Aditi and Emma appear at Peloton Edmonton showroom for trivia and shopping night

Trivia Night at the Edmonton Peloton Showroom

A Night to Remember

On the night of September 22, the Edmonton Peloton showroom was thrilled to welcome Emma Lovewell, Aditi Shah, and their Peloton fans for a Trivia Happy Hour, featuring Peloton Apparel shopping.  The Clip Out tipster Trish LaLonde (#Super_Trish) was lucky enough to be on-site and told us all about the experience.

Trish LaLonde’s Trivia team at the Edmonton Peloton Showroom with Aditi and Emma. Photo courtesy Trish LaLonde and Peloton Edmonton.

Early Arrival and Check-in

The anticipation was high as attendees lined up outside the Edmonton Peloton Showroom on the night of September 22, waiting to check-in for the highly anticipated trivia night featuring Peloton instructors Emma Lovewell and Aditi Shah. Promptly at 4 pm, the doors opened, and attendees were greeted by two head office production people who explained the rules and how the night would flow. Emma and Aditi were ready to go- before the event, they even sent out Instagram requests for restaurant recommendations!

Shopping Discounts and Refreshments

During the first two hours of the event, attendees were given ample time to shop, with a 15% discount on Peloton Apparel purchases over $100. To keep the energy up, bottled water and cups of snack mix were provided.

Challenging Trivia Questions

At 6 pm, the moment the crowd had been waiting for arrived as Emma and Aditi made their way to the front of the showroom to start the trivia game (Emma even posted a video on her Instagram). Five rounds of questions ranged from pop culture to geography and, of course, Peloton. “Between the rounds, the producer would ask Emma and Aditi Canadian trivia questions,” says Trish, “they had some trouble answering them.” This led to the funniest moment, where the Peloton instructors learned that a Canadian 1-dollar coin is called a loonie. (True story- if you’re not Canadian, look it up!) Not only Emma and Aditi had trouble, though- players even had to correct the producer on some answers. 

Score Keeping and Team Winners

For each round, teams wrote their answers on the provided sheet, and a runner brought it up to the Peloton head office producer who scored them. The competition was fierce with two teams tying at the end- both teams were awarded Peloton hats signed by Aditi and Emma as a prize!

Meet and Greet with the Instructors

The evening wasn’t over yet, as Emma signed copies of Live Learn Love Well (not for sale there, but brought by attendees), and both Emma and Aditi signed autographs. The night ended with team photos and lots of joking and interaction between attendees and the instructors, making it an unforgettable night for all who attended.

Emma and Aditi will be appearing at the Calgary showroom tonight, September 23, for a similar event.

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