-targeted it. Since we’re not in one of these three states, we didn’t see it.

That makes sense. We’ll see how that one turns out.

Moving along, TMZ is reporting that Peloton Cold Brew, a coffee company, is suing Peloton because Peloton Cold Brew registered a trademark for making cold brew coffees under the name Peloton.

They did that back in 2017.

Peloton never said anything, then three years later they were like, “Maybe not.”

Peloton has gone through phases where they’ve cracked down on people. Back when we first started the podcast, a lot of people had Peloton stuff out there for sale and all kinds of things. Peloton didn’t do much about it. In fact, they were even sometimes sharing their information with people to be able to do that. It got to the point where it was getting a little out of control and they had to protect their brand. If you don’t protect your brand, then anybody can use it. We’ve talked about this before. That’s what happened to Spin company. The place that owned Spin.

It’s why they’ve gone after people so harshly. Disney runs into this where they’d sue a nursery school for painting Mickey Mouse on the wall. There was one story where a little kid died and they put Spiderman on his tombstone and they were like, “You can’t do that.” They finally were like, “Give us $1. We’ll give you the rights.” If they don’t do something like that, then you open it up and anybody can do it.

I understand it but this one is more complicated because the word Peloton doesn’t belong to Peloton. It’s been used for many years long before Peloton came around. The word Peloton, not this brewing company, but it’s been used in many ways. it will be interesting to see how this one turns out. They’re probably going to settle. That is my guess.

It doesn’t look like they’re being cutesy like it’s Peloton but it’s not Peloton. The logo doesn’t look like a Peloton logo in any way, shape or form.

It was late enough in the game that you got to wonder but then again, it’s early enough that they hadn’t gained this huge momentum that they have now.

It’s a tough call as to whether or not they’re being too cute or not. I tend to think that they’re not but who knows? Ultimately, it’s the judge’s call.

Business Insider has an article, “I gave into the hype and bought a Peloton bike. After 30 days of using it, my life has genuinely improved.” The first way to improve is it makes me write the world’s longest headlines for articles.

In her defense probably Business Insider did that.

I do know the authors don’t write the headlines for the articles, but that is the worst headline. A headline for your story shouldn’t have a subplot.

That’s like Dr. Phil circa 2019.

There was a season of Dr. Phil where every episode was 50 words for the description of the title. It’s like, “What is going on? Did you hire a tall story to write your subject lines?”

This was written by Michelle Gross and she had been hearing rave reviews. She kept putting it off, didn’t want to get it, and then she ended up getting it and she loved it. What I’m surprised about is how many people love this article. Don’t misunderstand. There’s nothing wrong with the article. That is not to pick on her at all. It’s just like, “Of course, you did.”

When I saw this article, I hadn’t read it yet. I feel like we’ve seen this article. Every three weeks, somebody writes a version of like, “I didn’t think I was going to love Peloton but I love it.”

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What cracks me up about it is that I’ll post things and then it’s fascinating to see the traffic that it gets. This one got not quite as much as the instructors getting married, but a solid half of that. I was shocked by that because we all know this story. I’m not surprised by it but I love when people do come out and they’re like, “I was super against it,” for whatever reason. They then come around and they see the light. It’s like, “You have now have been inducted into the family and you are part of Peloton now.” That’s great.

Fitnessista, her blog had an article about ten of her favorite gym-free cardio options. Peloton is right there at number one on the list.

It is great because she’s now had it for so many years and she still loves it as much as she did back at the beginning. That’s nice to see. We interviewed her a while back and it was a joy. Her blogs always have lots of great information, not only about Peloton but all kinds of workouts. She gives workouts that she does. She gives nutrition help and recipes, all kinds of things. This is a great blog.

Mirage News, which I’m assuming is out of Australia writes about, “Home fitness pioneer Peloton takes Australians for a high-tech spin.”

The general manager, Karen Lawson was interviewed for this article and she talked about why she sees Australia as a major opportunity. There are three reasons. Australians have embraced the trend for home and boutique fitness. Australians are early adopters of new technology, and Australia is a regional gateway to the Asia Pacific. I agree with all of that. There’s an interview that will be airing in a few weeks where we talk to somebody who lives in Australia. It’ll be interesting to go back to this article at that time and compare it because he had some different thoughts about how Australia will or will not embrace Peloton. That’s very interesting to me. Do you have any thoughts on which country they’re going to go to next time?

I feel like it would be something Spanish speaking. I don’t know if that would be Spain or Mexico.

They’re already starting to do Spanish speaking classes out of the New York studio. I’m curious if they will move into a Spanish speaking country or continue to just broaden the horizons from there or both.

Maybe they’ll hit somewhere in Asia, especially since so much of the manufacturing is over there. I guess it would cut down on shipping. Just open up a dock and people could swing by and pick it up. That’s how it works.

Joining us once again is Angelo from MetPro here to answer all of your fitness and nutrition questions. How’s it going?

It’s great to be back.

It’s great to have you. We have another tough question for you. I feel like an “It depends” is coming.

Every one of your questions is tough.

We have a very inquisitive group. They’re very into what they’re doing. This one comes from Amy Owens and she says, “Calories. Is it calories in versus calories out? Do I need to be doing keto/vegan/paleo instead? I’m so confused.”

It’s not it depends. The answer isn’t it depends this time.

I thought you were going to say it is.

The answer Amy is no. It is not calories in, calories out. However, the problem is we know that it’s not just a calorie is a calorie. That is proven. Anyone who says otherwise is probably going to try and sell you something. There’s more to it than that. The problem is we swing too far in the other direction, then you have the group that says, “Calories don’t matter at all.” That’s not true. Calories very much matter. Calories matter a lot. It will largely influence your metabolic outcome and what happens with your body. It’s one of the factors that you want to balance. When it comes to weight loss, I’m going to list all things that will trigger weight loss.

There is calorie restriction or calorie adjustments. There’s carbohydrate restriction or carbohydrate adjustment. Those two tend to be the two big grandfather techniques that are going to have the greatest influence, then past that are the things that are very relevant and very important that by themselves aren’t going to swing the dial dramatically, but when combined with other strategies will add up. That is going to be your meal timing, meal frequency, and then the glycemic load of the foods that you choose will impact. Beyond that, there are drugs. Drugs impact but we don’t want to use that as a method because drugs have side effects. We don’t need that in our life when not medically necessary.

What we’re looking at is where are the levers? When I look at somebody’s meal plan and their routine, the very first thing I do is I want to get a nutritional history or their fitness culture. What are you currently eating? These are behind the curtain secrets. What I’m looking for is where do I have the most leverage? I do cut calories for an individual and other times I don’t cut any calories. I even add but I do adjust their carbohydrates or other macronutrients. It’s not like I’m always going to do A or I’m always going to do B. I’m going to look at where do you have the most leverage.

Amy, add up your calories and your carbohydrates and see where you’re at. If you find that you have excess calories that can easily be cut, I’d probably start there. If you find that, “When I add this up, I’m in an appropriate range for my size and activity and I’m not too high on the calories, but most of my calories are coming from carbohydrates,” you’re probably going to see more influence out of manipulating your carbohydrates versus cutting 50 or 100 calories out of your total for the day.

Where do we have the most leverage? For most people, it’s a combination of both. Keep in mind that what you take out, you have to eventually put back or at least put some of it back. No matter what you do, your body’s going to get used to that. You do this little experiment and evaluate your average calorie intake and your average carbohydrate intake to determine which of the two you have the most leverage with.

Also, set yourself a very moderate goal that you can hit as far as weight loss. I want you to take a period of time where you refresh your metabolic rate. You let your metabolism recover where you say, “For 2, 3 weeks, I’m not going to try and lose weight. I’m going to eat a little bit more, either carbs or calories or both. I’m going to exercise a little bit more, and I’m going to try and get stronger. I’m going to try and run fast, or I’m going to try and pedal harder,” or whatever your performance of choice is. That’s critical.

I worked with contestants that were on The Biggest Loser and these big Hollywood shows, not just that one but lots of different survival shows and things like that. Don’t get me wrong. I know some of the trainers that were on these shows and they were good guys and gals that are trying to help these people. The way weight loss should happen is in a periodize cyclical approach, where we’re going to lose 20, 25 pounds, depending on how much weight you have to lose. Pause and let your metabolic rate recover for a few weeks, and then go for another 15 or 20 pounds. Pause, recover and then push ahead. That makes for very boring TV.

Nobody wants to see it slowly. They want to see a dramatic change.

They want transformation pictures.

Some of these people come out the other side and they’re like, “I’m already exercising four hours a day. I’m only eating this square of cheese.” I’m exaggerating, of course. We’ve been doing this for months on end and they wonder why their body is so sensitive. They have a single biscuit or a glass of wine. All of a sudden, they gained 3 pounds. Your metabolism is acclimated to that. You have to give it some breathing room. If you do that gradually, incrementally, and bring your metabolic rate back up, that will equip you to then push for some more weight loss.

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Here’s an interesting fact. If somebody comes to me and says, “Angelo, I want to weigh 150, 200 pounds,” whatever your goal weight is. I’m going to say, “We’re going to lose 50 pounds down to 200 pounds,” whatever it is. I’m going to diet you down to 196 because that 200, you’re not eating enough. I have to go past that. I can have you gain back 2, 3, 4 pounds in muscle over a few weeks while getting your body regulated and used to more calories and more carbohydrates.

When you gain the weight back up to 200, that’s where you can sustain that. Otherwise, it’s like everyone else that’s holding their breath, “I went on this diet and I lost 10 pounds.” You know it’s not staying off because you’re hardly eating anything. You’re drinking these shakes. You’re like, “I will have dinner with my high school reunion in two days. I can’t make it.” That’s it and it’s over. We want to recondition your metabolism. That’s the long haul picture and goal. I have no idea what question I’m answering.

There had to have been an answer in there somewhere.

I don’t know what I said but I said something.

When we went on vacation, we were gone for ten days. I won’t say we ate whatever we wanted, but we ate pretty aggressively. When I got back and went back to doing what I’ve been doing nutrition-wise, I lost the weight in almost the exact same amount of time that it took me to put on the weight. I’ve never done that before in my life. I never even knew that was possible. I was like, “Of course, it’ll take you longer.” I was gone for ten days and it took me thirteen to get back to where I was the day I left. I was stunned. It needs to be a stronger word than stunned or flabbergasted. I was stundergasted. For whatever it’s worth, those were my real-world results. I can send you pictures of the things I ate.

Just for curiosity. Here’s a little fascinating point. We teach our coaches to evaluate right out of the gate when somebody says, “I want to lose weight. I’m not at the body comp or weight I want to be at. The first thing we have to determine is, is it because their metabolism is running slow or is it because they’re overconsuming? The approach is totally different. If it’s overconsuming, then it’s all about what type of strategy is sustainable. What can we execute on? What can we do consistently? What’s going to be the least painful. If it’s your metabolism, here’s the problem. Your metabolism has been given the orders for all these years. You’ve been saying, “I’m going to listen to it and eat less and less,” and it gets cranky. You want to control it and say, “No, metabolism, this is what you’re going to do. You’re going to listen to me.” It’s doable sometimes.

Thank you so much for joining us. Until next time, where can people find you?

Thank you.


I made a special sweeper for us when Peloton gets sued. I should have made one for when people get engaged.

Who knew we’d have three engagements in two weeks?

I know and between that, the weddings.

Don’t forget Selena is engaged too. She started this whole thing. There are a lot of engagements that are happening.

We all know how well Peloton does engagement.

That’s true. I feel like John Foley needs to be able to perform ceremonies like an officiant. He should officiate all Peloton instructor weddings from now on.

There we go. We never actually said who got engaged.

Everybody knows by now. It was Christine D’Ercole. What an interesting story this is. I’m not going to get super into it, but let me say that a lot has happened in the Peloton universe between when Peloton was known by only a few to now. The things you heard back then versus the things you hear now is locked down, it was a lot. I’m going to leave it at that. Congrats to Christine.

Cody Rigsby is celebrating seven years at Peloton.

All of the instructors sent him love. There’s a picture of Cody jet-skiing, back during the very first year that he worked there. He had long hair then. He had that haircut where everything is cut underneath and then the long swoop. You can’t see it because he has something on his head. There are other images where he has the ponytail with the tiny little swoop coming out. It’s funny. Seven years has changed a lot.

That was so long ago. People could be next to each other.

They look like babies there. Don’t they?

I don’t because I see them on a daily basis.

That’s fair. I feel like you’ve seen enough pictures of all the instructors. You should know.

Yes, they look like babies. Is that better?

Thank you.

TCO 221 | Running


You’re welcome. Congratulations to Ross Rayburn who got a new house and a Bike+ to match.

I know I wrote new house but it might have been a new apartment that they live in. I can’t remember now. I think it said a new dwelling. I might have been distracted by the Bike+. I was super excited, which is more exciting. I will be interested to see which he thinks is more exciting once he gets all moved in and settled, and gets to ride his bike. That’ll be great.

Tunde has an event coming up on Facebook in her Facebook room. I’ve not heard of a Facebook room yet. Is this new?

I think it means Facebook live. I could be wrong. Maybe she did mean something other than that.

She capitalized the R like it’s an official thing.

That’s true. I glossed over that. In my head, that was Facebook Live.

Do you think that could be their answer to Cubhouse because Twitter has got one?

It could be. I have not been paying attention to that. That is very possible that I have missed out on that. At any rate and so she posted it if you want to go back and look and listen to it.

It was with New York Times bestselling author, host, Emmy Award-Winning Fox Sports analyst, and creator of Uncomfortable Conversations With a Black Man, Emmanuel Acho. If you want to check that out, you can find that over on Facebook.

I love seeing Peloton have these opportunities and to be able to share them. She pointed out that she’s friends with him too. I like that they’re able to use their personal connections to further the conversations that are important to them on the Peloton platform.

People Magazine finally noticed that Ally Love got married.

I feel like this was a deal already made because they knew that she was going to post all of her own stuff. They agreed on a date that they would post this.

They have a nice write-up.

It goes into great detail about all five days. If for some reason, you manage to miss one of these posts and one of her outfits, you now have a chance to go see all of it in People Magazine. If you did miss it, this will give you the opportunity to be all caught up.

It’s all in one place where you could just binge.

All the outfits in one click. It did amuse me because I told you that several people brought up the fact that this was too big, too much. Lots of complaints about it, but I’m not going to say anything other than I did think it was interesting that Paris Hilton is getting married and she is having a three-day event with ten outfit changes. To recap, Ally Love, five days, Paris Hilton, three. You decide. talk to Kendall Toole.

We’ve talked about before that Kendall has brought forward her mental health journey and her passion for mental fitness. This article is about that, but also how she goes about highlighting it on Peloton. I don’t know if anybody’s had a chance to take any of her rides because they have these mood classes now, and she’s got some very interesting ones. If you haven’t had a chance to try it, I highly recommend you do. The playlists are perfect for the moods that are indicated., which I’m not familiar with but I guess it’s Canadian, has an article about Jess Sims.

I love the tagline, “Why the Peloton sensation left everything to pursue her dream.” This is a great article that goes through her motivation for why she left teaching and all that she had to leave behind. She’s been featured a lot in articles lately. I find it so interesting when this happens because, for Cody, that was happening too for a while and Robin before that. It’s Jess’ turn.

I also find it interesting that this is Canadian. We’ve talked in the past about how there were so many articles about Peloton now that we’ve pared back on drilling down on all of them because it’s such a common occurrence. I almost feel like this is an indication that they’re starting to gain more traction in Canada when you’re seeing the Canadian press focus on instructors in a way that they haven’t been previously.

I agree with that. That makes a lot of sense.

We have a past guest update.

Kristin Fleschner was on the show. Way back on episode 101. That’s how long it’s been. Kristin is an amazing person. She is an attorney. She is a para cyclist. We talked to her about both of those things and let’s not forget that she has her own disability. She’s legally blind and she does so much to advocate for people that have disabilities. She’s helped companies all over the world, including Peloton, by consulting with them and helping them make their products more accessible. Kristin has been struggling and we wanted to send our love out to her. She had to have a kidney transplant. For those of you who might be following her story, I just want to let you know that that transplant did go well and she is recovering. We send all of our love and support to her.

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We have an artists series of sorts. It’s not a musical artist but they have Disney classes on the way.

It’s an interesting triple collaboration because Disney, Spotify and Peloton all teamed up on this one. The instructors from Peloton are using songs from the playlist on Spotify that Disney helped them curate. It’s a triple collaboration.

It’s also fascinating coming on the heels of Echelon’s Jungle Cruise.

It is interesting because they had a movie but then Peloton does this big thing.

They get a movie and Peloton gets all of Disney.

You are going to take any of these classes, Tom. I know you love Disney music.

There’s a Spotify playlist. That’s probably plenty for me.

I thought maybe like yoga.

No, I’m good.

I will take them.

Okay, tell me how that goes.

I will.

Finally, upcoming Peloton related birthdays. On August 20th, you have Jill Foley, but more importantly, you have Clip Out Crystal. Her birthday is on Friday, August 20th.

I’m definitely not more important than Jill Foley.

I disagree. If you swing by The Clip Out group, wish her a happy birthday as if you hear this on the day it comes out. Also, August 24th is the birthday of Aditi Shah.

Happy birthday to Jill and Aditi.

Also, Crystal.

Joining us via the magic of Zoom Tube is Ali Feller from the Ali on the Run podcast. She has a very successful show where she talks to people who love to run but they also have other fascinating aspects that make them interesting and inspiring.

Thank you so much for having me. I’m excited to be on the other end of the conversation. I didn’t do any prep for this. I just got to show up.

Every once in a while, when we get asked to do something, I’m like, “This is awesome. I just need to sit down and answer.”

I am a little bit more comfortable being on the side that you are on. I like being the one in control of the conversation. I will do my best not to turn it around and just fire questions back at the two of you but we’ll see what happens.

When we interviewed Dr. Jenn for the first time, it ended up being her interviewing us the whole time.

She got real deep on Tom’s anti-exercise trick that he’s on. She took the psychology thing. You don’t have to hold back. It’s fun when people don’t hold back. I am curious because you’ve been a runner for a long time. How did Peloton show up in your life and you decided, “I need to get that bike?”

Fun fact, I don’t have the bike. I only have the tread plus. It’s unplugged away from children and pets. We’re good and safe. You should see I can’t post like anything. If I post an Instagram story with the treadmills in the background, people are like, “Did you hear?” We’re good. It was a pandemic purchase.

I waited way longer than I should have. I had friends who the minute the word pandemic started going around, they were like, “I’m getting a Peloton.” I was like, “You’re crazy. You’re not going to need that.” The short version is that we were living in New Jersey. The pandemic brought us up to New Hampshire to stay with my parents for two weeks, which turned into fifteen months. I didn’t have access to a gym. I’m a runner and I love running outside but running outside in New Hampshire is not always a good idea. I was like, “I’m going to not only move my entire family in with my parents, I’m going to bring a giant treadmill into their basement.”

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What happens when you go back home? You got this huge behemoth.

Our timing is great. We stayed in New Hampshire but we’re in our own house and we moved the treadmill. It was an adventure. Not for me because I didn’t touch a thing. I’m as motivated and as lazy as possible. I’m just not helpful but I documented it on Instagram Stories.

You did your job. You were the documenter.

I lifted a thumb. I reached out to Peloton. They will help you relocate your treadmill sometimes and then with the recall. They were like, “We’ll move it to a safer location for free.” I was like, “Yes, because I’m moving.” I can spin this but that did not work. They do not service our area for moves. Shout out to my husband, my dad, my dad’s friend Jeff and my lifelong friend Tom, who came in.

My dad and my husband knew that it was a big machine. Jeff and Tom are like, “You need four guys. It’s a treadmill. How heavy can it be?” I’m like, “It’s the heaviest thing I’ve ever been near. It’s 450 pounds.” They were like, “There’s no way.” That’s me documenting it. I’m watching these four dudes. They had to move it up a flight of stairs into the truck. They did great. I love them. I offered to pay them. They said, “No, thank you.” I was thrilled with that. They are not available for hire. They told me that the next time we move, the treadmill stays in the house. I will be buying a new one someday.

You do start to weigh those options. You’re like, “I’ve been here X amount of time. I’ve gotten my money’s worth out of this. I don’t want to move it. I’ll buy a new one.”

It’s not worth it at some point. It is so massive. Is it on the ground floor of your new home?

It’s in the basement but we could drive the truck to the base entrance. The basement has an outdoor entrance but does not have stairs. They were able to drive it. Moving it in, it looked easy from where I stood, which is far away. I should have made a highlight but it was exciting here in New Hampshire.

I’m super curious. Did they have to take it completely apart?

I did help with that part. My husband and I did that on our own. He watched the tutorial video. It was a whole thing with the tools but I stood there while he did it. I was like, “Let me know if you need me to keep anything steady.” He was like, “I need you to not touch a thing.” We moved the Peloton treadmill and we are still married.

That would have been stressful for me to watch. I would have been so worried. I don’t think I could have documented it because I would be stressed out the entire time. I’d be like, “Are you sure that goes there? What if there’s a missing piece?”

Does the new iPhone have camera stabilization? You’d be shaking the whole time like a frightened Chihuahua.

My husband is the only person on the planet that I would trust to do that because he’s very good at this stuff and very capable. Meanwhile, my dad is trying to chime in. Bless his heart but my dad is like, “What if we take this rickety ladder from when I was a teenager?” We lay it on the stairs. We slide the treadmill up with a blanket. I’m sitting there and I’m looking at my husband like, “Do not let this happen. Dad, you know how much I paid for this machine.” Just putting that out there, it worked great. I have the treadmill. Pandemic purchase is a thrill.

You’ve tried it out. It works in your new home. Everything’s good.

I stood on it but I’ve not yet run on it because the weather is finally beautiful in New Hampshire. It rained for a month straight. I was driving to my parents’ house to use it during the day. It’s here and the weather is great but winter is coming. I’m very happy about this. Winter is always coming in New Hampshire.

How long have you been running? I know it’s a long time but I don’t know when you started.

I started running in 2008 or 2009. I tend not to remember. It’s a blurry time, mostly because I had just moved to New York City out of college and so it was a lot of dollar slices of pizza and a lot of boxed wine in that time. I was a dancer growing up. Running was a punishment. I hated it. Refuse to run the mile in gym class was like, “I’m not interested.” I hid under the bleachers and popped out for the last lap.

That was not a thing that I did and then I moved to New York City. I couldn’t afford to join a gym. I didn’t want to continue dancing. I wasn’t going to be a professional dancer. I needed something to do. My roommate, who I found on Craigslist, had all these metals hanging on our wall. I moved in and I was like, “I love your necklaces. They’re so shiny. What are those?” At the time, statement necklaces were in. The J.Crew Bubble Necklace was all the rage and I’m like, “Cool necklaces.”

She has metals or something and I jokingly was like, “I like your necklaces.” She was like, “Those are my half marathon medals.” I had never heard the term half marathon. I had heard of marathons but even that, I didn’t know that everyday people ran them. I was like, “It’s a sport that professional people do.” That was how it started. She was like, “You should try running.”

I wore my jazz sneakers. I was the dancer. I’m lacing up my little Capezios. How I didn’t roll an ankle and just roll right into the East River? I do not know but it helps that my first run was only 30 seconds because I didn’t know. I go out of our apartment and I’m like, “I’m going to go for a run along the East River.” I sprinted. I was done. I made it to two lampposts and I was like, “Great run. I crushed it.” It couldn’t have been more than 45 seconds and that was my run.

Your playlist consists of 30% of a Ramones song.

It took me longer to power up my old school iPod that had the dial. I didn’t even get to that but I was motivated by it. The next day, I was like, “What if I could make it to that lamppost and then that one?” Once I got a little farther south, I learned that there was a dog park that was exactly a mile from our apartment. I was crazy about dogs. I didn’t have one. I was just the creep that went to the dog park without a dog.

You went to visit.

That’s all the petting with none of the poop. That’s a win-win.

It’s socially acceptable. People like it when you give their dogs attention. You can’t go to a playground without a kid. That’s weird but you can go to a dog park without a dog. That was my motivation to the dog park. Then it was to the dog park and back. I signed up for a four-mile race, half marathons. I’ve been doing it ever since. I still feel like a new runner because I wasn’t one growing up. I’ve been doing this for decades. I somehow made a career out of talking about this thing that I do. That’s a pretty cool turn of events there.


What inspired you to start the podcast? Why were you like, “I need to talk about the running that I do?”

It’s because I always need to talk about something. I have a very hard time staying quiet. I was a journalist. I majored in Journalism in college. I had a dream of being the editor-in-chief of Dance Spirit Magazine because I’m a dancer. That’s what I went on to do. I interned at Dance Spirit in college, worked my way up and became editor-in-chief. As I get this dream job, I’m starting to lose interest in dance.

I wasn’t dancing myself. I started to feel a bit removed from it, even though I spent all my hours doing it but I had started running and that to me was so exciting. That was in 2010, 2011 when everyone had a running blog. I started Ali on the Run, which was a blog and I would write my posts about my morning run.

I could write 2,000 words about a four-mile easy run. It was so dramatic. I always had a story to share. I would write them on the notes app on my commute. On the subway, I would sit down and I’m furiously typing, email it to myself, get to the office super early before anyone was there so I could upload it, post it to my blog and then I would work all day.

I was so excited to talk about running. Once I realized I wanted to make a career change, which was for a few reasons, I went freelance. I started working for myself. I was a freelance writer. I wrote for self-shape, women’s health and women’s running. Runners were all the health and fitness publications you see on the newsstands. I started listening to running podcasts when we moved to New Jersey. That was hard for me.

We got a dog, which was great. Finally, I had a place at the dog park but we wanted to give her a better life. We wanted her to have more grass and so we moved across the river to New Jersey, which meant I didn’t have Central Park and my running buddies. I was doing all my runs by myself. I am a very social person. I discovered podcasts. I started listening to them and I was like, “I can do this. It’s just talking. I love talking. I never shut up. My husband would love if I talked to someone else for a change.”

You want to talk about your obsession. It started as a hobby while I was freelance writing and then it went from this to shifting. The podcast is my full-time job and I haven’t written an article in years. I wrote two pieces in 2020 but very much the podcast is my job. I put out anywhere between 2 and 5 episodes a week, from everyday runners to professional runners, to the people competing at the Olympics. It’s fun and I love it. I cannot believe that this is my life and that I get to talk about talking to people.

That’s an amazing journey that you can make that your full-time job. That’s not an easy achievement.

That is super inspiring and super awesome. You’ve gotten to interview some of the Peloton instructors. I know you’ve interviewed lots of amazing people but it’s Peloton and I’m obsessed with it.

Let’s talk about why I’m here, which is that I interview a lot of the Peloton instructors. I can’t confirm it yet but I do have two more that will be coming up that I’m excited about. Jess Sims was the first Peloton instructor that I had on the show. That’s still one of my favorite episodes. One of the most downloaded of all time just because it’s Jess Sims. She’s the greatest. Speaking of inspiring stories, hers is amazing, being a teacher. I love her so much.

That was before I had the treadmill. I was doing the outdoor runs and the five-minute classes with my daughter just because I was like, “These pandemic days are long. How can we kill five minutes? It seems three in a row.” Jess is someone who I used to see when I lived in New York City. She’s still there but I would see her at classes all the time. We used to take all the same SoulCycle classes. She had this aura about her. She wasn’t teaching. She was taking the classes but she was always front row. She seemed cool.

I learned who she was and then she started teaching at the fitting room. I would take the classes there. She was someone that I thought was cool. I love her outdoor runs. I was like, “Let’s get her on the show. Let’s see about this.” It blew up. People loved the Peloton episode. Then I had Tunde on. I finished recording with her. We talked for 90 minutes. I had to lie down on the ground. Keep in mind, she doesn’t teach on the treadmill. I follow her on Instagram. I watched when they did the Beyonce class.

You didn’t take the class because you don’t have a bike.

It was so hyped that I was like, “I want to see what this is about.” If you look at my stats, it’s one ride. It’s the last place but I was so inspired. Tunde is another one. She has such an amazing story. I had to lie down after we finished and bask in all that is Tunde. That one was great. Matty Maggiacomo and Olivia Amato had been on. Matt Wilpers was on weeks ago. I’ve never gotten so many DMs from people being disappointed to learn that he is not single. I didn’t realize how many people are deeply in love with Matt Wilpers.

It’s odd because women are more open about being in love with the instructors than guys are with the female instructors. They talk about it more openly. I hear a lot about Denis Morton. There’s a lot of love for Denis, Adrian and Alex.

Years ago, it would have been a bunch of guys leering. They still do that but I don’t think to the same degree that maybe you would have seen previously.

I don’t know if you see this but I see a lot in comments that men are like, “You all need to calm down talking about these guys. You can’t treat them that way.”

We have minds too. We’re not just pieces of meat.

Male or female, I’ll take any of them. They’re all gorgeous. It’s been so fun having them on the show. I love hearing the stories of how they got the job at Peloton. It’s funny when Jess was done. We talked so much about getting the job, learning to be an instructor, be live, the cues and do all the shout outs. I feel like, I don’t want to say strayed because it’s not accidental but when Matt Wilpers was on, we didn’t talk about that at all. I feel like you can only ask them so many times like, “Is it hard to run and teach at the same time?” They’re like, “It is.” Becs Gentry was on too. How did I miss that? We talked all about her running the Olympic marathon trials for Great Britain and that was awesome. She’s my crush.

She’s amazing and so fast. I can’t even comprehend that she is able to run that fast for that long and she makes it look so easy. You’re a good runner and a fast runner.

Do not compare Becs Gentry to me. When she’s like, “It doesn’t count as my run because I only do eight miles and it’s only at an eight-minute pace.” I’m like, “That is relatable to me.”

She’s doing a warm-up run and was like, “Anything seven and below.” I’m like, “That’s cute, Becs.”

I’m not even on my treadmill. I’m just watching. It’s fun picking up little nuggets in their classes. You feel like you get to know them to get to ask more questions about that. When Matty Maggiacomo was on, I was like, “Do you want to talk about Rhode Island?” He was like, “Yes, I do.” We talked about Rhode Island.

Is there that much to talk about with Rhode Island?

No, it didn’t last long. We talked about the few foods like Del’s Lemonade and we moved right on. We were good.

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I love his energy. He can make anything interesting. I love taking his classes. He would probably make Rhode Island interesting for me. If you take any of his classes like the Madonna class, you learn all these things that I never knew about Madonna. I love the pop culture trivia stuff. It’s fascinating. You only have the tread. You do the family classes with your daughter. Do you do any of the other content, the weights or any of that?

I would love to tell you that I did. I have all the weights. They are next to the treadmill with the best of intentions. I stopped doing it when we moved because I got out of my routine a bit and I’m getting back into all my routines that we’re settled here. I was starting every single day with either a 5 or 10-minute stretch and that was a lovely way to start my day.

I am obsessed with meditations. I need to check and see but I have a meditation streak that’s been going for at least 90 days every single night. I’ve been out before and all of a sudden, I realized like, “It’s almost midnight.” I’ll go to the hotel lobby and I will listen to that meditation. I did that. I was in New York City. I was announcing a track meet.

I’m with professional athletes. We’re in the lobby at the Sheraton Hotel. I’m with Nikki Hiltz, who’s one of the best professional runners. We’re talking about how we have our meditation streaks going. It was getting late and all of a sudden, Nikki and I are both like, “We got to do our meditation.” She doesn’t use Peloton. She uses the Ten Percent Happier app. We’re like, “We got to do it.” We sat next to each other in the lobby of the Sheraton Midtown Times Square and listened to our meditations at 11:52 to make sure they would count for that day.

I was like, “Today is not the day this ends.” I once excused myself at a wedding so that I could go and listened to it in the bathroom. I know that’s not the point. I’m completely devaluing the purpose of meditation by making it a checkbox. Every night when I’m finally ready to go to bed, I only have 28 left of the ten-minute relax and sleep category meditations, then I need to find either a new length or a new category. Ross Rayburn is so good and Anna Greenberg. I love and do all of them. I’m into meditation. I cannot tell you how many of them end because I am sound asleep halfway in. They worked.

I’m jealous that you can do that in ten minutes. There are nights that I can’t do that in ten. I have to do the 15 or the 20 to fall asleep before they stop.

Have you ever dozed off during one, then you wake up and you’re like, “Who’s talking?” It’s terrifying. That’s happened. I’m like, “An intruder.” Then I’m like, “It’s a DT. We’re fine.”

What if, in the end, they change, start saying awful things and you have no idea?

Nobody will ever know.

I’ll never know.

They’re putting this awful stuff in your head while you’re asleep and you don’t know.

They would never.

They’re too good with people.

You should spot check it just to be sure because every once in a while, it was in the last two minutes.

I don’t think Kristin McGee has a mean bone in her.

None of them does. They’re all the sweetest people, especially the yoga and meditation instructors. They’re super chill and have this calm.

They’re the opposite of what I am, everything I aspire to be. We have not even one thing in common but we’re going to sleep together. I won’t even go there with that one. I have stories.

You got to tell one.

Ali on the Run After Dark.

Way after dark. We’ll do a spinoff podcast.

She’s like, “That was my Patreon. If you want to hear raunchy stuff, you got to pony up.”

That is a good Patreon idea. At least we’re telling secrets on there. We’re talking names. We’re going to have some fun.

I understood that before you got the tread that you were debating getting the tread because you have Crohn’s disease. It came into play of your decision. Is that accurate?

That was a big part of it. I’ve had Crohn’s my whole life. It’s a digestive disease. The short way to explain that is I am in the bathroom urgently and often. That makes running challenging. Even when I’m not having a flare-up, I’m still using the bathroom a ton when I’m running. I ran seven miles. I only had to stop and go to the bathroom twice. That’s good for me. Normally it’s 3 or 4 times on a 7-mile run, which is my normal but it’s annoying. It takes more time. It’s inconvenient. There’s not always a bathroom where you need one. I joke, “I’m going to get kicked out of this town for how often I have to use the woods as my bathroom.” That I’m telling so many people but it’s not helping.

The best thing you can do for yourself is to stay in the present moment and know that every day is going to feel different. Click To Tweet

It’s fine. There are only two cops in this town. I don’t know if they read this but hopefully not. Officer Pakora, if you’re reading, please let me stay. It’s hard, especially in the winter, even if it’s a beautiful winter day. There’s snow on the ground. I can’t just run into the woods. There’s snow up to my neck. All these things that most people probably don’t think about when it comes to running are on my mind constantly. For me, the ease of being able to have a treadmill in my home, which the new one in our house is right next to a bathroom. I’m very excited. My parents had to go up the stairs. It’s not always convenient. How dare they not build me a bathroom in their basement after I have so graciously lived with them rent-free for fifteen months?

It’s right next to a bathroom, which is very exciting for me but even that, I can rarely get through a twenty-minute class without having to jump off the treadmill. I know there’s such heated debate over the pause button. I’m super not interested in the debate but as someone with Crohn’s disease, it sucks that when I have to jump off, I lose five minutes of the class. I want to get back on. I’m like, “You can kick me off the leaderboard.” They don’t care about that. I want to not miss part of the class. I get it and I understand. I know it’s coming.

Even with the treadmill, for me, it’s a great way to still be able to do the thing that I love in the comfort of my own home where if all of a sudden, my stomach is like, “Time for a break,” it’s not the worst thing in the world. It’s not happening publicly. It’s not me in the middle of this little town, panicking next to the fountain as cars are driving around. That was a big part. Winter is coming. Running outside is already going to be hard. Running outside with Crohn’s disease when there’s snow, ice and all of my little safety trees that I knew on my route that I could run behind if I needed, I can’t get to them anymore.

That was a big factor for me and come in handy. Fun fact about Crohn’s disease, it gets worse when you’re stressed. Do you know what’s stressful? A pandemic, living with your parents, all those things, no childcare for your two-year-old. I’ve been extra stressed for the past years and so my stomach has been a mess. I got to get kicked out of town. I have the treadmill for when they say, “Ma’am, you personally are on a stay-at-home order. You are not welcome here.” I’ll be like, “At least I have a treadmill.” I’m just preparing for that.

That’s a very solid plan. I don’t even know how you do that because even if you’re behind a tree, it’s not protected from all directions. If the trail meanders back the other way, people can still see you. It’s very hard.

They have. Ask my landscaper how we met. It’s fine. He does a great job with our lawn. I can joke about it because I’ve been doing this forever and I’m not in the moment. Every single morning when I go for a run, I know this is going to happen. I know every road in this town and where to avoid because there will be too many cars.

I run at 5:00 AM because it’s the time that’s convenient. There are also a lot fewer people out. I’m far less likely to have one of those scenarios but it has happened and it makes an already embarrassing situation so much worse. I always want to be like, “You think this is bad for you? All this is to you is a story you’re going to tell your family at dinner time. This is humiliating for me. I hate who I am.” I can laugh about it when I’m talking about it hours later but I’ve had awful moments. I’m sure you have people reading who have Crohn’s, colitis, IBD, IBS or runners who had that happen. Every runner has a poop story and that’s me four times a day. Do you want to tell it? Have you told it on the show? That was a great time.

She was tired enough to share and we don’t have a Patreon. This feels appropriate.

I told you I was going to turn the tables.

I was running in a park and all of a sudden, this is happening. There was no debate like, “I can hold off.” It was not an option. I had to run into the woods. It’s a five-mile loop and luckily, it was next to the section with the woods because there’s a part that’s next to a field that I would not have had a place to go.

Some of it backs up to a subdivision.

It was fall, not winter. There was frost on the ground, not snow. I was lucky in that regard.

It’s a little less frost at the end of the story.

It was terrifying because I could hear people talking and walking around me on the trail. There were only so many woods. You don’t have that far you can go and so you could hear people. The leaves had fallen off the tree. I didn’t have a lot of covers. I was like, “Let’s do this as quickly as possible.” Then I was done and it was awful. Nobody happened to me. I cannot even imagine what you go through when that happens. I can’t even wrap my head around that. It must be awful.

I know it’s a little messed up but I love hearing that story. Everyone here has that. No one tells that story. No one is like, “Do you want to hear about the time I almost poop my pants on the run or the time I did?” No one offers that up at a party but then you hear someone share that story and then people are like, “That happened to me.”

My husband doesn’t know that I tell this story but here we go. When we were living in New Jersey, before the world shut down, the way that he would commute to work was by ferry boat. It’s an eighteen-minute ride and there are no bathrooms on that boat, which meant I avoided them at all costs. I couldn’t do an eighteen-minute boat ride. I would have full-on panic attacks. I had bad experiences. He texted me one day and was like, “I think I know what Crohn’s is like.” I’m like, “Do you, honey? Did you also give birth? Do you know what that feels like?”

He had his coffee and then was on the boat. Nothing happened but almost did. He had panic and sweats but honestly, it gave him more empathy. He’s always been great with me about it. When you’ve had that either happen or close to happening and you have that moment of panic, that’s Crohn’s all the time.

I hate the idea that it’s happening to other people. I hate that happened to you, Crystal but also cool. You get it. It’s so hard to explain life with this disease in a way that’s not gross. I don’t think poop jokes are funny. I have never once used the poop emoji on my phone. I’m not offended. The scene in Bridesmaids that everyone thinks is hysterical, I’m like, “That was Tuesday.”

As Tom always says, “It’s just lazy.”

If you’re going to go there, you need to bring something new to the equation. I feel like the Bridesmaids scene did but by and large, those jokes are just lazy humor.

I’ve never been one for poop jokes. It’s totally fine if other people think they’re funny but it’s not for me. I have to talk about this stuff all the time because it’s a big part of my life. All I want is for people to understand and be empathetic. I do care a lot about building awareness. I don’t expect you to feel bad for me. I don’t need your sympathy. All I want is if you are someone who controls a public restroom, let me use it when I ask. That is the only reason I care about spreading awareness. The number of times I have been in an emergency situation and run into a store, a restaurant, whatever it is and been denied to use a restroom was probably 100 times.

That is the worst. That is so hard to explain to people. It’s cool that I’ve had people reach out to me that either follow me or listen to my podcast and they’re like, “I work at XYZ and the rule here is we are not supposed to let people use our restroom but the other day a woman came in and asked if she could use it and I thought of you and I said, sure.” I was like, “You did a great job.”

You don’t think about those things if you’re not a person who has Crohn’s disease. You think of it as people are going to go in the bathroom and do God knows what in there. That’s where business owners are coming from. Maybe they should have a card that you can be like, “I really need to. This is legit.” You don’t have time to explain at that moment that it’s Crohn’s. Here’s what this means and why it’s important because it’s an emergency. If you could just flash them a card and walk in, that would be fabulous.

The Crohn’s & Colitis Foundation, which they do amazing work, have cards that say, “It’s an emergency.” I’ll give you an example. Starbucks is a popular repeat offender. I don’t even bother at Starbucks anymore because you either need to buy something, there’s a code or it’s out of order. It’s not out of order. Where are you going to the bathroom?

I was out shopping once with my friend and we were in J.Crew. I will always remember this. I was like, “I need a bathroom now.” I asked the woman, “Can I use your bathroom? It’s an emergency.” She was like, “It’s for employees only. You have to go down this street. They’re around the park.” I was like, “I’m so sorry. It’s an emergency. I have Crohn’s disease.” She was like, “It’s our policy.” There’s no humanity.

I get it. They don’t want to get in trouble with their boss. I do understand that but we’ve gotten to such a place in society where restroom access is a privilege and not a right. That’s a real problem, not just for people with Crohn’s but for lots of different parts of the population. That’s my very long rant that I want to spread awareness so that people will understand what we’re going through. There were a number of times I have been in public where I have lied and told people I am pregnant because if you’re pregnant, they will let you use the restroom. With Crohn’s, they don’t know what that is.

I’m like, one of these days, it’s going to be someone who listens to the podcast and they’re going to be like, “You’re pregnant?” Someone who’s friends with my mom and is going to be like, “Lori, I saw Alison at the Dunkin Donuts. I didn’t know she’s pregnant.” Then I’m going to get a call from my mom. Sometimes I’ll hold my belly. I’m like, “I’m so sorry. Clearly, I’m pregnant.” Then if they’re like, “Go ahead.” I’m like, “You think I look pregnant?” It’s a lose-lose for everyone but sometimes it works.

You saved your dignity but you lost your self-esteem.

That’s one way to announce you’re pregnant.

The next time I got to go, I’ll tell people I’m pregnant.

Let me say I’m not. See if it works for you. Also going on record, I am not pregnant. I do not have a baby. I do have Crohn’s. That is the only thing that I have.

It’s probably a lot harder on the East Coast and near cities. When we visited New York City and Atlantic City, we had the same issue. There were not as many bathrooms publicly available. If you were to visit the Midwest where we’re from, you probably would have an easier time but when we were there, nobody let you use the bathroom. I was like, “How do people plan their days around going to the bathroom in this city?”

I bought so many packs of gum because I got to make a purchase. “I bought a gum. Here we go. Can I pee now?”

I’m still plenty anxious about other stuff but since moving back to New Hampshire, my quality of life is so much better. If I do have an emergency on the run, I can run into the bathroom. I don’t have to beg someone or worry that I waited too long that it’s too late. I don’t think I realize the toll that took on me living in the city for so long. I go back and I’m anxious. It brings back all those feelings. I can’t believe I was able to live there as long as I did because that was my normal. When that’s your normal, that’s what it is.

There’s a restaurant in our town. They have a sign on the door that says, “Restroom for customers only.” I would not eat there for years. I would come home to visit my parents and they would be like, “Let’s go to the cafe.” I’m like, “No. I will not eat there.” My friends were like, “They’re super nice. They’ll let you use the bathroom.” I used their bathroom all the time now. I have also purchased food from them. I sneak in.

This is my move. I go in, even if it’s empty, which Hopkinton, New Hampshire is usually empty. I’ll pretend I’m looking at my phone. I’ll look around the restaurant and be like, “It’s my party. I’m looking for my party.” Then I duck into the bathroom. The party is in the bathroom. I’ll pick up my phone and I’m like, “Are you here yet? No. I got here. Okay. I’m going to use the bathroom. I’ll look for you in a minute,” which I’m not talking to anyone. It’s not even a phone. It’s a pencil. I have lots of tricks. I’m giving them all the way. I don’t know if this is wise.

Everybody’s going to do it and then you’re not going to be able to do it anymore.

Do you have a lot of readers from Contoocook, New Hampshire? Probably, I feel like.

We’ll have to check the metrics. I feel like you’re okay.

We’ll disperse that part everywhere except New Hampshire right there. You won’t be able to read though. That’s the only problem. What is your workout schedule look like? You run every morning. Do you have one workout a day? Are you so in shape that you work out multiple times a day? How does that work for you?

I would love to work out multiple times a day. In a perfect world, I would go for my run in the morning, go for a hike, do yoga and strength train. That would be great. I am very busy, as many of us are. For me, I get up early, get my run done and then it’s all business and parenting the rest of the day until I collapsed in bed with a DT, Ross or one of my other nighttime friends. That doesn’t sound okay but we covered those bases. Swipe up to join me on Patreon.

I used to work out multiple times a day before I had a child. My time is spent very differently. I work for myself and I love what I do. I’m very happy to spend twelve hours a day sitting at my computer because I’m doing stuff like this or I’m interviewing people. I feel very lucky that I love my work. I would love to spend all day outdoors doing fitness but it’s about prioritizing it. That to me is an hour in the morning and then all business from there on out.

That’s incredible that you’re able to do all of those things. Being a mom, whenever you’re at home working all day, that can be a struggle right there. Is she there at the house with you all day because that’s tough?

She is in part-time daycare. She goes to school three days a week. My husband and I divide up the two days that she’s home and we’re all together on the weekends. We’ve quickly learned in parenting that weekends are a lot transactional like, “I’ll go for my run and you watch her. I’ll come back. I’ll watch her while you go for your bike ride and then I’ll put her down for a nap. I’ll do this while you do that.” That’s not to say we don’t have fun. We have a lot of fun but the constant figuring out what the priorities are, how to keep everyone happy and knowing that we’re happier when we get that time to work out. Everyone says it. I am a better mom. I am more patient when I’ve had that hour to myself in the morning. My husband is a cyclist. It is only a matter of time before we have the Peloton bike.

Some cyclists are like, “It’s not the same. I want a pure experience. That’s not a road bike. That’s a spin bike.”

He’s a cyclist who lives in New Hampshire. We’ll get over that real quick.

How did you become an announcer? You were announcing a race. How did that happen? Was that because of the podcast?

I feel like everything I do at this point is intertwined. It all comes back to running. I joked a couple of years ago, saying that my dream is just to stand at a finish line and cheer for runners and then I was like, “That’s a job. That’s what the announcers do.” This was when we were in New York City. We were living in New Jersey at the time.

New York is where New York Road Runners is based. That’s who puts on lots of races, including the New York City Marathon. I am friends with a lot of people who work there or used to work there, including this wonderful woman named Christine Burke, who is one of the VPs at New York Road Runners. I said to her, “My dream is I want to try race announcing. What do I have to do? Do I have to go back to college for this?” She was like, “What? College? No.” I didn’t know. I was like, “Are there courses that you take? How do you learn this masterful art of saying, good job? Where can I study this? I’ve run a million races at this point. Imposter syndrome was something new.” She was like, “Let me talk to the team and see if we need any more announcers.”

New York Road Runners has announcers. They have a team of twelve that they rotate around all these races but she vouched for me and gave my name to the events team. They reached out and were like, “We have a race in a couple of weeks.” Our first ever was the Newport 5k. It was in New Jersey, which was cool because I was living there. They were like, “We need another announcer.” I’m so nervous and honored. I thought I would be shadowing the other announcers but no. I was by myself at race day central. They hand me a rough script and they’re like, “Do whatever.” I’m like, “You’re just giving me a microphone an hour? I’m going to be playing Family Feud up here before you know it.” I was so nervous and I guess I did okay because then they asked me to do more and then I got to be one of the finish line announcers at the 2019 New York City Marathon. That was one of the best days of my life. It literally is standing at the finish line and cheering for people.

It’s magical and I cry when I think about that day and those stories. It’s cool. When we came up to New Hampshire, there is a running company up here called Millennium Running that do a lot of the events in New Hampshire. I ran one of their races. I posted about it on Instagram being like, “This was so fun.” They shout out to Barry, who’s their social media and marketing guy. Tapped through, he saw my profile and was like, “She has a lot of followers. She has a podcast. She’s a race announcer.” They reached out and were like, “You want to announce our races?” They never had a female announcer with any of their races. I’m their first female announcer.

I’m with them. I do all of their races, which is fun. That is a cool side hobby. I’ve met a lot of great people through it but you get to be there on a special day in people’s lives because whether it’s a Turkey trot that their family is doing together or it’s a marathon that they’ve trained for 6 months or 1 year, to get to be there on these special days in people’s lives is so awesome. Let’s be honest. No one cares about the race announcer. No one was like, “You know what was great about that event? It’s the announcer.”

Until you say somebody’s name wrong.

Which we do.

There’s no way you can’t.

There are too many names.

My approach to that is I will always try my best and I will never say your name because it looks too hard. That’s unfair, which is hard at the New York City Marathon with a massive international field. Some of the names coming up there, I’m like, “There are no vowels. I don’t know what to do with this.” I will always try because I would rather try, recognize you, and honor you than ignore you. I always apologize if I get it wrong.

People are funny. If there’s a hard name and it’s a smaller race in New Hampshire, if I say someone’s name, I’ll joke about it. “Did I get it right? Was I close?” They’ll be, “No.” If it’s a hard name and you get it right, you made their day. People high-fived me. It makes their day. I’m well aware that no one cares about the announcers. It’s just something that is fun. I love getting to be there, especially because my stomach has been a mess. I don’t get to run these races. I don’t trust that my stomach is going to hold that for a half marathon but then I still get to be there and feel the runner’s high. I wasn’t good in science but that’s osmosis.

You’re right. I only know that because there was a cartoon called Osmosis Jones and that’s how it worked with Chris Rock and Bill Murray.

How old are you? I’ve never heard of such a thing.

It’s from the late ’90s. They turn into a Saturday morning cartoon.

She said you’re old.

I know I’m old.

I’m trying to joke but I’m not good at making fun of people. That’s so not my natural type of humor. I’ll try to make a joke at someone’s expense and I’m immediately like, “I’m so sorry. Are you okay? I didn’t mean to be mean. I was just trying to be funny. Are you mad at me?”

I’m good at it. You’re fine.

It’s hard to insult him.

I don’t know what it is. I have this innate ability. I can say the rudest thing to somebody ever and they’ll just laugh.

I don’t know how he does it. I’m like you, Ali. I can’t say anything to people. There’s something about my face whenever I say it. Tom can say anything to people and they’re laughing with them. I don’t know. It’s a gift.

I think it’s just White privilege.


It’s one of the perks. What are you going to do? They’re not laughing at all. They just socialize that way. We’ll find that out on my death bed and be like, “I was that the whole time? I thought I was charming. I thought I was irascible.” I was going to ask what your leaderboard name was.

It’s AliOnTheRun1. That is my name on everything. I didn’t even check on Peloton. I’m sure she’s lovely. It was Twitter that I must have joined first because that was before Instagram. I joined Twitter and @AliOnTheRun was taken. I had to be @AliOnTheRun1. I wanted to keep it consistent across all the platforms. I’m @AliOnTheRun1 on Instagram. There is an AliOnTheRun. She’s private. Based on her profile photo, I believe she is a mom who runs because I think her picture is like her with kids or that’s in her bio or something. She gets tagged with a lot of people, I’ve noticed. She’s like, “I don’t host a podcast. Please stop.” I’ve been AliOnTheRun1 since 2009. I’m very used to it but I’m also AliOnTheRun1 on Peloton.

Do you have any advice for people just getting started with running and with Peloton?

Same advice for both, make sure that it’s fun for you. I hear from people all the time where they’re like, “I want to be a runner but I hate running.” I’m like, “Then pick something else. You don’t have to do this thing.” The easiest way to stay motivated to do something is to make sure it’s the thing that you like but also to not focus on the numbers, the metrics and the people around you, whether it’s a race, a run or the leaderboard. It’s easy to get caught up in where you stand in the numbers, paces and distance. There’s always someone to compare yourself to including your past self and your future self. The best thing you can do for yourself is to stay in the present moment and know that every day is going to feel different. Know that there are going to be great days on the run and days that your landscaper catches you pooping in the bushes. Take them as they come. It’ll be in my bio.

Thank you so much for joining us and spending so much time with us. Remind everybody where they can find you before we let you go.

AliOnTheRun1 is everywhere on social and the Ali on the Run Show Podcast, which is on all major podcasting platforms. It’s on Apple Podcasts, Spotify. My website is because Ali on the Run was taken. Check me out and follow along with the show. I promise it appeals to all runners. You don’t have to follow professional running. You don’t have to be any type of runner. My goal with the show is that everyone in this community feels seen, represented and welcomed. If you run, you are a runner. You get to own that title for life. We’d love to have you.

Thank you.

That brings this episode to a close. What pray tell do you have in store for people next episode?

We are going to talk to Jennifer Barker. She has created the group, Muscles, Milestones and Motivation. I may not be saying the three Ms in the right order but they’re in there. We’re going to hear all about why this group is amazing and has grown super fast. Lots to hear about.

Until then, where can people find you?

People can find me on Facebook at They can find me on Instagram, Twitter, the bike and of course, the tread at @ClipOutCrystal.

You can find me on Twitter @RogerQBert or on Facebook at Find the show online at While you’re there, like the page and join the group. Don’t forget our YouTube channel at where you can watch all the episodes in their entirety. Sign up for our newsletter at That’s it for this one. Thanks for tuning in. Until next time, keep pedaling and running.

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