TCO 213 | Peloton Community

213: Peloton Treads Without Monthly Membership Stop Working plus our interview with Jen Watson!

TCO 213 | Peloton Community


John Mills joins us to talk about virtual reality and connected fitness.

Can gyms and connected fitness peacefully coexist?

Treads without Peloton memberships have stopped working.

Bloomberg reports on Peloton’s upcoming wearable device.

Peloton launches a corporate wellness program.

Dr. Jenn – How to balance all the Peloton content

GQ Germany launches a fitness podcast with Erik Jager as their first guest.

Cody Rigsby complains about the delivery time…of a lamp.

Congrats to Jenn Sherman’s daughter who graduated from high school.

Peloton made a cool video for International Yoga Day.

Peloton had a special Dad survey.

Rishi Sunak (UK politician) loves his Peloton.

Angelo joins us to discuss: Nutrition tips for keeping your tummy happy during a workout.

Past guest Daniel Klarkowski launched his own app.

The latest artist collaboration spotlights Janelle Monae.

The new Champions Collection features Angelique Kerber.

The latest boutique drop features all of the countries Peloton is currently in.

All this plus our interview with Jen Watson!

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Peloton Treads Without Monthly Membership Stop Working plus our interview with Jen Watson!

I was starting to sound not as snotty as I was. Physically, I’m still as snotty as I was in an existential sense. From a personality standpoint, I’m as snotty as I ever was, but from a health physical standpoint, I’m better.

You sound a lot better.

I did sound rough. It happens. I’m weak. 

Speaking of time passing and updates on things and not being sick anymore, we’re weighing and both of us are within 2 pounds of when we left for Disney.

We’ve been home for a week and we’ve already lost almost all the vacation weight, which trust me, there was a lot of vacation.

We ate a lot. That’s what Angelo said would happen. He said, “We’ll get you within 1 or 2 pounds.” We came back and we were on an up adjust when we left. We returned to our up adjust eating pattern. That’s all we’ve done. We stayed there for about a week and here we are.

I’ve never lost vacation weight that quick before.

I know. I’m very happy about it.

Normally I came back and I’m gaining 15 pounds, and it takes me six weeks to get rid of it.

I was worried because when we went on vacation back in March, it was only 2 or 3 pounds we gained and we lost that right away. I thought with 10, this is going to be rough but no. I’ll take a week. That was worth every bit of ice cream. I love ice cream.

What to pray tell do you have in store for people?

I am excited to announce that John Mills is back, first and foremost. We will be chatting with him. We have an update on Peloton court cases. We’ll be chatting about that. We are also going to talk about recent news with Peloton, some things that they are adding. We’ve got the wearable to discuss and we also have them adding a corporate wellness program. Both are big news. We had a visit from Dr. Jenn and we also have a visit from Angelo with MetPro.

Before we get to all that shameless plugs, don’t forget we’re available on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts. Wherever you get podcasts, you can find us. While you’re there, be sure and follow us so you never miss an episode. Perhaps if you want to do something a little nice for us, you could leave us a review so people who will come along after you, know that we’re worth checking out. We have a new review. This is from Frauded by TLC, “I just got my Peloton bike for Christmas and I’m completely obsessed. I just found this podcast and I’m also obsessed and immediately started listening to back episodes. There’s so much fun information and it helps to take my obsession to the next level just like our beloved instructors want. Thank you.” The leaderboard name is Katreetree. That’s fun to say.

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Thank you very much.

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We shall.

Joining us once again and he’s back, it’s John Mills from Run, Lift and Live. How is it going, John?

What is going on?

We should probably dig into some of the stuff you found. The interesting thing about Facebook and Oculus, which is owned by Facebook. Mark Zuckerberg is talking about VR and the future of connected fitness.

TCO 213 | Peloton Community


He was a guest at a French tech conference. I wasn’t familiar with it but he’s out there talking about the future and the direction they’re going in with Oculus, and how he envisions the VR space. What struck me about checking out his piece is I’d been told that he mentioned Peloton. I went back and checked it out. He spoke in terms of seeing VR eventually being used, which are already used from a fitness perspective. He saw VR being much more immersive and thus competing in a connected fitness space at some point. I know they do it now, but I don’t know that it’s competitive.

I don’t know how you make this work because if you want it to be immersive, you want to move freely. If you move freely, you’re going to run into your couch.

I think that he’s onto something here. I agree and I think it will be immersive because they’re already working on things like that. We saw a treadmill that has a belt around and you’re running, You can go in different directions and it keeps you from moving too far.

I wonder if this is a way to pull people back into a brick and mortar gym. They could have a special workout area where there are devices and things that sync up with the VR. You jump over this boulder but it’s just a big piece of foam. You could pick your settings and it can be you’re running through Italy if that’s what you want. There could be like, “Bleep,” and now you’re getting chased by dragons or something.

I just got a visual of some big room with 50 people taking these classes. They’re going to look nuts. You go in there to be entertained by these people jumping randomly.

It’s funny, you got that visual and I got a visual of people doing VR in giant hamster balls. 

The big obstacle to something like this is keeping those things on your face while you’re jumping around like a maniac. They’re heavy and if you want to exercise and get the movement going, how are you going to keep that thing in place? I find that difficult to believe.

Based on where rides, fitness and theme parks are going, I still think this is going to be a thing. I’m not saying it’s going to be tomorrow but I agree with Mr. Zuckerberg that we’re headed in that direction.

I’m agreeing with you both. The technology probably is going to have to get smaller. It’s probably going to have to get lighter. It’s going to have to evolve, but it will have its place. I just don’t know if it’s going to be a competitive component that other fitness companies are going to have to add to their list of product offerings or will it always be a niche thing? That’s where I’m not clear.

I guess it depends on what the kids want because I’m thinking that in another ten years, we’re looking at almost a different generation talking about these things, not us.

That’s a good point because there was a time I was looking at my cell bill and I was going, “Text? What is that? Why would somebody be doing that so much? Why would somebody text? Why don’t you just call me?” There was a time I was doing that.

Now, when somebody calls you, you’re like, “Why are you calling me? Just text me.”

You also found an article about the future of connected fitness and gyms and will they maybe peacefully coexist? 

I know that the Peloton position has consistently been that we’re at a paradigm shift where we’re moving from the brick and mortar gym into the home. You heard a common statement like given these two experiences, wouldn’t most people want to just have that experience at home? You’ve heard Peloton provide that position, but they’ve got a commercial space and they’re working commercial deals. I always thought, probably both of these things are going to continue to play. This story speaks to that, where this analyst is comparing this to eCommerce versus brick and mortar or retail sales and how eCommerce didn’t wipe out brick and mortars. They still exist and they co-exist. He sees this with gyms and connected fitness. That makes sense to me.

I never thought that they would completely wipe out gyms, but you won’t see as many gym options in five years because there’s so much of the equipment that you could get at home now that’s good and engaging. I definitely think it’s going to damage gyms long term but there will still be gyms. It’s the same way when TV came out and they were like, “It’s going to kill movie theaters. It hurt movie theaters but there are still movies. Now people say the same thing about streaming and it’s hurting movie theaters, but there will still be movie theaters. There just won’t be as many. I think you’ll see the same thing with gyms. 

People are still going to travel. You still need the ability of hotels and places to go when you’re in another city. I think that they will still be there but with fewer options. 

They then jump into talking through the list of upcoming IPO’s around connected fitness, which it’s clear that the market sees that space as all of these different companies, “We got to get into that. We got to do how Peloton did it.” That’s another end of it. The gyms are going to still exist but this connected fitness thing, we got to be in here. We talked about ICON changed its name to iFit. They’re talking about going IPO. Equinox talks about it. We know Beachbody and Myx are working on that SPAC deal that’s supposed to close, trading under the ticker body. They talk about Hydro and Tonal, which I think I knew that. I wasn’t sure there are talks about it.

I don’t remember Hydro. I knew Tonal’s headed that way but I didn’t know that about Hydro.

I wasn’t sure but I heard that before. To me, that’s another thing that speaks to what Peloton has done, the pattern that they’ve laid, and the number of companies that are trying to follow that track. I’m wondering what does this mean for the Echelons and the Nautilus of the world. When are they going to be on?

That was just my general feeling about Echelon. That wasn’t towards you.

I feel like Peloton blazed the path and now people see the template and they’re following along behind. It’s an easier story to tell because there’s such a massive success story where even if you’re only half as successful, I’ll be half a billionaire. I don’t mind that.

I’ll sign up for that.

Me too, John. I’ll be a quarter millionaire. I’m good with that.

Thank you so much for joining us. Remind us again, until next time, where can people find you?

They can find me on my Run, Lift & Live group or page on Facebook. They can find me on Instagram @RunLiftAndLive or at

Another day, another threatened lawsuit at least, but no one’s filed it yet. Peloton made some updates to their software.

Let’s back up. If you think back, remember that Peloton needed to make changes to the Tread+ in order to incorporate a PIN code to make it safer so that unauthorized users could not use it.

To keep the kids off the treadmill so they’re safe. 

When they did that, they also made it so that you can no longer use the Just Run feature without having a subscription. Prior to this, anybody could have gotten on my treadmill and hit the Just Run button and start running. Now they need to be logged into a Peloton account before they can use the Just Run feature.

TCO 213 | Peloton Community


To get a PIN code, you have to have a membership. If you don’t have a membership, you don’t have a PIN code. If you don’t have a PIN code, you can’t access Just Run. The six people that were out there doing that lost their shit.

It started over on the OPP. That is where a woman was like, “We should file a class-action lawsuit.” She got blasted but she got a lot of people’s attention because at this point, there are a ton of people that are from news outlets in the OPP and they look for these things. They saw that and they wrote lots of articles about it.

Peloton put out a statement later saying that they would be pushing out an update. This is temporary so calm down.

Just to be clear, they were in a rush to get that software push because they were trying to be compliant with the CPSC and they wanted people to be safe. That was the priority. The priority was not worrying about we can still use this even if you don’t have a membership. To be clear, Peloton has planned the whole time and still plans to include a Just Run feature even if you do not have a subscription. That is coming and my understanding is they gave people that 90 days refund or money back on their subscription to offset some of these features not being there. This is one of them.

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If you don’t have a membership in the first place, getting that refund doesn’t do you a lot of good. 

Why then are you using it? I don’t even understand.

I agree that people can use a product however they want, but it seems counterintuitive. This is not an inexpensive item. If you are just wanting a treadmill to run on, you can buy a less expensive one without all the bells and whistles.

People swear that the slotted nature of the tread belt that goes around on the Tread+ is only comparable to a Woodway. The cheapest Woodway is $10,000. If you compare a $5,000 fully paid Peloton machine that you only use for running compared to $10,000, you’re still coming at half the price. Is it a choice I would make? Never in a million years but I get why people would. If they were going to spend $10,000, $5,000 is a deal.

I also get why you don’t even think about, what about the people who have the equipment that don’t have this issue?

It’s such a small percentage of people that even if they considered it, they still had to move forward.

At the end of the day, if you’re going to get sued, you’d rather get sued by someone saying, “I can’t use my treadmill,” than someone saying, “My kid got injured.”

Exactly, because safety is most important. did some digging into the iOS code.

Wasn’t that funny? Supposedly there are notes. When I say supposedly, I don’t mean I don’t believe it. I mean I don’t know how all this works. I know that somebody, somewhere on a Facebook group said that the way that this works is they weren’t necessarily digging in the code. They were digging in the publisher’s notes and they can see all of that through whatever means they were using. Whatever they had access to, they could see the publisher notes. They weren’t even certain that’s what was happening. That was just a theory. At any rate, this is going to the wearables that we’ve talked about before that we thought was coming because of the acquisition of Atlas.

However, we’ve also had a lot of back and forth about what we thought it was going to look like. Would it be part of the strength equipment that we know is coming in the fall? Atlas already had what’s called HR3. It was ready to be released and then never got released because it got purchased. Is it going to be that with Peloton branding or is it going to be something completely different? Is it going to be a competitor with Apple? Is it going to be a competitor with Fitbit? There are different ways to have a wearable. There have been a lot of thoughts about that.

This article from Bloomberg indicates that it is going to be more of what you would get from using a regular old heart rate monitor. It’s going to be able to connect with your TV. If you’re using Peloton on a TV, it’s going to be able to connect with any of your Peloton equipment. What we don’t know is, are you going to be able to just go for a run and you can use whatever this wearable is going to be, and it will track that so that you don’t need to have a phone? Will it be something that we haven’t even thought of? Is it going to be something that’s all three of those? It sounds like you’re not going to see a smartwatch component of this. This is going to be a wearable that’s focused on heart rate data. Think about that as being the difference between a Whoop and an Apple Watch. The Whoop has no face. It’s tracking all the data internally and you wear it all the time. We don’t really know what we’re expecting.

You’re going to have to put some on your ankles or something between your Whoop and your Fitbit and your Apple Watch.

I feel like this is a gap piece of equipment. What I mean by that is I don’t think this is for people like me. People like me being I already have an Apple Watch and I already have a Whoop. I’m tracking a lot of different data already. I think this is for people who don’t want to spend a lot of money on a smartwatch and they don’t want to spend a lot of money every month on a Whoop. They want basic data. They don’t need every single metric.

TCO 213 | Peloton Community


I wonder if it’s going to be a way to introduce an upcharge.

There are many things coming to us that are going to be potential upcharges. A lot of things coming from Peloton are going to be added revenue streams and this is one of them. I do think that but we’ll see. All we know is that we’re going to be able to connect via Bluetooth after the first time. It’s going to pair, you’ll pair it, then the device will connect automatically via Bluetooth. That’s all we know about this at this time.

On a different note, Peloton announced that they’re starting a corporate wellness offering.

There has been a huge response to this. People are so excited. If you read the articles behind this, this is also what John Mills was saying about Peloton, thinking about the brick and mortar side. Peloton is also thinking about people going back to work and getting out of the house, in general. This is a way for your company to offer your employees access to the Peloton through their corporate thing. There were a few things that stood out to me. They are helping companies set up wellness centers for a reduced fee. Organizations can offer subsidized access to Peloton digital and all access memberships. There will be exclusive benefits on connected fitness products. They will also receive tailored enterprise feature that’s going to drive strong engagement, reduce administrative workload and measure impact. In other words, there’s going to be things like contests within your company that are going to be sponsored through Peloton.

A lot of companies do that like, “Who walked those miles this month? You get cookies.”

It’s so much better than steps because many people cheat on steps. It ticks me off when people would just put on their hamster and stuff like that. To actually have something that you can track and going back to the wearable, that might be a big component of this.

It very well could be. That might be an end game too of like, “We’ll sell these companies wearables that they can provide to their employees, and then you can see if they’re actually at work.

I think that’s a different thing.

Joining us once again is Dr. Jenn Mann, licensed marriage, family and child therapist, and sports psychology consultant. You may know her from VH1’s Couples Therapy with Dr. Jenn or VH1’s Family Therapy with Dr. Jenn. She’s also got a long-running radio show, The Dr. Jenn Show. She’s written four bestselling books, including The Relationship Fix: Dr. Jenn’s 6-Step Guide to Improving Communication, Connection and Intimacy. Ladies and gentlemen, and all points in between, Dr. Jenn.

It’s good to be here.

It’s great to have you here.

I’m sure you remember, we have been gathering questions from our Clip Out community, and we have a brand new one. This is from Mojo Mike Rockwell. He says that he would like to know how to find time to develop a balanced plan that includes yoga and strength, in addition to biking.

I feel you, Mike. Every six months, I redo my plan. I meet with someone very familiar with Peloton, who’s a trainer, all that sort of stuff to come up with a plan. If you have anyone in your life, if you know anyone who knows anyone who is a trainer, always try to get the professional involved. You would want to check with your doctor before you do anything. I got to get that whole disclaimer. What I recommend doing is if you don’t have that person sit down, make a list of what is the cardio that you like? Are you doing the bike and the tread? Are you just doing one of them? Are you doing outdoor runs, outdoor walks? What exercise do you want to integrate more of? You mentioned yoga. Are you stretching?

I don’t know about you guys, but as much as I actually love stretching because I was a gymnast and I happened to be good at it, I don’t do it enough. I find that if I’m spinning, running or walking, which I do pretty much every day, and I don’t stretch, I feel I don’t recover as well. You want to take that into account when you’re creating this new plan of yours. You also want to look at what strength work you’re doing and also complement the upper body and lower body. You’re not doing a lower-body bootcamp, then the next day you’re doing glutes and legs for 30 minutes because your body is not going to recover.

All the trainers that I’ve ever talked about it said that the one thing that doesn’t need to rest is your core. That’s the one thing you can do seven days a week. Aside from that, you need to have one day where you got a break. I would recommend looking at divide and conquer, upper body, lower body. Look at your calendar. Sit down with your days of the week and make sure that you are alternating that focus. The same thing with your cardio. If you are doing bike, you don’t want to do a hills day, and then intervals day, and it’s your body. You don’t want to do too much row. You may want to alternate one day where you’re doing cycling and one day where you’re doing a HIIT cardio class or walking outside if you don’t have the tread. I know a lot more people have the bike than the tread just statistically, but make sure that you are balancing those out and also doing those stretching things that we tend to let go by the wayside.

That’s a lot of good stuff to unpack. The thing that I thought made the most sense, and you glossed over it, was how you do it every six months. You revisit it on a regular pattern. I’m sure it’s easy to just fall into, “This is the rhythm of what I do,” then it either becomes less effective or less engaging.

TCO 213 | Peloton Community


It’s easy to not redo your program because Peloton has so many different instructors, different types of classes, and there’s always something new coming at you. You can spin five days a week potentially and never take the same type of class or the same instructor. It is very easy to not change it up, especially if what you have is working. I had one plan that I did for a year. I found out at the end of the year that I’m feeling burnt out. Even though I love this plan, it’s like the perfect balanced plan of alternating upper body and lower body, alternating cycling, tread, yoga and rest. It felt like “perfect,” but I was like, “I can’t do another ten-minute core class. I need something different.” Even if it was a five-minute core class or a twenty-minute, just the fact that the number was different, made it feel different and got out of the monotony.

I recommend knowing yourself and know how much change you need. I’m someone who typically doesn’t need a lot of change. Once every six months is fine for me but someone else may need once a month. It depends on what your psychological needs are. Part of what keeps us going when it comes to exercise is feeling like, “I’m looking forward to trying that class. I’m looking forward to what I’m doing or that challenge that I have ahead of me,” as opposed to, “I’m doing that again.” I think doing that can be helpful.

You’re absolutely right. It is different for everyone because I have been trying to focus on steady-state cardio. As I’ve been trying to focus on losing fat because of my body type, the nutritionist I’m working with is like, “You should limit the amount of weightlifting that you do because you will gain muscle as well as gaining fat at the same time.” I have missed weightlifting though. I’ve missed it so much. I need that. I need to be able to do a HIIT run. I need to be able to switch it up because just doing steady-state cardio for 45 minutes, five days a week, I want to shoot someone.

It can get very monotonous. You bring up a good point that looking at what your goals are is important in creating that program. If your goal is weight loss, better cardio or running a marathon, all that stuff should be taken into account. I like process-oriented goals, not endpoint numbers goals. In other words, I don’t like, “I want to lose 10 pounds.” You can’t control what your body does. You can’t control how it responds to you. There’s too much of a tendency to then get discouraged when you’re not doing that. You can do three months of amazing, consistent exercise taking the classes you said, and then if that’s your goal and your body didn’t respond the way you want to, you feel like crap.

I like to avoid goals that are about numbers or the things we can’t control. I like the goals that are about what we can control. I write out this plan, I’m going to do every one of these classes this week. Also, I’m all for rewarding yourself when you do meet those goals, “This is the first week where I’ve taken five spin classes. I’m going to go buy myself some Peloton apparel.” We do a lot of texting about it. Sorry, Tom. I probably cost you guys a lot of money.

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It would have been spent anyway. It’s just which pair of leggings it got spent on. I’m very fatalistic about it.

I enable your wife and your wife enables me.

Just like I always say, “She makes more money than I do,” so I’m not going to comment.

You’re a very good man. Keeping those goals in mind and making sure that they are goals that you can control, whether you do something or not versus what the outcome is, is important.

Thank you so much for joining us until next time, where can people find you? 

You can find me on all social media @DrJennMann. On Instagram in particular, I post every day my Peloton workouts on my Insta stories. You can also find me on InStyle magazine, Hump Day with Dr. Jenn, my weekly call.

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GQ Germany has launched their own fitness podcast. 

It started on June 24th.

Their very first guest is a German Peloton instructor.

Erik Jager. That’s so exciting. I was looking at all the comments. People were super excited that he was going to be their very first guest.

Cody Rigsby had an Instagram story.

It cracked me up because he apparently was taking delivery on a lamp that he had bought. His story was about his delivery window, which was going to be from 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM.

It was a 7 or 8-hour window and he was very upset. 

He was like, “That’s a whole day for a lamp. Are you kidding me?” Although I agree with him wholeheartedly, I also could not help but see the irony and humor in the fact that we all sit at home and wait all day for our Peloton bikes, Cody. Do you think that Peloton delivers in a one-hour window? They don’t, especially when we live way out in the middle of nowhere. You live in a city.

It was just funny the optics of a Peloton person complaining about delivery time. What you get is poetic justice. I bet your lamp delivery guy was like, “Cody Rigsby. You’re going to wait for your lamp. I’ve been waiting for my bike. You’re waiting for your lamp.”

It took me three months to get my bike.

TCO 213 | Peloton Community


Also, a quick congratulations to Jenn Sherman’s daughter.

Carly graduated from high school. We just wanted to send congratulations to Jenn and of course, to Carly.

She’s the one that does all the work.

Jenn did all the work.

I know nothing about Carly but I know how our kids are with high school. I sure feel like we’re doing a lot of the work or at least we’re keeping on them to make sure they do the work, which is work.

It’s another full-time job.

Peloton posted a fancy yoga video for International Day of Yoga.

Every instructor got to talk about what International Day of Yoga was about for them and what that made them feel. It’s a great little video. I definitely want all of you to check it out because it touched every instructor, which is great.

That’s nice that they were all included. It was one of those videos where they’re handing something from shot to shot. It’s like that stunt person one where they were punching and kicking each other. Peloton had pulled a random sample of Peloton dads presumably for Father’s Day.

I wanted to talk about some of these results. The leaderboard for the most part is the Mount Everest of competition. That’s really important to them. It’s 96% of the #PelotonDads have high-fived another member of #PelotonDads. They’re very high-fivey, which is great. Several dads had to describe being a dad in one word. The words that came up were awesome, rewarding, proud, amazing, love and fulfilling. I thought that was nice. They were asked, which was their favorite Peloton app workout? Thirty-seven percent, which was the majority, went to strength.

Because they are dads and they’re men and roar.

I don’t like that, Tom.

I was making fun of it. I feel like that’s the thought process for a lot of them. I’m not saying it’s right.

It’s just that they ask, “What was your Peloton app workout?” Because it’s an app, they don’t think of it as associated with the equipment. If they have a bike, for example, they’re like, “I use strength on the app mostly.”

They automatically crossed off the bike off their list of options. 

That’s my head. I don’t know if that’s true.

Yours is nicer than mine. 

They also asked dads when their ideal time to Peloton was, and 69% like to do their workouts in the morning.

I think the dads did that on purpose to land on 69%. I think Peloton dads all got together because they’re dads and they love dad jokes. They were like, “Jim, at 68%, you answer morning and we’ll see where we’re at.” As soon as they got to 69%, they were like, “everybody, stop.” I firmly believe that’s what happened.

As I said, they’re very competitive so 52% is their Everest.

Finally, on this segment, there was an article in the London Times about a Rishi Sunak who from what I understand of translating their government to our government. I think he’s the equivalent of their Secretary of the Treasury. He’s called Chancellor of the Exchequer. I’ve never seen that word before. He just gets called Chancellor, but it sounds like he controls the money. He is apparently a big Peloton fan and a big Cody fan.

It literally says on the headline, The Peloton Hunk Who Makes Rishi Sunak Sweat.

Joining us is Angelo from MetPro to answer your nutrition questions. Hello, Angelo.

Thanks for having me back.

We’re so excited you’re here. We have a question from our Clip Out community. I’ve seen this one a couple of times and I’m very curious about your feedback. What to eat before working out that won’t cause GI issues while running? 

This is a show where I give completely meaningless answers because all of the answers are it depends. The answer is I don’t know because everyone’s digestive system is different. What I can do is I can tell you what we have found has worked for others and you can experiment a little. What is fairly typical is most people find that a big heavy meal right before an event, running an endurance or whatever it is isn’t going to work. Some people do good with a smoothie or a protein shake. Others have said, “No good.” What we have found is typically something light like an English muffin or a piece of whole-grain toast or low-carb tortilla with a little bit of almond butter or peanut butter. Some people like to put a dab of honey. Honey isn’t going to be great if your primary goal is fat loss, but if your goal is performance, it tends to work well.

Another thing that we end up talking about a lot is the consumption of caffeine and coffee prior to running. The consensus is everyone’s body is different but just making sure that it’s in moderation because if you have too much, that can create the digestive upset. Generally speaking, I do like to see some fuel in your system before you run. There’s a huge caveat on that. If you’re running as a means to burning fat and performance is not your primary objective, there might be an addendum to that conversation. If your goal is to get better at running, feel the best during your runs and go with something light. One of my favorites is a rice cake with peanut butter and half a banana sliced up or an apple or getting the bag of sliced organic apple slices with a little bit of peanut butter on them. Most people I talk to have told me that they do well with that.

I’ll give you a weird story. I had a long-distance runner. He did Ultra Marathon. I don’t know if you know what that is but that is basically insanity. These were amazing athletes at that level. He had the weirdest ritual. He would take peanut butter and jelly sandwich and he would put it underneath a bound volume book like an encyclopedia to crunch it down to almost like a cracker or a wafer for the next day because it would fit in his running pouch. He would take them out and eat them like crisps and it works for him. You’re going to have to play around with it to see what works for your digestive system. Generally, most people do good with things like nuts, nut butter, a little bit of fruit, cracker, a small piece of bread but light. Don’t forget to refuel after, and then into training, fuel if need be if you’re doing long distances.

My question is when we say GI issues, what does that mean?

Some people have gas. For some people, it’s just uncomfortable but for some people, it’s like, “I got to go right now.”

Nothing makes you run like the runs. I’ll take an ax to the face but if I’m going to be covered in my own poop, I will haul ass, literally.

I think that’s the take-home message. Tom won’t run for an ax murderer but will run for diarrhea.

On that note, thank you for joining us. Until next time, where can people find you?

TCO 213 | Peloton Community

We can also remind people that if you go to that website, you will be entered to win six months of MetPro services for free. If you download the app or sign up for the consultation, you are automatically entered. If you’ve already done one of those things or you’ve already signed up, you are already entered into that contest. 

That’s if you signed up through our link. If you signed up two years ago before we’d ever heard of it, I’m sorry, that doesn’t count. 

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Thank you very much for joining us. We will talk to you again.

Thanks, guys.

Our second German story of the episode is past guest Daniel Klarkowski.

He’s also known in Germany as Sports Insider magazine because he’s a big blogger over there.

He’s a big deal over there. He was actually on episode 133 if you want to go check that. 

He’s one of the first people in Germany who get to try Peloton and loved it. Back to Daniel’s big news, his Sports Insider has gone to the app. They now have a brand new app. It’s very cool. Congratulations to Daniel. I love seeing all of his updates. He’s always running because he’s a runner. It’s amazing to see all of his progress and I love keeping up with his story.

If you’re a German listener, go check out his app.

If there are any other German listeners out there that are interested in being on the show, reach out. We love to diversify.

I guess these are weekly now. It’s used to be like they were spread. Now, every week, there’s a new one, which is great. There’s a new artist collaboration. I always feel weird saying the new artists collaboration because then it’s like, is it the artist collaboration that’s new or is it a new artist?

It’s the most recent artists collaboration.

It’s with Janelle Monae.

People are super excited about this one. I don’t know much about her music. I know she’s incredibly talented but I don’t know very much. I think this will be a very big one.

While we’re on collaborations, there’s a new Champions Collection with Angelique Kerber.

She is a huge tennis champion. She is a huge Wimbledon winner. She’s from Germany and has competed from there and she is now on Peloton. You can go and take a stack of her classes she’s curated. There’s a Warm-up ride, a HIIT and Hills ride, and a Post-Ride Stretch that she’s put together. You can find those in the Peloton Champions Collection.

Finally, there was a new drop in the boutique that focused on all the countries that Peloton is currently residing in.

It’s like Join Team Peloton starts now. It’s got all the different countries. They’re very bright, bold, monochromatic colors and styles. The red outfit was probably my favorite. I have to tell you, Tom, as another drop, I didn’t buy a thing. I’ve been good. I’m pretty sure I’ve saved us so much money in the last two drops. How about that? I should then reward myself. I’m already looking forward to the summer too. I think it’s going to be very exciting. I’m ready. This one was a surprise. I didn’t know this one was coming until it was in the UK and then it was in Germany. I was like, “Here we go.”

Joining us is Jen Watson. Jen, how’s it going?

I’m great. It’s good to see you guys.

It’s great to see you too. Thank you for doing this. I always like to start out and ask people where in their timeline and how did they come across Peloton and decide, “This is for me?”

In late 2018, my husband and I bought a vacation home and most people buy a cabin or want to go to a beach but we want to be downtown. We live in Minneapolis but we have a suburban home. We like to go out to eat and we’ve got a great music venue here like First Avenue. We bought a condo in the city but it’s only fifteen minutes from our house. When we bought that, we have a blended family. I got two teenagers and he has two teenagers. When they’re at their other family’s homes, we go to our condo as we call it. My husband calls it a cabin. He thinks it’s funny because everyone else in Minnesota goes to a cabin.

When we started doing that it took about two months before we realized we were not getting the workouts that we’re accustomed to. We walk everywhere when we’re downtown which is great but we’re big fitness people. The condo has a little gym but it’s terrible. There were no windows. This is all even before COVID. After two weeks my husband’s like, “We need a solution. What should we do?” He was like, “There’s this Peloton thing. Maybe we should check that out.” I already knew about it but didn’t really so I was like, “I’m all in. I want to do this.” I don’t even know why. We got our first one. My first ride was on January 3rd, 2019. We had it for two days and ordered a second one for our house.

I was going to say if you have it at the vacation locale and you love it, now what?”

I was thinking that we’ve never interviewed anyone that their first bike was at the vacation home. It’s always the other way around. You guys did Peloton backward.

I was so excited. He was like, “We need one of these at the house now too, right?” I was like, “Yes.” I only had a five-day gap in my blue dots because we ordered it the day that we left the condo. We’re on that 552 things with our condo versus our house. It’s the same as the kids’ schedule. I have those five days in January that it took before I could get a Peloton to my house.

That was quick. I’m glad it was pre-pandemic

I love the idea of a vacation downtown in the city.

It’s great and it’s only a fifteen-minute drive from our house. It’s not a big deal for you. Although it is hard. I love my headbands and if I wanted this certain headband for this ride and I’m like, “That’s at the other house.”

I’m rethinking this because that means she would take your solution for the bike and apply it to the clothes and start buying two of everything.

That way you have everything in both locations.

I understand exactly what your “logic” would be. We would have to pick a different city because I wouldn’t want to do that in St. Louis.

St. Louis is the polar opposite of Minneapolis because our downtown sucks. There are locations and venues down there that are okay but the thing is it’s not consolidated. It’s all over and it’s only a big deal when there are events. Everyone’s down there when it’s a big game or concert. Otherwise, it’s dead.

Minneapolis is the home of Prince and Mystery Science Theater 3000.

We’ve been to Minneapolis and enjoyed the city, and downtown walking around. It was nice down there. I can totally get why you would want to have a little spot there. We have to pick a city.

It’s a beautiful city. We have a Mississippi River. My husband and I, on our weekends here, when it’s not freezing cold, we’ll go on 10-mile walks along the river. We got these loops. We stopped at a few bars in between but it’s nice. The music scene is fabulous but we haven’t been able to do that for a while. I can’t wait to get back to First Avenue.

TCO 213 | Peloton Community


We’re almost back to normal. It’s close to normal as it will be for a while. You guys were working out all the time beforehand. You said that fitness is super important to you guys. Were you going to the gym all the time? Since you’ve gotten the Peloton, have you worked out more or has it been the same? What’s been the consensus with your schedule?

I’m a freak. I ride my Peloton for two hours a day. Not every day but my husband would be like, “It’s every day for two hours.” I have the tread now too. That’s been amazing for me because I’m finally doing cross-training and not just riding. Once I get, on I can’t stop. I want to pick another class. I want to keep going.

That’s a good thing.

I definitely work out more. Before the Peloton, I used to be a Zumba instructor. That was fun but it wasn’t a killer workout and I have done that for years. In-between that my workouts would be power walks on a treadmill. I would run but then I didn’t love running on a treadmill. In Minnesota, you have to use a treadmill a lot because I won’t run on icy streets. With the Peloton tread, I love running again because that thing makes running on cloud fun.

Have you found that you gravitate more towards the tread or the bike since you’ve gotten the tread?

I still pick the bike first because of that head game with running. Once you start running you love it but it’s like, “Do I want to run today?” I can always get on the bike. I love the community aspect of Peloton and I have way more biking friends and people that I want to ride with whereas with the tread that’s just me. There are people that I run with but not as many yet. I’ve only had to tread since October.

There was a moment where it became a watershed. I started running more because there’s something about the classes that draw me in. I don’t know if it’s because they’re harder than the bike for me like mentally is harder or if it’s the fact that I feel a little freer when I’m running on the treadmill because you’re moving your whole body. Even though you’re still in one place, it feels more like you’re moving, if that makes any sense.

I don’t know what the rationale is but I tend to gravitate towards the tread more than the bike these days. Maybe part of it is t the schedule changes so much. It used to be every morning at 6:00 AM, in my time it was 5:00 AM there would be classes that I was riding with other people. That has now changed so much. The instructors that are on the 6:00 schedule, I don’t enjoy it as much as the ones that used to be there. It was such a big change and with COVID, it’s been hard to get back into that rhythm.

I know what you mean. Who do you like to run with?

I like to run with Matty, Rebecca, Becs and Selena. Those are my favorites. I tend to run with Becs a lot because she does a lot of the longer, more endurance-based classes. Since I’ve been doing MetPro, I’m supposed to do a lot of steady cardio time. That’s where I get a lot of my 45 to 60 minute runs in. That’s another thing with the bike. There are twenty-minute classes at this point. Power Zone bores me with the monotony of you already know it’s going to be this and this. It’s not as exciting to me anymore. If I want to do an endurance class on the bike, I have to string together 2 or 3 endurance or low-impact classes. That’s part of it too.

TCO 213 | Peloton Community


I’m a twenty-minute class junkie. Give me all the HIIT intervals, Tabata, and even intervals on the tread. It’s those classes. I took a Rebecca Kennedy one. It’s my favorite HIIT run and I was like, “I love the HIIT running as much as I love HIIT on the bike.” That’s my new thing. I’m not into endurance but in a way, it’s endurance because I do it for two hours.

That’s a long time to be doing HIIT. That’s hard on your body. I’m sure your aerobic system is amazing.

I love some pretty graphs. Sometimes that’s my motivation. If I get tired in a class, I’m like, “Don’t screw up your graph, Jen. You have to get that graph.”

It’s fascinating the different things that people use to motivate themselves.

If you’re going for that perfect Tabata graph, you have to start off strong and stay strong. Every time you go the same speed, you have to go the same speed or higher to make it look pretty the way you want it to look because if you start to peter out at the end it doesn’t look so pretty.

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Friday is a transition day. We were going from our house to our condo. I had come early in the morning and my husband was still working at our house. I was doing my ride. I was doing an Ally Love Tabata and he could not find his condo key. I had done the first three intervals and he was like, “Are you sure it’s not in your purse? You didn’t grab it?” I was like, “I’ll check,” and it was a two-minute active recovery. I hopped off the bike, dumped out my purse, couldn’t find the key and managed to get back on the bike. There were 24 more intervals. My graph shows this plummet but I was so happy that it was two minutes. It was timed perfectly. He did find his key later. It was not with me. All is good. It has an air tag on it now so this doesn’t happen again.

It reminds me of when I had to pee in the radio. Nobody’s ever peed during Song 2 by Blur. I’ll tell you that. It’s two minutes long. It’s always like, “Eurotrash Girl. I can pee during this. Moving In Stereo by The Cars, I can pee during that.” If you’re in the radio, you know all the songs that you can pee or poop too.

I wonder if your choices would have changed over time given that you’ve gotten a little older and you pee a little more frequently. Do you think that you would have to change up your song?

Nowadays radio is all digital so you can load up to five songs at once. Back then it was CDs. You had to change each CD from song to song. You had to plan that out.

The pause button is coming.

Yes. The latter part of 2021.

It was on demand. That would have been useful for me because I’ve been trying to figure out if I care about the pause button.

I see now that it affects you. Now it’s important.

Now she cares. Isn’t that the way it is? If it’s something that’s important. I don’t care about the pause button either. In fact, it’s silly. That’s not the right word but for me, it would not be effective because I don’t have little kids running around and it would give me the option to pause which would give me an out. That’s why I use the word silly but for other people, I know that it’s not silly. It’s a serious thing when you have a situation like you had or you have a kid. You can’t be like, “I need 30 minutes, kid. Go away.” They don’t listen. They can’t understand that at that age. They’re little kids. It’s different.

Two hours of HIIT training, explain Sweaty Selfies.

I’m not sure where that came from but people love it. I love to make collages. I’ve been making collages of my kids. I use an app and that’s what I used to post everything on Facebook, my personal life. I always have to add the words to it. I hate stories. I add all the little gimmicks to it and that’s what I do in there. With the Sweaty Selfies, it’s this great accountability thing. They want to work out to make sure that they get their selfie into the thread and they’re in the collage the next day. It’s unifying and strangely motivating.

It’s nice to see all the people that you worked out with even if you didn’t see them on the bike or the tread.

To put a name to a face or leaderboard name, we like it. Sometimes the selfies are sweaty and horrible but people get all dressed up and take it afterward. It doesn’t matter. We don’t care which way it is. It’s fun and we do all this twinning too which is also motivating.

You all wear the same outfits. Is that the idea?

I always say that it’s on the space-time continuum. We’re not necessarily wearing it all on the same day. We’re not that organized. Anything where it’s Peloton merch. We’re big into the headbands. We get more than two people wearing the same headband. I make a twinning collage. It’s also a huge driver for people to spend money. I’m not selling this stuff. I’m just saying that every time we do, people have so much FOMO including me, which is why I have so many headbands. I see one and be like, “I need that one too.”

This is a group that you have because people submit the picture so you guys have a group that it all goes together.

In terms of the Peloton verse in Facebook groups, it’s small because it’s such a niche and it’s for the people who are into that. We have 400 people and I started it in January of 2020. Honestly, the reason that we’re such a tight group is because of the pandemic. I had no idea if it would take off. I led a couple of Power Zone challenges with two other of my friends and I got totally burned out doing that. The three of us stopped that but then I missed having a small group and I did the sweaty selfies within our Power Zone group. That’s where I was like, “I’ll start my own Facebook page.” It’s called Peloton Sweat Stretch Selfie which is hard to say. When first started it was Spin Sweat Stretch Selfie. Now, I probably shouldn’t have the word Peloton in it but we have so many runners and people that do yoga every day. I was like, “Spin Sweat Stretch Selfie doesn’t work anymore.” For whatever reason, Peloton Sweat Stretch Selfie is a lot harder to say.

They’ll probably leave you alone as long as you’re not making money off of them.

If you throw the word official in there, that’s not good.

We’re definitely not official. People come every day.

TCO 213 | Peloton Community


That explains that, but then you have another group that you started. It’s the Roses Rebels Peloton Fanpage. Tell us about that.

I didn’t start that. It was started by two women in the UK. My husband is British and I did Bradley’s Premiere Ride. I was like, “This guy is goofy.” I thought that my husband’s not going to like him. It didn’t seem like it would suit him. My husband took it and he was like, “This Bradley guy is going to go places. He’s funny. I’ve loved his music.” I was like, “I need to go take another class.” I had only done Premiere Ride. I took another class and loved it. Every Bradley ride is a HIIT ride. He only does intervals. I’ve now learned this because I did the 41st of his rides.

I do challenges in my groups. For the month of May, the challenge was Clear the Rose Garden which meant taking every single Bradley class since March 25th. After doing all 41 of his classes in a month, they’re all HIIT. It doesn’t matter what’s in the title anyway. I approached those two admins and said, “Do you guys want an American influence?” Honestly, the page is sleeping in the UK. They’re like, “Yes.” I’m enthusiastic about it so I’ve been trying to put it out there, promote it and get people interested. Since I started doing that, not to toot my own horn, but now we’re at 1,800. When I started, we were at 600. Bradley’s been posting it. He’s big into doing stories. It’s him. He takes the collage that I made of Sweaty Selfies and says, “Go join the rebels.”

Do you find yourself drinking tea now? Do you call french fries chips?

I hate tea but I love gin and tonic so that’s very British.

I didn’t know that was British.

To me, gin and tonic is a British drink. I don’t know.

I have no idea either.

When you go to England, the amount of choices you have for gin is unbelievable. Most bars have 40 types of gin and tonics. You can mix and match to your heart’s content. Do you know why we have Fever-Tree here now? That’s a British favorite drink. It’s the best tonic ever.

It sounds like medicine when you say it that way. “Fever-Tree is the best tonic.” I hear, “Fever-Tree is the best medicine.”

It could be used as medicine.

I’m not a big gin drinker so I don’t know that much about gin. There was a person I used to work with that loved gin and tonics. Keith, who I used to work with, every happy hour we would go to it was a different gin and tonic. He had a specific gin that he always got and I don’t know the name of it but that’s pretty much the extent of that. Here in the Midwest, we have a thing called gin buckets. It’s a good way for people to get drunk? They share a big bucket of gin. I don’t even know what’s in this thing. I just remember my other co-worker before that.

Did they bring you a bucket and four straws? What are they doing?

You keep sharing it. You drink out of a bucket and my friend ended up completely passed out in the driveway. That’s all I know. It was strong. They go down easy.

We call that Wapatui. I’m aging myself.

I’ve never heard of that. Now I’m like, “That sounds offensive. What are you saying? I don’t even know why you say that. I’m not supposed to be the voice of reason.”

I hope that wasn’t offensive. I think it came from the word Wapatui but I honestly don’t know.

Was it in Minneapolis where we went for the beef auction or whatever that was?

That was something silly that the RiffTrax guys were doing. We went backstage at the RiffTrax Mr. Science Theater reunion thing. They were doing a meat auction. We won 4 pounds of back bacon from Mike Nelson and they had a wheel of meat that they would spin. I have a picture of me and Mike Nelson. He’s dressed up as a butcher holding meat and we gave it away because we’re like, “We’ve got to drive home. What are we going to do with all this meat?”

That’s one of my big memories of Minneapolis. There’s a meat auction.

It was a meat and greet.

I’ve heard of these things but I’ve never been to one myself. There’s always the first time

We’re giving away all the Midwest secrets.

Wapatui. What’s in it?

Everything. That’s the point. I went to the University of Wisconsin-Madison and the tradition there was either you could tap a fishbowl then dump whatever alcohol in and everybody gets a straw. Even worse was like a laundry basket but not with holes because that would work well.

Like a metal washtub?

That would work. These big plastic ones that we could buy at Target. They had a rope. You would just take like Kool-Aid, vodka or whatever you have leftover and you fill it. This is the frat party thing. You take your red cup and you just dip it in. It’s terrible.

I was thinking the same thing too. All the liquor you have is laying around and you dump it in a tub.

It’s not good and the hangover is bad.

I don’t know what was in the gin bucket except for gin. That’s the only thing I know for sure. There were also lemons. Beyond that, I have no idea what was in there but it did taste good. I can’t say whatever alcohol or not. I just know it was gin.

It’s the same concept. Only we were not discriminating gin. In Wisconsin, we just put it all in.

Back to these challenges that you create, you have quite a few of them from what I understand. You gave one example. Give us another example of the kind of challenge that you guys do.

Sometimes, we do Apple Watch challenge because you have teams of four there. We’ve done one where we figured out where everybody was from and it had the teams of Wisconsin people and Minnesota people in California. That was a fun one because people got to learn who is in their area. The time zones created these groups for people to realize, “These women that ride together at Pacific Coast time is tough.” I’ve got some friends that ride with me every day and I was like, “I can’t believe you guys are riding right now at 6:00 AM. It’s hard enough for me to get up at 8:00.”

I’ve got friends that ride with Jenn Sherman every Sunday and I’m like, “You guys are crazy. I can barely get here for the 8:00 on a Sunday.” The Apple Watch one is not my favorite challenge because it’s silly how you close your rings and your Apple Watch. Other ones that we’ve done in the group are the strength challenges. I’ll make up ones. Let’s say you got to do 2 strengths or 2 yoga or whatever. I try to switch it up every month. We’re doing the streaking challenge in June. Everyone always asks if we get bonus points or if we do it naked and I was like, “You do you, boo.”

I’m watching people complain about how the seat hurts their butt.

You wouldn’t think you’d want to approach that naked.

The streaking challenges are miles walked or ran so that’s a little mixed up. We aren’t going to streak on our bike. We do 1 mile every day. I added in some yoga and meditation because I got a lot of people that are going through a lot of stuff in life. Medical staff can’t do a ride every day but like the challenges. I like to bring in something where it’s something for everybody but then also is challenging. I’m not aiming for PeloFondo and be like, “You have to ride 50 miles a day to be in this challenge.” I’m more into the community and the inclusivity of, “Let’s all do and commit to something together then I’ll send you a prize.” People love the prizes.

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I’ve heard that. Where are you getting these prizes? Tell us a prize.

Mostly it’s headbands.

That makes sense. This is all starting to come together.

I’m a Bondi Band ambassador because I bought so many headbands. They were like, “Do you want to be an ambassador?” I was like, “Sure.” I get a little bit of a kickback every time I buy them. What I do is I use that kickback and I call that the money for my prize pool because I’m not going to fund everything. When I buy my own headbands, I get 10% back so that’s probably where most of the prize pool comes from. My husband is like, “You get this kickback but then what do you do with it? Buy more headbands?”

This is like a Ponzi scheme.

I don’t understand what you don’t understand, Tom. She’s totally saving money. I get it, Jen.

Thank you. You’re on my side. The headbands are so fun. There are quotes or cute animals on them sometimes. We twin in them. That makes more people go buy more and then I get more money for my prize pool and I send it all again. In 2020, my mailing budget for shipping was like, “This is getting out of hand,” but it’s all good. I love it. It’s fun. I don’t know why twinning with some people wearing sweaty headbands is so fun and rewarding or motivating even but it is.

It connects you guys, that’s why. We’re all looking for a sense of connection in some way. 2020 especially, we were all so cut off from everything. In general, I feel like that’s what’s so special about Peloton. There’s this connection among people that you don’t get from anything else. There are groups where there’s a general sense of connection among all Peloton users. When you break it down into those smaller groups like you have there, you have a deeper connection and it becomes more special. That’s cool and I’m glad that you’re doing that. That’s awesome.

Maybe you could be a ambassador and get 10% off in posting

I need to look into that. Also, the amount of time I spend at the post office, it takes a long time for them to key in and then you have to confirm that you have the right address. I’m like, “I have to look at that.”

Can’t you do the filling all the stuff in and doing the mailing from home? Won’t it let you do that?

I know that I can. I just haven’t.

That’s something you might want to look into from a time-saving standpoint because it might save you some time. You can pre-print all that stuff and have it ready to go. All you have to do is show up and be like, “Scan. I’m out.”

You’re right. I need to do that. It’s probably cheaper too. I used to have a nice postal man that works at a tiny post office in Downtown Minneapolis. The big distribution is right next door but there’s this little tiny one that nobody knows about. You can walk in there and nobody is ever there. This postal worker was the best. He’s retired now so I’m not quite as excited to go to the post office. He would just chat out with me because he hadn’t seen anybody all day. I will look into doing it from home since I don’t have my little friend anymore.

I used to have that. I grew up in the airport and there’s a post office at the airport. The dirty little secret about that post office back in the day is it was open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. You could always go to the post office, which was great.

Going back to Bradley Rose, I meant to ask you this. Does he remind you of David Tennant?

Who is David Tennant?

You cannot have a British husband and not know who David Tennant is.

When I started the May challenge, he was like, “All your friends that are riding with Bradley now, particularly the British ones.” I bet that’s who it was because I was like, “Who is that?”

He’s one of the doctors on Doctor Who.

I want to say yes but then when my husband reads this, he’ll probably be like, “No.”

David Tennant was my favorite Doctor Who. Bradley Rose reminds me so much of him. The way he says things, his expression, whenever he says things and his hair. He even looks a little bit like him so there’s a lot going on there. Would you consider Bradley to be your favorite instructor? Do you have a favorite instructor?

I love riding with everybody. I would say Bradley because I get so much energy from him with his classes and there’s not that many. I love riding with Ally because I love her HIITs and boss rides. That was a challenge. In October, I did a straight-up Ally Love challenge and it was do all the boss rides. I did them every single day. This one would be an example of a hard challenge. It was a fifteen-minute ride. I would do it live on a Thursday and then take it all the way until the next Wednesday, the same class over and over. I thought that was amazing for me challenging myself because I would try and get a PR every time.

I was dead by the end of October. I took it easy in November. I did a lot on the tread in November but I had gotten it too. Because of my love of intervals and HIIT and whenever I gravitate to instructors that do that, I ride with everybody because I will pick those classes. I also love Hannah Frankson. I have something for the Brits. I’m in a family of Peloton addicts. My dad rides and he only rides with Hannah Frankson. He has ten grandchildren. My dad has done every single Hannah ride multiple times because he only rides with her and my mom only rides with Leanne.

You guys all have a thing for the British and Europeans.

What is your leaderboard name?


She’s a robot on the bike. That’s why.

It seems to be a fitting name and I get so many comments. I’ll do something and someone will be like, “She is human.” Sometimes, you wonder if you are a robot and I’m like, “Why do you think I’m Jenbot?” That’s not why I’m Jenbot. My husband gave me that nickname years ago. It’s my license plate and it had to be my Peloton name. We don’t even know the origin. My husband is like, “I just started calling a Jenbot.” Something from the Phenom Bots but he’s not a huge Austin Powers fan. When we looked into that one day, I was like, “I’m not sure that’s a good connotation. Maybe we just go with we don’t know why.” It fits me and I love it. It’s short and sweet and it gets great shout-outs. It usually gets by the, “Come on, Jenbot. Let’s go.” That’s usually where it’s at.

The next time someone is like, “You’re human.” You should be like, “Yes, I am.”

I’m totally going to steal that.

“Thank you for acknowledging.” Do you have any advice for people who are just getting a bike, a tread or another bike or another tread?

My advice would be to find your tribe and your people. I would go another layer and say, find your people within the tribe. Spend time getting to know people and also appreciate that you’re not for everybody and everyone isn’t for you. I joined every tribe from the beginning and it was in Power Zone where I met people. There were those people that were in there that I reached out to and invited to Peloton Sweat Stretch Selfie. Being such a small group, that’s even more valuable to me than the big tribes. I love that because you know that this person is passionate about Jenn Sherman. You love Jenn Sherman, so you know you have that connection.

Diving in deeper, I have so many friendships that were built through Peloton but that’s not even what I think of when I’m with these people in my smaller group because I do communicate with them every day. There are subsets within that too. I know which people are the Jenn Sherman riders. There are four of us. Angie Biermann is my Jenn Sherman go-to on everything. I was walking one morning for my coffee and she was like, “Jenn Sherman 8:30,” to our group that rides with Jenn on Sundays and I was like, “I don’t know if I’m going to make it. I hadn’t been planning on it.” I got home at 8:26 and made it on the bike. First thing, she’s like, “You’re here. It’s so great.” She lives in Chicago and I haven’t met her yet but I’m going to real soon.

We got to meet her. We went to Chicago for my 400th ride and she was there. She’s nice.

That’s my advice. Dive deep into the people in the groups and appreciate that not everyone’s going to love you and you don’t have to love everyone. We’re in this together and we got a great thing going here in the Peloton community.

Thank you for taking time out of your day to join us. Before we let you go, remind everybody where they can find you.

You can find me in the Facebook group, Peloton Sweat Stretch Selfie, and on Instagram, it’s Jenbot_Peloton.

Thank you for joining us.

Thank you, guys. It’s been great.

I guess that brings this episode to a close. What pray tell do you have in store for people next time? 

We have a special recommendation. This woman comes highly recommended. This is Tracy Patman. This lady is super fascinating. She knows pretty much everything about everything. She’s done every kind of work that you could imagine. She’s super smart. She’s funny and has great stories. She also owns a lot of chainsaws, which has its own story.

I better be on my best behavior if she owns a collection of chainsaws. Until next time, where can people find you?

People can find me on Facebook at They can find me on Twitter, Instagram, the bike and the tread @ClipOutCrystal.

You can find me on Twitter@RogerQBert or Facebook at Find the show online at While you’re there, like the page and join the group. Wherever you get your podcasts from, be sure and follow us so you never miss an episode. That’s it for this one. Thanks for tuning in. Until next time, keep pedaling and running.

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