Top 5 Favorite Peloton classes: Stay motivated (4/15/2024)

Every Monday, we ask the Clip Out community to share their favorite class from the last week. Your stories of love, sweat, and tears always inspire us to keep moving. We are excited to share the five most enthusiastic nominations (in no particular order). Read on for our weekly dose of motivation!

This week’s favorite Peloton classes:

  1. 4/7/24 30 min Gloriously Gospel Ride with Cliff Dwenger
  2. 4/8/24 20 min Eid al-Fitr Full Body Strength with Assal Arian
  3. 4/9/24 60 min Hiking Bootcamp: Full Body with Rebecca Kennedy
  4. 4/14/24 30 min Broadway Walk with Matty Maggiacomo
  5. 4/14/24 60 min Intervals Run with Becs Gentry

Why you loved them!

Sometimes it’s hard to pick a favorite, but these reviews make it easy! Here’s what the TCO Community had to say about their favorite classes from the last week.

1. Favorite Peloton Ride

4/7/24 30 min Gloriously Gospel Ride with Cliff Dwenger

Paul Zieke shared, “Cliff Dwenger’s 30 minute Gloriously Gospel Ride. He had 4 gospel singers in the studio singing live and rocking the house!”

This class is part of Cliff’s new signature series, Gloriously Gospel. It’s taught in German, but the music is in English, and the vibe is universal! Plus, there are subtitles available in English on demand!

With four members of Big Gospel Choir riding AND SINGING ALONG in the front row, this class is just so upbeat and uplifting. With some high cadence work and moderate climbing, the class is as much work as you want it to be, but it will feel like flying!

2. Favorite Peloton Strength

4/8/24 20 min Eid al-Fitr Full Body Strength with Assal Arian

Nadine Armstrong found a gem of a strength class this week!

“Assal Arian’s 20 minute strength in English! A great full body workout – complete with dance breaks! I hope she does more!!” she said.

This class commemorates Eid al-Fitr, or “Festival of Breaking the Fast,” which celebrates the end of Ramadan.

Assal builds the moves for this class with practices and progressions for each and gives excellent tips throughout. While many of her German-language classes are subtitled, it’s a treat to have so much of Assal’s expert strength training instruction delivered in English. This class is a must-take for beginners and experts alike!

The class features music from The Weeknd, Snoop Dog featuring Pharrell, Mariah Carey, and Ciara.

3. Favorite Peloton Hiking Bootcamp

4/9/24 60 min Hiking Bootcamp: Full Body with Rebecca Kennedy

Our listeners love a good Hiking Bootcamp. Mellissa Solin and Rebecca Allen both recommended this one this week!

Mellissa said, “Rebecca’s 60 minute hiking bootcamp from 4/9. 10 rounds, max incline and grab some heavy weights.”

Rebecca Allen agreed! “I second this whole heartedly! I’ve done all her hiking bootcamps and this felt like the most challenging!!! Such an amazing workout but low impact!”

The class program is tough, but Rebecca will have you dancing your way up the mountain (and across your mat!) with danceable remixes of Owner of a Lonely Heart by Yes, Toxic by Britney Spears, and Spectrum by Florence + The Machine, just to name a few.

4. Favorite Peloton Walk

4/14/24 30 min Broadway Walk with Matty Maggiacomo

This week’s favorite Walk was a very special member experience that touched many of our listeners and the Peloton community as a whole. Member and #MaggicMaker Crystal (yaasqueen77 on the leaderboard) organized a surprise visit to PSNY for Meg and her crew to take a Walk with Meg’s favorite instructor, Matty. (The video of the surprise reveal is a real tear-jerker!)

Matty and Meg have formed quite a special friendship over the last year exchanging messages and videos, and Matty was so thrilled to highlight Meg and her mission in this class. Meg works at Beanz & Co., a café in Avon, CT, where their mission is to employ people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Their belief is that everyone belongs because, as Matty would say, everyone is magic!

Dina Williams Rosas and Curvyknockout were among the listeners who shared this class with us this week. Dina said the class was “heart warming and shows what Peloton is about.” Curvyknockout said she “loved seeing that #EveryoneBelongs! Shoutouts to @yaasqueen77 and @meganmorrison1016 for being such lights!”

And here’s what Matty himself had to say about the special class:

“EVERYONE BELONGS ❤️ My friend Meg came to visit PSNY today for a Broadway Walk. She unexpectedly proposed to me, so I guess I have a new girlfriend now 😃 Thanks to @yaasqueen77 for bringing @meganmorrison1016 into my life. We had the best time today! Special shoutout to @beanzandcompany if you’re in the Avon, CT area please go and pay them a visit, you may be lucky enough to meet Meg behind the counter. 80% of people with intellectual and developmental disabilities are unemployed or underemployed, Beanz & Co.’s mission is to change that! #everyonebelongs #everyoneismaggic”

Take this class and celebrate the love that makes Peloton such a wonderful community!

5. Favorite Unstackable Peloton Run

4/14/24 60 min Intervals Run with Becs Gentry

Sometimes we want a class that leaves us in a puddle and washes all hope of a stack of extra classes away with it. We call those classes Unstackable, and we love hearing about our listeners’ Unstackable experiences.

For this week’s Unstackable recommendation, we heard from Danette Royal Giles: “Becs’ 60 minute intervals run from Sunday, 4/14/24 was unstackable for me. She kept you pushing intense intervals to the very end.”

Thank you!

Thank you to all of our listeners for sharing your recommendations and enthusiasm. To see the full list of this week’s classes and add your own to the conversation, check out the TCO Facebook Group. To see past weeks’ Top 5 classes, visit and search TCO Top 5! If you try any of the recommendations and find a new favorite, we’d love to hear from you!

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