TCO 194 | Peloton Closet

194: Peloton Tread Deliveries Start in Canada plus our interview with Torrey from Peloton Closet

TCO 194 | Peloton Closet


John Mills joins us to discuss Peloton’s additions to its Health & Wellness Council.

Biden has a Peloton but Kamala Harris is riding a what?

You’ll soon be able to schedule live and on-demand classes.

Bob Treemore finds patents for a host of new features.

What to make of Peloton’s private offering.

The new Tread hits Canada…and Ally Love’s house.

Hotels are starting to create private gym pods.

More from Bob Treemore – this time about Peloton’s launch in Australia.

Alex Toussaint celebrates 5-years with Peloton.

Cody Rigsby has Corona Virus.

Jess Sims is now a Reebok brand ambassador.

DJ John Michael got engaged.

Dr. Jenn – How to be fully present for your workout

Peloton will participate in the Goldman Sachs Technology & Internet Conference.

Washington Post talks about Peloton, Ally Love, and religious messaging in classes.

New moves in the Peloton/Echelon lawsuit.

Beachbody to become publically traded.

Whoop partners up with Equinox.

Lizzo is loving her Peloton Tread+.

Chase Tucker is doing an AMA on Reddit.

All this plus our interview with Torrey from Peloton Closet!

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Peloton Tread Deliveries Start in Canada plus our interview with Torrey from Peloton Closet

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It’s not terrible. It’s definitely better than my old one, but this is amazing.

There’s all that. Let’s dig in, shall we?

Joining us once again from Run, Lift & Live is John Mills. John, how is it going?

AKA Grandpa Shark.

Don’t sing it. They’ll make us pay a royalty.

I’ve got no money. I’ve got kids and grandkids now.

Before we jump into the financial aspect of Peloton stuff that you always talk with us about, we should probably say a little congratulations to you. You had a very fascinating post about the Man Fortune and it went viral. It’s at 19,000 shares.

Not comments and reactions, shares. It is crazy, crazy awesome. To be clear, it’s well-deserved. It got me because it’s something that should be something I know, all of us should know and I had no clue. On the one hand I feel really dumb, but you educated me. We should probably ask for you to give us a short synopsis because the people that haven’t managed to see it yet might be a little confused.

Every year around January, I put out posts relative to Martin Luther King Day and his birthday and then I lead into February and I quickly post out about Black History Month. This year was a different year, given that the events over the last few months leading into 2021. Rather than the aspirational type Black History posts, this 2021, I tried to focus on things that might get folks thinking about where they may have unconscious biases, where that may have come from, how we draw those lines between those dots. Those things tend to take it back in history when you’re talking about things that maybe weren’t taught in school. That’s what this was about. Also, because of pandemic, I can’t travel. In past years, I go to DC or I go to Memphis and my posts had context from a different place.

We’re stuck in Connecticut. Erica won’t even let me go anywhere. I had to find stories that were relative to Connecticut. I won’t tell the story, you look at the post if you like and share if you can. It’s more or less about a slave in Connecticut who drowned back in 1798 and then his master at the time who was a doctor, took his body, cut it apart and used it for training other doctors, which were his relatives. Over the years, his bones were passed down. People were trained. He ended up in a museum. It’s a long history of how a person is enslaved for 60 years and then they’re used for monetary gain after death. How the mind, the mentality of people leading all the way up to 2013 could see that as appropriate and eventually come around to think, “This isn’t appropriate.” He was eventually buried some 215 years after he died.

I want to make sure I understand it. They were using his bones like the skeleton you would see in a classroom. This is a weird place for my head to go, excuse me, but when I think of when The Three Stooges would do their wacky classroom settings and there was always a skeleton in the corner. I never gave any thought to where that came from. I just assumed somebody donated their body to science.

I always thought they were just made of something, like a plastic mold. I know they weren’t made of plastic, but in my head, that’s what that was.

Back at the particular time in Connecticut, it was very hard to get cadavers. There were certain rules and it was essentially illegal, but if you own a slave, that was your property. If they died or somehow something happened, you could do that. Doctors needed cadavers and his slave died.

Doesn’t that show you the hypocrisy of that? It’s like, “They’re not the same as people, but their bones are identical and we can use that for medical research to show how to work on people.”

As you dive into the story, there’s a lot of different context. I’ve been getting messages from all over the world. People who are seeing this story and they come at it from different angles. You can talk about the medical angle or how these people of color were perceived leading up into the ‘70s and into the 2000s. How the perception of them. Different people are coming at it with different thoughts of what it showed them about our society, how we may think. It’s been wild. A lot of doctors have hit me up, educators, medical professionals, and they use the story and proliferating it within their industry. I had a woman who was the Connecticut teacher of the year in 2020. She hits me up. She’s like, “I’m from Connecticut. I never heard of this.” She’s talking to me about it. It’s been a wild experience and this is what I wanted, but I didn’t really expect. I wanted the story to proliferate. I wanted people to talk about it and come to a different understanding of where their thoughts and perceptions may be coming from that may have aligned to unconscious type biases and where there may be true systemic racism. It just happened to be swinging every year.

Before we move into Peloton stuff, I thought it was really interesting that it shows you society’s evolution on the issue. It starts with like, “Let’s not let a dead body go to waste and we’ll learn medical stuff from it.” That seemed reasonable at the time and then eventually somebody was like, “Maybe this isn’t cool.” He then gets moved to a museum so people can hear this story and learn it and that seemed reasonable at the time. Eventually somebody was like, “You pretty much just propped up a dead guy over here and put a plaque next to them. Maybe that’s not cool.” They didn’t know what to do and they just put him in the basement for 45 years.

Every step was a weird kind of thing. The use for medical training and then the propping him up in a museum next to slate tools. He’s there for 30 years and then they go, “That’s not right. Let’s put him in a box and throw him in the basement for another 30 years.” All of it makes you think, “Who are we?”

It was also weird too because at each step, someone is trying to do the right thing, but still not.

It shows what society thinks is the right thing keeps changing. We keep moving the goalpost of what actually is right further and we should, just to be clear. We’re getting closer.

It’s funny when I do these stories, you have these different angles. This one has the gruesome, maybe uncomfortable twist to it. From my perspective, it’s intended to do that, to make you think, and it’s intended for advocates and people whose mindsets may not align to the fact that there is systemic racism and unconscious type of biases. It’s intended for that group. Whereas in the past, some of the stuff I would post would be more intended for stuff I’d tell my daughter to inspire her, lift her and what she could do or who she could be. The one is very positive and the other one is negative. When Black History Month comes and you choose one of these sides, if you choose the help steer mind side, you can get demonized. People could hit you up, “Why are you being so negative?” I’m not trying to be negative. I’m talking to a different group of people. It’s a touchy thing. I got some people hitting me up that way as well.

Sadly, I have no doubt.

You’ve been doing this long enough and longer than we’ve been putting this podcast out but you know somebody’s always got something to say about everything you do. It was amazing. Thank you for sharing. It’s very interesting.

Follow up on the 22nd.

I can’t wait for that because you’ve been hinting that it has another piece of the story.

I didn’t know there was more.

He said there are a lot more. Part two, February 22nd.

Mark your calendars. Moving into Peloton stuff, they announced that they’re adding people to their Health & Wellness Advisory Council. We’ve got Drs. Heather Irobunda and Pooja Lakshmin. They’re both obviously doctors, but Dr. Irobunda is a board-certified OB-GYN and Dr. Lakshmin is a board-certified psychiatrist, but she specializes in perinatal psychiatry. Can I just say I didn’t even know that was a thing? 

I didn’t know either, but it makes sense. When they first announced the Health & Wellness Council back in September, it was a neurologist and cardiopulmonary, all five people were in that arena, which I guess makes sense. It’s exercise. You want to talk about your heart and your veins and stuff. This now, it sounds like it’s very geared towards what Robin had gone through and it felt like people were hitting her up negatively. They were like, “Why are you working out? I don’t know if that’s good for the baby.” Now Peloton has brought in an OB-GYN and this perinatal psychiatry doctor, which I think both of those things are intended to speak to that topic. That’s what I got from it.

I would agree because as you read on, it talks about IVF and some of their specialties that they deal with. That was part of Robin’s story too, of not necessarily having an easy time getting pregnant. I don’t know if she did IVF, but in general that she didn’t necessarily have a super easy time getting pregnant. You have that piece of it. You have the piece of being healthy, exercising while you’re pregnant and then you have all the programming, what kind of programming for what people to cover. I totally think you’re right. I do think that’s what it’s geared for. That’s great. I love that. 

It aligns well.

TCO 194 | Peloton Closet


I’ll be curious to see what Peloton does with this because if they go down this road and they want to make programming all the time. Instead of just pieces of it, I’m thinking there will have to be more instructors added at some point. You can have a section of classes and be like, “We’re going to have these 10 prenatals and we’re going to have these 10 postnatals.” If you want to keep fresh content, Robin already does the Tread. She’s already doing the Bike. There’s only so much a person can do.

They can’t have the poor woman getting pregnant every time they want pregnancy class.

“You’re going to have to get pregnant.”

“Chop chop, Robin.”

Drew might be happy with that.

He might be like, “Big family, let’s do it.” If Robin doesn’t want to, can you imagine being the $1 she has to?

I don’t think that’s going to be a thing. 

Nobody on this planet gets paid enough to tell Robin no.

It will be interesting to see what all that turns into. 

You were all about controversy lately, John.

It’s just coming at me from every angle.

It’s been well-established that Biden has a Peloton but it turns out that Kamala Harris does not. She does have a bike, but it’s not a Peloton. I haven’t paid a whole lot of attention. Is this the unity thing they’re all talking about? Is this what that means?

When I read this, I was trying to write up a funny post about it without being political and not getting anybody to yell at me. I was struggling.

To be clear, the goal of this is not to be political. We’re poking fun at that inside of one party, there are two opposite sides of the exercise divide.

You've got to make a deposit before you can take a withdrawal. Share on X

Kamala Harris was interviewed for this article and she’s talking about her workout routine now that she’s in Washington. It talks about what she’s doing now she’s there, what’s different? The part of the article, she says, “I get up in the morning and I do an elliptical. After that, I do SoulCycle.” That shocks me. The President is over there, he’s got the Peloton bike.

You know you all could share. It is humorous.

If you go up the food chain of the conglomerate, it’s owned by a big Trump supporter, right?

That is true. 

You would think that Biden will be trying to talk her into getting a Peloton because the Peloton people are passionate, not that SoulCycle people aren’t.

You would think Biden wants the referral code. 

Call me crazy. I don’t feel like he’s buying a lot of leggings.

Maybe he wants to buy one pair for his wife, maybe a pair of nice shorts. You don’t know, Tom.

You would think though that she would almost have to end up with a Peloton because seriously, there’s no joke coming here. I know sometimes it’s hard to tell. I would think she’d end up with a Peloton just because if they’re going to trick out his Peloton to be a secure exercise bike, they would be like, “You ride a Peloton too now. We’re not doing this to a SoulCycle one too. Once we figure out how to do one, that’s the one we’re going to do. Now, you ride a Peloton. Deal with it.” That’s the downside of being vice president.

What they then need to do is set up a little local area network so they can compete, just the two of them.

We, as home viewers, can watch. I would love that. The first and second family cycle.

Thank you so much for finding those stories and sharing them with us, the Peloton ones and the non-Peloton ones. Until next time, where can people find you?

They can find me on Facebook in my Run, Lift & Live page or group. They can find me on Instagram, @RunLiftAndLive or at

Thank you.

A new beta aspect popped up on with the iOS app.

It appears to be only the iOS app. Since it’s beta, we can expect that it’s here and going away, just to be very clear. It is super cool. You can go in and schedule, you can choose what classes you want from the live schedule. You can also choose on-demand classes and put them on your schedule. You can also share each of those classes individually with your friends, so you can let them know, “I’m taking this class in 30 minutes. Want to join?” You can post it on Facebook, “I’m taking this class. Want to join?” Once you have them scheduled, you click on the schedule button and everything that you’ve scheduled shows up in your schedule. You then get reminders on your phone, “Your class is getting ready to start.”

That’s pretty spiffy.

I feel like this will turn into stacks being able to be sent to people eventually. That’s just a guess. I also feel like this will be rolled out eventually to all platforms if the beta goes well, because people use it. The best way to get a beta feature used or to come back is to use it a lot. If you guys like it and you want to see it, tell all your friends, get them to use it too. For all of you asking, I’m sure Sessions is coming back. I feel very confident about that. They’re just making some tweaks to it.

While we’re talking about that, we should talk about something Bob Treemore came across.

It is directly related to Session. That is great timing, Tom. Bob Treemore found this, as you said, it is a patent that Peloton has had out there. Apparently it’s been out in the public domain for a while, but it is now approved. It is a scheduling feature that is going to allow you to see your friends that are online. You’re going to be able to schedule sessions and you can also schedule private sessions.

That sounds a little dirty. I’m not going to lie.

People keep interpreting that as they can request a private one-on-one session with an instructor.

That’s adorable. That’s what I think.

It’s a great idea. I would love for that to be a thing, but I don’t think it’s all logistically possible. To be clear, when I’m saying private sessions, the way I interpret that is, not that you would be riding the Bike, Tom, but, “I’m going to do this ride. I’m inviting you. No one else can now join us riding this ride and it would be on-demand only.”

That might be a great way as more and more celebrities are on there. If they wanted to share their leaderboard, but not let people see what they’re doing, they can just do private sessions.

We’ll see what comes out of this, but that is a very cool thing. Obviously, I don’t know when it’s coming, but we do know during the most recent earnings call, John Foley talked about things coming out soon. Also, we do have Homecoming coming soon and we know they’re making announcements of some kind. Do with that, what you will. Last 2020, I thought there was going to be a big announcement and there wasn’t.

We probably should talk with John Mills about this, but I stacked it. It’s my fault because I don’t have the Bike. I’m not good at the stacks. I’m not good at stacking. That’s the price you pay. Peloton did a private offering trying to raise $600 million which made a lot of people say, “The hell?”

Yes, they did. They raised it to $850 million by the end of it.

In that New York Times article where John Foley talked about drinking water from his hand, he also talked about blowing his nose with hundred-dollar bills. We’re not quite sure. Why do they need the money?

If you scroll down, this article gives a pretty clear indication of why. We had a couple of people that posted in The Clip Out group. I think that they were right. One of them was Mike Kyle. One of them was Michael Durenka. Both of them said that it’s because of how low the interest rates are right now that you would be, as a company, kind of dumb to not get that super cheap. That encapsulates everything that’s said here. What they say in this article, a little more drawn out, is that they’ve committed. They generated $198 million operating cashflow. Their cashflow, after you take out their capital expenditures, is down to $128 million from last quarter.

On the balance sheet, they had $2.1 billion and they also have a $250 million revolving balance. It’s undrawn but we also know that they’ve committed $100 million to work on their supply chain and that money is allocated toward the freight and expedited ocean freight. The company, however, has been struggling to keep up with demand. We know that. In addition to the freight costs, remember that Peloton announced in December 2020, it would acquire Precor and that’s another $420 million in cash. That’s going to obviously change everything going forward, how much they’re able to keep up with stuff, but that transaction is expected to close soon, and it’s going to take a while for Precor to ramp up. The proceeds from the offering are going to cover the Precor acquisition and the investment into the expedited freight costs. Might as well do that on a very low return.

I know some people were trying to posit that like, “They have all this. They’re doing well but they’re borrowing money. It must be bad.” One, if you’re doing poorly, people don’t want to participate in things like this. People fought and this thing sold out super fast.

That’s why it went over because they started at $600 million. It immediately got raised to $850 and it went over $1 billion.

I read a separate article that said that it sold out fast that the public offering is being delayed in deliveries by 8 to 10 weeks. That’s how long it will take you to get. 

It went over cap and John Foley tweeted about it, how great of a job that they did. It was all like debt that people were bidding on. It’s not like it could be publicly traded, but somebody said, and I have no idea if this is accurate, I’m just going by what one person said. I did zero research, once that debt is underwritten, it can then find its way to the marketplace. I don’t know that that’s true. I’m just telling you what one person said.

We’ll sell it on the secondary market like leopard print sports bra.

$750 a share per bra.

The Peloton Tread arrived in Canada and in Ally Love’s house. Ally Love, a lot of people don’t know this, she lives in Canada.

She doesn’t. This was posted in the Tread group and not everybody’s thrilled that Ally Love got the Tread before everybody else. Maybe she ended up in one of the zip codes. They said it was only going to be a few zip codes. Maybe it’s because she’s an instructor.

It doesn’t shock me that one of their instructors can get to the front of the line if you work there. If I want to get concert tickets for where I work, I pay for them but I’m sitting pretty sweet seats.

That you are. I’m not sure I would post about it on social media though but I have posted about our awesome seats so maybe I would. Either way, lots of people are also very happy for her. It is what it is. More importantly, the install dates on these Treads have been fabulous, at least what was reported the first day. It was released on 2/9 and people that started messaging me, they were getting installed dates on 2/13 through 2/17, they were thrilled. Interestingly, if you go over to the UK and you look at their website, Tread shipments have now shipped, they’ve slipped by two weeks. It was 4 to 6, now it’s 6 to 8. Come on Peloton, keep it together.

Ultimately though, I guess it seemed like the biggest problem wasn’t even how long it was taking, but that it was taking that long and then when it was your turn, you were told, “No, sorry.”

That’s still the big issue over in the delivery group. Those shipments are getting better. You’re hearing a lot more positive stories, but the people that are still mad are the people that ordered in October and September, they still don’t have their Bike. That’s a problem.

That would be frustrating. I can’t argue that. had an interesting article about wellness. That’s the big growth trend, I guess. They were talking about Gym Fitness Pods.

If you’re wondering where you want to go during your next vacation, that we’re all allowed to travel safely. I feel like this is a really good place to put on your top 10 list, top 5, maybe top 3, my top list. It’s in Hawaii. It is the Grand Wailea. It’s a Waldorf Astoria Resort. They have not only Pelotons, but Tonals. They have pods so that when you work out, you’re working out in a pod, for the Tonal at least, so when you’re done, you’re in there by yourself. You’re sweating all alone. You’re not breathing your nasty sweat everywhere or exhalations because you don’t breathe sweat. That’s pretty darn cool. I’m just saying that we should probably go there, plus it’s gorgeous and it’s in Hawaii. It’s kind of a win-win.

It is nice looking. I will give you that.

Once again, Bob Treemore has an update about Peloton and Australia.

There’s been lots of buzz about Australia lately, but this one is locked and loaded because Bob was able to confirm that they have actually not only registered, but there are build-out plans happening in a very specific location in Sydney. What do we know about that? We know that it’s a showroom. I do not think that they are putting a studio there. There’s nothing to indicate that. My guess is they’re going to be broadcasting out of either the UK or out of the US and broadcasting those classes to Australia on Australia time zones. That is important because that will change the timing of rides for people. Regardless of where they broadcast from, we’re going to get a wider variety of classes. That’s pretty exciting.

In Australia, you have to pedal the bike counter-clockwise.

Don’t do that because you will ruin your pedals. Do not pay attention to Tom. There might be some person out there. If we’re attacking a Peloton commercial because of the baby crib thing, I feel like, which I’m not disagreeing with, person who’s annoyed at me. I think that for reals, we need to say you cannot pedal at least your Bike+ backwards. It’s okay on the regular bike. Right before the show, there was an update to it. He had a list of more countries that Peloton have put whatever this is, some kind of business plan and I don’t know what they call that. A request to do business there. How does that work? They followed for trademark, global IP trademark tracking. Other countries, Israel, Switzerland, Mexico, New Zealand, Philippines and Australia.

It’s interesting.

I thought so too. Australia was right up there. Mexico and Australia were both next to each other timing-wise. The other ones were requested before though. Don’t feel like that’s going to happen in any certain order because I don’t. Australia was the last one. It means nothing.

Alex Toussaint is celebrating five years at Peloton.

He had his five-year anniversary ride. I remember when I started at Peloton and the instructors had their thousandth rides. They don’t do that anymore because they have many rides, but five years. First of all, that Peloton has been a thing. Second of all, that Alex has been there for five years. Congrats. During the ride, I didn’t get to ride it live, but apparently there were tears from Alex. He was very emotional over it.

It was revealed just after we got done recording that Cody Rigsby has COVID.

When we were doing our Clubhouse episode, somebody mentioned on Clubhouse that he taught Sunday morning. On Friday or Thursday, when he posted, he was like, “I’m sick as a dog. I don’t know when I’m coming back. I’m canceling the next week of classes.” He then was back on the Bike on Sunday.

That’s a fast recovery.

TCO 194 | Peloton Closet


He’s had it for a couple of weeks. I think he still took it pretty easy, for Cody. Maybe not for me taking it easy, but for Cody it was taking it easy. He posted after the class he’s feeling a lot better. He’s headed in the right direction. Congrats.

Speaking of stories that broke right after we got done recording. It also came out that Jess Sims is a Reebok brand ambassador. I’m surprised she didn’t already have a deal like this in place with somebody.

I guess because she was a teacher before she came to Peloton. I don’t know the exact timeline. I don’t know that she had enough time out on her own to get to that point, but either way, it’s so exciting for her. I love her. She teaches the best classes.

You know what deal wasn’t jinxed? DJ John Michael is engaged to Brian King. I was like, “I didn’t know he was gay.” I never gave it a thought one way or the other.

I was surprised because I follow him on social media. If you follow him on social media, because of his pictures and his openness.

I don’t do the Instagram.

That’s true. That’s a good point.

I was just like, “How about that?” Here are some pictures for the people on our YouTube channel.

Those rings are gorgeous.

I remember when we got married, nobody ever wants to see the guy’s ring. I had one person say, “I want to see your ring.” I thought this was fascinating. It was someone who was gay. I was like, “You’re the only person who wanted to see my ring.”

It looks like you’re flipping them off.

It’s literally my ring finger.

It’s not solid.

Nobody ever cares about the boy ring. I’m glad they posted pictures of their rings.

I am too. I’m happy for them.


They’ve been together a long time too so that’s really cool. That’s awesome.

Back again by popular demand, Dr. Jenn Mann, licensed marriage, family and child therapist and sports psychology consultant. You may know her from VH1’s Couples Therapy with Dr. Jenn or VH1’s Family Therapy with Dr. Jenn. I know we do. We just pounded through all combined six seasons.

Anything we’ve missed. We are now completely caught up on. We have watched the whole thing.

I get a text from Crystal, “We need to talk about family therapy. Let me talk about this person.”

Whenever she wants to text you, we need to talk about family therapy or we need to talk about couples. I’m like, “You capitalize those words so she knows everything’s okay here.”

She instantly knows.

Long-running radio show with Dr. Jenn, four bestselling books, No More Diets app, stuff like that. We should remind people, in case they’re unfamiliar, a huge Peloton fan. She’s not just here because she loves her Peloton just like the audience love their Peloton. That’s how our paths crossed.

We are happy to have you. We have another question from our Clip Out group. This one is from Tracy Porrisoff. Tracy asks, “How do you push yourself when it’s so easy to just get on the Bike, get on autopilot, checking your emails, reading news headlines, etc.?”

To me, the last part was the reveal. If you’re on your Peloton and you’re checking your news and your emails, then you’re not allowing yourself to have that time for yourself. When I first got my Bike, because I got my Bike before my Tread, I remember the doorbell rang for a package. I was annoyed that there was no pause button. I know there’s some talk now about possibly a pause but I have mixed feelings about it. The reason that once I got on the Bike, I realized I’m making a commitment to myself to see this through. Unless my bladder is going to burst, I’m not getting off like when the house is on fire, I’m not going anywhere and this is my time for me.

It really helped to make a boundary. It sounds like this person needs to give herself the focus. At the risk of sounding like a psychology cliche, the self-love to have this time to herself without the distractions of the news, which is stressful right now, taking care of other people on her phone, doing all these other things. What I hope for her is first that she can carve out that time to herself, that she can put her phone away. I’m in the process of making a sign to put on my door, “Mom/partner is on the bike. Please do not disturb unless the house is on fire. You may hear me laugh. You may hear me cry. I’m okay. Just let me be.”

That time is important. While Peloton is not therapy, it’s therapeutic. It’s important to have that time to take care of yourself and to focus on yourself. That’s the first part. The second part is if you feel like you’re on autopilot, even once you put down your phone, what you want to do is check in and say, “What do I need right now? What is the best possible self-care?” We’re in a pandemic. People have enormous stress right now. There’s a lot of financial insecurity, just a lot going on. For one person actually being on autopilot, maybe good self-care. If you feel that it’s not, and you feel like, “I want to grow. I want to get better endurance. I want to get stronger. I don’t want to just coast.” then you would need to look at what’s holding you back.

What’s holding you back from pushing yourself a little further? It doesn’t make you feel anxious. Are you worried that you’re going to let yourself down? Are you being a perfectionist, where you are feeling like, “Once I open that door, it’s Pandora’s box and if I start pushing myself, that maybe I’ll go too far, I’ll disappoint myself?” Look at what is holding you back and what’s preventing you from pushing yourself harder. There are some people who need to push themselves less. We took a question from someone that needed was pushing way too hard to the point where she was going to burn herself out. I think on the opposite end of the spectrum, someone like this, who’s just going on autopilot needs to look at, “Is this in my best interest? What is in my best interest? If I want to be able to improve my endurance, strength and flexibility, what do I need to do to accomplish that?”

It’s okay to have some days where you just coast. I think sometimes those days are important. Sometimes we need to coast in order to take a big leap because our bodies almost need that break to catch our breath. The next day you get a PR. Looking at what is in the best interest of you physically and emotionally, and given the circumstances that we’re in, in a pandemic in these bizarre times, what is the best self-care? If you find that you answer those questions and you’re not able to push yourself, then you may want to do some self-exploration and even some therapy of why am I not taking better care of myself? What’s holding me back from accomplishing what I want? What is preventing me from doing the best possible self-care for myself?

So much to think about.

Thank you so much for joining us. Before we let you go, remind everyone where they can find you.

You can find me on all social media, InstagramFacebookTwitter, Snapchat, everything on @DrJennMann. I post all of my Peloton workouts on my Insta Stories.

Yahoo! Finance is reporting that Peloton will be participating in the Goldman Sachs Technology & Internet Conference. I dozed off reading that.

On Thursday, February 11, 2021 at 2:00 PM Eastern, attending for Peloton will be John Foley and Jill Woodworth. You can catch the presentation on the webcast live and afterwards, it will be archived for 90 days. You can check it out.

The Washington Post had an interesting article. Peloton makes toning your glutes feel spiritual but should Jesus be a part of the experience?

Did you read this?


It’s Washington Post, I didn’t even have access to it. I gathered from other people and it is just gathering, that this was a conversation and maybe a little criticism about the Sundays with Love. Some people felt like they should branch out a little bit. It shouldn’t just be based on Christian tenets.

It’s not actually Christian, but it’s obviously like, “She’s Christian and so it has that flavor, even if she’s not explicitly saying Jesus.”

I had one person explain to me that they felt like it was Sunday school. That’s why it feels Christian to them. I am not saying that’s accurate because honestly I’ve taken this class one time and it was there the very first one. I don’t know what it’s like now, because I haven’t done it since then. I don’t feel like I can speak to that. I have had a lot of people weigh in on this, some people love it and they think it’s great. Some people feel it’s a little too Sunday school-ish, some people feel like it should more obviously embrace other religions. I truly, I don’t know. I’m just telling you what people say.

It seems to me that there are many other classes. To me, it’s just another version of when someone says, “I don’t like country music or I don’t like DJ rides.” Not to bring the Lord into it, but Jesus, there are many other rides.

There’s certainly that aspect of it too. I heard a lot of people saying that as well. There are a lot of different religions that ride at Peloton. I will say that I feel weird speaking for other people, but I tend to talk to a lot of people who are Jewish and I get that perspective a lot. That perspective is when we do holiday rides, it’s all Christian holiday or secular holiday. You’re not really celebrating Hanukkah or any of the other religions. There might be one song here and there, but it’s not the same. I think some people might feel like you’re ignoring these very large groups.

I know it doesn’t matter. I’ll ride the bike. For me, I don’t think the problem is the existence of her class as much as it’s the lack of existence of others.

If you have the opportunity to work with some brands, they should be the ones that you would wear and feel good about. Share on X

That was definitely my take. That’s everything I’m hearing. People who are irritated by it, that’s the general take. They’re not upset those classes exist. They would like something a little more geared toward them. Then again, where do you stop too? I don’t have an answer for that either. Maybe other instructors don’t want to teach those classes.

I will also say, if you look at historically through the rise of electronic media, you really don’t see other religions going down this road. You don’t see rabbis having TV shows on Saturday mornings, the same way you see pastors having TV shows on Sunday mornings. I’m not saying there’s absolutely no example of it, but certainly not to the degree that you do, and you don’t see it with Muslims or it almost feels unique to Christianity. To some degree, it’s also not in the DNA of those religions and quite the same way to go on television, to go on the radio and have a service or what have you.

If I hear you correctly, you’re like, “It just doesn’t occur to people to focus on it in that way.”

It’s an interesting debate.

You’ll probably get some examples. We want to clarify, we’re not saying there are no examples. We’re saying it’s not as many.

It doesn’t proliferate in quite the same manner.

Do you know how many Apple TV shows I’ve heard about since you said there were no Apple shows that people know about in the same way that people know about Netflix? I still haven’t watched one, not because they’re not good. We’re in the middle of a lot of shows. We don’t change, not to Apple. Look how long it took guys.

Baby steps.

There have been some updates in the Peloton versus Echelon lawsuit.

At first, whenever this is put out, she thought that this was a brand-new lawsuit. I pointed out to her like, “There’s already a lawsuit,” but the date was confusing because it was February 5th. She looked into it and she found that it looked as if Peloton had dismissed all claims related to two patents that had been asserted against Echelon on February 5th. Echelon then agreed to dismiss their related counterclaims and her take on this was that it left one patent that they have claimed. She’s going to dig into that some more and let us know, but that is where we stand at this moment.

We talk about different competitors a lot. Echelon comes up all the time. Here’s when I feel like we haven’t heard much from, it’s Beachbody is going to become publicly traded.

Not only are they going to become publicly traded, they’re merging. This is an interesting thing because they’re merging with Forest Road Acquisition Corporation and Myx Fitness. Myx is the bike that John Mills has mentioned often. He’s talked about that they’re like anti-Peloton. They’re the ones that are like, “We don’t want any of that social crap on here.” It’s the white bike, the only one that looks different from what Peloton is doing. I don’t remember what Forest Road is doing, but now take all of that. There’s a merger and they’re going to become publicly traded. They’re joining forces. The interesting thing is I’ve never thought of any of these as competitors, not really.

It sounds like they want to create some platform and that does a lot of different things. The way Peloton has evolved into and Beachbody can do the off-bike stuff and Myx will bring the bikes. It sounds like that’s what they’re trying to create.

It does. I’m curious how they’re going to go about this for a couple of reasons. I’m not sure if you’re aware, but Beachbody also has a nutrition, a whole line that they sell. It is most assuredly an MLM product. Not everybody who sells for them is aggressive, but there are a lot of people that are super aggressive. To be clear, the Beachbody fitness programming, I had it for about a year and I liked their programming. They have good content, Tony Horton and P90X and all that stuff. It all came from Beachbody and they’re an amazing company. I just never thought of them as doing anything that’s technically a competitor for Peloton because their content is all about not putting new workouts. It’s like, “Here’s this workout set. Here’s the set of workout to do this for 28 days,” or “Do this for 60 days and you’re going to see results. Now, go buy our new one or get another one from streaming.” To me, that’s not apples to apples, what Peloton is doing. I don’t know what they’ll do going forward. I find the whole thing very interesting though.

TCO 194 | Peloton Closet


It will be interesting to watch.

Will they continue their nutrition line?

It’s tough to say. Moving along, Equinox is partnering up with WHOOP and Apple Health to give you a hyper-personalized workout routine. From my general perusing of this, it sounds like they’re trying to use WHOOP or Apple Health to integrate with Equinox. It can curate classes like, “Here’s what you’ve been doing. Here’s what you should continue to do.”

Is it basing it off of your recovery score and things like that?

I think so.

It says by linking Equinox with your WHOOP, it provides a red, yellow, or green recovery score every morning. With the addition of these new next level, connected experiences, members will better understand what workout they need that day. Even if it’s not the one they thought they wanted to do. Maybe you were going to do SoulCycle on the SoulCycle At-Home Bike, but when you wake up, you didn’t sleep well so you should do a peer yoga class later instead.

It’s an interesting concept. To me, it sounds a little bit more like a gimmick than a true benefit. 

I would agree. I love my WHOOP. I’m wearing it right now just to be clear. The whole point of it is that you can do that on your own. Maybe people who are beginners don’t know that, I don’t know. If you have a recovery score that’s crappy, you should not be doing a hard workout. That’s what the red, yellow and green mean. I feel like that already tells you that.

It’s not too hard to extrapolate from that piece of information what you should be doing that day.

I would say to their curating, you could still do a class that day, but maybe you do an endurance class, not a hit it hard class. You could still ride but ride in zone two, not zone five. It’s just my take on it. You said it perfectly, gimmick instead of actual pure benefit.

Lizzo was spotted on a Peloton Tread+.

She’s funny.

No red line. She started a little bit of a challenge because she’s singing while she runs. Some of the other instructors started catching on. I saw Kristin McGee did a 60-minute run and she was trying to sing. She was like, “No.”

I think she called out Miley Cyrus in a friendly way.

It started with MileyI’m not super up on my Lizzo, but has she lost weight? Is it just the angle? She looks a little thinner.

I think so. Honestly, this sounds terrible. She has too much clothes on for me to tell accurately. It’s got one of those fish-eye angles so it’s hard.

It’s coming at it from a weird angle. It’s hard to gauge, but she does look like she’s lost a little bit.

I agree with you. It’s always hard to say for sure, but either way, she’s very body positive.

My guess is she’s about fitness, not necessarily about weight loss. I find it hard to envision her wanting to get down to a hundred pounds. Maybe she does. If she does, that’s her call. My gut says that she’s more about being healthier, not necessarily about being a stick. Finally, Ben Alldis AMA went so well that it looks like Reddit is doing another one with country music superstar, Chase Tucker.

Tread instructor Chase Tucker, who by the way, is super active over on the Clubhouse. He even popped in our room the other day.

He didn’t come up and talk, which is fine, but it was nice to have him in the room listening to people.

Make sure that you get a chance to check that out if you like to visit the Reddit.

Joining us is Torrey from Peloton Closet.

It’s great to be here. Thanks for having me.

I’m excited about this. People are going to be excited when they read what we’re going to talk about. I was going to do this in a different order, but since we introduced you as Torrey from Peloton Closet, we had to start with what Peloton Closet is.

Peloton Closet is my Instagram account where I search for all of the outfits that your favorite Peloton instructors are wearing. I’m combining my love of fashion with my love of Peloton and it was a fantastic marriage. Much to my surprise, a lot of people have responded. I thought when I started it, I would have 3 girls I knew and 5 people from Reddit. I’m closing in on 5,000 followers six weeks into this project so it resonated. You better believe I don’t have 5,000 friends. It resonated with people in a way that I did not expect.

It resonates with me.

It doesn’t resonate with me because it’s not designed to, but when Crystal told me about it, I was like, “That’s brilliant.”

I had not come across your Instagram account yet. Gina Mitchell who’s a good friend of ours, immediately was like, “This is fascinating.” I was like, “It sure is.”

I’m curious how that works. Do you do reverse image searches? Do you have some Rain Man superpower?

There are many fitness brands out there.

I’m good at shopping. Some people are amazing bakers, some people can pick stocks, make a fortune, and promote world peace, and I can shop. That’s what God gave me. It’s a combination of all those things. I spent a lot of time on the internet especially during COVID with the number of activities that I normally engage in and curtailed quite a bit. I like to shop on the internet and see what’s out there. There have been moments where I have that Rain Man thing where I stare at a sports bra and I’m like, “That’s PE nation.” I’m going with what God gave me. I wish I had some other skills, but that’s what I have.

I’m not going to lie. I’ve been known to stare at a sports bra, but I’ve never made that connection. I’m normally like, “Why do my ribs hurt?” I realize it’s because Crystal is punching me.

You might not want to admit that you’re staring at a sports bra, Tom.

That’s fascinating to me. A lot of times you can look at an item and be like, “I know where that’s from.”

It starts to become familiar. I assume that both of you have wardrobes and there are certain styles that you like. When you look in your closet, you probably have a good number of items from whether it’s Banana Republic or any kind of manufacturer that’s your personal style. A good chunk of your wardrobe is going to be from a certain place. As I start to follow the instructors more closely, I start to know like if it’s Ally Love, she tends to wear a certain brand. I’m not looking necessarily for that needle in a haystack. Many of them either have a brand deal. They’re wearing, to some extent, clothing from different manufacturers that they partner with, or they have a personal style. It’s not as hard as it could be like it was an infinite universe. It’s a more limited universe of items for many instructors. There are some who give me a hard time.

Who gives you a hard time?

One of my absolute favorites is Jess Sims.

She shops from everywhere.

She is all over the map. She doesn’t seem to have a particular favorite brand. She’ll wear anything. I couldn’t love her more, but I wish she could be a little more consistent because she’s tough. There are certain pieces that I’ve been looking for forever and I haven’t found it.

Backing up a little bit, I thought how polite she is when she pretended like I have some style.

I was like, “No, he doesn’t. It’s which hoody is he wearing?”

My style is pretty much like, “I can’t wear the Universal Studios hat with the Disney World’s hoodie.” It’s like Garanimals for nerds.

He does have matching sneakers though.

We all have to start somewhere.

That’s where I end as far as I’m going to get. Do you do the men too, or is there not as much of a demand for that?

About 98% of my followers are female. The majority of the requests I get are for female fashion, but I’ll shop for anybody. I have been getting a handful of more male fashion requests and I love our Peloton male instructors. Many of them tend to store stick to the Peloton branded items or like a basic Nike short and Adidas top. They’re not as fashion forward. Necessarily, Cody, I take it all back. He is rocking the look. He is an outlier amongst his peers. I have found some fun things that he’s a little bit more of a fashion play. He got a brand deal with Adidas. I imagine we’ll be seeing more Adidas on him coming up. Adrian has a shoe thing. His sneakers are off the hook. He does a lot with that. For the most part, the majority of items that people ask me about and the majority of items that are fun for me to post about are on the female instructor.

That makes sense, especially from the end-user. Most men, when it comes to their workout clothes, they are more function over form.

There are exceptions. We’re not trying to insult any men out there who have their fashion down.

We love those guys and I hope more of them will enter into the Peloton Studio and enter into the Peloton Closet.

Do you have a favorite instructor to follow their style?

It’s like picking a favorite child. I respect Jess King for letting it fly. She’s an entertainer. She’s not just promoting fitness, but she’s promoting an experience and her clothing adds to what you’re seeing on the screen. It’s about her looks as much as her music, words and exercise. She is fun. I respect what she’s doing and how she’s making clothing part of her brands. She’s working with a cool designer coming out of Texas who was on Project Runway. When you see all of those cool looks, they’re often designed by this woman, Brittany Allen. She was on Project Runway. It’s outrageous stuff and fun. It’s cool to see Jess using her platform to promote someone who’s doing innovative things with fashion. She’s a favorite, but I’m not going to commit to one favorite.

On the flip side, is there anybody where you’re like, “What are you thinking?”

No. What I love about Peloton and taking classes with Peloton is that there are many different kinds of teachers. Everyone has their own style and what they bring to the table. I would say that Jenn Sherman is someone we all know. She’s kind of that jersey girl and all business. I think 99% of the things that she wears are from the Peloton Apparel line. She is as different as it can be from an instructor like Jess King who is using fashion as part of her brand. Jenn Sherman’s brand is to put on an outfit and get her done. I respect that, but she’s also not appearing on my page that much.

I’m going to fast forward back to Peloton. We’ll dabble in some more Peloton Closet questions, but how did you originally find Peloton and how long ago was that for you?

I’m an early adopter of the boutique fitness and the celebrity fitness instructor world. I’m old, but I’m immature so it’s cool. I grew up in the ‘80s as a teenager in Los Angeles and we were unironically wearing the spandex and the legwarmers. I went to the model for the very first type of boutique fitness and celebrity fitness, which was the Jane Fonda Workout in Beverly Hills, California. I took classes with the instructor who, at least in Los Angeles at the time, was the prototype of what a Peloton instructor is now. It was this guy, Richard. He was famous. He got a brand deal with Reebok. It was a big deal. All the mommies were taking his classes because he was super cute. He was the Cody of 1984.

He later testified in the OJ trial, which is like the ultimate cachet in Los Angeles. That was my origin and I’ve followed all the trends in fitness since being a teenager at that time, whether it’s hot yoga, various boot camps, ran marathons, and I dabbled in Zumba. If there’s something fun and trendy to do in the fitness world, that’s me. I ended up injuring myself and having to stop running so I was 99% SoulCycle. I’m into spin and it was super fun. I had to give away 50 items of SoulCycle clothing once I went full Peloton. I was all Soul. One thing I noticed was that I’d bumped into people and I’d say, “I haven’t seen you in Soul in a while. What’s up?” I kept hearing, “I got a Peloton.” It was in the back of my mind. What got me to pull the trigger on getting a Peloton in November of 2019 was one part of my job was crisis communications which was stressful. I was dealing with crisis communications about a particular scandal.

Ironically, it happened that an individual who was part of this situation was on my same schedule at SoulCycle. I was going to work out to destress from dealing with this whole situation. I had my bike and this person had their bike. I’m like, “Everyone should work out and everyone should feel good,” but I was going to forget about the situation and the stress. I was on by 29 on the side and this person was front row and I could not get them out of my vision. I thought, “What am I doing?” Between hearing about it from all my friends and then not getting what I wanted from the full cycle experience because I was getting more annoyed than relieved. I pulled the trigger and I didn’t even ride the bike. I just walked into the place and bought it.

The boutique fitness craze, the Jane Fonda Workout was invented by a woman named Leni Cazden, and it’s a riveting story. If anybody wants to find out more about it, there’s a show that I love. It’s a nerd show because it’s pop culture stuff. It’s called Decoder Ring. Each week, they’ll tackle a different pop culture thing and ask, “Why does this exist and why do people care?” One week they’ll do Cabbage Patch dolls. The next week they’ll do truck nuts. You never know. They did a two-part thing about the history of the Jane Fonda Workout and where it came from. They interviewed Jane Fonda and Leni Cazden at the same time, the first time ever. There’s quite the turmoil behind the creation of the Jane Fonda Workout. Everyone knows how much I care about working out, which is not at all. It was riveting from beginning to end.

I’m going to listen to that because I was there when it was happening. I was right there in that studio and loving every minute.

I remember the height of that craze, but a lot of younger people don’t realize how huge the Jane Fonda Workout was. It invented an industry. I wanted to put that plug in there and it was fascinating. I have a question about your job with crisis management. Are you always in a panic? Are you always in a crisis? Most people need a crisis manager if they’re doing things properly once or maybe twice? If it’s your job, you’re rolling from crisis to crisis. How do you sleep at night?

You need to destress.

Let me clarify that I am no longer doing that job. It was a piece of my job. Anytime that’s a piece of your job, that’s not the fun part of your job, and it’s extremely stressful. I had four crises back-to-back. I wasn’t supposed to become a specialist in crisis management. It just happened. I’m in the wrong place at the wrong time. It was a lot. It’s hard to escape. It stays in your mind all the time and you’re super tense, which was why I kept going to SoulCycle, getting on my bike, and trying to sweat it out.

That’s why you needed your space from whoever that was. I keep thinking of the show, Scandal.

That’s not a line of work I was intending to go into. It came to me, I didn’t come to it. I am no longer in that line of work.

I think that we almost have to work that way too. I don’t think you could be like, “I would like to manage crises.” You never know.

If that’s what you want to do, I have at it. For me, it was not the fun part of my job.

If you’ve transitioned away from that, do you have a full-time job now? Do you do something or are you at home?

I work in communications and marketing. I have a full-time position. I posted about this a little bit on Peloton Closet. I have transitioned from one job to another. While I was interviewing, because I was making a big change and one of the people said, “How do you plan to do this? Is this going to be hard? What do you think?” I channeled my muse, Jess Sims. I said, “I can do hard things.” I credit her for helping me get this new gig.

Does Jess Sims know this? Does she hear that?

I don’t think so. We’re not in touch, but I would love to be.

We need to make that happen. She would love that. Going back to Peloton Closet, you said you get a lot of custom requests. Has this been like since before you started Peloton Closet that people knew you shopped or you had friends? Was this like once it started, people started reaching out to you and they were like, “I want that bra, I want those pants?”

It all started because I took Robin’s Turkey Burn with a couple of girlfriends. This is November 2020. We were texting afterward and one of my girlfriends said, “I love those houndstooth leggings that Robin is wearing. They’re cute.” I said, “Those were in Peloton Apparel. They sold out in a hot second, but I’ve done a deep dive and I found it too at Carbon38. It’s the Takara Shine houndstooth legging.” I texted her the link. She was like, “Thank you. That’s cool.” I texted back. I said, “I was thinking maybe I should have on Instagram where I could do this for fun.” Everyone started texting back, “Do it. That’s amazing.” That’s my origin story.

You’re doing these all by yourself. You don’t have a team of people behind the scenes. Is it just you every day?

It’s just me. I would love to be at a point where I got a bunch of people doing my bidding. I have a day job. I’m committed to my career and this is something I’m doing for fun. I thought this would be a little thing I’d dabble in for a handful of people and the fact that 5,000 people have responded and it seems to be growing. I’m going to have to figure out some better ways to manage my time and I haven’t monetized. I didn’t start this thinking like, “I can make a buck in finding instructor clothes.” That’s something that might come in time. It’s not the reason I started.

The more you do, the more you get back. Share on X

I feel like we’re in a similar situation that we started this because she loved Peloton. Nobody sat down and like, “We’ll start this and we’ll make money off of it.” Now it’s making a little bit of money but mostly gets poured back into making it easier for us to make more of this.

Like you, we still can keep that day job. That’s the best kind because it’s genuine.

If you start from the vantage point of, “I want to do this to make money,” in an endeavor like this, I feel like that shines through.

There are a lot of people out there trying to make a buck off Peloton, and it shows.

For me, I’ve seen some brands that I don’t know. I’ve never heard of them. They have reached out to me and said, “Do you want to be an ambassador?” That high-end type of DM that you get does not resonate with me. I would only want to work and I’ll have the luxury because this is not my source of income. You’ve got to make a deposit before you can take a withdrawal. I’m doing this for fun. My plan is if I have the opportunity to work with some brands, it’s going to be ones that I would wear that I feel good about and it’s going to be genuine. I would never hawk something for money. I hope that the people who follow the Peloton Closet know that they can trust what I promote. I’m not going to say, “Buy this sports bra,” because they’re paying me.

TCO 194 | Peloton Closet


That’s exactly how we take it. I’ve gotten those emails too. I’m like, “No.” You have to have your boundaries in what you love because that shines through. You will be successful with taking that approach. To be clear, you only do this on Instagram, nothing on Facebook, right?

I do have a Facebook account. I started to realize it makes sense to be on both platforms. I’ve been spending a little bit more time on Facebook, but Instagram is my primary channel.

There are about two million Peloton groups. If you start digging in over there, let us know and we’ll give everybody the link because a huge majority of Peloton users are on Facebook and not on Instagram. It’s an odd amount how many are on Facebook than Instagram.

I’m the same name everywhere. I’m @PelotonCloset on Facebook, Instagram and on the Bike. I come from a communications background. Consistency is important. If you choose to find me, that’s where I’ll be. I realized that there is some untapped gold on Facebook. I’ll be spending more time there.

What about your favorite instructor to ride with, who’s that?

There are many. I’ll go back to Jess King. I do the Jess King experience every Thursday. I’m a big music person. I did her whole music festival set. That whole series is fun. I love Ben. I did Matt Wilper’s Tiësto ride, then I did Ben’s Tiësto Strengths class. It was a double Tiësto. I also love Ben as an instructor. I started with Ally. She’s like the entry instructor for everyone or for a lot of people. She’s recognizable and Robin is inspirational. I love everything about her. Those are few favorites, but I’ll try anyone. I can’t leave Tunde out. She is a queen.

She’s amazing for sure. What about the content? Do you stick to the bike? I heard some strength in there. Do you do any of the yoga, the barre, or anything like that?

I did barre for years. I love the Peloton barre classes. I did a whole bunch of them in September 2020 and I hear March 2021, it’s happening.

I’m sure they’re going to be coming out with more of the Pilates too. I’m sure those will be coming and sessions need to come back. They always have so much going on. Do you live in LA still?

I’m in Southern California.

Are you familiar with the Homecoming that Peloton does? Since you’re new I wasn’t sure.

I’ve heard about it. The first one that I would have awareness or interest in was during COVID. That didn’t happen. The last time I traveled anywhere was in February of 2020. I was in New York City and was hoping to take a class in the studio and I didn’t get it together. It was a quick trip that I walked by. Once I get to travel again, that is on my bucket list.

That’ll be great. It’s a lot of fun, so I hope you can make it.

The last time I traveled was in February 2020, and it was to LA.

It’s a lot warmer than when I was in New York.

Do you have any advice for people who are just getting their Bike or their Tread, or getting involved in fitness?

Being open is so much fun and being open to all of what makes Peloton special, whether it’s the breadth of different instructors, whether it’s high-fiving some random person. I’m a big Reddit person. I joined the Peloton Reddit community, and I get so much great information there. That enhances it. The more you do, the more you get back. On the fashion side, I had a friend say to me that it’s strange that people would want to buy these outfits to sit in their house and work out by themselves. Crystal, you tell me what your take is on this.

My take is wherever I was going out in the real world, I’m a little more self-conscious about what I have on and what people are going to think, and is this age-appropriate? I’m not twenty. My stomach maybe doesn’t look the perfect six-pack if I’m not wearing a tank or whatever, but working out in the comfort of my own home, I let it slide. I will wear mermaid leggings and a sparkle sports bra, and nobody has anything to say. It’s been freeing and super fun. It has gotten me out of a comfort zone or out of self-consciousness, and into more of being myself and having so much more fun with it.

I don’t think of it in those exact same terms, but I have a similar reaction to it because I like to see the fun colors. It energizes my entire workout. If I feel good about what I’m wearing and I got a new outfit, it’s like, “I know I’m only showing it off to my Bike or my Tread. I don’t care.” I don’t let as many things fly as you are comfortable doing because I take a lot of selfies and nobody needs to see that.

I also do taking selfies. When you can’t see anything about the way it says, it’s all good.

I love all the colors and I love finding stuff that I love. I loved seeing that stuff that the instructors are wearing. I like how Robin puts things together because when she did a thing on Instagram, it was all for her Adidas closet and she had everything. I was blown away by the way that she would take something randomly and then put it with this pair of shoes, and I would never think to do that. I’ve said before that I would have to go by each individual item exactly as she did it and it wouldn’t be me because that’s Robin. I love all of those things the way she puts them together, but I don’t like them individually. It’s weird. I’m weird about those things, but I love that all of the instructors have their own unique style and I love how they will wear a mesh top over something. They’ll take the tank tops, cut them, tie them and make them all cute. It’s amazing. I love that you are able to offer that to people to be able to find all of those items because they all sell out in the boutique.

I’m committed to body positivity, and all different shapes and sizes should have fun with getting dressed to participate in fitness. It’s been fun to watch Robin’s wardrobe as she’s gotten pregnant and expand it. I said that Robin at about six months pregnant is like me at the fittest I’ve ever been. It’s been fun to see different instructors with different body types like Olivia, who’s probably 90 pounds soaking wet. Christine who has curves and her thighs that she’s always talking about having to embrace after being criticized for her shape and size, and Robin. They might all wear the same brand of legging and rock it, and that’s fun. Women get a lot of messages on social media and to see people who look different ways, and all of them look amazing, that’s a message we all can use.

I know that you like to keep your branding consistent across all channels. Here’s the test, what’s your leaderboard name?

PelotonCloset. I started out with something else and I have the other one that I use, but I’m shifting over slowly into Peloton Closet.

Thank you so much for joining us. Before we let you go, remind everybody of all the places they can find you.

The number one space to find me is @PelotonCloset on Instagram. I encourage people to DM me. Let me know if there’s something you’re looking for, I’m happy to help you find it. I post every day a fresh outfit. Sometimes it’s responding to DMs, sometimes it’s something that’s caught my eye. I’m also getting more into being on Facebook. I’m on the Peloton Reddit site all the time and on the Bike, @PelotonCloset.

Thank you so much.

Thanks for having me. I appreciate it.

That was a lot of fun. We should let people know that we’re going to have her back. We’re going to make Peloton Closet, a regular reoccurring segment on the show. People are fascinated by the boutique, the clothes, and how to get them and how to treat them, everything that goes on there. We decided we invited her to come back.

Luckily she accepted.

Thank you very much. You’ll be hearing more from Torrey and more about the different clothes and where to find clothes like them, or how to beat the box in the boutique that are in there, scooping everything up for the resale, all that sort of stuff. Keep an eye out for that. I guess that’s it for this one. What pray tell do you have in store for people on the next episode?

Amanda Teel. I am really excited about this because she is into CrossFit and lately a Peloton convert.

That’s interesting because the CrossFit people, they got their CrossFit and they don’t want the Peloton. 

She’s breaking down the barrier. We have a whole conversation about that and reverse dieting, which is fascinating. I can’t wait.

Until next time, where can people find you?

People can find me on Facebook at They can find me on Instagram, Twitter, the Bike, and of course, the Tread, @ClipOutCrystal.

You find me on Twitter @RogerQBert or on Facebook at Find the show online, While you’re there, like the page, join the group. Of course, wherever you get your podcast from, be sure and subscribe so you never miss an episode. That’s it for this one. Thanks for reading. Until next time, keep pedaling and running.

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