TCO 166 | Black Girl Magic

166: Leanne Hainsby Sparks Controversy with Instagram Post plus our interview with Courtney Snowden

TCO 166 | Black Girl Magic


Leanne Hainsby upset members of the Jewish community this week with an Instagram post.

We have an update on the lawsuit over purged classes.

Rumor – details on the new bike

SoulCycle instructor Soeuraya Wilson quits over their selective activism.

Jennifer Jacobs has a new job.

Pelothon 2020 update including info on new badges and rules.

There’s a new line in the boutique.

Quarantread 26.2 Challenge is here. What does that mean?

Dr. Jenn Mann – When your brain hasn’t accepted your weight loss. talks about Peloton’s marketing pivot.

It’s your last week to enter our FightCamp contest.

Jess Sims was featured on the Hurdle podcast.

Tunde had a celebrity ride-along class with Al Roker.

Kristin McGee was married to Jason Sudeikis…kinda but not really.

Jennifer Garner hosted an Instagram Live with Chelsea.

Peloton has a new video featuring users.

Artist Spotlight with Lil Wayne!

All this plus our interview with Courtney Snowden!

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Leanne Hainsby Sparks Controversy with Instagram Post plus our interview with Courtney Snowden

You’ve been rushing around because I was late. Sorry.

That’s okay. Everyone’s taken the easy ride without me.

Sorry, I had a work emergency.

That’s more important for sure. It’s still a bummer. It sucks and I’m crabby about it.

If she sounds cranky it’s because she is, and it’s at me.

I’m not cranky at you. I’m cranky that something I’ve been looking forward to all day, I no longer get to do. That’s what I’m cranky at.

What if we just read the bullet points of what’s on the show and we clock out, do you think people would care?


Speaking of bullet points of what’s on the show, what do you have in store for people?

We’ve got a new controversy to discuss about Peloton. We’re going to talk about an update on their class action lawsuit that I had completely forgotten existed. There are some major rumors out about new products. There’s some interesting information about Soul Cycle. We have information about past instructors. We’re going to revisit Peloton because we still have major confusion over all this. There are all kinds of other stuff that we’re going to talk about as well.

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I look terrible today because I did a work out this morning and I stayed in my workout clothes all day because my intention was to do another workout.

Moving forward, these will all be in a video format that you can watch at YouTube. Same for our other podcast, The Superset, which is all about Tonal. That’s exciting. There’s all of that. Let’s dig in, shall we?

We have a new controversy of sorts.

Before we even talk about this, I want to preface it by saying that I agonized over whether or not to talk about this and I agonize over whether or not to talk about it because not that it’s not important, it is very important. It’s because it’s been kept very private up until this moment. I think a lot of people are going to get upset. It’s going to create a lot of bad feelings. There’s so much bad.

That’s a difficult pull to weigh into. That being said, when we were discussing this amongst ourselves, we landed on the fact that if our role here is to report on things that are going on in the world of Peloton, to not talk about this seems like it’s choosing a side. It made more sense to report on it.

Here we go. Here’s the deal. You guys may or may not know that there was an image that was posted pretty publicly by a lot of people during Black Lives Matter.

That was the ramp up is that was really taking off. Not like it’s an isolated moment of Black Lives Matter. As that really caught steam recently, there was a photo that went viral.

It was taken during a protest, I believe it was in DC. I don’t even remember the woman’s name. I’m totally blanking on her name.

It was a black woman. I believe she might have been biracial. She was talking to an older white gentleman and they were deep in conversation. The first flush, it looks like a touching moment.

The reason that their race is relevant is that because this was all about Black Lives Matter,it was a touching moment of an older generation making amends or coping a bridge or coming to the support.

It’s a touchy image until you realize that the gentleman in the photo is a known conspiracy theorist/Holocaust denier. That puts things through a different prism.

Why is this Peloton-related? It’s Peloton-related because Leanne from our UK Peloton, she posted this image and she was in support of Black Lives Matter. One of our members from the Jewish community, there’s a Jewish Peloton page if you are not aware. I think a ton of people are but we haven’t talked about that in a long time. They sent a private message to Leanne and explained to her that this is not necessarily representing what she thought it was. She may not know that.

“FYI, this isn’t as cute of a photo as it looks at first.”Nobody expects her to have a ten most wanted list of pictures of Holocaust deniers.

How could you know that on site? The average person does not know that. I don’t know what the gentleman’s expectations were, but what I do know is that Leanne’s response was not great.

She dismissive of the issue. These things are always difficult because you hate to have it turned into a contest of like, “My side is more grief than your side.”She was dismissive and took the tact of like, “I’m focused on Black Lives Matter. Sorry that that guy is a d-bag.” I am paraphrasing in a Tom fashion just to be clear.

The gentleman followed up again and then she blocked him. I want to be clear that the screenshots that I saw had nothing in them that indicated that he was rude.

He wasn’t coming in hot.

That really upset this gentleman, just to be clear, rightly so. He then reached out to Peloton to plead his case. Peloton responded with a corporate-ish response. Then Leanne posted an apology of sorts. It was very focused again, as you said, about her original message on Black Lives Matter.She did not embrace the opportunity to talk about what happened to and continues to happen to Jewish people is a thing. She didn’t validate his concerns.

It was just like, “Yeah, that’s awful. Anyway, Black Lives Matter.”Again, we’re supporting Black Lives Matter, but that’s where it gets so dicey, especially for a couple of white Gentiles. It wasn’t the best phrase.

The part that felt really icky to me was that she posted the apology on her Instagram story, not an Instagram post. That means they disappear in 24 hours. If you didn’t see, you didn’t see it. She didn’t unblock this gentleman and she didn’t reach out with a personal apology.

In case you’re wondering about the original picture in question, even the female activist in the picture removed it from her Instagram. Even the other person in the photo was like, once she sussed out who she was photographed with was like, “That is not something I wanted to be a part of,” and removed it.

The reason that Tom and I ultimately decided to talk about this is that, one, we support our Jewish friends, our Jewish audience. You cannot dismiss what happened in the past. It’s not okay for Black Lives Matter. It’s not okay to dismiss the horrible atrocities that have happened in that case. It is not okay for people that survived the Holocaust and the people who continue to live today with hatred and slights and mean things said. It gets ignored. I don’t know what will come of this. I am not trying to start up a whole thing, but I was asked to bring this up. We felt it was the right thing to do.

If we’re here to talk about Peloton, this was a big story in Peloton for the week. Anyway, there’s everything you need to know about that.

That isn’t all they need to know. Sorry, I forgot to mention that Chase Tucker is a great example of how it could have been handled. In that without any of this being directed toward Chase, totally separate issue, but he saw this issue happening with the activist, not the specific issue with Leanne. It’s just in general with the activist. He talked about on his Instagram how hate is hate and that you’re not my friend if you are hating on people, regardless of what that hate is about. I believe that the Jewish community is really happy to see that. They are fully supporting Chase. They will be showing up big time on his classes in the future because that meant a lot to them.

I get why.

I do too. I wanted to give Chase the credit that he is due.

Shifting gears, there’s an update on the class action lawsuit that we forgot about.

I had totally forgotten that this was the thing. Do you remember how many posts came up? It was like, “Are you upset that Peloton deleted rides?”

It’s so bad, I got them.

It was on Facebook and on Instagram. They must have spent as much money as they’re going to get on this class action lawsuit. For those of you just coming to the Peloton world, you may not even know this thing. We talked about it so long ago, I will try to keep this really brief. Back in the day, there was a giant deletion of classes due to all the lawsuits that were happening with the licensing. It was called the great purge, because we are very dramatic in Pelotonia. I think it was something like thousands of classes that got deleted that day.It was ginormous. Some people felt that was super unfair because when they signed up, there were 10,000 classes. When this was happened, it was like 6,000 classes. They wanted to file a lawsuit against Peloton. This week somewhere in New York, there was some kind of hearing happening. The judge said he was hearing an argument on it. They had done depositions and he said he would be ruling soon. That’s really all I know, but I thought you guys would like an update such as it is. When I see the final outcome, of course I will surely let you know. That’s what we do.

We had a source send us some foreign intelligence.

There was an article that came out of Taipei I believe. It was a little hard to read because I had to read it with my Google Translate on. You can only translate things to a certain degree. There are some things lost in translation. Here’s the gist. Because that’s where the manufacturing companies are located, when they get these big orders, they talk about it in their local news.

In the same way that your local news might be like, “The bottling factory is hiring 300 new people or whatever.”

The name of this company is called Rexon. They’re talking about the fact that, “We’ve got this major order coming in from Peloton,” because the company that Peloton bought last year 2019, they can’t keep up with demand. Because they can’t keep up with demand, Peloton had to contract with Rexon. They have ordered, and the article refers to it as new equipment, 250,000 newly designed treads, which are going to be cheaper and they will be smaller than the current tread. There are 30,000 bikes on order that they don’t really talk about any kind of specs for either of these. Where you can draw a little bit of inference is that the screen size for both the new tread and the new bike are 23.8 inches. Why do I care about that? Because my current bike has a screen of 21.5 and my current tread has a 32-inch screen.

Like Diamond Rio, they are going to meet in the middle.

Presumably, this other bike that’s coming out will become the new premium bike. Our current bikes will become the cheaper bike.

The baseline pipe, the less expensive bike.

When I say cheaper, my understanding is that the price will in fact drop on our current bikes when they are selling them. I do not mean that they will replace them with less quality materials. I am specifically talking price. This is all in response to what John Foley has been saying. This makes perfect sense. He’s been saying better best is where they’re headed. He has been saying that they want to democratize fitness. He has been saying that they have new products in the pipeline. This makes sense. There is no rower. That’s not going to happen. I’m not saying it never will happen, but that’s not what’s happening now.

It’s not the priority at the moment.

They have been on record as saying that they are not coming out with a rower right now because the tread and bike, especially the tread, have a much bigger market. That’s where they’re going to focus. I think they say it was like three times larger the tread the amount of people that want to buy a tread. That means that now we have four products. You’re going to have a less expensive, more expensive on the tread, less expensive, more expensive on the bike. It’s going to lead to all kinds of confusion. There are going to be people that are mad. There’s going to be people that are upset. This is all still rumor, but it is conjecture based on facts. This came from the news. There was an article written back in February that talked about a bunch of analysts were invited to come to a pre-meeting with Peloton and it was a closed. One of the analysts talked about the fact that their upcoming model would be to lower the price on the current bike and have a more expensive bike coming out.

I think it’s a great solution to make the current product less expensive. People already know and love that product. They trust that product. Rather than trying to come out with a lesser version of that, be like, “That’s our baseline.”Then here’s one that’s like, “We’ve bedazzled.”

I completely agree. My question that I had last week is like, “What are they going to get rid of to justify this being an okay bike?”This is not going to need to come into play here. It’s going to be, “What’s added to it?”You can gather that it’s going to be a larger monitor, but what else? Is it going to have a power meter built? It will be really interesting to see. Then the question becomes, “If you just bought your bike in the last couple of months, now what?”People are like, “Did Peloton think of that?” Yes. I assure you, Peloton thought of that.

TCO 166 | Black Girl Magic


They have a plan in place.

I don’t know what that plan will be. I’m wondering if there will be some trade in program.

I could see a trade in program. I could also see maybe if you just bought the bike that they’ll let you swap it out for an upcharge or maybe they’ll offer you maybe a few months free off of your subscription, they’ll extend your subscription for a little bit.

Who knows?

Honestly, right now they’re swimming in money. It’s a lot easier to do the right thing when you got cash.

We always talk about the OPP and I just have to say that I saw somebody post an article back from May. They were like, “When are these new products coming out?”You should have seen the responses. The responses were like, “You don’t need to have a cheaper bike. The bike’s already cheap enough. This isn’t real, this isn’t happening.” I’m just like, “You all need to read to The Clip Out because if they did, they would know.

That was true even before that post.

It is a great example. They totally ripped on this lady asking questions about it like they know better.

SoulCycle had an instructor just walked out, stormed out.

She quit.

She was dismissive like she was wrong for doing it.

Was she mad? Yeah, she was. I don’t think she had the moment to storm out because there’s no in-person classes. She quit on Instagram. From what I understand, it was their largest followed instructor, which also was interesting because she has 10,000 followers, which is a ton. Compared to Robin, who has a million, it was just like to see the different dynamic there. I’m not bagging on her. I think what she did was amazing.

It’s Soeuraya Wilson.

This lady has been an instructor for 12 years for SoulCycle.She quit because she felt like SoulCycle was using the instructors. They were using their image. They were using literally their bodies to say, “We’re so into the movement that is happening for Black Lives Matter,” but they’re not actually doing anything. In the background, they’re not doing anything to back that up.

They were exploited. They would use the image of their diverse instructors to be like, “Look how good we are,” but then behind the scenes, same old, same old.

They weren’t donating money. They weren’t standing behind causes. They weren’t doing anything effectively. She was just like, “I’ve had enough,” and that was that.

That’s a ballsy move.

My hats off to her, very brave. It sends a huge message. It sends a message to a lot of people. Good luck to her.

Peloton, whenever you’re doing your next round of hiring.

A million people posted that.

I have no doubt.

It wouldn’t surprise me. They probably had her on the hook already.

Everyone was wanting to know what happened with Jennifer Jacobs. Where did she end up? We now have an answer.

She is now the ambassador forVentum. Ventum is a very high profile and very expensive triathlon bike manufacturer. Apparently, this bike that she’s doing is the NS1. Apparently, you can train indoors and outdoors. I didn’t do enough research to know if that means like you set it up on a trainer, you do indoors, outdoors or if it does something special. I’m not clear on that. She’s going to be the ambassador and you can follow along as she trains both inside and outside. For those of you that are curious because it came up in one of my posts, yes, Matt Wilpers does wear Ventumgear quite often. That is because his tri bike is a Ventum. There you go. Congrats to JJ.

We have a Pelothon 2020 update.

We are still in week two. It is Wednesday, July 22nd as we record this. I know it won’t be when you read this. The reason I’m saying that is because there has still been a ton of questions. For week one, you were not required to opt into anything. All you had to do was put your team tag on your profile and then take a class with all of the instructors on your team. Then for week two, they completely changed everything. Now, you have to opt in, which means you have to either on the bike, on the tread or the Apple app because you can’t do it on the Android app. You can go into the challenges and you have to say, “I sign up for the week two challenge.” Once you’ve signed up, you then have to take two live classes with any instructor. Nothing confusing about that. You know how many people ask questions to me? All of them. Then week three, you have to opt in again. If you’re wondering, do you have to do something different? Yeah, you do. You have to do something different for week three. You still need to opt in. You’re going to have to go back to the challenges and you’re going to have to opt in again for week three. You can spread the word because they’re not getting it. Nobody is getting it. Nobody is understanding. Do you know how many percentages of people completed the challenge of week one? Do you want to guess?


People will often help you achieve your dreams, but you have to give them the opportunity to help. Share on X

No, it’s more than that. There’s 39%. Come on. It’s pretty funny though, none of them did over like 55%. All these people signed up for the challenge and then nobody’s doing. They’re like,“Too much work,” but I think it’s so much confusion.

That could be, it sounds it.

They need to get way better at communicating this stuff. This week, people asked me, “Does Encore count?” No, Encore does not count. They said live rides. They did not say Encore rides. I know it’s alive leaderboard, but it’s not alive class. People are so confused over this. We’ll see how week two goes. Also for week one, if you never got your badge and you believe that you actually followed all the directions correctly, then you should contact customer service because they had to put those badges on everybody’s profile manually. I think that’s probably why they went to opting in for these two and three.

By the time you hear this, there should be new stuff in the boutique.

I got some Intel that there’s going to be a little drop on Thursday.

Any idea what’s going to be in there other than clothes?

It will be summer stuff. That’s all I know. I don’t know what time. It won’t matter though because they’ll have already heard it. I’m excited because I would like to buy things.

You have started a little fun challenge for the people. Do they need to opt in? Is there a hashtag? Do they need to call you first? Will you be issuing badges manually?

Here’s the deal. Leslie LeDonnecame up with a crazy idea to do a marathon on her tread. I was sitting around on an evening and for some reason it sounded like a good idea.

I could tell you exactly why it sounded like a good idea. It’s because you had had like three Mic Ultras.

I should probably stay off of Facebook after drinking Mic Ultra because somehow I thought this was a good idea and I am doing it. This is now called the Quarantread 26.2 challenge. It’s just for fun. There are no badges. There are no winners. All you’ve got to do is stay on your tread long enough to complete 26.2 hours or two miles. It’s going to be done on August 16th. I’m coming up on my birthday on August 20th. I like to do milestone things for my birthday. We can’t go anywhere or do anything. This sounds like a great way to bring in 42. If I’m still alive by the 20th, then we’ll be able to celebrate.

You should have done a Quarantread 42 challenge.

I’m worried enough about 26.2. Let me just tell you, I will not be running this. I will be walking this at a fast pace. I checked it out. Any of you that are like, “Can I do this?” and you’re freaking out, 4.0 on the tread will get you done in six and a half hours.

That’s just like a moderate walk, right?

It’s on the faster end of things.

I read the Stephen King book. He wrote under the name, Richard Bachman, called The Long Walk. It was like they would take these kids, one or two from each state, and they’d started from one country and they walked to the other. If you fell below a certain speed, they would shoot and kill you. It’s fun for the whole family. It’s going to be a Quarantread challenge 2021. That’s what we’re going to do. If you fell below 4 miles an hour, that was the speed at which they would kill. It is called The Long Walk, not The Long Trot.

It is a walk but when you walk for that long, it’s hard to keep that speed up. I’m going to try not to stop. I’m going to try to go through and maybe drink some water. I’m not going up the stairs. When I went to go do my 100 miles on the bike, I made the mistake of taking a break at 75 miles and going upstairs and sitting down for a few minutes. Just stay on it because it’s going to hurt. Happy birthday to me. I don’t know, it’s crazy. If you want to join in, then please do. If you want to hop on and smack my face, that would be great too. I would love to see the support. I’m going to post all of the classes I’m going to take. It’s going to be curated by me and of course, Leslie LeDonne.If she doesn’t like the classes I choose, then she can veto. She told me to choose some, so I’m going to do that. I’m going to choose all my favorite instructors, all my favorite kinds of classes. I’m going to play as many as I can for 26.2 miles.

Shifting gears, last week, we had asked, “Do people like the Jenn Mann thing?”We got some really nice feedback. We got some people that it’s not their thing, and that’s okay. By and large, the feedback was very positive. We appreciate that.

I have to apologize because I think I was mean to everybody. I know I was in a really crappy mood when I did the episode last week. There have been a lot of things to be crabby about lately. I was like, “Nobody answers my questions on the newsletter.” I think I guilted a ton of people into responding. Thank you to everybody who responded and took the time.

It’s nice to know because we don’t want to waste her time.

She’s got so much going on.She was just on TMZ this week talking about Kanye.

She’s a way bigger deal than we are. We’re very grateful to have her. We don’t want to waste her time if people aren’t digging it.I’m glad that by and large people seem to be digging it. Speaking of, here she is.

Joining us is Dr. Jenn Mann, Licensed Marriage, Family and Child Therapist and Sports Psychology Consultant. You may know her from VH1’s Couples Therapy with Dr. Jenn or VH1’s Family Therapy with Dr. Jenn, her long running radio show, The Dr. Jenn Show. She’s written four bestselling books including The Relationship Fix: Dr. Jenn’s 6-Step Guide to Improving Communication, Connection & Intimacy. Dr. Jenn, hi.

It’s great to see you, guys.

It’s good to see you too. Let’s jump into the topic of the week. We’re talking about body image and what to do when maybe you’ve lost a bunch of weight or you’ve reshaped your body, but it doesn’t necessarily feel that way in your head.

What do you do with that?

A lot of the time, it takes our brain a long time to catch up with our body, especially if you are someone who has had a little body dysmorphia. I think who doesn’t in this day and age, especially women? I think everyone at this point. Part of all of that is reality checks of checking your clothes, they’re fitting differently, being able to look in the mirror, being able to look at pictures. I’ve talked with you guys before that when I had an eating disorder, which I had for about a decade, my weight range by about 70 pounds. Now I’m at the point in my life, and one of the things that’s helped me measure my recovery is that I can see myself accurately.

I remember in between that time of when I was having an eating disordered and when I got healthy that my eyes did not adjust to what was going on with my body. For me, one of the only ways that I could tell is when I saw myself in pictures. I’d be like, “Now I get it a little better,” but we have to be patient with our mind catching up with our body, but also to listen to our self-talk. We all have a healthy voice and an unhealthy voice. A lot of the time, the unhealthy voice tends to win. The unhealthy voice tends to be critical. It tends to be focused on the flaws. It tends to be focused on the negative staff. It tends to be focused on the ‘you’re not good enough, fit enough, strong enough, muscular enough, lean enough,’ all fill in the blanks. When we let that voice run rampant, then that causes us problems because that voice tends to grow and get bigger and bigger.

I have an app called No More Diets that is based on my Doctoral dissertation and how ultimately I made peace with food using a non-diet philosophy. One of the exercises that I have in the app is about training your brain. It’s all about looking at your negative self-talk and talking back to that negative voice.You don’t have to believe it at first, but it’s part of training your brain to think differently when we’re able to talk back because we have to feed the healthy voice. I think of it as like the angel and the devil in the cartoons on the shoulders.

I was thinking that exact same thing.

The unhealthy voice gets bigger and bigger as we feed it. We need to starve it and we need to tell to shut up. We need to feed the healthy voice. Every time that unhealthy voice speaks, we have to speak back to, and you don’t even have to believe it at first. That’s the thing. A lot of people are like, “I don’t believe what I’m saying.” That’s fine. I don’t need you to believe it in order to change it over time. I’m not talking about being delusional that to say that you see something that you don’t see, but there are always wonderful things that you can appreciate about yourself. Maybe you don’t like your ass, but you have great calves. Instead of focusing on the things you don’t like about your ass, you can be like, “I have muscular calves. I have really strong legs. I’m able to get through a 45-minute spin class and I’m still standing. How amazing is that?”To be able to focus on the things that you can do and that are positive about your body, help you to fight those negative messages.

When you say that your eyes didn’t match what was reality, have you ever experienced how you interact with the world is different? I remember after I had lost weight that it took me a long time to realize that I always held myself very negatively whenever I was super overweight. I like always kept averted my gaze and looked down and kept to myself. It took me a long time to realize I didn’t “have to do that anymore.” That it was different.

That’s very common. For me where I really struggled was when I was at my heaviest. My heaviest was about 40 or 50 pounds heavier than I am now. I felt a lot of shame that my weight had fluctuated so much. I’ve been in an elite level gymnast. I had been all over the board. I remember getting dressed to go to a Thanksgiving or something with my family and being like, “These people haven’t seen me since last year. I put on all this weights. I hate everything I’m putting on,” just feeling really bad about myself and that struggle. I think that if you’re someone who, that shame is affecting how you talk to people or how you relate to people or how you see yourself, it’s really important to either get therapy, do bibliotherapy. Start doing some journaling. Start to figure out how you need to heal from this so that your weight is not the determinant of your self-esteem.

TCO 166 | Black Girl Magic


As soon as you do that, as soon as your body is your determinant of yourself, you’re in trouble because things can happen. God forbid you get cancer and you’re sick. If you’re not feeling like your muscles are strong enough, you’ve got something like a disease to fight. You need to be in a good headspace. We can’t have our self-esteem be dependent on these things. There are many celebrities now who are showing us great examples of body positive messages of strong women and men, especially women who are not at the “cultural ideal,” but who are able to show that you can be beautiful and be in different ways in different shapes. Use that as a role model and use that to grow from.

I always think how difficult it must be to be in the public eye, especially if you’re in the public and your body changes significantly in front of people.

People think they can get to have an opinion on everything.

A great example of someone who’s been very public about that has been Kelly Clarkson. She’s talked a lot about her weight fluctuations and how people have fat shamed her and how people have been critical of her body and how hard that is. I think when you’re a celebrity, it’s hard to go through anything in the public eye. That’s difficult, especially that kind of body shaming. I remember years ago when Jennifer Love Hewitt was in a bathing suit in the ocean. It was so much of an unflattering picture of her that had some cellulite or something. She handled it at that time. She gave a very positive body message, but then lost 20 pounds. She was criticized for that. It’s like you can’t win. In life, what we have to do is stay focused on the process as opposed to the outcome more often.

When I say embrace body positivity, I do not encourage anyone to make unhealthy choices for themselves and embrace that. I’m a big believer that we can’t control the outcome, but we can make choices and control the process. You get to control how you treat your body. You get to control what food you put into it, whether it’s healthy or not, whether it’s balanced or not. I’m a big believer like in my No More Diets app that balance is key. I’m not a believer in deprivation. I think that ultimately leads to binge eating and leads a very unhealthy relationship with food. You can see on my social media that I’m always posting like, “Look at the macho bread, I eat that.” I eat everything. I’m vegan but I eat vegan versions of ice cream and cookies and all that sort of stuff. It’s super important to really look at how are you treating your body? Which instructor is it who always says treat your body like it belongs to someone you love?

I was thinking Christine but it might be someone else.

I think it’s such a great motto and that it gives you a little distance to go like, “How would I treat myself if I really love myself?”When we starve ourselves, that’s punitive. That’s not a loving gesture. When we deprive ourselves, that’s not a loving gesture. To treat ourselves like we love ourselves to me is to eat a well-balanced diet, to exercise in moderation, to make good, healthy choices. That’s what we can control as opposed to the outcome of how much you weigh or how your bodies look.

People will say stuff to themselves that they would never say to someone else. Thank you so much for taking time to join us. Until next time, where can people find you?

They can find me on all social media, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, even TikTok, @DrJennMann.

Thank you. had an interesting article about how Peloton is pivoting away from their bougie bike. I feel old trying to say bougie like I’m young enough to say bougie.

It talks about all the different things that they have done very systematically to democratize fitness. The funny thing is that they didn’t mention any of the things that I did earlier because all of that was circumstantial and probably came out after they wrote the article. This article is all about like how they lowered the price of the app and how they have changed the way. It used to be whenever you were on Peloton, that if you didn’t have a bike, you weren’t really part of the club. That has completely changed. It talks about all of those things. If you do anything on Peloton, you’re Peloton. It also means that it has changed how people consume Peloton.

Remember back when I first got the bike and the way that you consume Peloton was to do as many classes as possible in a given week. Now you might do a Meditation class and maybe a Strength class and you’re a Peloton user. Maybe you didn’t touch the bike at all. To show you the difference in those two worlds, this week, I put out my schedule. I set my own schedule for this week and I didn’t have a bike class built into it. Somebody actually said to me, “No bike?”Yeah because I’m focused on the running because I’m preparing for the QuarantreadChallenge.Then somebody reminded me of the easy ride was coming up, so I had to make a change. How people have consumed Peloton has completely changed. It’s no longer just a bike. It’s no longer how many classes you take that make you part of the community. It’s just very different.

I think it’s a nice evolution. If the rumors that we’re hearing are true about them lowering the price of what will become the baseline bike, that’s another major step in that direction. It’s your last week to possibly win a FightCamp.

I did that kickboxing workout.

I saw and I helped you make a boomerang.

You did and you did a great job. I thought I was tired and I did the boxing classes, nothing compared to the kickboxing.

I would think there’s kicking.

I thought I was getting my leg up high for that video, which you took at the beginning of my workout. By the end, they were like a foot high.

You were kicking them in the shins.

It was sad. I was like, “I need to work on my stamina.”

We’re giving away a FightCamp personal gym, which is a nice setup. You get the bag, the gloves, the trackers, the wraps. Then you get a year’s subscription to it. All for the price of nothing. You just got to go to and answer a question, which is typically not too terribly difficult. One time, it was a true and false question. If you get it wrong, just type in the other one. You don’t have to be a math surgeon to figure that out. Go to enter the contest. There are also all sorts of ways to get extra entries if you are so inclined. You can share it with friends or follow them on YouTube or what have you. You can follow us on YouTube, which would enable you to watch this instead of just reading. You should check all that out. If you want more information about FightCamp, go to week, Jess Sims was on the Hurdle podcast.

I didn’t get a chance to listen to it, but tons of people sent it to me and said it was amazing, which is nice.

It makes a lot more sense. You mentioned this to me during the week. I thought you said a turtle podcast. I was like, “What does Jess Sims know about turtles?”Then I thought, “Who am I to judge? Maybe she knows a lot about turtles. Why would I just assume she doesn’t know anything about turtles? That seems rude.”

It’s the Hurdle Podcast. Make sure you check that out so you can hear Jess Sims.

Tunde had a celebrity right along class with Al Roker.

They also did an Instagram live before they did the class, and this was last Thursday. If you haven’t had a chance to take it, you absolutely should. Its tons of fun.

Kristin McGee posted a neat picture. Apparently, she was on an episode of 30 Rock.

I cannot get over this. How did you not know of all people? You met her when we were in New York and you know all.

She was like on it for two seconds or something.

You know all the pop culture things. This was your big moment. If you guys didn’t know, Kristin McGee married Jason Sudeikis on an episode of 30 Rock. I was pretty shocked if you can’t tell.

Jennifer Garner did an Instagram Live with Dr. Chelsea Roberts.

If you want to do the challenge, do the challenge if it motivates you to do the extra work. Share on X

She’s our newest yoga instructor for those who haven’t had a chance to take a class with her. She’s amazing. She was on Instagram Live with Jennifer Garner. How about that? What the heck? That was amazing. If you haven’t got a chance to check that out, you need to get over to Instagram and check that out.

Peloton has a new video featuring several actual users.

They’re cracking me up because yet again, it highly featured the Mills, John and Erica. Then it also featured May. We’ve interviewed both. They’ve been in Peloton commercials before, like their online social media commercials. This was a whole huge feature about all of the community. It was so cool. May and the Mills had quite a big part in the film.

There’s an artist spotlight featuring Lil Wayne.

I would be on that ride. There’s a whole bunch of classes with Lil Wayne. There are all kinds of classes to take over the next couple of days. There’s full body strength. There’s a run with Robin, a boot camp with Chase Tucker, HIITCardio with Rebecca. Tonight, there was a ride 45 minutes ago.

Our guest is Courtney. She started her career as a Staff Assistant and Legislative Associate for the Office of Congresswoman Tammy Baldwin. Following that, she was a Political Assistant at the Human Rights Campaign, the nation’s largest LGBT political organization. She would go on to be a Senior Lobbyist for the National PTA where she would chair the National Coalition for Public Education. She is the Senior Director of Policy and Political Engagement for a tech startup. She is also the Founder of the Peloton-based Facebook group, Black Girl Magic. Ladies and gentlemen, Courtney Snowden.

Thank you for that.

You’re very welcome. The first and probably the most important question is why are you talking to us?

Why wouldn’t I? I called my mom and I said, “Mom, you’ll never guess what I’m doing now. I’m talking at The Clip Out.” It’s true. I have spent my career doing a number of important and wonderful things that I hope had a positive impact on the world and created a better world for my boys. The introduction of the Peloton into my life while I was the Deputy Mayor in my hometown of Washington, DC was a critically important moment for me that gave me a little bit of normalcy in a schedule that was 24 hours a day. People are knocking on my front door asking for help and support and that bike got me through it. I’m here because like you, I love Peloton, both the product that it makes and the company that they are. I can’t imagine a better place to be.

When did you find Peloton? How long have you had your bike?

I got my bike in 2017. If I could get my diet in order, I’d be a size six but we all know that it’s not exactly what it is about. I found the bike and I’d been contemplating a purchase for some time. I didn’t have time to go to the gym anymore. I decided to have a second baby. I’m a solo parent by choice. I have two amazing boys and I couldn’t find time to work out anymore. My oldest is eleven and my youngest is three. In 2017, I found my way to the Peloton and it was a life-changing decision for me. It’s worth every single penny of investment.

You’re also a solo mom. How do you do it all?

I have no idea how any of us do it all. The best part of this COVID world that we’re living in is I get more time with my boys more than I’ve had in my entire career and that’s been exciting.

I love how you said solo mom by choice. I was thinking I was a solo dad by choice. I was married at the time but then I chose.

I figured it’d be more fun to do this on my own. I’m going to try that.

It certainly was easier.

Parts of it are easier and parts of it are more difficult. I adopted my oldest son when he was eighteen months old and then I birthed my youngest son. They have been in addition to the bike and my life, the most important piece of it. They are it.

You are a rockstar. I am impressed.

Thank you. That’s incredibly kind but many more people do so much more.

Were you exercising at all before Peloton? Where were you finding the time? It sounds like you had so much going on.

No, I wasn’t. I was an athlete throughout high school and college and then spent a little bit of time working out before I adopted my oldest son and tried to continue to incorporate working out. I hate running outside. I loved to spin. I didn’t have time to go to the gym anymore. That is how the Peloton came into my life. My regimen was non-existent. I tried everything though. I did all of the Beachbody stuff and it’s great, but it didn’t speak to my spirit. I’d bought other equipment. It also didn’t speak to my spirit, but Peloton introduced this new idea of working out in a community that gave me a lot of what I got from the gym experience and team sports right on my bike and literally in my bedroom.

Based on your work resume, that makes total sense that that would speak to you because you seem very community-focused.

I am. I need a community to keep pushing me. That’s how BGM was born. I was looking for a community that was similar to me. I realized that if we were going to have it, I would have to create it.

I was wondering about that. You come to Peloton. You start looking around like we all do with the Facebook group and in 2017, had it already gone to crap over on the OPP? I don’t remember the timeline.

On my third week of having the bike, I posted a question about hair. You’ve seen in some of the pictures I sent along, my hair is usually blown out. I’m working out a lot while I’m at home and it’s curly. I was wondering how women kept their blowouts together, but black hair and non-black hair are different. I posted a question about it and I got all sorts of well-intentioned but unhelpful answers. A couple of black women who were active in OPP sent me direct messages. It occurred to me at that moment that there would be some value in creating a space that was focused on black women and helping them achieve their fitness goals. What I say is straightening our crowns, but then there was a commercial around the holidays.

It was maybe not even a full year after I bought the bike. Someone commented on the page. They posted that they wouldn’t have liked to have seen more diversity in the commercial and the comments were so terrible. What was ironic about it is the comments ended up falling into this racially-biased discussion that was a little bit nasty. The poster who posted it said, “I didn’t even mean that. I actually meant size diversity.” There were thousands of comments. Many of which were off-putting. I didn’t completely wash my hands off of OPP at that time, but I did stop visiting the page and decided it was critical that we developed this community. We went from about four people to about 7,000 now. We’ve grown by 1,500.

Why the influx? Is it because so much is going on in our world? There are a lot of people talking about all the different race discussion into your groups. It’s probably coming up a lot in those discussions.

I think a couple of things. One is over the time that people have had to be sheltered in place, people have been looking for an exercise outlet and Peloton is a great one. We’ve seen a lot of people purchase bikes. Two, I was talking to a friend of mine who has been very engaged in the professional fitness world. She was remarking that she’s gotten her Peloton, that this group has been able to galvanize something pretty special. It’s a community for black women who are deeply engaged and care deeply about fitness. The professional fitness world is particularly diverse. It’s also one of the things that I love so much about Peloton. The instructors are so diverse. You’ve got Alex, Ally, Kendall, Robin and Cody. I could go on and on and sort everyone. Matt Wilpers, who I love to death, we got to work on his music.

People had been focused on finding an outlet. The other piece of it is particularly in the aftermath of George Floyd. For those of us who are mothers and those of us who are black mothers, finding a community that understands what we’re going through and understands the hurt and the pain and the joy of this experience of living as an African-American in the United States. There aren’t many places where we can celebrate those things, talk about the hard things and celebrate the successes and the joys. The Black Girl Magic: The Peloton Edition provides that right now to more than 7,000 women. I expect more very soon.

Where did the name come from?

Black Girl Magic is a thing. There’s Black Girls Rock Awards, a BET organization called Black Girls Rock. Something we always talk about is our magic. I thought, “What would catch people’s eye and most importantly express who we are? Black Girl Magic.” Because it’s such a ubiquitous phrase, it’s used so often. I needed to make it clear that this particular Black Girl Magic experience was about the Peloton bike, and so the Black Girl Magic: The Peloton Edition was born.

It’s a great name because it’s fun.

It sounds like you’re going to go in there and have fun.

Instead of being super buttoned up like Africa-American women that ride Peloton.

You could have chosen something like that. It would have had a very different feel to it if people chose to look it up.

All people are magical, but I think black women are especially magical. There are five of us who make this group work. It was my brainchild, but it would not even be anywhere near as close to success as it is without the four other moderators. Michelle who we often chase on the leaderboard. She finished 1,000 rides. MG Speaks Up on the leaderboard. Robyn Redfern Williams, whose name is Rubie Williams WMZ on the leaderboard, Tish Jones and her leaderboard name is ARDiamond, I think. I’m missing Helen Wallace who I made a Lieutenant Colonel. Thanks for her service. She’s CocoaMynt on the leaderboard.

Without this group of dynamic women, this group never would’ve made it. As we say sometimes, we go rescue people from OPP. We sell a lot of bikes and encourage lots of people to join the BGM family. We create a lot of fun both on and off the bike through challenges, through our LinkedIn page that helps people find employment and through our events that occur in-store. We’ve done Meetups in states around the country where we have large numbers of members. We have our very own Home Rider Invasion events where we take over the studio. There’s a fun 80 class, Alex Toussaint class. People should check that out if they want a little bit of the Black Girl Magic.

When you did your class in the studio like your get together or your HRI, was one of the classes you took with Jess Sims in the run studio?

They have. There are several of them. We have a couple of BGM groups. The BGM tread group. The main BGM group from which everything flows like our Power Zone group. They have an Instagram page so that we can connect with women who may not be on Facebook. We have had Jess Sims run class. We had some Chase Tucker classes and Alex. We even have gone to London for Hannah’s class.

That’s how I first heard of you. I don’t remember what class it was, but I was on and the entire tread studio was built with your group. That was when I reached out to you because I was like, “These ladies are having so much fun. I need to get them on the show because this is a blast.” I was jealous I was at home. The energy coming through the screen was incredible.

Whenever I struggled to get on a bike, I pick one of the BGM in-studio classes and rock with it. It gets me back motivated to be on the bike every day. It’s almost like an in-studio experience.

Can you only join if you are a black woman? Is that the only way you can get in?

Yes, that’s the only way you can get in.

I need to stop hoping that I’ll get it.

You can have friends who’ll tell you about the fun we have, but you can’t get in.

I would love it though if we could figure out a way for you to help nominate people to be on the show. I feel like I’m missing out on this incredible piece of the community that I want to make sure that is included in our community.

You should definitely get the other four moderators on because they are some of the most fantastic women and we’re so different. We don’t fight but sometimes we have conversations that are always spirited. We don’t disagree, they’re just spirited discussions. The beautiful thing about BGM is it has also created these other opportunities. There’s now the Black Peloton Riders, which is the coed group. They don’t have 7,000 members yet, but they’re on their way up. There’s the Women of Color Group that was started because other women of color wanted to join the Black Girl Magic group. While we support all women and all women of color, this group is for black women, but there are other groups. We want to make sure we’re highlighting those groups too because everyone needs to find their community. Maybe people have multiple. I certainly do. I’m a black lesbian so I have many communities. I’m a big girl and I’m over 40. There are a number of groups that I can identify with, but this one has my heart.

There are all sorts of groups that are targeted to certain people or religion.

I love that about Peloton. It’s like you have these big inclusive groups that can cross over everything like the OPP. It doesn’t matter. As long as you have a Peloton, you can be part of it, but then there are all these subgroups that no matter what your interests are, you can find a group.

It’s like a Venn diagram where you can touch a lot of different circles.

That’s what is unique about the Peloton experience. It has galvanized these various communities in such an amazing way all-around 1 or 2 products. It has been game-changing for a lot of people. Are you in Montana?

No, we’re in Missouri.

TCO 166 | Black Girl Magic


I’ve been in Missouri a bunch of times, but how else would we have met but for the Peloton bringing us together. That’s the magic of this thing that John and his team have created. I’m excited to be a part of it.

I find it fascinating too because there are many products that we could all gather around. If you have an InstaPot, we could talk about that, but it doesn’t bring you together in the same way. It’s not the same. There’s something about Peloton that sticks people together in a completely different way than I’ve ever seen before.

Also, those badges that I can’t believe motivated me so much.

You said that you feel like you guys have sold quite a few bikes. Do you find that people are joining before they even have a Peloton? Are they app users who then get sucked in as people are wanting to do?

It’s both. We allow app users in the group. It was a bit of a discussion early on, but we did. A lot of people have bought bikes because of this group. There have been a couple of blog stories. xoNecole did a story about Black Girl Magic. A woman did a 30 days using the Peloton experience article and talk about Black Girl Magic being the reason why she would continue on in her fitness journey with Black Girl Magic. There have been a bunch of those types of stories that highlight this group in particular and the supportive nature of it. A lot of people have wanted to join for that reason. There are people who want to join the group who have zero interest in Peloton at all but just wanted to be a part of BGM, which is not possible. You’ve got to be an app user or bike rider or tread user.

You should start the Black Girl Magic: The Wannabe Edition.

The thing which is interesting, and this is where I give a lot of love, support, and grace to our friends who manage and administer OPP, is it’s a lot of work and it takes a lot of time. Much like being a public official, people aren’t always happy. They tell us often. I understand how hard it is to moderate these groups, particularly as they get larger. I don’t know that I’ll do the wannabe group but maybe someone else will.

You are like, “That’s a great idea for somebody else.” I love how you used your public official’s skills to say that because you didn’t say no. You we’re like, “Yeah.” Out of all the times you’ve been to the studio, which is the most memorable and why?

There was a week I was in New York. I train LGBT candidates or potential candidates to run for office with our friends at the Victory Fund. I happened to be in New York for training but I’m committed to go in the studio every single day no matter what else we had going on. The one class I couldn’t get that I wanted was a Sunday Ally Love class and it was Sundays with Love. I couldn’t get in the class and I just stood there and waited and waited, and I got in. I was so happy. Me and this one other guy who might have been on his 750th ride, I was going to give him the bike head. He had not gotten one, but I was hoping I didn’t have to make that choice, and I didn’t.

That was a big one, but I have enjoyed every single time I’ve ridden in the studio from the instructors which are great, to the staff that works in the studio. There was one gentleman who worked there. Every day I walked in that week, he praised me for coming in. He remembered that I came. He remembered my name and he was one of the techs, one of the guys who set up the bikes for you. It meant so much to me that he took the time to acknowledge that I had come every day. It’s always a good experience. I can’t wait to get to the new studio.

You’ll be there long before I will, but I can’t wait. It’s such a long trip from Missouri. That’s the whole thing and with COVID, you can’t just hop on a plane these days.

I have a question for you about what you do for a living. I looked at some of your job titles and I’m thinking that if somebody came up to a ten-year-old Courtney and said, “What do you want to do for a living?” I’m thinking that the ten-year-old Courtney would not have said Senior Director of Policy and Political Engagement. How did you get from high school and college to where you’re at now? It seems like it would be an interesting trip.

I can admit that I was a little bit of an odd kid. When I was five years old, I started working on political campaigns with my dad. I can remember walking in t-shirts down in my ankles, knocking on doors and passing out campaign literature to people as they went to the polls to vote. It’s been a practice in our family for a long time. I always thought I would be a Supreme Court justice. Thurgood Marshall was my hero. When I was a young girl scout, Thurgood Marshall died and I cried on the bus for the ski trip home the entire way. I must have been 11 or maybe 13 because I was in junior high. My best friend was like, “You are the oddest kid ever.”

I knew I would always be involved in politics. I came out of college and thought that I would not be able to have a political career as a result of it. I was in college from 1997 to 2000. Back then, being gay still wasn’t that open. I went to the Wisconsin Democratic Party. I went to undergrad at Wisconsin through this leadership weekend for young Democrats. I met a woman named Tammy Baldwin who happened to be the first openly LGBT person ever elected to Congress. I met her and I said to her, “I will staple papers in your office if you let me come and intern for you. I cried, she didn’t. She said, “Call my office.” I did with some persistence called her office.

I did intern for her that summer in her district office. I sent her an invitation to my graduation from college and she offered me a job. I graduated on a Sunday. I started in her office on a Monday. We drove from graduation back home to DC. I started working for her on Monday and she taught me so much. I’m so grateful to her for both the leadership she continues to display in the state now as a Senator, but also and importantly for the leadership and the education that she gave me as I pursued public service. She is pretty amazing.

I don’t remember what I wanted to be when I was 10, 11, or 12. I’m pretty sure it wasn’t a project manager though.

I was an odd kid in the other direction. I was the same way. I said I wanted to be a disc jockey and oddly enough our stories are very similar, except yours is way more professional. I moved my way into an internship at a radio station by being very persistent. I got offered a job at the end of my internship. From there on it was radio and concert marketing.

I always tell people when I talk to them when you see something you want, you have to ask for it. Nine times out of ten, someone will help you achieve your dreams. You have to give them an opportunity to help. You did it, I did it and it works every time.

Tell us about your favorite Peloton instructors.

It changes. First, it was Robin. She was my favorite. She got me moving, then Ally made me cry on the bike, which I still think is a little bit crazy, but it’s true. Now, I am a Tunde rider. I feel like my numbers are the best with her. My output is crazy. I almost always PR no matter how long the classes get, 15 or 45 minutes. I feel like I’m dead afterwards. I love that feeling. I love Alex. I feel like it’s a party on the bike and Cody makes me dance. I love them all.

They all have different personalities and different things that you’re looking for on a different day. It depends on the mood. Not everybody’s like that. Some people are like, “I have one person I ride with and that’s it.” You’re more like me that it’s like you have a varying degree of who you’re in the mood to ride. They suit your moods.

Mine is driven a lot by music. I like mostly hip-hop rides, occasionally R&B rides. Ally is my outlier in terms of music, but it’s driven by music.

I can understand that.

Except for Matt Wilpers.

I love Matt. I do.

You mentioned that you used the tread content sometimes. Are you doing runs? Are you doing boot camps? What kind of other content are you using?

I’ve done a run or two. I am probably getting a tread when they open the world back up to tread sales and delivery. I use a fair amount of off the bike content. One night, I couldn’t sleep. I did a sleep meditation. BGM has a core challenge. Every weekday, we have a set of extra core class that we’re required to take. We start on Mondays with a 5-minute and a 30-minute one by the end of the day. We do strength training in the middle of it as well. We use a fair amount of the off the bike content.

Do you have a monthly challenge? I wasn’t sure if it was periodic challenges, like every once in a while you’ll do a challenge, but it’s okay. You guys do it consistently.

Every month. That’s why it’s so important that there are five of us that moderate and administer this group because the reality is, I would never do that. It would never even occur to me to do a monthly challenge.

It’s a lot of work to put those challenges together.

Nobody’s ever happy about them.

You always get questions like, “Can I put this one instead of this one? Maybe if I blink three times, can I still count that one?”

I always say, “I don’t care. Do whatever you want.” If you want to do the challenge, do the challenge. If it motivates you to do the extra work that all of us continue to say we want to do, great. If you don’t want to do it, don’t do it. It’s pretty simple.

What I was thinking that they need because you have all the Black Girl Magic groups. There should be a Black Girl Magic Clip Out.

That’s an interesting idea. I think we should take over the show once a month.

She’s like, “Challenge accepted, Tom.”

The beauty of The Clip Out is it is for everyone. Our members, all of us rely on The Clip Out for a lot of information, particularly since many of us have left OPP. A lot of the Peloton news and content that we get, we get directly from your mouth. We shouldn’t create an opposing one. We should figure out a way to marry them.

We need to brainstorm, Courtney. I like that.

Have you said your leaderboard name? Did I miss it?

Can I tell you a story about my leaderboard name? One of the questions that have been asked me is about, what’s my advice to Pelotoners? This is my advice. Think about your leaderboard name. My first leaderboard name was C Love 52, which was my radio name in college. My birthday is on May 2nd. No one could pronounce it. The first time Robin said it, she was like, “Clove 52.” Finally, I am ready. It is Melanin Poppin 52. Follow me on the leaderboard right there.

Do you have any other advice for newbies?

Be kind to yourself. Don’t quit even if your butt hurts, and I literally mean that. Stick with it. It will stop as you well know.

It’s only a couple of weeks. You’ve just got to push through.

It’s like breastfeeding.

What a great example. That’s exactly what it was.

I was going to say, I don’t know much about this, but you shouldn’t breastfeed with your butt.

Take advantage of all of the components of Peloton as a tool in your life. A lot of women in the group sometimes are nervous about doing strength training. It’s an important part of the experience and allows you to work different body parts and muscles. It allows you to get stronger, particularly for the bike. I’m sure for the tread too. I’m not a runner. I’m trying to become one, but I’m just not one.

You’ve got to do what you feel. What I have come to realize is whatever gets you back to the exercise and you enjoy it, do that.

I agree and I do love spinning. This is why this has taken so well in my life. The other thing I would say is we do something that we used to call Death by Ten. Now we call it Live by Ten. It basically is the Tour de Peloton. We will do probably 2 hours and 30 minutes of 10-minute classes. It gives everyone an opportunity to experience every instructor as a group. The first time we did it, I thought we were crazy. Why would anybody do this? It turned out to be a ton of fun for us. There were lots of high fives and lots of support on the leaderboard.

Also, most importantly, it gave us all an opportunity to work with instructors that we hadn’t ridden with before. The other big piece of advice I would give people is to take advantage of the diverse list of instructors that exist at Peloton. Do a Chase strength training class or a boot camp. Get to know Adrian or do a meditation or yoga class with Chelsea. All of the content is so powerful, strong, and valuable that everyone should do themselves a favor and try to at least take one class with every instructor.

Even if you think that you didn’t like an instructor, take another class with them because sometimes you’re in a mood or maybe they’re in a mood. It’s not that they’re ever rude on the bike or any content, but maybe it didn’t come across for you that day. Always take it a couple of times.

It’s like dating. Thankgod, you gave me a second date.

Tom, I hear she doesn’t share her bike with you.

She does not. I’m very gracious in that regard.

That is what I would call that. We have a lot of folks in BGM who are two bike homes because they don’t want their spouses touching their bike.

I get it because if you did ride the bike, Tom, you would never put the settings back right. It would drive me nuts. I can totally understand that. I know this because I know how the toilet paper never gets put on in the right way. How are the settings going to be right?

Thank you so much for taking the time out from, judging by your bio, is a very busy day.

I am incredibly honored to join you. I did call my mother to tell her how big of a deal this was. This is incredibly exciting. I can’t wait to share it with the world.

Thank you. You’re so sweet.

Before we go, remind everybody where they can find you if you would like to be found.

I’m on Instagram at@CSnowden52. I’m @CRSnowden52 on Twitter as well.

I’m sure people will come to find you. Thank you so much.


That brings this one to a close. What pray tell do you have in store for people next week?

We are going to talk to Todd Bohannon. He is a relatively new member of the Peloton community and right out of the gate, taking on a huge challenge. He is going to take all five of the Volcano rides that Christine put together. They’re all climbs. Five hours of climbing back to back.

I will say this about the Volcano rides. Climbs sound like the difficult part because if you go the other way, you’re going downhill, but now you’ve got to worry about the lava catching up with you.

What I wanted to say is that Todd turned this into a fundraiser for Friends in Action. Next week, you’re going to hear all about why he chose that. In the meantime, there is a GoFund me listed on our Facebook page, Please feel free to check it out. If you are so inclined, give a little.

Until next week, where can people find you?

People can find me at They can find me on Instagram, Twitter, on the Bike and of course the Tread, @ClipOutCrystal.

You can find me on Twitter, @RogerQBert or on Facebook at You can find the show online at While you’re there, like the page, join the group. Check out our YouTube channel, That’s it for this one. Thanks for tuning in. Until next time, keep pedaling and running.

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