What is Peloton Gym?

What’s Peloton Gym All About?

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What is Peloton Gym?

Peloton Gym is a series of strength workout programs designed by Peloton strength instructors like Tunde Oyeneyin, Ben Alldis, and Adrian Williams. Unlike traditional workout videos, you don’t need to watch the instructor- instead, you follow their instructions. The program lays out a workout plan for you, complete with warm-ups and exercises that you can do anywhere.

Where Do I Get Peloton Gym?

When opening the Peloton app pick “Workouts” and look for the “Gym” tab at the top of your screen. There’s currently no filter, but you can pick between full body, upper body, lower body, and core workouts, and there are multiple class lengths and instructors available. Gym is only available in the app, and the choices are still pretty limited.

Why Choose Peloton Gym?

One of the biggest advantages of choosing Peloton Gym is that you can set your own pace. The program provides you with clear instructions, video demos of each move, and rep counts and sets to follow. You can take your time to complete each exercise, and if you need a break, there’s no need to hit a pause button- you can stop and then resume the workout at any time.

Another big advantage is the ability to listen to your own music while you workout. Peloton Gym can be connected to Apple Music or Spotify, giving you the freedom to choose your own music. This feature can be a game changer, especially for those who find motivation in music or those who prefer not to hear an instructor talking.

No Screen? No Problem!

One of the best things about Peloton Gym is that you can do it anywhere- no hardware needed. A challenge that I’ve encountered is hotel gyms- no television I can stream to, and nowhere I can easily prop my phone to keep an eye on the workout. With Peloton Gym, I can set my phone to the side of the weight rack, and only need to look when it’s time for the next block or even next move (not to mention, everyone around doesn’t have to hear the class if no earbuds are available).  It doesn’t matter, though, if you’re in your own living room or your local workout spot- Peloton Gym is always available!

What was Peloton Gym Like?

I’m an Andy Speer Total Strength fanatic, personally. One of the highlights of my week is a good, intense 60 minutes spent lifting heavy, moving quickly, and hearing, “Yeah, baby!” After a long, hot Saturday spent watching kids’ sports this week, though, I just wasn’t up for that, and decided to try Peloton Gym instead.

I needed 60 min full body strength- and while I was planning to try something different, wound up right back with Andy, since Gym only offered one 60 minute full body program.


*Without the instructor pacing me, I went faster than usual, and finished the 60 minute program in about 52 minutes. It also seemed to fly by even quicker than that. (Could be a con, though… I’m not sure I took enough breaks.)

*Not having a screen to look at was convenient for moves where my eyes aren’t supposed to be aimed forward, like reverse flies; it probably prompted better form.

*Since I chose my own music, I was able to create my own custom Weird Al Yankovic music workout. Get with the program, Peloton- the people want a Weird Al artist workout! (And by “the people,” I mean me and my 8th grade lifting partner, of course. Sound off if you do too!)


*Without seeing and hearing the instructor, I often forgot what I was doing next in the middle of each block. (At least it was easy to glance at my phone!)

*Timed segments were difficult to time without looking at the phone, which was especially true since my Alexa wasn’t cooperating.

*The Gym actually expected you to be in a gym! The workout I took required a pull-up station and a bench. I was able to easily substitute similar moves not requiring equipment, but this caught me a little off-guard. (Could be a pro, though, if you have access to this sort of equipment and are dying to use it.)

*I missed the verbal motivation and the “Yeah, baby!” attitude. It took a while for Andy to grow on me as an instructor, but I’m very attached to him now, and even though I knew he programmed the workout, it just wasn’t the same.

Overall? I think I’ll stick with mostly instructor-led classes, but this was definitely a fun change of pace, and I could definitely see it being ideal for some. Give Peloton Gym a try!